Mount Olive Township Council Minutes
February 8, 2000

President Sohl: this meeting started at 7:00pm and it Closed for Executive Session that was announced last week. Unfortunately, a couple of people indicated to me that the newspapers printed the normal 7:30pm time. I apologize–I’m not going to apologize to the newspapers, the reporters are here. But it was certainly not our intent to have anything printed that way. So, I apologize on behalf of the Township.

The Regular Meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council was called to Order at 8:00 p.m. by Council President Sohl with the Pledge of Allegiance.

According to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting has been given by written notice to the Mount Olive Chronicle and the Morristown Daily Record. Notice has been posted at the entrance of the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Mt. Olive, NJ, and notices were sent to those requesting the same.

ROLL CALL: Present: Mr. Heymann, Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Spino, Mr. Rattner, President Sohl

Absent: Mr. Guenther, Mr. Scapicchio

President Sohl: I would also like to acknowledge the attendance of the Mayor, Paul Licitra, the Acting Business Administrator, Bob Casey; the Township Attorney, John Dorsey; and Township Clerk, Lisa Lashway.


Mayor Licitra: I have an Appointment to make–on the Recreation Committee, replacing Dick Reade with Jim Farley, an unexpired term, which is two years. Also, I want another Closed Session after this.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGS: October 12, 1999, December 14, 1999 December 21, 1999 Exec. Session

Mr. Heymann moved for approval of the Minutes and Mr. Rattner seconded the Motion.

All in favor, none opposed


Letters From Residents

1. E-mail dated January 21, 2000, from Tom Tarn RE: Crown Tower Estates Transfer Credits.

2. Letter received January 24, 2000, from The Children’s Home of Easton RE: Donation in memory of Chief Charlie Brown.

3. Letter received January 24, 2000, from Nora Lempicki RE: Coalition to Save Dover General.

4. Letter received January 24, 2000, from Richard Bonte RE: Crown Tower Estates Transfer Credits - concerns and recommendations.

School Correspondence

Resolutions, Ordinances, Correspondence from other Towns

League of Municipalities

1. Notices received January 24, 2000, from the New Jersey State League of Municipalities RE: New Jersey Municipal Salary Report; Membership Advisory - Supreme Court Rules on State vs. Clark; Legislative Wrap-up.

2. Notice received January 24, 2000, from the Morris County League of Municipalities RE: February 2000 Reorganization Meeting.

3. Notice received February 2, 2000, from the New Jersey State League of Municipalities RE: Governor’s Budget Proposal.

4. Notice received February 2, 2000, from the New Jersey State League of Municipalities RE: Home Based Business - Ordinance Consideration.

5. Notice received February 3, 2000, from the New Jersey State League of Municipalities RE: Legislation Introduced to Phase in Costs of WHS Realty v. Morristown Decision; “Real” Property Tax Relief.

6. Notice received February 4, 2000, from the New Jersey State League of Municipalities, RE: League Seminar, Labor Relations Seminar.


7. Letter received January 28, 2000, from NJDOT RE: Application Permit and Fees; Block 4600, Lot 6. Dara Estates.

8. Letter received January 28, 2000, from NJDEP RE: LOI for Fairway View Estates, L.L.C.; Block 5800, Lot 14 (Ironia Rd. Roxbury border).

9. Letter received February 2, 2000, from NJDOT RE: Funding from the DOT Local Aid Pedestrian/School Safety Program, for Wolfe Road-Flanders Drakestown Road Sidewalk in the amount of $76,000.

Correspondence from Organizations/Committees/Boards

10. Letter received January 26, 2000, from NorthWest Jersey Shared Services Connection (NWJSSC) RE: Representative from participating Township to attend meetings on a regular basis.

11. Letter received February 4, 2000, from the New Jersey Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility Siting Board RE: Update on their activities.

12. Minutes received February 4, 2000, from the MSA, RE: Meeting of January 5, 2000.

Correspondence Regarding Tort Claims/Verified Notice of Lien Claim/Petitions

Land Use/Development Matters

13. Letter received January 24, 2000, from Washington Township RE: Public Hearing on Revised Land Use Element of the Washington Township Master Plan.

Correspondence from Cable Networks/Utilities

14. Notice received February 4, 2000, from GPU Energy RE: Statewide Wetlands GP #1 Application, 2000 Vegetative Maintenance Schedule.

Correspondence from Legislative Representatives

15. Letter received January 24, 2000, from Congressman Frelinghuysen RE: Township Resolution in opposition to states distributing personal data contained on driver’s licenses without the consent of the individual.


Morris County Community Development


Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Election Memos

Newsletters / Notices

16. Notice received January 24, 2000, from Northeast Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center RE: ADA Distance Learning 2000.

17. Municipal Tax Alert. Notice Received February 2, 2000, from Skoloff & Wolfe, P.C. RE: Statute Effective January 1, 2000, makes Municipalities responsible for taxpayer counsel fees, appraisal, costs and other costs under certain circumstances.

President Sohl stated that we had received 21 items of Correspondence and asked Council if there were any comments on same.


Ord. #2-2000 An Ordinance of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Sale of Block 5300, Lot 18 C8.2A to Richard W. Eastman for $155,000. (Old police substation)

President Sohl opened the Public Hearing on #2-2000.

Mr. Abdel Rehim Riad: I’m the owner of Village Mall in Flanders. Regarding the store of Ordinance 2-2000. I’m offering the Township to buy this store for $200,000. I’m not going to put any laundromat in it. The Township got information from previous Administration and I consider it as an Accountant–I’m a CPA–as an Accountant as a fraud. Right now, I have from the Water & Sewer Department the consumption of the laundromat in my shopping center is almost 3,000 gallons per day. If this law which is a store has it, has only capacity for 8,000 gallons per day, are you going to allow 3,000 gallons to be consumption for laundromat? Is this store allowed? So, to avoid all this misinformation that you received from the previous Administration, I’m putting for you a check, cash go cash it right now from any bank. Mt. Olive Township, $200,000 to purchase this store.

President Sohl: I don’t think we can accept that. Mr. Dorsey, can you explain the situation?

Mr. Dorsey: The fact of the matter is, this Township attempted to sell this private about two years ago–had a Public Auction and there were no Bidders. The Township then listed the property after its search for the best real estate commission. The property was advertised and listed and exposed–I’m going to say for about a year. It was about three months ago that Mr. Eastman came forward, offered to buy the property at a price very close to what the Township had originally wanted for this piece of property and, the Township then entered into a contract with Mr. Eastman to purchase the property, subject, of course to the adoption of the Ordinance. And, therefore, while it is a very generous offer, it is not one that the Township is now in a position to accept because it has a contract with Mr. Eastman, and based upon the information we’ve received from Mr. Casey, who has taken the time to research the issue of gallonage at the Mall at 206, there is–and I’m satisfied there is–sufficient gallonage to accommodate that which Mr. Eastman seeks to do.

Mr. Riad: I explain it to you in black and white. Coming from Water & Sewer Department of this Township. The actual consumption as of December, 1999, is 1,014,500 gallons that year. The average consumption per day is 2,779. As a taxpayer of this Town, I would like to know from where you’re going to get the other capacity for this new land matter.

Mr. Casey: If the Council may, the place that they are moving to has purchased 8,500 gallons allotment from the Clover Hill treatment plant. Where are aware of that data, we had the data, we also had the data for what the current flows are coming out of the Mall at 206. That combined with our current flows will not exceed the 8,500 so it is permissible from a sewer standpoint that, in fact, it can relocate to that location. Any question as to how the Mall wants to divide the sewage up internally, that’s their problem. But, from a sewer standpoint, it is possible for this facility to relocate based upon that data he has right there–that usage data, to the other location.

Mr. Riad: No, sir. This Mall was built and approved in 1972. I have a contract since 1972 that this place is laundromat. Since 1972, the previous owner paid for the sewer since 1972. You come in now and say I have to relocate it? Since when–

Mr. Casey: No, wait a minute. There are two issues here. The issue you raised whether in fact a new Mall could go–

Mr. Riad: No, sir. The only issue I have here is, 8,500 gallons, you’re going to have it in this Mall. This individual is going to consume about 3,000 gallons per day. For a store–I located for him according to formula 300 gallons per day, from where are you going to get him another 2,700 gallons from 8,500 like you stated?

Mr. Casey: As I indicated, the Mall has an allotment of 8,500 gallons. I can’t remember the exact number, but they are only consuming about half of the allotment. Therefore, it is available for someone else to use.

Mr. Riad: Can I talk now? Can I talk?

President Sohl: You may. We’re not going to argue this all night.

Mr. Riad: I have to give you the fact. When I built the new expansion–and some of you on the Board were here at that time. Even my flow was using–Mr. Rakowski insisted that we have to go with the formula, not with the flow. So, you’re going to have two phases now. One area you’re going to play with the formula like you told me before, and now you’re telling me that you have to go with the flow. To avoid all of this mess and to help the Township, I’m going to pay $200,000 for this thing. Whatever was billed is considered invalid. And I’m putting on you here to go through the data and see exactly what I’m talking about. It’s up to you to accept the $200,000 or not. Thank you.

President Sohl: Thank you. Is there anyone else who would like to address this Ordinance?

President Sohl closed the Public Hearing on Ord. #2-2000

Mr. Heymann moved for Adoption and Final Passage on Ord. #2-2000 and Mr. Rattner seconded the motion.

President Sohl: Is there anyone from the Council who would like to comment on this Ordinance?

Mr. Spino: I would just say–I would love to make a little extra money here, I just don’t know how we can. We have a contract, we made an agreement. It’s up to the Developer or up to the person who’s putting in whatever they’re putting in to make sure they have the flow. It’s up to them, I would guess. But it seems to me, the fair thing to do, we have a Contract. We tried our best to sell it, we couldn’t do it. We finally got someone to buy it. I don’t know what else we can do.

President Sohl: Roll Call, please.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously

President Sohl declared Ord. #2-2000 as Passed on Second Reading.


Ord. #5-2000 Bond Ordinance Providing for Improvement of Township Owned Property In and By the Township of Mount Olive, in the County of Morris, New Jersey, Appropriating $125,000 Therefor and Authorizing the Issuance of $118,400 Bonds or Notes of the Township of Mount Olive for Financing Such Appropriation. (Budd Lake Fire Dept.)

Mr. Rattner moved that Ord. #5-2000 be introduced by title and passed on First Reading and that it be scheduled for Adoption after a Public Hearing on February 22, 2000 at 7:30 p.m. Mr. Heymann seconded the Motion.

Mr. Rattner: Just for the Public on this one–since it says “Budd Lake Fire Department.” The Budd Lake Fire Department is removing some of the oil tanks and there happens to be a program for low-interest loans from the State for a project like this. However, only the Municipality can borrow the money. So this is actually being paid for by the funds that are raised by the Fire Department themselves. So, besides helping to save your property and lives, they’re also funding this. It’s just that it’s something less than 2% interest, and to remove old oil tanks is a very expensive proposition.

President Sohl: Anyone else from the Council?

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously


Resolutions on the Consent Agenda List are considered to be routine and non-controversial by the Township Council and will be approved by one motion (one vote). There will be no separate discussion or debate on each of these resolutions except for the possibility of brief clarifying statements which may be offered. If one or more Council member requests, any individual resolution on the Consent Agenda may be removed from the Consent Agenda List and acted on separately.

President Sohl: We have eight resolutions, anyone from the council wish to discuss any of the eight? Anyone from the public wish to address any of these resolutions?

Mr. Rich Bonte: I have a question on Resolution #4. I know this was discussed last week. What is Passaic Valley Sewage Authority do with the sludge when we bring it to them?

President Sohl: I don’t know.

Mr. Casey: I’m not sure–I don’t think they incinerate it. I don’t know what they do with it.

Mr. Rattner: I asked Bob this question last week. Mr. Bonte, I think what the intent–

Mr. Bonte: I know what the intent is.

Mr. Rattner: –of the Administration, is to use the MSA, because the cost of Passaic and the MSA are just about equal but it is always good to have two sources to bring the sludge to. The MSA is a rather small operation that needs a little bit of lead time, four days a week, and if they go down for maintenance you have to have some other place. I believe that’s what the Administration is planning to do. To approve that contractor.

Mr. Bonte: I was just curious as to what they did with it.

Mr. Casey: I think they de-water it, and ship it. They take the sludge to a landfill. They do not incinerate it.

Mr. Bonte: Well, if anything other than some type of environmentally friendly method of disposal of the sludge is done there, then I would certainly recommend we maximize our use of the MSA. That’s the only request that I have.

Mr. Rattner: I think we discussed that–the cost is about the same, it’s just having a second outlet. Because the Passaic Valley is actually cheaper but the freight is more, and it comes to about one-thousandth of a cent.

Mr. Bonte: I heard that last week, economically that is not an issue. The only statement I was making was I hope it doesn’t make it an easy way not to send stuff to the MSA where we are doing it in the environmentally right thing as well as getting back a little rebate for the Town. So I hope we continue to pursue that avenue.

Mr. Rattner: I think that’s changed and that’s the way the Town is going.

President Sohl: Thank you, Rich. Anyone else from the public, hearing none. I’ll entertain a motion to move motions 1-8.

1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive RE: Temporary Capital Budget.

2. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Awarding Contract #00-02 to R&D Trucking, Inc. (Sludge Trucking)

3. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Rejecting All Bids for Water Meter Installation.

4. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing a Contract with Passaic Valley Sewer Authority for the Disposal of Sewage Sludge

5. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Providing for the Transfer of 1999

Current Fund Appropriation Reserves.

6. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Accepting the Appointment of Robert F. Casey as Interim Chief Financial Officer.

7. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing a Contract for a Police Assessment Center. (Police promotion)

8. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Second Year Option with Ryder/MLS for Fleet Maintenance.

Mr. Heymann moved to approve the Consent Resolutions and Mrs. Kelly seconded the motion.

ROLL CALL: Passed unanimously


1. Bill List.




Budd Lake Fire Dept.

February, 2000 Contribution

Flanders Fire Dept.

February, 2000 Contribution

Budd Lake Rescue Squad

February, 2000 Contribution

Flanders Rescue Squad

February, 2000 Contribution

Mount Olive Public Library

February, 2000 Contribution

Mount Olive Public Library

Residual 1999 Contribution

Peterson & Son Tree Services

Pruning & Removal of Dead & Unsafe Trees at Sandshore, Cloverhill, etc.

Peterson & Son Tree Services

Pruning & Removal of Dead & Unsafe Trees at Stonehouse, Manorhouse

& Falcon

Elizabethtown Gas

December, 1999 Natural Gas Bill for Municipality

Ray's Sport Shop, Inc.

Five Smith & Wesson Stainless 9MM Pistols for Police Dept.

Ray's Sport Shop, Inc.

Ammunition and Equipment for Police Dept.

The Medical Center

Police Physical Exams for 1999

Tri-Maintenance & Contractors

Cleaning Services for Municipal Building for January, 2000


Bollinger, Inc.

Dental Claims for February, 2000

Unique Image Corp.

Service Contract for Gestetner Copies for Period of 11/99 - 11/00


Musconetcong Sewer Authority

First Quarter Billing for Year 2000

Parsippany Township

Sludge Removal for December, 1999

Lerch, Vinci & Higgins, CPA

Management Advisory Services for Period Ended 12/31/99


Dell Computer Corporation

Purchase of Five Computers for Police Dept.

Ord. #21-99 - Upgrade CAD System

Dell Computer Corporation

Purchase of Five Computers for Police Dept.

Ord. #21-99 - Upgrade CAD System

Geo Concepts Ltd.

Computer Data Conversion and Server Set-up of New Computers

Ord. #9-98 - Amended by 11-99 - Rec, Retention, Radios - Police

Moore Medical Corp.

Budd Lake Rescue Squad Medical Equipment

Ord. #21-99 - Bloodborne Gear

US Filter Dist. Group

Sensus Water Meters

Ord. #22-97 - Amended 38-97 - Water Meters

Mrs. Kelly moved for approval of the Bills and Mr. Rattner seconded the motion.

ROLL CALL: Passed unanimously

2. Approval of Raffle Applications #925 & #926 for the Morris County Foster Parents Assn.and Raffle Applications #927 & #928 for the Mt. Olive High School Parents' Club.

Mr. Spino moved for approval of the Motion and Mr. Rattner seconded the motion.

ROLL CALL: Passed unanimously


Library Board Liaison Report

President Sohl: The Library Board meets tomorrow night. I will mention, briefly, through the Offices of the Library, a Historic Committee has been formed and has begun to be quite active. What was presented last night at the meeting was the results of research done so far--and this has been over the last year--of the names, the various names, that are on the monument that’s at the old Town Hall location on Route 46. There are nine individuals that are listed there that have been identified as having died in combat. What has been of interest to President Sohl (cont’d): many of us in sense was, we really don’t know who those people were. The Historic Commission, Thea Dunkle has done an outstanding amount of research and has gotten a hold of in some cases family members, obtained pictures, etc. One of the individuals is a World War I Vet, which we did not know, one was a Vietnam Vet, and the others were from World War II. There’s two or three names that she still is drawing a blank on but she is continuing that endeavor and research.

Mayor Licitra: Thea also has articles and different Army records and Navy records that she was able to capture. She has them in a Billboard form that we are going to try to frame and put a little dossier of each person in the wall of honor up here so people can take a look at it while they’re at the Municipal Building–maybe it will jog someone’s memory when they come in. That’s what we are trying to do with the Historical Commission and maybe they can add something to the information we already have. I also have Thea in for a Mayor’s Proclamation that I want to present to her because she did a tremendous amount of work. A lot of the records from World War II have been destroyed due to a big fire in St. Lewis in 1973. So she had to do most of her research over the Internet with names like Johnson and Smith. With names like that you have to do a lot of work to get the correct information with the correct names. She’s going to keep it up and I’m going to clean up that monument and have a dedication to it. I just commend Thea and the Commission and they have my support as well as the Council’s.

President Sohl: Thank you Paul.

Recreation Report

Mr. Heymann: Last Thursday before the Planning Board, there was a presentation made by the Committee–or at least the Professionals involved with Flanders Park. I think some of the people were a little nervous because of the neighbors coming out, and we know the effect that always has. Mr. Spino set the Record straight that this is a park with lights. It was not something that was concocted in the last three months. It had been the vision of that particular area. There was a very nice presentation done by the lighting people demonstrating when they put their hooded lights on, there should not be glare. It was recommended, I think the Mayor is going to contact Roxbury, which I think has similar lights. I don’t think it’s in all their facilities, but I think that we are going to take a little field trip there and go look at their lights. They do keep their park open until 11:00pm. I think once the residents go to Roxbury and see that there is really no glare. Well, you know, it was the typical, interesting evening. So I hope it doesn’t get lost, and it moves along as quickly as possible. We’ve already seen that they’re not going to be up for this year. That was my gut reaction to this meeting, and we’ll see where we head.

President Sohl: Thank you, do you having something to add, Mayor?

Mayor Licitra: I’m just at too many meetings. At the Planning Board meeting–and I don’t want to steal Earl’s thunder when it comes to him, but we did also request from the lighting contractor that he bring a stanchion of 70' and shine it on the field. I’m more concerned not from the glow, you’re going to have a glow no matter what you do, the light shining on someone, or some of the houses directly. As they say, the over flow, I’m not as concerned about that. I would like to see if we can move that stanchion around to different parts of the field to see what the reflection is upon the houses, if any. There was a short presentation, a videotape about ten minutes, it is taped somewhere in Arizona and people did come out–when people were annoyed by the lights, when they did put these caps on the lights, people were very happy with the fact that it was glowing on the field and only on the field. So, I would object to anything that would have lights on in an residential area until 11:00pm. In Roxbury they have very few residents near the field where they are lighting it. But in Mount Olive we do have, and I think we owe them at least the responsibility or courtesy of not playing games after a certain hour. I think we will limit the time, it’s just a matter of finding out what time as to what we’re going to limit it to.

Mr. Heymann: The only thing that I would like to add is if we can put it on during the workshop next week, there’s a $4,000 cost to bring that in. I spoke to Dave Scapicchio he told me he had another business engagement in Hanover, but maybe we can work something out where we can contribute towards that to be brought in. I don’t want to bog you down tonight but I would like to get this moving because I can see, there’s all other projects.

Board of Health Report

Mr. Rattner: Nothing to report.

Planning Board Report

Mr. Spino: The other part of our Planning Board Meeting was the final approval of a development actually in the same area that we were just discussing. It’s on Flanders Bartley Road. across from the A&P. Behind the bank and the auction center there. It is a company called Cirrus. They are going to put up one building now and have an approval to put up two other buildings in that area. They were given approval.

Open Space Committee Report

Environmental Commission Report

Mrs. Kelly: The Open Space Committee went on a site visit to see some of the properties. We wanted to look at the open space that was going to be donated as the result of the developers transfer rights for the Crown Towers, and there was a parcel on River Road and a ten-acre farm down in Old Flanders. But, they did go out on Sunday. I believe the next meeting is on Monday. The Environmental Commission meets the third Wednesday of the month.


President Sohl: Okay, I now Open the Meeting to the Public. Is there anyone who wishes to address the Council on any matter of business.

Mr. Riad: I’m not questioning anything, the only thing I have a question about is the previous Administration. I would like to see the data which was presented to the Administrator of the Township about the new consumption of the water, with total consumption with the shopping center. The shopping center which now is about almost 65,000 sq. feet. It was offered to me to buy it but I didn’t buy. It was 65,000 sq. feet, my understandings when they transferred from septic tank to public water and sewer they bought about 8,000 cubic gallons for sewer, so if I am taking 3,000 sq. feet, which is a store from 62,000 sq. feet, if you multiply it by the formula that’s means this 62 you need 7500 cubic gallons per day and plus 3000 from the laundromat is going to be 10,000 plus. I would like to know how the flow will predict the formula and if the flow can predict the formula why we using the formula, why we don’t go all over it now and telling everyone in the Township we are using the flow of the water. If you’re telling me that I will right now to put 50,000 sq. feet in this mall without any more water and sewer because the one who put the building in 1972 and got approval he bought for the laundry mat additional capacity.

President Sohl: If I may make a suggestion perhaps if you can make an appointment to see the Business Administrator.

Mr. Casey: I will be happy to share with you the data, and I know your question and we will talk about it. I know where you’re coming from, the difference between the DEP formula per capita sewage flows versus the actual flows. I will get the data up from the other mall, I already told I would send you the information when we talked today on the phone. So I will get you that information within a week.

Mr. Riad: No I would like to be clear now.

President Sohl: We can’t answer that tonight.

Mr. Riad: Let me finish. If the Township is going to use the formula from now on or is going to use the flow of the water. That’s all. That’s all I would like to know.

President Sohl: That’s not a matter here we can determine tonight. I’m not even familiar with the calculations. I would suggest that you meet with Mr. Casey as he offers.

Mr. Riad: I am going to ask for a meeting for tomorrow or for after tomorrow and we can sit down and discuss it as individuals that would like to invest in this Township. That’s all.

President Sohl: That’s fine

Mr. Bonte: My comment has a little bit to do with the sale of this facility. I don’t know what you’re plans are for the $155,000, but last year the sister committee to the committee that I am head of made some recommendations to this Council regarding the site of the old municipal building. In those recommendations was a recommendation with the expenditure for approximately $99,000, for the removal of the two decrypted garages that are there, removal of the dock, cleaning up of the beach and doing a site survey. I have been advised by Mr. Gellmen, who is the head of that committee, that the $15,000 request that was in that $99,000 overall request Mr. Bonte (cont’d): is going to be satisfied by some other grants to remove the dock. So that would reduce that request from $99,000 to $84,000. We met last week, one of the things we would like Council to consider–although we are away from making some kind of recommendation regarding the building itself, I think that there is no disagreement on anyone’s part including everybody that is sitting here before me, that we should really begin moving on cleaning up that site and getting rid of the other two buildings that are nothing more than an eyesore and a liability to the Township. I’d like to suggest since this $155,000 is kind of found capital money that we really were not anticipating, that maybe some of that could be marked towards doing something positive for the Town. Clean up our own property and start enhancing that area. We know ultimately that we will have to take down those two buildings and the sooner we get them down will be in the interest of the public so people driving by do not have to look at totally neglected ugly sites. We would start showing to the residents of the Township that we are interested in improving the aesthetics of the Community as well as reducing some potential liability it might have. So I would like to make that recommendation to you this evening.

President Sohl: Thank you, Rich, I think that’s an excellent recommendation. We know that those two buildings are an eyesore and they have to come down. We should maintain are property better than we expect any business to or resident.

President Sohl: Any one else from the public want to address the Council or the Mayor.

Mr. Randy Carter, CFO: Well I would just like to address the Council, I guess everybody knows that I will be leaving on Friday. I’d like to say that I am very, very impressed with the job that Paul Licitra is doing as Mayor starting out. I really am. The thing is, I’m impressed with Mr. Casey. Mr. Casey seems to know everything and he claims have 35-years experience, but he must be 100 years old and have 70 years of experience, he just seems to know everything. What I would like to talk to you about though is, I won’t be here, of course, for the Budget process, but there’s a couple of things that I would like to comment on, if you don’t mind. First of all, I am very impressed with the director of Public Works concept you have going and I think that is long, long overdue. What you want to look at though when you look at Public Works I think that the Township, and I am not being critical of anybody when I speak here, okay. I’m just trying to be positive and constructive. But I really think that we are middle heavy in Public Works. In other words, when we look at, let’s say Sanitation, we have a Supervisor and we have a Foreman. When we look at the Road Department we have a Supervisor and a Foreman. When we look at the Sewer Department we have the same situation. You might really want to look at that, okay? You might really want to examine what these people really do and how close, how much is necessary or if there is any redundancy there, okay. Another comment I would like to make is that, in my mind, and looking at it through my eight years experience here, I really think that the Town needs a Director of Environmental Protections. And who would be under that would be the Health Department and the Planning Department. What happens there–and the Environmental Commission and anything that has to do with land use. Because I have not seen, from my eyes, and I am not being critical but I don’t think that there is the coordination there that there could be if they had one Director overseeing all those functions. So maybe you might want to take a look at that. The other thing too--I seem to be negative and critical but I don’t mean to be. But I don’t want to go in Closed Session and talk about these things–is that you have to enhance your training programs here for the labor people. When I first was a CFO here, we had, for example, water operators that if a pump broke they knew how to fix a pump. They were Senior Water Operator, they could pull they pump out and fix it, whatever it took they could do it. Now, what we seem to do when it breaks, we know how to use the telephone to call somebody else to fix it. I am being serious, okay. What I would suggest you try and do is when you interview the heads of the departments is to really assess the training level of some of the people that they have. I’m not going to be very popular tomorrow with the staff making this, but I am trying to be constructive and I think that Paul has hit it right on the head very early on when he took a look at how Mt. Olive is structured. Now, my final comment regarding personnel is we desperately need an Assistant Administrator here. You absolutely, desperately need that because that person should be doing the purchasing function. And its not cohesive, it’s not coordinated, okay, and really there should be one person that is purchasing all the office supplies for all the departments so it’s consistent. The other thing, too, that you might really want to think about is go back to how Spangler had the Recreation Department organized. He had Recreation under the Assistant Administrator--recreation activities. When you have that you have the recreation function very close to the Mayor, okay, because it is a very, very important thing. Recreation activities. What you also have now in your Health Department, which should be under the Environmental Protections, you have Social Services now which has nothing to do with health, has nothing at all to do with health. Social Service is a recreation activity. So, what you might want to think about is combining the social service activities with recreation and then placing it under the assistant administrator. Okay. That’s about all the comments I have. Does anybody have any questions on that?

Mr. Rattner: How should the Council be reorganized? Since your going through the whole Town.

President Sohl: I would like to thank you for your comments, I think a number of things you touched on, this Council has been very much aware of--especially the training issue . We have known for a long period of time training has been literally slashed out, even if this Council put money in the Budget it was never used because for whatever reason the prior Administration had no faith in training. Which is ludicrous I work for one of the biggest companies in the world and I never had a year go by when I didn’t have to attend a total of two weeks of training in my career. And I am sure Mr. Rattner with AT&T can say the same thing, and almost everybody here in one form or other constantly is exposed to some kind of training. You are never to old to learn.

Mayor Licitra: I hope all the years of experiences–as Councilman and CFO, even though you take your new position down in South River, you consider bringing your experience back to Government maybe on a Commission or a Committee.

Mr. Carter: Absolutely if you have an opening certainly, certainly.

Mayor Licitra: As far as DPW is concerned, I appreciate your comments. It was reported in the paper that we were creating a position and let me state now to my Council members that we did eliminate a position. So it was reported incorrectly. The position was eliminated already, in fact, probably when we go out for the DPW Director, probably will be less pay than the position that we eliminated. Training, I agree. I think with the people knowing state-of-the-art programs and learning them we can do things more efficiently. More efficiently means we put out a better product. Our product being serving the public. Randy, I appreciate the years you spent as the CFO here, you were an asset, you were a very dedicated employee and I’m very happy that you found this position. Don’t forget us, come back and say hello once in a while.

Mr. Carter: Okay. One other comment that I forgot. The Police Department is doing an excellent job on the grants. They took in--off the top of my head--$340,000 this year in Cops Grants. And I think the year before was $290,000. So, to the extent that they were taking in that kind–you people are the policy makers but don’t be too hesitant to add a employee here and there. They are bringing in the grant money to cover it and we could probably need a couple more officers here and there. So whatever. I thank you all, it was fun, it was challenging, it was hell, it was everything, okay. I would also like to thank Mr. Dorsey. Mr. Dorsey and I have a very strange relationship because at one time Mr. Dorsey and I were bitter enemies, back in the Charlie Johnson days. He was very protective of Charlie and I was the Council President and I had a dual with him. That was very difficult especially since he was the President of the Senate and he had the big ego and everything else.

Mayor Licitra: He’s changed a lot since then. He doesn’t have an ego any more.

Mr. Carter: He was very, very fair to me and I really appreciate it. And he was very fair to the Council, too. I really appreciate the fact that sometimes he went out on a limb for me just on the sake of principles and I would really like, in public, to thank him for that. That’s all I have to say.

President Sohl: Thank you, Randy. Anyone else from the public?

Ms. Veronica Gill, Lewis Drive, Budd Lake: I just was notified by my neighbors that our sewer portions were going up substantially. I have never been here before but I was wondering--apparently there was a one-time entry that was put in the Budget last year which was applied towards the sewer payments last year. I’m wondering what happened to that person who made that error. Are they still around? It’s really not funny because it’s a lot of money and it’s a gross error.

Mr. Dorsey: It wasn’t an error.

Ms. Gill: It wasn’t?

Mr. Casey: There were funds available within various accounts that were available to be used in order to keep the rates low last year Those were legitimate funds that were sitting in the sewer utility which were used to hold the cost until the Mayor and Council could get a better handle on what the operations cost was going to be.

Ms. Gill: Was anybody told that beforehand? Was anyone told to be expecting these huge--this very big increase?

President Sohl: For the record the actual legislation which we will act on will be in two weeks, there will be a Public Meeting on February 22,

Mr. Dorsey: The Township Auditor will be here at that time to review all the numbers.

Ms. Gill: So that’s when they will tell us–

Mr. Carter: There is no error, ma’am

Ms. Gill: Well it’s a misrepresentation, if the public wasn’t told that

President Sohl: I think that if we had the Auditor here–

Ms. Gill: Right--I read in the paper where the Auditor said that this was a error. Whether or not it’s an error or that particular person not being totally informed

Mr. Carter: Totally bright, right? Can I address that–

Ms. Gill: Well if that person is not here to defend himself–I don’t think, not totally right or bright.

Mr. Carter: Me, I’m talking about me

Ms. Gill: No, the Auditor

President Sohl: Randy, you know we can’t have a dialogue going like that. One at a time at the podium

Mr. Carter: If I could get a chance at the floor, I would be glad to address the situation.

Ms. Gill: Then we would be here until 11:00pm.

Mr. Dorsey: Randy, we’re carrying this to the Public Hearing, that’s the proper time.

President Sohl: If you want to join us on the 22nd, I think that’s the better time. There will probably be quite a few more people here.

Mr. Carter: All right, okay. I will be here. Mr. Higgins and I, and Mr. Rattner we can all discuss this situation then.

President Sohl: Thank you. Anyone else from the public wish to speak? If not, I close the meeting to the Public.


President Sohl: All right. We need to go in closed session for what purpose, Mayor?

Mayor Licitra: Personnel, litigation.

Motion made to go into Executive Session and Seconded. All in favor, none opposed.

Motion made for adjournment. All in favor, none opposed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.


William H. Sohl

Mt. Olive Township Council President

I, LISA M. LASHWAY, Township Clerk of the Township of Mount Olive do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes is a true and correct copy of the Minutes approved at a legally convened meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council duly held on August 22, 2000.


Lisa M. Lashway

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