Council Workshop Meeting





Mt. Olive Township Council                                                 
Conference Meeting
June 13, 2017                                                                  




Presentation (1)

  • Phil Nobile, Kevin Ryan Nolan and Megan Boyd to present the new logo

Discussion: (3)

  1. Bill Board Ordinance – C. McGroarty
  2. AVM Security Cameras
  3. Flag / 9-11 Memorial

Resolutions: (14)

1. Authorizing the conveyance of a deed of historic preservation easement for the Seward House

(The Township Attorney prepared the revision to address some technical issues with wording of the original resolution)

2. Requesting approval for insertion of a specific item of revenue into the 2017 Municipal Budget (Clean Communities Program)

(A standard budget amendment resolution for receipt and appropriation of grant funds)

3. Approving a vendor service pursuant to Pay to Play law (USA Bluebook)

(A standard award of contract resolution for reoccurring purchases)

4. Approving a vendor service pursuant to Pay to Play law (W.W. Grainger)

(A standard award of contract resolution for reoccurring purchases)

5. Authorizing the amendment of the contract with Carlin & Ward, P.C in connection with Cobblestone Health Care Facility increasing the amount that can be expended

(Increased contract value to $30,000 from $2,500 due to the unanticipated increase in litigation expense)

6. Authorizing the award of contract to Clean Air Company Inc. to install an exhaust removal system for Flanders Fire & Rescue Squad

(See the attorney’s memo on accepting the second low bidder on this project – failure to comply with specification requirements and poor prior performance) 

7. Authorizing the award of contract to Halecon for reconstruction of basketball courts at Flanders Park

(See recommendation from Township Engineer.  Normally the receipt of only one bid results in the rejection of the bid and rebidding; however the bid is below the Engineer’s original cost estimate and the bidder has extensive successful experience in this type of work)

8. Authorizing the use of a purchasing contract for 2017 (Brent Material Company)

(Standard purchasing contract award)

9. Authorizing the use of a purchasing contract for 2017 (Dell Marketing LP)

(Standard purchasing contract award)

10. Authorizing the use of a purchasing contract for 2016-2017 (Witmer Public Safety Group)

(The original resolution had an incorrect State contract number and needed to be updated)

11. Awarding professional service agreements with Aquatics Analysts, Inc.

(See attached letter - The total maximum authorized amount in the original resolution needed to be increased to reflect additional work based upon recent reinspection of the weed growth in Budd Lake)

  1. Authorizing the award of contract to Family Ford for vehicle collision repairs for 2017-2019

(Language was added concerning using insurance carrier rates in the final payment invoice)

  1. Awarding professional service agreements for The Canning Group LLC

(The original resolution did not include the necessary Pay to Play language plus the maximum amount of the contract was increased)

  1. Resolution Authorizing the Renewal of Alcoholic Beverage Licenses for the 2017-2018 Licensing Period 

Ordinances: (2)

1. To amend and supplement chapter 367-8 “rates” of the code of the Township of Mount Olive- Towing

(See attached letter)

2. To amend and supplement chapter 550 “Land Use” of the code of The Township of Mount Olive- Billboards

(See attached letter)




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