Council Workshop Meeting

Mt. Olive Township Council                                                           
Conference Meeting
September 19, 2017                                                        



Executive Session: (1)

  • Personnel Matter – see attached memo outlining Personnel Issues

Presentation: (1)

  • Shane Jones, Merit Badge Accomplishment

Discussion: (3)

  • Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual – see attached memo outlining updates to draft Personnel Manual.
  • Revised Outdoor Dinning Ordinance -  see attached email and revised draft from the Township Planner
  • Best Practices Checklist – see attached Best Practice Questionnaire prepared by the Chief Financial Officer (discussion will take place at public meeting)

Resolutions: (13)

  • To cancel taxes on Block 1800, Lot 1, 45 Indian Spring Road for disabled veteran declared 100% totally and permanently disabled by the Tax Assessor- REVISED
  • The balance to be paid out in the original resolution adopted last meeting was revised.
  • To cancel taxes on Block 1001, Lot 21, 33 Karen Place for disabled veteran declared 100% totally and permanently disabled by the Tax Assessor
  • Standard resolution required by State law
  • Authorizing the omission from tax sale Block 8103, Lot 43, 32 Vasa Drive
  • A resolution to accept the recommendation of the Tax Collector that a particular property be withheld from the annual tax sale with the Township holding the lien due to the unique land ownership at this location.
  • Authorizing the execution of an amendment to a historic preservation easement to the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders for the property located at Block 7801, Lot 14, commonly known as the Mount Olive Baptist Church
  • A standard resolution required by the County when County funds are used for restoration restricting future changes in the improvements paid for by County funds.
  • Authorizing a grant agreement with Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders for a 2017 Historic Preservation Trust Fund Grant for the property located at Block 7600, Lot 71, known as the Seward Mansion
  • A standard resolution required by the County when County funds are used for restoration restricting future changes in the improvements paid for by County funds
  • Authorizing the award of a two year contract to Peterson & Sons, Tree Services Inc.  Bid# 11-2017 Tree Removal and Stump Grinding Services
  • Attached to the resolution is a report from the Attorney and an analysis made by the Purchasing Agent as to determining the low responsive bidder.  In reality, the contractor is used primarily for larger trees and trimming around electrical wires, and this is where the contract with Peterson is more favorable.  In addition travel time for emergency response is important and Peterson is local versus the nominal low bidder from Middlesex County
  • Authorizing the award of contract to Foley Incorporated for Bid# 13-2017 Rebid of Brush Cutter
  • The issue here is the receipt of only one bid.  In essence the equipment was specified to fit as specific piece of equipment with an “or equivalent” clause.  Foley supplied the original equipment and is the logical provider of the brush cutter.  The vendor who supplies comparable equipment declined to bid
  • Awarding various Professional Service Agreements under non-fair and open contract in accordance with pay to play for the year 2017 (Bunsa, Cham, Codoyannis and Ware)-REVISED due to an increase in the contract amount for Codoyannis
  • The resolution is required since expenditures to date and anticipated to year end will exceed the maximum in the original approval
  • Awarding a Professional Service Agreement in connection with the administrative oversight of the Township’s potable water systems under non-fair and open in accordance with pay to play for 2017-2018
  • The resolution authorized the availability of engineering operational assistance to the water and sewer systems on an as needed basis to provide assistance / expertise to the Township employee who is the “licensed operator”.  This is good practice given the complexity of the Township’s numerous systems.
  • Authorizing a Professional Service Agreement with Van Cleef Engineering Associates in connection with surveying and engineering for the Park Place Gravity Sewer System- REVISED due to a change in contract proposal pricing
  • The resolutions cancels the prior approval for a low pressure sewer system for the Park Avenue sewers and authorizes a gravity system.  The engineering design cost for the gravity system is $9,000 +/- greater than anticipated for the low pressure system.
  • Adopting the 2017 updated version of the Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Authorizing the use of Open Space Funds for analysis of Budd Lake surface water and sediment by New Jersey Analytical Laboratories
  • There is a need to perform testing around Budd Lake for methane gas generation. The Laboratory used by the Township does not perform this type of testing and has recommended the use of the firm designated in the Resolution for this task.
  •  Authorizing a reduction in Cash Bonds and Performance Bonds held in conjunction with Block 6000 lots 5 & 6, also known as Regency Park
  • This is a standard resolution reducing Planning Performance Bonds as the required work is completed and accepted by the Township Engineer.  See the Engineer’s recommendation attached to the resolution

Ordinance for Second Reading: (1)

  • An Ordinance to Amend Ordinance #4-2012 Vacating a Portion of South Rose Lane -This Ordinance is being amended to add a block and lot that was omitted in 2012.




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