Fire Prevention

What is the Fire Prevention?

The Mount Olive Township, Office of the Fire Marshal was established in 1972. The primary responsibility of the Fire Marshal's Office is the enforcement of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code and other local fire safety regulations. Major activities within the scope of this office include:

    • Inspections of Life Hazard Uses
    • Inspections of Non-Life Hazard Uses (except owner-occupied one- and two-family dwellings)
    • Fire Safety Complaints
    • Fire Permit Control
    • Fire lane enforcement
    • Smoke detector / Carbon monoxide / Fire extinguisher compliance for the resale of residential properties.
    • Fire investigations to determine origin and cause.

Fire Investigations

All fires occurring within Mt. Olive Township resulting in damage to property, death, serious injury or is considered suspicious in nature is investigated by the Mt. Olive Township Fire Marshal's Office, interacting with local and federal law enforcement and other investigating agencies to ensure a thorough investigation. The term "Fire Investigation" describes a broad range of activities that deal with post-incident data gathering and analysis to document origin, cause, and development of a fire or explosion. Fire investigations are conducted to determine what can be learned from a particular fire incident in hopes of preventing a similar incident from occurring. If a fire is deemed to be intentionally set, the Fire Marshal will work closely with local law enforcement during the criminal aspect of the investigation.

Commercial and Business Inspections

Every commercial building and business in the township must be inspected yearly to ensure that all buildings abide by the Uniform Fire Codes of New Jersey. Some of the more commonly found violations that are found by the Fire Prevention Bureau are:

    • Blocked Fire Exits- All Exit doors must be kept clear at all times.
    • Exit lights not illuminated- Exits lights must be light at all times.
    • Emergency Lights not working- these lights provide light to the occupants in case of emergency.
    • Fire Extinguisher Maintenance - these must be maintained tested yearly, the testing company will place a tag on each extinguisher showing when the last test date was.
    • Fire Extinguishers required - Each business should have at least one fire extinguisher is a 2a 20bc. Please check with the Fire Prevention Bureau for how many are required.
    • General house cleaning - Do not let items that can easily catch on fire accumulate.
    • Extension cord: These are only permitted for use as a temporary power source, such as plugging in a drill. Extension cords maybe are prohibited as a permanent means of a power source.
    • There are many more violations that can be cited, Please check with the Fire Marshal’s Office if you have any questions.

Private Home Inspection (Sale of a home)

This type of inspection can only be done before the homeowner sells the house. This type of inspection is mandated by the State of New Jersey. A house cannot be sold without the completion of this inspection. This inspection is to ensure the house has a smoke detector on each level of the house, and a Carbon monoxide detector within 10 feet of a bedroom on each level. In accordance to the Mt. Olive township ordinance § 89-1, all residential houses must be numbered. House numbers should be placed on the front of the house, and the on the mailbox. A certification shall not be issued until all requirements are met. The Fee for this inspection is $40.00. The application is available at the municipal building, or downloads it here:

Truss Construction signs

You may see around the town triangular shaped emblems mounted by the front doors of businesses, or on top of street signs. There will be either "R", an "F", or an "R/F", in the center of this triangular sign. This helps the Fire Department identify which structures use this type of construction.

Public Education

The Bureau is available for civic meetings and businesses to discuss and promote fire safety. The bureau also teaches at the various schools during Fire Prevention Week along with the local fire departments. Some of the many topics we can discuss with your group are as follows:

    • Fire Safety - 7 Steps (Click here to download the PDF)
    • General fire safety
    • Carbon monoxide emergencies
    • Use of fire extinguishers
    • Making your house safer

If you would like the bureau to speak at your meeting feel free to contact us at:
(973) 691-0900 x7325 - Fire Marshal
(973) 691-0900 x7326 - Fire Inspector





Fire Prevention Info


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Fred Detoro
Fire Marshall, OEM
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Mark Mucchione
Fire Inspector
(973) 691-0900 x 7326
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mark mColin Baker
Fire Inspector
(973) 691-0900 x 7305
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Comments and Questions

Mount Olive township is geared towards benefiting you, the public. If you would like us to contact you simply email us.

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