January 2, 2013 Council Public Meeting Minutes

The Reorganization Meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council was called to Order at 7:00pm by Council President Roman. 

Pledge of Allegiance
MOMENT OF REFLECTION in recognition of the men and women fighting terrorism and those who have lost their lives defending the freedom we all enjoy


Mrs. Lashway: According to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting has been given to the Daily Record. Notice has been posted in the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Mount Olive Township, New Jersey and notices were sent to those requesting the same.

Swearing in of Councilman John Ferrante

President Roman:  Alright, our first item on the Agenda is to be the swearing in of Councilman John Ferrante.

Mrs. Lashway:  He’s already been sworn in.

Mayor Greenbaum:  We can swear at him though.

President Roman:  I would be remiss if I did not congratulate him before hand on you new baby.

Mr. Ferrante:  Thank you.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Congratulations

President Roman:  I would like to call the “Roll” for the 2013 Mount Olive Township Council.  Lisa, can you please call that?   


Present:          Mr. Ferrante, Mr. Nicastro, Mr. Perkins, Mr. Mania, Mrs. Labow, Mr. Roman

Absent:           Mr. Walsh

Also Present:  Lisa Lashway, Township Clerk; Fred Semrau, Township Attorney; Sean Canning, Business Administrator; Sherry Maniscalco, CFO, Mayor Greenbaum

President Roman:  Let the record reflect that Mr. Walsh is away on business that he could not wait.  Okay, our first item is the nomination for 2013 Council President.  Can I get a nomination please?

Election of 2013 Council President

Mr. Mania:  So moved Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Perkins:  So moved?

President Roman:  Can I get a nomination?

Mr. Mania:  I nominate Colleen Labow.

Mr. Ferrante:  Second.

President Roman:  Alright, it’s been moved and seconded.  Are there any other nominations?  Okay I close the nomination.  Can I get a Roll Call please?

ROLL CALL                        Passed Unanimously.

President Roman:  Congratulations Mrs. Labow.

President Labow:  Thank you everyone.  Moving onto the next business on the Agenda.  Can I have a nomination for Council Vice President for 2013 please?

Election of 2013 Council Vice-President

Mr. Perkins:  I nominate John Mania.

Mr. Nicastro:  Second.

President Labow:  Can I have Roll Call please?  Oops, any other nominations?  Roll Call please.

ROLL CALL                        Passed Unanimously

Mayor Greenbaum:  No hug?

Mr. Perkins:  No hug?

Mayor Greenbaum:  Later.

Mr. Mania:  Later.

President Labow:  The next item on our Agenda… if anyone can’t hear me just raise your hand and I’ll speak louder.  The next item on the Agenda is our Invocation and Rabbi Rudin from, how do you say it?

Invocation – Rabbi Rudin

Rabbi Rudin:  Temple Hatikvah, it means hope.

Mrs. Labow:  There we go.  He’s coming up to do our Invocation for us and I thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come here this evening.  It’s an honor to have you.   

Rabbi Rudin:  It’s a great honor to be here, thank you.    I’m supposed to be doing Invocation.  I’m not sure what I’m invocating but I thought I would be depart a little bit from just a prayer to pray in a different way and tell you a story as you take your seats as a new Town Council and new officers. 

In sixteenth-century Israel, in the city of Safed, Jews escaping persecution took refuge and returned to Judaism after years of being forced to hide their religion in the countries of the Inquisition.  One man, who had earned a fortune in the spice trade but who felt that something was missing, trying to return to his faith and to a sense of God’s presence in his life but having no real religious training, sitting in a side pew one Sabbath morning, fell asleep as the Rabbi went on and on. 

In a sort of a dream, the man heard a voice tell him to put 12 loaves of fresh-baked challah bread into the holy ark.  Unknown to him, what he was hearing was the Rabbi reading the Torah portion- the weekly reading from scriptures- which dealt with the service in the tabernacle.  Thinking that he had had a divine revelation, the man rushed home after services to tell his wife that G-d had assigned him a holy task.

His wife was doubtful.  “Are you sure?  God wants you to bake bread and hide it in the ark?”

“Yes!” said the man, filled with zeal.  “The ark is the closet at the front of the synagogue where they keep the Torah, right?  So, come on- let’s bake the loaves and then, on Friday, I’ll sneak in and put the loaves in the ark, just like God said!”

“But how will you know that God has accepted your offering?” his wife wanted to know.

“Well, when they open the ark the next morning to take out the Torah- we’ll see if the loaves are gone!  But I have faith- God wants my offering.  That’s why He commanded me!”

And so, on Thursday afternoon, the two quickly baked twelve beautiful loaves of golden yellow challah bread.  Trembling with excitement, the man stayed late after services and, when the synagogue was dark, he quietly approached the ark and opened the doors. 

“Dearest God,” he prayed.  “See, I’ve brought the loaves you commanded.  I’ll put them here, right below your holy Torah scroll.  Please, please accept my offering!”  Then, with a feeling of joy of anxiety that he was worthy, he stole out.

Scarcely had he gone than the beadle- the poor man who the community employed to maintain the synagogue- came into the sanctuary.  Approaching the ark with tears in his eyes, he mumbled, “Dear God- I know that the community does its best by me but I am so poor...I can’t feed my family from one Sabbath to the next and my poor children are starving.  They look to me for food and when I tell them I can’t provide it breaks my heart.  Please, please- I’m willing to work hard and do my best, but I beg you to be with me and give me strength to get through all of my travails and challenges...”

Suddenly he smelled the delicious aroma of fresh bread coming from the holy ark.  In wonder, he opened the sacred closet.  As if in a dream, he saw that his prayers had been answered beyond his wildest hope: twelve beautiful loaves of fresh bread greeted his tearful gaze.  With thanks to God, he brought the loaves home, gave one to those even poorer than he, fed his family for the week and sold the last four loaves to put a bit of money aside.

That Sabbath morning, the wealthy man sat on pins and needles waiting for the ark to open.  Rather than falling asleep as he had the week before, he was all anxiety and eagerness.  When the Rabbi opened the ark at last to take out the scroll of the Torah, the man saw that the loaves were gone!

“Thank you, thank you dearest God!” he worshiped.  “You have taken our offering!  Be sure that we will be back next week with another twelve loaves!”

And so began a strange ritual.  Each Thursday following afternoon services, the wealthy man put his offering amid supplications into the ark and each Thursday night, the poor beadle, filled with prayer and care, made his way to the ark, thanking God for the renewed life and sustenance.  On Sabbath morning, the wealthy man would be thrilled to see that his offering had been accepted.  Each man, the wealthy and the poor, felt that God was in their lives and each felt blessed. 

This went on for months until one Thursday, the Rabbi, puzzling over a text, stayed unnoticed in the last pew, saw the entire exchange. 

On Sabbath morning, the Rabbi called the two men into his private study after services and explained what had happened.

“I see,” said the wealthy man sadly.  “God has not been taking my offering after all.  I’ve made a mistake.  God isn’t really in my life.” 
“I see,” said the poor man.  “God hasn’t been feeding me and my family after all.”  Both men felt bereft, flat and empty.

The Rabbi put a hand on each of their shoulders.  “You haven’t heard what I said,” he chided them gently.  He took the wealthy man’s hand.  “When you put those loaves of challah in the ark, your hands were the hands of God giving love and blessing.”  He took the poor man’s hand. “And when you accepted the gift of the challah, your hands were the hands of God accepting an offering of love.”  He put the hands of the two men together and covered them with his own.

“God is in your lives,” he said.  “God’s presence is in the acts of loving-kindness that you each did and I pray continue to do.  God is present in your love and your hands are the hands of the living God.”


-Moshe Rudin with acknowledgement to “Shivchei HaAri” (Tales of Rabbi Yitzchak Luria) and Rabbi Lawrence Kushner. 

So my prayer for you my friends, may it be the will of God that as you reach out your hands into the community to give and to bless the community with all your wisdom, with all your understanding and discernment that realize you are giving to God.  As you take from that store of wisdom that you have acquired and that compassion that you have acquired, you are taking the blessings that God has given you and you’re using them to fulfill this high purpose to which you have been called, Amen.  I just want to ask Pastor Jones to join me to present to you… this is a, good will, the people of Mount Olive, of communities of faith; it’s a check for over $700.00 which was collected from the Mount Olive Clergy Associations congregations at out Thanksgiving gathering.  So I will present this to the Mayor.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Thank you.
President Labow:  Thank you very much.  Okay, moving right along we have a very special guest this evening, our Mayor.  He will give us our State of the Township address.

Mayor’s State of the Township Address

Mayor Greenbaum:  Rabbi, I have to tell you that as I took the $700.00 check and gave it to Sherry, our Finance Officer, I felt the will God on both sides, thank you.  Before I read my eleven page State of the Township Address I just wanted to welcome a few people here tonight.  Tonight we are very honored to have Freeholder Elect, Deputy Director Elect, David Scapicchio.  We’re very proud that Mount Olive now will have representation on the County level.  Also here tonight is our Municipal Court Judge, Brian Levine, a very good friend of mine and I wanted to thank both of you for coming here this evening.          

Council President, members of the Town Council, municipal employees, friends, relatives and fellow residents of Mount Olive, I thank you for the opportunity to report on the state of the Township of Mount Olive this year, and God willing, for many years into the future.  Once again it is truly an honor to have been chosen by the residents to guide our Township and instill my vision as to Mount Olive’s future. 

Along with the Town Council, we have worked hard and have been successful this past year in creating a sense of community and pride in Mount Olive.  I would like to thank Alex Roman for his leadership this past year and look forward to working with Colleen Labow, as Council President next year.

Along with the Town Council, we have been diligent in our efforts of attracting new businesses to Mount Olive, as well as working with existing commercial establishments to grow and stabilize our ratable base.  At the same time, we have conservatively managed town finances in an effort to control tax increases. 

Through the extremely diligent efforts of the Finance Department,

  • We refinanced 2003/2004 general obligation debt and saved $187,000,  equating to an approximate $20 savings to the average taxpayer;
  • The Township once again had no audit recommendations for the 2011 audit;
  • The 2012 tax collection rate will once again be over 98%.  We have realized excess collections to date of approximately $1,200,000. 
  • We adopted an arbitrage policy and a surplus/financial management policy which has resulted in enforcing and maintaining our bond rating.  Our fiscal policies are now being adopted by many other municipalities;
  • We received $530,000 in tax sale premiums which the municipality earns interest on until redeemed, and if not redeemed within 5 years, the premium escheats to the municipality.
  • We completed our 2012 bond sale for the Township totaling almost $6,000,000.  The sale resulted in a historic rate of less than 1% in interest cost as well as a $265,000 premium which will be utilized to offset rising costs in the 2013 budget.
  • We completed approximately 150,000 added assessments resulting in over $450,000 in revenue to the Township.


Sherry, once again, a wonderful job done by both you and all of the employees in the Finance Department.

Last year, the Planning Department was actively engaged in a number of projects beyond the typical responsibilities.

One such issue was related to the State Planning Map Designations.  Mount Olive was successful in getting the State to agree to modify the Planning Area designations in both Flanders and the International Trade Zone.  Those planning are designations play an important role in the type of business incentive programs offered by the State, crucial to attracting new businesses to Mount Olive.   

With regard to COAH and Affordable Housing, the Planning Department prepared a revised “Spending Plan” and successfully secured its approval from COAH to satisfy the July 2012 deadline imposed by NJ Legislature to “commit” Township’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund to affordable housing projects.  In so doing, $1.2 million in the Township’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund was protected from seizure by the State. 

As to the Highlands, the Planning Department continued to work towards Plan Conformance with the Highlands Regional Master Plan for the 70 percent of the Township that falls within the restricted Highlands Preservation Area. That included preparation of a final draft of the Mount Olive Township Highlands Master Plan Element and a Master Plan Reexamination Report which will serve as companion documents to the Township’s existing Master Plan. 

In late 2012 we began consultations with Highlands Council staff to develop a Scope of Work for a potential Highlands Redevelopment Area Designation along a section of Route 46 with the five acre Municipal Beach and former Municipal Building/Public Works site as the focal point.   We will be seeking funding from the Highlands Council to continue this project in 2013 with the goal of instituting a new Lake Development district to revitalize the commercial and recreational potential within the district while simultaneously introducing new standards for environmental protection of the lake itself. 

At the same time, the Planning Department identified properties along Route 46 that may qualify for “Area In Need of Redevelopment” designation in order to move expeditiously in removing abandoned and deteriorated buildings and to prompt reinvestment in this commercial corridor.  This project will continue in 2013.

In 2012, the Building Department worked diligently to provide all services required related to the issuing of permits and providing required inspection services related to fees new development and/or construction in Mount Olive, as well as projects involving homeowner remodeling.  The Building Department exceeded its’ expected generation by bringing in over $430,000 in fees and looks forward to another active year in 2013.
In 2012, the Municipal Court, working on behalf of both Mount Olive and Netcong, received over 430 criminal complaints and 6,000 motor vehicle tickets.  The court generated over $300,000.00 in fees for the Township. 
The court functioned exceptionally, especially in light of the former court administrator retiring and a mold problem related to a leak in the air conditioning system. 
The Health Department administered over 780 Flu shots this year, renegotiated a 3 year inter-local health services agreement with the Borough of Wharton, negotiated a shared services agreement with Byram Township for animal control, computerized all vaccine inventories and  immunization management for pre-school and school age children and in so doing, provided the ability to better track communicable diseases and reporting to the State.

In addition, the Health Department managed the needs of the Senior population in Mount Olive, provided 38 Thanksgiving food baskets for the needy, as well as Christmas Gifts and food for less fortunate residents while at the same time increasing the outreach and effectiveness of the "Food Pantry."

Finally, as to the Health Department as with regard to all of our municipal departments and employees, I would be remiss in not recognizing the effort with regard to managing Hurricane Sandy and its’ aftermath.  I applaud all of your efforts on behalf of the residents of Mount Olive.

In 2012 the Fire Marshal’s office conducted 1,390 inspections within Mt Olive and Chester Boro, as well as 18 fire investigations. 

With regard to OEM, 2012 brought the worst storm related incident in modern history.  During a two week period, OEM, as well as many other township departments operated  24/7 assisting residents and businesses in navigating through the obstacles of this super storm. 

Two major capital improvement projects completed by OEM were narrow banding of all fire and EMS radios, a FCC requirement, as well as an upgraded Police CAD system.

OEM now has the ability to send out vital information via twitter, Facebook as well as the Everbridge notification system.  Through these improvements and the use of social media, the residents of Mount Olive Township are of the most well informed in the county. 

In 2012, the Grant’s Coordinator efforts included, the sale of Charters Farm, the installation of a community garden, the receipt of a $57,000 Community Block Grant to improve drainage in Budd Lake, restoration of the old Baptist Church has begun with additional phases expected as grants become available, as well as the purchase of 57 acre undeveloped BASF tract by the Township for future resale and/or development. 

The Recreation Department was extremely busy in 2012 including offering many new events and helping form what I like to refer to as “The Village of Mount Olive.”  These events provided an opportunity for private/public partnerships for local businesses and fun for our whole community.  Some of these events were:

  • The Mount Olive Mayor's 5K Fun Run & 1 Mile Walk which had 350 participants plus another 150 spectators, sponsors, and volunteers.


  • The Fairy & Pirate Festival in May which had over 3,000 attendees.
  • The PowerWheels Race series which brought NASCAR type fun to the children, culminating in a Grand Prix event. 


  • The Mount Olive Week Carnival was welcomed back to Turkey Brook Park the second week of July. Despite some wet weather, 17,000 people enjoyed the week.
  • The Tour de Mt. Olive recreational Bike Ride, which was attended by over 200 participants. 


  • Candy Land "Trick or Treat" substitute event, which was a huge success. 
  • Oktoberfest was a "Fun-raiser" held in partnership with the Corner Pub. This event caught the attention of the awards committee for the League of Municipalities Innovation in Government for programming.


  • The Best Bagel Contest showcased 4 area bagel shops in December, ending in a tie between a Flanders and a Budd Lake restaurants.

In addition to all of the foregoing, Recreation operated 24 summer camps, 100 in programs for both adults and children, as well as operating the Budd Lake Beach. 

The Public Works Department successfully maintained and improved Township owned infrastructure despite decreased manpower and funding, as well as several natural disasters.   This included paving of Drakestown Road, Kern Drive, Budd Lake Heights Road and Cloverhill Drive.

DPW also installed a new fueling station with backup generator, made arrangements to bring fleet services in house for an expected cost savings and to improve the quality of repairs to the township fleet.

DPW also secured a County drainage grant in the amount of approximately $57,000.00 for improvements to Woodland, Waterloo and Lozier Roads.

As to Sanitation, large item cleanup again was offered to the public at no additional charge to the residents.  Also, planning was completed for the purchase of one arm bandit style garbage trucks, the operation of which we expect to see a huge savings to the Township. 

The Water Department made improvements to Flanders well #2 for better quality water for residential use. This was accomplished by way of a state grant which covered the approximately $1,000,000 million dollar cost of the upgrade.

Parks, Buildings and Grounds installed a turf soccer field and lights on both football fields at no cost to the general taxpayer, as well as drainage at baseball field #2 to increase the availability of play time.

Buildings and Grounds also utilized the township tree bank funds to purchase and plant 17 trees throughout township properties, and painted and carpeted a majority of the municipal building. 

Public Works also continues to utilize shared services with the Board of Education as well as Washington Township Public Works for electrical and plumbing assistance, equipment and maintenance of our playing fields.

The Township also continued to improve all aspects related to Information Technology.   Of note, was the restoration of telecom and data services to Mount Olive Township during Hurricane Sandy, which allowed us to communicate with the public and operate our government on the most trying of circumstances.

Our IT Department also significantly increased Township internet bandwidth, renegotiated our contract with Optimum Lightpath, and improved our data recovery backup system.

In 2012, the Police Department had both a significant call load and administrative matters to handle. Perhaps the most noteworthy accomplishment is the anticipated awarding of State Accreditation and National Recognition for achieving its best practices model. We expect that recognition to be awarded in February of 2013.  The vast majority of expense related to the accreditation process was funded by the Morris County JIF at no cost to the taxpayer.
In 2012, the Police Department had to deal with the loss of key personnel totaling 142 years of valuable experience and expertise. The retirements created advancement opportunities for several members of the police department as well as employment opportunities for others.
This last year, the police department made 808 arrests, responded to 1027 motor vehicle accidents, answered 207 domestic disputes, conducted 352 firearms background investigations, stopped 10,274 motor vehicles and subsequently issued 3,431 motor vehicle summonses, arrested 157 drivers who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, investigated 83 burglaries, conducted 16,201 directed patrols, and 21,833 property checks. In fact, in total, the police department responded to over 75,000 calls for service, a 15% increase over 2011.
Sadly, many of those calls were tragic ones; Mount Olive Township saw the loss of five people as a result of motor vehicle crashes, including two of our high school students.
In light of recent events, throughout the year, our police department has been regularly drilling, patrolling and visiting at our township schools. In 2013, we will continue to investigate better ways to keep our children safe.
Administration was also extremely active this year.  This included:
Implementation of effective human resources policy system;
Implementation of the works customer response system;
Implementation of a culture of customer service and accountability;
Revision to the auto refuse sanitation system;
Fleet review, analysis and implementation;
Accomplishing qualified purchasing status;
Providing effective leadership during hurricane sandy;
Coordinating FEMA reimbursement; 
Negotiating three union contracts; as well as
Restoring televised council meetings. 
 Through our Special Projects Coordinator, we received  $4,000 from SIEMENS for Rescue Squad use, obtained a three year $30,000.00 commitment from Giviaudan to create and maintain a trail for the visually impaired. 
We created showcase opportunities for various landscapers throughout the township; We won the Municipal County McMatch Food Drive; created an opportunity for the community to demonstrate its’ faith during the holiday season, developed a positive relationship with businesses, as well as developed a volunteer base for future emergency concerns.
As we move forward into 2013, it is my hope that as I report next year’s successes in the State of the Township address, I can take as much if not more pride in the MOMENTUM the Township has generated, as I have in reporting the accomplishments achieved in 2012. 

I would like to thank our Business Administrator, Sean Canning and all of our municipal employees for a job well done in 2012.

In 2013, the Town Council and I will endeavor to guide Mount Olive through the challenges facing us in the years ahead.  Together we all can make a difference. May you all and have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. 

Sincerely and with great appreciation,


President Labow:  Thank you Mayor.  It has definitely been an excellent year and I’m looking forward to an even better 2013.  Mayor you have your appointments? 

Mayor Greenbaum:  You can read them.

President Labow: 

a.         Mayor’s Appointments

Morris County Community Development Revenue Sharing Committee
Kathy Murphy, Member, 1 year term expires 12/31/2013
Richard Escobar, Alternate, 1 year term expires 12/31/2013

Planning Board
Scott Van Ness, Member Class II, 1 year term expires 12/31/2013
James Staszak, Member Class IV, 4 year term expires 12/31/2016
Nelson Russell, Member Class IV, 3 year term expires 12/31/15
Dan Nelsen, Member Class IV, 4 year term expires 12/31/2016
Michel Koroski, Alt II Class IV, 2 year term 12/31/14

Environmental Committee
Tracy Wadhams, 3 year term expires 12/31/2015
Robert Delpizzo, 3 year term expires 12/31/2015
Joe Fleischner, 3 year term expires 12/31/15
Nelson Russell, Planning Board Liaison, 3 year term expires 12/31/2015
Kay Serebrakian, Alt I, 2 year term expires 12/31/14
Dave Tomb, 3 year unexp. term expires 12/31/14

Open Space Committee
Tracey Wadhams, 3 year term expires 12/31/15 (Envir. Comm. Liaison / Mayor’s Appt.)
Robert Delpizzo, 3 year term expires 12/31/2015 (Council Appt.)
Jill Devlin, 3 year term expires 12/31/15 (Council Appt.)
John Ferrante, (Council Member, runs with term)

b.         Mayor's Appointments with Advice & Consent of Council

Township Attorney, Fred Semrau, Esq., 1 year term expires 12/31/2013
Judge, Brian Levine, JMC, 3 year term expires 12/31/15
Prosecutor, Brian Mason, Esq., 1 year term expires 12/31/2013
Public Defender, Anthony Abore Esq., 1 year term expires 12/31/2013

Economic Development Committee
Laura Rimmer, 3 year term expires 12/31/2015
John Cavanaugh, 3 year term expires 12/31/2015
Tina Allen, 3 year term expires 12/31/2015
Tracy Wadhams, 3 year term expires 12/31/2015

Ethics - None

Recreation Advisory Committee
James Farley, RAC apt., 3 year term expires 12/31/2015
Noelle Kehrley, RAC apt., 3 year term expires 12/31/2015
Harry Bond, RAC apt., 3 year term expires 12/31/2015

Library Board - None

Pride Committee - Eliminate

President Labow:  May I have the Roll Call excepting these appointments from Council?  Are there any Council comments?  Seeing none, we need the Roll Call for the Mayor’s Advice and Consent.  Oops sorry, Motion to Approve.

Mr. Mania:  I make a Motion.

Mr. Nicastro:  Second.

Roll Call                                 Passed Unanimously

President Labow:  For Council Appointments:       

c.         Council Appointments

All Subcommittees of the Township Council previously created are extended through 2013:

Library Board Liaison, John Ferrante, 1 year term expires 12/31/2013
Recreation Board Liaison, Alex Roman, 1 year term expires 12/31/2013
Board of Education Liaison, Alex Roman, 1 year term expires 12/31/2013
Safety Committee Liaison, Joe Nicastro, 1 year term expires 12/31/2013
Legislative Committee, Ray Perkins & Pat Walsh, 1 year term expires 12/31/2013
Committee RE: Lake/Environment Issues, John Ferrante, 1 year term expires 12/31/2013
Community Development Revenue Sharing Committee, Steven Rattner, 1 year term expires 12/31/2013
Economic Development Committee Liaison, Ray Perkins, 1 year term expires 12/31/2013
Planning Board, John Mania, Councilmember, Class II, 1 year term expires 12/31/2013
Senior Citizen Liaison, John Mania, 1 year term expires 12/31/2013
TNR Liaison, Colleen Labow, 1 year term expires 12/31/2013

Auditor, Gary Higgins, 2 year term expires 12/31/2014

Board of Health
Steve Abrams, D.M.D., 3 year term expires 12/31/15
Dr. Anthony Miccio, 3 year term expires 12/31/15
Kenneth Ross MD, 3 year term expires 12/31/15

President Labow:  Do I have a Motion?

Mr. Perkins:  So moved.

Mr. Mania:  Second.   

President Labow:  Any Council Comments?  Seeing none, Roll Call.

Roll Call                     Passed Unanimously


Consent Resolutions Agenda:

Resolutions on Consent Agenda List are considered to be routine and non-controversial by the Township Council and will be approved by one motion (one vote).  There will be no separate discussion or debate on each of these resolutions except for the possibility of brief clarifying statements which may be offered.  If one or more council members requests, any individual resolution on the consent agenda may be removed from the Consent Agenda List and acted on separately.

Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Designating the Official Newspapers of the Municipality for the Purpose of Publication of Legal Notices. PDF Resolution


Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Establishing the Annual Schedule of Meetings and Other Requirements Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act. PDF Resolution

Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Establishing a Temporary Budget for 2013  for the Current, Water, Sewer and Recreation Utility as well as the Sanitation District. PDF Resolution

Resolution of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing a Cash Management Plan for the Township of Mount Olive for the Year 2013. PDF Resolution

Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Retaining Professional Services Under the Non-Fair and Open Contract in Accordance with the Pay to Play Law. PDF Resolution

Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Appointing Steven Rattner as Council Representative to the Community Development Revenue Sharing Committee. PDF Resolution



Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing Participation in the State of New Jersey Cooperative Purchasing Program for the Year 2013. PDF Resolution

Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Fixing the Rate of Interest to be Charged on Delinquent Taxes or Assessments. PDF Resolution

Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Purchase of Necessary Goods and Services Under Any Contract Competitively Bid by the Morris County Cooperative Pricing Council. PDF Resolution

Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Tax Assessor and/or the Township Attorney to File and Tax Appeals/Rollbacks. PDF Resolution


Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Establishing Various Change Funds for the Year 2013. PDF Resolution


Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive, County of Morris, State of New Jersey, Creating and Continuing the Mount Olive Municipal Alliance Committee. PDF Resolution


Resolution of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Cancellation of Water, Sewer, Sewer Assessment   and Tax Receivable Overpayments and Balances $1.00 or Less. PDF Resolution


Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Establishing a Petty Cash Fund for 2013. PDF Resolution

  • President Labow:  Tonight we have 14 resolutions and Mr. Mania can I have a Motion to move these resolutions please?
  • Mr. Roman:  Excuse me Madam President.
  • President Labow: Oh, I’m sorry.
  • Mr. Roman:  I’d like to move Resolution number eight to Non Consent.
  • President Labow:  Number eight to Non Consent. For Consent Resolutions we have one through seven and nine through fourteen.  Would anybody else like to have any removed?  Seeing none, can I have a Motion to approve?
  • Mr. Mania:  So moved.
  • Mr. Perkins:  Second.


Council Comments/Statements on Consent Resolutions Agenda

Public Portion on Consent Resolutions

  • President Labow:  Any Council comments?  Does anybody from the public, like to address any of these resolutions?  Seeing none, can we have a Roll Call please?    
  • Roll Call                     Passed Unanimously
  • President Labow:  Mr. Roman would you please move Resolution number eight please on Non Consent?
  • Mr. Roman:  I move Non Consent Resolution number eight.
  • Mr. Perkins:  Second. 


President Labow:  Any Council Comments?  Any comments from the public?  Seeing none, Roll Call please.

ROLL CALL                        Passed with the exception of Mr. Roman who voted no.

Public Portion

President Labow:  Moving along here with our very first Public Portion for 2013.  Would anybody from the public like to come up and say a few words?  Now is the time.  Seeing none, I close the meeting to the Public and can I have closing Council Comments, Mr. Ferrante would you start us off?

Closing Council Comments

Mr. Ferrante:  I’d just like to wish everybody a happy and healthy New Year and I look forward to serving everybody this year.

President Labow:  Mr. Nicastro?

Mr. Nicastro:  Congratulations Madam President and Mr. Vice President.  Thank you Alex for a good year last year, it was my first year and it was a learning experience.  It was good to have you in charge and thank you to Administration.  It was a very busy year and a lot got accomplished and I’m very proud to be up here to be a part of that.

President Labow:  Mr. Perkins?

Mr. Perkins:  Thank you Madam President.  For those of those in the audience that don’t remember, that can’t remember the year; I’m sure Lisa Lashway, our Clerk can remember the year but the last time a woman sat in that President’s chair was when Barbara Swasey I believe held that position.  So it’s been a long time.  I know I’ve sat up here for a long time and you’ve gotten close and you’ve actually filled in a few times.  You did an outstanding job.

President Labow:  Thank you.

Mr. Perkins:  I want to congratulate you and it is a rather historic event here in Mount Olive Township that we have Madam President or a Madam Chair.  I’ll keep calling you Madam because I like that.  It’s been an exciting year and the Mayor has done quite a bit along with his staff.  The Council has had some tasks in front of us.  Some budget reviews and 2013 is going to be another one where we’re going to have to look at where the monies coming from and how we move forward but I know that there is a esprit de corp up here and I look forward to the leadership of Colleen as well as Mr. Mania to back us up and there’s seven of us up here with seven different opinions but we’ll get it done, thank you.

President Labow:  Mr. Roman?

Mr. Roman:  Congratulations again Mrs. Labow on becoming President.  I’m sure that you will lead us effectively and I look forward to the challenges of 2013, being able to work together to move the Township forward and just to add on to Mr. Perkins comments, there may be seven of us up here but I believe that at times there are like ten different opinions.  Thank you.

President Labow:  Mr. Mania?

Mr. Mania:  Well thank you Madam President.  Again I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.  I’m thrilled to see a woman in the President’s Chair and I know she’ll do a good job.

Mrs. Labow:  Thank you.

Mr. Mania:  This Council has really come together this past year and I just hope it will continue.  I also want to thank the Administration for a job well done.  Especially in light of the storm that we had and how well we fended on that.  Again, good luck Colleen.

Mrs. Labow:  Thank you very much.  I want to thank everyone who all took your time to come out here this evening.  It’s an honor to see everyone.  We’ve all been through a lot as well.  This has been a very trying, rough year for all of us and we’ve made it through, really outstanding.  The leadership of Mayor Rob Greenbaum and his staff, Mr. Sean Canning, our CFO, Sherry and our Town Clerk and everybody, Lisa Pignitaro, it’s just been a great, really fantastic year.  I am convinced at this point that my colleagues, very complimentary, I think that one of the main reasons why they voted for me for Council President is because they couldn’t wait to be calling me Madam all of the time.  It’s been a standard joke but it is an honor.  Barbara Swasey was a very, very dear friend of mine.  She passed away two years ago and one of our deaths of our youths in towns High School was her grandson and so it is a great honor to be the person following Barbara Swasey as the first woman in nearly two decades on the Mount Olive Township Council.  As a matter of fact at one point she did tell me that she expected me to carry the torch and keep going.  Woman in politics is not easy to find sometimes but it’s enjoyable, very much enjoyable.  I thank everyone for being here this evening. Also Freeholder Ann Grossi is on her way but she’s stuck in traffic so it’s nice we have two Freeholders who were coming here.  The Judge and all the residents, friends, even my husband is here.  Mark is usually working.  Without further a due I’d like to ask Pastor Jones to please come up with a Benediction.

Mr. Mania:  I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize Lisa Pignitaro.

President Labow:  Yep.

Mr. Mania:  Who’s done a fantastic job this past year.

President Labow.  Yes.         

Mayor Greenbaum:  Colleen, I noted that Freeholder Doug Cabana is also here this evening.

President Labow:  Oh were is Doug?  Oh, there he is.  Hi Doug, I was waiting for you to come in.  Freeholder Doug Cabana, I knew, you told me he was coming but I thought you were stuck in the traffic also.  Also I would like to say that former Assemblyman Richard Kahmin is also here this evening.  We have a lot of wonderful people here this evening. 

Mr. Mania:  Our Chief of Police.

President Labow:  Where’s our Chief of Police?  He’s hiding behind our Engineer.

Mr. Mania:  He’s under cover.

President Labow:  He’s undercover, there we go.
Mayor Greenbaum:  I think he came in with Doug Cabana.

President Labow:  You brought an armed guard Doug?  You had to bring an armed guard this evening?  There ya go.  Thank you, also so Pastor Jones if you would…                                 

Benediction – Pastor Jones

Pastor Jones:  Absolutely, just as a resident of Mount Olive I would like to thank our Mayor, his Administration, this Town Council.  My witness of seeing, especially during Hurricane Sandy, the great sacrifice and hard work and the care that you had for the people of this town and I want to personally say “thank you” to all of you for the great work that you are doing and the vision that you have.  Let’s pray…

Father, we do thank you that your blessings are upon your people Lord and it is your desire to bless us.  Psalm 103 says that you are the God that forgives our sin, you heal our diseases Lord, that you are a God who redeems us from destruction and you shower us with tender mercies and with kindness and we thank you, that’s the God who you are.  Lord, scripture also says that he who builds the house labors in vein if the Lord is not with him and Lord we acknowledge our dependence upon you today, Lord God for blessings.  Lord I pray as Elections are over, Lord as appointments have been done, Lord as plans have been made, Lord God that you will bring blessing and ethicicy Lord to all of these plans and to all of these people.  Be with our leaders and give them grace in the difficult times.  Lord give them strength and give them rest.  Continue to give them vision as they serve your people and Lord we pray your many continued blessings on this wonderful Town of Mount Olive.  We ask it in Christ’s name, Amen.

President Labow:  Thank you Pastor.  This has been a truly wonderful year and it’s been an honor serving here and with this Council.  Absolutely a great group of people and for the residents, all your support when ever anything needs to be done, we have so many people just stepping right up to the plate and I thank all of you very, very much.  We couldn’t get it done without everyone.  Can I get a Motion to Adjorn?                  

ADJOURNMENT - Motion made and seconded. All in favor, none opposed, the meeting was adjourned at 7:37 pm.

Colleen Labow, Council President

I, Lisa Lashway, Clerk of the Township of Mount Olive do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes are a true and correct copy of the Minutes approved at a legally convened meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council duly held on January 22, 2013.

Lisa M. Lashway, Township Clerk




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