Dog Park at Turkey Brook

Dog park Paw magnets are now available at the Mt. Olive Health Dept Monday-FRIDAY 8:30-4:30. Only a $10 donation, we have a limited quantity. The proceeds will help purchase the new shade shelter and other projects around the park.



�The Barking Lot � Rules and Regulations

Following these rules will make your dog park visit a pleasant one for everyone.  All park patrons must comply with the posted rules for the safety of everyone and every dog.

  • Watch your dog!
  • First Time Users should visit the dog park during non-peak times.  First time visits can be stressful for dogs and owners.
  • All park gates must remain closed at all times other than during entry and/or exit. 
  • Aggressive dogs are not permitted in the  park                       
    • Owners of aggressive dogs risk harming others and creating a liability for themselves.
    • If your dog displays continual (more than two times within one visit) aggressive or mounting behavior, leash him or her and remove them from the situation.
    • Owners are solely responsible for preventing injuries and offering assistance to those injured by their dog(s).  If your dog inflicts injury, give your name and telephone number to the other owner before leaving the park.
  • Dogs in heat are not permitted in the park.
  • Puppies under 4 months of age are not permitted to use the park to protect their own health.
  • All dogs using the park must have current certificate of vaccination against rabies.
  • All dogs must be under voice control.
  • No toys or treats are allowed in the park.  This will prevent dominance issues.
  • All waste must be bagged and disposed of immediately, completely, and properly.
    • Do not wait to collect your dog's waste � all eyes will be on you!
    • All areas both in and outside the dog park must remain clean and clear of dog waste, litter.
    • No smoking
  • Fill any holes your dog digs.
  • Ask for owner permission to approach a dog before befriending him/her.  Use caution when permitting curious dogs to greet yours, both in and outside the dog park.
  • Owners must be with their dogs at all times.   Do not bring more dogs than you can handle!
  • Dogs must have a collar or harness displaying a current license and be held by a leash while entering and/or exiting the park, no pronged or pinch collars
  • If an owner is asked to leash their dog due to behavior, the owner should honor that request.
  • No glass receptacles or alcohol is permitted inside the park at any time.


Dogs must be on leash from parking lot to Dog Park.
No Pronged or pinch collars in the dog park.
No glass receptacles or alcohol is permitted in the dog park.
Failure to provide information to owner of dog which may have been injured by your dog.
No human or dog food smacks in the dog park.
No children under the age of 9 allowed in the dog park.
Children 9-16 must be under supervision of and adult at all times.
Excessive barking is prohibited.
No other animals may be brought into the dog park.
Dog's owner/handler must carry a leash with them at all times while in the dog park.

Using the dog park when closed or during the hours from dusk to dawn.
Any behavior of the owner or dog which may interfere with the enjoyment or safety or welfare of the dog park Patrons or the dogs.



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