The Public Meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council was called to order at 7:23 p.m. by Council President Labow. 

Mrs. Lashway:  According to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting has been given to the Daily Record. Notice has been posted in the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders Drakestown Road, Mount Olive Township, New Jersey and notices were sent to those requesting the same.


Present:          Mr. Ferrante, Mr. Nicastro, Mr. Roman, Mr. Staszak, Mr. Mania and Mrs. Labow

Absent:           Mr. Perkins

Also Present:  Lisa Lashway, Township Clerk; Jeff Pasek, Township Attorney; Sean Canning, Business Administrator; Mayor Robert Greenbaum


July 9, 2013 WS, PM & CS (Mr. Ferrante absent)

President Labow:  Again, I just want to state that Mr. Perkins is not here this evening due to he is visiting his Mom.  We have approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings.  Mr. Ferrante, would you please move June 25, 2013 Workshop, Public Meeting and Closed Session?

Mr.  Ferrante: Is that the date correct?  

President Labow:  Hmmm?

Mr. Ferrante:  Is that date correct?   

President Labow:  June 25th?

Mrs. Lashway:  No, it would be July 9th, I’m sorry.

President Labow:  July 9th.  Thank you.  July 9th.

Mr. Ferrante:  I move to approve the Public Meeting, Workshop and Closed Session Minutes of July 9, 2013.

Mr. Mania:  Second.

President Labow:  Any questions, concerns?  Seeing none, Roll Call please.

ROLL CALL:            Passed with the exception of Mr. Ferrante abstained. 


President Labow:  Correspondence, we have 15 pieces of Correspondence.  Would anybody like to discuss any of our Correspondence this evening?  Seeing None.


  1. Email received July 11, 2013, from Downtown New Jersey regarding Where Feet Meet the Street:  Innovative Public/Private Placemaking Projects – July DRMI Program.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received July 12, 2013, from NLC – National League of Cities Re Be the early bird.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received July 17, 2013, from Butler Borough regarding Borough of Butler Resolution in Opposition to Senate Bills 2511 and 2512 and Assembly Bills 3712 and 3713.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received July 3, 2013, from New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding FFY 2014 Proposed Clean Water Project Priority List and the Proposed Intended Use Plan for Superstorm Sandy CWSRF Funding – Public Hearing.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received July 8, 2013, from New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding NJDEP:  Summer Events 2013.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received July 12, 2013, from New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding Morris County Renewable Energy Projects – Sandshore Elementary School.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received July 15, 2013, from New Jersey Department of Transportation regarding New Jersey Department of Transportation’s (NJDOT) FY 2014 State Aid Programs.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Letter received July 16, 2013, from New Jersey Department of Transportation regarding Mount Olive will receive an allotment from the Transportation Trust Fund for International Drive South, Phase I.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received July 19, 2013, from Dykstra Walker Design Group regarding Highlands Applicability Determination (148 Sand Shore Road, Block 2801, Lot 78).  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received July 15, 2013, from County of Morris regarding News from County of Morris.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received July 16, 2013, from County of Morris Department of Public Works regarding Milling and Resurfacing Bartley Flanders Road.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received July 8, 2013, from Musconetcong Sewerage Authority regarding Allocations for the participating municipalities in the 4.31 MGD Water Pollution Control Plant.  PDF Correspondence



  1. Letter received July 9, 2013, from New Jersey Natural Gas regarding Our Annual Morris County Public Officials Reception.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received July 10, 2013, from Cablevision regarding Rebrand of DVR Plus to Multi-Room DVR & Launch of Multi-Room DVR New Storage.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Letter received July 16, 2013, from Cablevision regarding NTD New York Channel removed from the Chinese Package and a reduced monthly a la carte rate.  PDF Correspondence



President Labow:  We have our Consent….sorry, I turned too many pages.  We have our Ordinances for Public Hearing.  Our first…we have for our first reading of Ordinances, the second reading will be on August 6, 2013.      

Ord.#20-2013 An Ordinance of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive, in the County of Morris, State of New Jersey, to Amend Chapter 400, Land Use, Article V, Design Guidelines and Technical Standards, Section 75, Tree Removal, Replanting and Forestry Management Plans. PDF Ord. - J. Nicastro

President Labow:  Mr. Nicastro, would you please move that?

Mr. Nicastro: Thank you.  Yes.  I move Ordinance #20-2013 to be introduced by title and passed on first reading and that a meeting be held on August 6, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Budd Lake, New Jersey for a public hearing, consideration of second reading, and passage of


said Ordinance and that the Clerk be directed to publish, post and make available said Ordinance in accordance with the requirements of the law.

Mr. Roman:  Second.

President Labow:  Thank you.  Anybody from the public have any questions?  Seeing none.  Anybody from Council?  Any questions, comments?  Seeing none.  Roll Call please.

ROLL CALL:            Passed Unanimously. 

President Labow:  Now, we have the next item on the Agenda for first reading, Ordinance # 21-2013.

Ord.#21-2013 An Ordinance of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Amending Ordinance #20-2012 Entitled Salaries of Certain Non-Union Personnel as Previously Amended by Ordinance #17-2013 and Ordinance #19-2013. PDF Ord. – J. Mania

President Labow:  Mr. Mania, would you move that please?

Mr. Mania:  Yes, Madam President.  I move that Ordinance #21-2013 to be introduced by title and passed on first reading and that a meeting be held on August 6, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Budd Lake, New Jersey for a public hearing, consideration of second reading, and passage of said Ordinance and that the Clerk be directed to publish, post and make available said Ordinance in accordance with the requirements of the law.

President Labow:  Thank you.  Do I have a second?

Mr. Staszak:  Second.

President Labow:  Thank you.  Anybody from the public have any…want to address this Ordinance?  Seeing none.  Any Council members?  Comments?  Seeing none.  Roll Call please.

ROLL CALL:            Passed Unanimously. 

Resolutions on the Consent Agenda List are considered to be routine and non-controversial by the Township Council and will be approved by one motion (one vote). There will be no separate discussion or debate on each of these resolutions except for the possibility of brief clarifying statements that may be offered. If one or more Council member requests, any individual resolution on the Consent Agenda may be removed from the Consent Agenda List and acted on separately.


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Withholding from Tax Sale Special Assessment Installments Not Yet Due. PDF Res


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Omission from Tax Sale Properties with Delinquent Balances of $10.00 or Less. PDF Res
  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Business Administrator to Execute a Grant Application for the 2013 Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Grant. PDF Res


  1. A Resolution of the Township of Mount Olive, in the County of Morris and State of New Jersey, Authorizing the Award of the Contract for the Refurbish of Engine 53 for the Budd Lake Fire Department to Kovatch Mobile Equipment Corp. PDF Res
  1. A Resolution of the Township of Mount Olive, in the County of Morris and State of New Jersey, Authorizing the Execution of a Developer’s Agreement Between the Township of Mount Olive and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc. PDF Res




  1. A Resolution of the Township of Mount Olive, County of Morris and State of New Jersey Authorizing the Award of a Professional Services Contract Without Competitive Bidding to Boswell Engineering,                                                                                                                                                                                                for Professional Services Associated with the Cobblestone Health Care Facility, 20-23 Stonewald Court Drive, Budd Lake,  Mount Olive Township, New Jersey, Block 3203 Lots 21 and 28. PDF Res
  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Renewal of Alcoholic Beverage Licenses for the 2013-2014 Licensing Period. PDF Res


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Closing Bolton Road on August 24, 2013, Between 9 am and 11 pm for the Purpose of Holding a Block Party. PDF Res

President Labow:  Thank you.  We have Consent Resolutions.  We have eight.  Would anybody like to have any of the first eight Consent Resolutions moved to Non-Consent?

Mrs. Lashway:  Do we want to put the amendment for number five on the record?

President Labow:  Do you want to do that Non-Consent and we’ll amend number five separately or do you just want to amend it?

Mr. Roman:  What are we amending in number five?

President Labow:  Number five is the one for…

Mr. Mania:  Siemens.

President Labow:  Siemens.

Mr. Roman:  Yes, I understand, but I figured we were approving it no matter…

President Labow:  We don’t have the final approval for it yet, so what we’re amending is that the Mayor will sign off on it once the attorneys’ get done with their negotiating.

Mr. Roman:  No Problem.

President Labow:  We are going to move Resolutions one through eight and number five is amended that the Mayor will sign the Resolution once the attorneys’ finish with their negotiations.

Mr. Roman:  Sign the Resolution or sign the Contract?

Mr. Pasek:  Sign the Agreement.

President Labow:  The Agreement.  Thank you.

Mr. Mania:  Sign the Agreement, the Developers Agreement.

President Labow:  The Mayor will sign the Agreement, the Developers Agreement.  Is that clear enough? 

Mr. Roman:  That’s good enough?  Okay.  I move Consent Resolutions one through eight and number five as amended.

Mr. Mania:  Second.

President Labow:  Thank you.  Anybody from the public want to address the Council on any of the Resolutions?  Seeing none.  Anybody from Council have any comments, concerns?  Seeing none.  Roll Call please.

ROLL CALL:            Passed Unanimously. 

President Labow:  Next on the Agenda is Resolution number nine, which is on our Non-Consent.  Mr. Staszak, would you please move that?

Mr. Staszak:  Sure, I move Non-Consent Resolution number nine.


Mr. Mania:  Second.

President Labow:  Thank you.  Would anybody like to have any comments, concerns?  Anybody from the public?  Seeing none.  Roll Call please.

ROLL CALL:            Passed Unanimously. 


  1. Bill List. PDF Bill List

President Labow:  We have Consent Motions.  Mr. Mania, would you please move the Solicitors Permit and the Bill List?

Mr. Mania:  Madam President, I move Consent Motions one through two.

Mr. Nicastro:  Second. 

President Labow:  Thank you, anybody have any questions, concerns?  Anybody from the audience.  Bill List, anything?   Roll Call please.

ROLL CALL:            Passed Unanimously. 


President Labow:  We are up to Administrative Reports. 

Mr. Canning:  I have a lot of stuff, I’m sorry.  Two things just came in today, in the mail.  First was from the Morris County Improvement Authority, it has to do with the solar project in the back lot.  I’m not sure how many were able to review that, it came in this afternoon.  In a nutshell, the Morris County Improvement Authority, which we know is financing the solar array in the back parking lot, there seems to be some litigation between the contractor, the designer and they’re dragging in the Morris County Improvement Authority.  We don’t know where that’s going to go or how long that’s going to take.  They’re trying their hardest to work through the issues, but we’re kind of on the sideline right now waiting for our solar array.  We’re not dragged into any of the litigation, we’re just kind of waiting for these issues to resolve themselves.   There should be a letter from County Administrator, John Bonanni, in your inbox, if you haven’t had a chance to review that yet.  Secondly, the State DOT responded to me as well today.  This had to do with the no left turns for Route 46.  We had some discussion on it at the last Council Meeting, where it might have been truncated a little bit.  It seems to be that they’re taking position that the entirety of Route 46 would be prohibitive to such a maneuver because of the lack of jug handles, as well as the possibility of traffic jams coming back on 46.  They offer a third position that may or may not be pursued, which is a traffic calming.  From my own experience, I cannot imagine Route 46 going down to one lane with a single center turn lane.  I think the traffic would be prohibitive.  The one thing we are very much interested in pursuing though is a prior plan proposed by the Police Department, through at the time, Sergeant Van Ness, having to do with the Wolfe Road/Route 46 intersection.  We are going to be getting those plans from the Police Department and pursuing that heavily with the DOT.  It is one of the more dangerous intersections in town and we have a lot of interest in that.  If Council feels otherwise or other priorities, I’ll certainly incorporate that.

President Labow:  I agree, trying to have that center lane on 46 would be a disaster.

Mr. Canning:  Yes, I saw they put that in the letter and I was kind of taken aback somewhat.  I’m not sure that’s a realistic or practical solution.

President Labow:  I know most of us who’ve been around this area for awhile, when it was moved to four lanes, it just really expedited traffic.  To take a lane away, even if it’s just one lane…

Mr. Canning:  I can only imagine what traffic jams you would have with that.

President Labow:  It would be more traffic…

Mr. Canning:  I want to clarify a comment I made earlier, I think I misspoke.  I think I said, it exceeds the play to pay, it does not exceed the play to pay.  It has to do with Boswald Engineering does not exceed the play to pay threshold.  I meant to say that, I recollect I think I caught myself on that.  A couple commendations around

the building which I want to make Council aware of.  One, Jim Lynch and Christie Stachnick, a terrific job; our new insurance risk managers are D&H Insurance.  We went to them last year from Alloca Risk Management.  D&H had come in and the Township has a lot of pump stations and a lot of property that we have under insurance, as well as vehicles.  From my prior experience, I’m used to risk managers doing this; I know Jim and Christie were kind of surprised that a risk manager came to do this.  They spent an entire day with us going through our entire insurance roster, where they identified quite a bit of things that were discrepancies and they are all in our favor.  By clarifying the value of property, the content of property, in the end, it saves tax dollars because it comes out in our insurance premium.  Jim and Christie really did a bang up job.  We spent all day with the risk manager and it was a good job by our new vendor as well.  We made the move back in January, we had recommended that we go with a new risk manager and we’re very pleased with the results so far.  They did a very good job.  The Senior Picnic last week, the Health Department, I have to give props to Frank Wilpert and the Health Department staff.  I was out there.  Mr. Staszak and I lost several pounds sweating over the grill, but it was well worth it.  We had a very good day.  The seniors really enjoyed it; it was just a lot of fun.  Givaudan Trails are moving forward.  We got all of the approvals from the State DEP, several months longer than we anticipated, but we are good to go.  We have bollards on order and were going to start drilling holes.  That project is really going to go into high gear, probably the first week of August right onto to Labor Day we’ll see some significant progress.  The timeline for that, we would like to have that completed well before early October, which is Givaudan’s timeline and then Phase II and Phase III, which they intend on funding through grants as well, will take the Morris Canal Trail from up by Continental Drive and that will run right into the Sussex Branch Trail eventually.  It’s going to be a real nice project and eventually maybe we can get Recreation to run some 5K Trail Runs on there.  It will be a nice jewel on the northwest side of town.  Lastly, I want to commend the Public Buildings and Grounds personnel.  They’ve been going like crazy all summer and in particular the last couple of weeks with the Carnival and then the Tournaments up at Turkey Brook and down at Dan Jordan.  They really, really have been strapped, they’ve been trying to keep up with their own duties as well as prepping for everything, but Frank Wilpert Jr. and his staff have been doing a bang up job.  I want to just get an commendation out for that.  That’s it.

President Labow:  Thank you.  Mayor.

Mayor Greenbaum:  No, I don’t have anything this evening.  

President Labow:  I’m in shock, nothing.

Mr. Canning:  What’s that?

President Labow:  The Mayor doesn’t have anything to say.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Alright, I’ve got about a half an hour.

President Labow:  Okay.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Nothing this evening.

President Labow:  Oh, twenty minutes on the battery.  Alrighty, we are up to Old Business.  Anybody have any?  Nothing.  New Business.  Legal Matters.




Mr. Pasek:  No report tonight, Madam President. 


President Labow:  Council Reports.  Mr. Ferrante, would you please give yours.

Environmental Committee - none
Library Board Liaison - none
Lake Issues
Mr. Ferrante:  The only thing I have is for the Lake.  The Fall clean up has been scheduled for October 12th from nine to noon. 

President Labow:  Excellent.  Thank you.  Mr. Mania, Planning Board…

Mr. Roman:  If I may…

President Labow:  Yes.

Mr. Roman:  I’ve got a question on the Lake Issue.  Sean, earlier this week I had asked for a schedule as to when the weeding of the lake happened. 

Mr. Canning:  Yes.

Mr. Roman:  The reason that it was brought to my attention from an angler that was partaking of the lake and he found a couple of fingerlings that had washed ashore.  He’s trying to find out if there’s a correlation between the weeding of the lake and the demise of those fingerlings.  I don’t know if you’ve gotten that report yet.

Mr. Canning:  I received your email earlier in the week.  Aquatic Technologies is our vendor, subsequent to that, I sent an email off to them.  As of today, I didn’t get a response back from them.  I’ll remind them again tomorrow, as soon as I get it I will forward it out to you and the rest of Council as well.  I wasn’t aware of the fingerlings, if you want I’ll inquire as to if there is any correlation as well.

Mr. Roman:  John, has there been any discussion in the Lake Committee regarding an impact that it might have on fishing, the weeding.

Mr. Ferrante:  We haven’t had a meeting since I guess early Spring, the next meeting is not until the end of the summer.

Mr. Roman:  Thank you.

Mr. Canning:  I will say the last report that I got was June 26th, on the treatment of the lake.  I’m a little bit surprised that there wasn’t one in between.  I checked my emails, I had expected one to be honest with you, about July 10th, July 14th thereabout.  That would have been two weeks since the height of the summer. 

Mr. Roman:  That’s it.

President Labow:  Any other questions?  Seeing none.  Mr. Mania, Planning Board.

Senior Citizen Liaison – none
Planning Board Report
Mr. Mania:  We adopted the Master Plan Re-Examination Report at our last meeting.

President Labow:  Any major changes?

Mr. Mania:  Pardon?

President Labow:  Any major changes?

Mr. Mania:  Nothing major, but we had some changes.

President Labow:  Some changes, okay.

Mr. Mania:  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the Senior Picnic.  My work schedule did not permit it and I apologize for it.  I was tied up at Picatinny Arensal.

President Labow:  There you go.

Mayor Greenbaum:  May I jump in for a second?

President Labow:  Sure.

Mayor Greenbaum:  At the next Planning Board Meeting there is actually a very interesting application coming up with respect to Center Court.  They are looking to put in a temporary athletic facility, the bubble.  It should be very interesting.  The facility itself would be of great benefit to the Township.  In the past,


development of that property had created a lot of interest on behalf of the adjacent homeowners.  I should expect that should be an interesting meeting. 

President Labow:  How big is what they want to accommodate with the bubble?

Mayor Greenbaum:  The only thing I can suggest; indoor soccer, anything that you can do indoors, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, football.

Mr. Roman:  Baseball, wow.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Well, all of those indoor facilities run pitchers and catchers.

Mr. Roman:  No, I thought you were talking about a game.

Mayor Greenbaum:  No, I don’t think you could have a game in there, but they use those facilities 24/7.  They divide them up depending on what sports.  I’ve seen soccer going at the same time as pitchers and catchers going at the same time as indoor field hockey.  There is a need for that facility.  We don’t have anything of that kind in Mount Olive.

President Labow:  Close.

Mayor Greenbaum:  What makes this interesting at this time, as you may recall, we changed the zoning on that property from a use which was inconsistent with the zoning, a pre-existing non-conforming use to an athletic zone.  They don’t need a use variance at this point.  I think the only variance they need is a height variance.  To the extent that it was not successful, they would be able to take the building down; which was one of the objections that the neighborhood voiced the last time that there was an application with respect to that property.  You may recall, it was many years ago, it had to do with the hockey rink and there were a number of reasons why people felt that was an inappropriate use of the property.  This seems to be a much better use of the property and it’s consistent with the zone at this point, so as I said, a use variance would not be required.

President Labow:  Sounds like it would be a plus to the Township. No?

Mayor Greenbaum:  It would be a plus to the Township, to the extent that it could be utilized by our existing sports groups, but there’s a section of the Township that probably will not look at it as a plus.  They’ll consider the fact that there will be additional traffic going to the Center Court property, the fact that the building will be probably allowed to operate until, consistent with other uses, 10:00 at night.  I assume that’s where the Planning Board would go in terms of that’s what we do with our parks and other facilities.

President Labow:  Right. 

Mayor Greenbaum:  Anytime that there’s any type of development which effects someone’s property rights, it’s going to be somewhat controversial.

President Labow:  You have to take everything into…even when it’s a business.  Anything at all, like with Siemans, all the…

Mayor Greenbaum:  By the same token, if you’ve been to Center Court and you’ve seen the improvements that they’ve made there in terms of their swimming pool and their tennis court facility, it is amazing to think that was the same property that was run previously before Center Court came in.  They are a class one operation.  Personally, I’m hopeful that it gets approved, but I certainly understand the opposition to additional development adjacent to a residential area. 

Mr. Mania:  It should be an interesting meeting.

Mayor Greenbaum:  That’s what I think as well.

Mr. Mania:  To say the least.

President Labow:  Mr. Nicastro, do you have any reports for us?

Open Space Committee Report - none
Safety Committee Liaison - none
Mr. Nicastro:  No, I have nothing to report on.

President Labow:  Mr. Perkins is not here this evening.  Mr. Roman.

Board of Health Report - none
Economic Development Committee Report - none
Legislative Committee Report - none

Board of Education Liaison Report - none
Recreation Liaison Report
Mr. Roman:  This past weekend the Mount Olive Softball/Baseball hosted the Babe Ruth Mid-Atlantic Softball Regional.  It went perfectly as far as a softball tournament.  Many of our teams advanced into the later brackets.  It was excellent to see some of these teams come from Jersey City, Pennsylvania and we saw some excellent softball.  It also helped the Township somewhat because speaking to other business owners, hotel occupancy had increased, and restaurant use had increased.  This is something that not only benefited the Township as far as being able to represent us in the region, but also helped in our area of businesses and I hope to see more tournaments of that like.  Thank you.  I have nothing on Board of Education.

President Labow:  I want to add to it, Mr. Roman said that’s one of the studies that they’ve done in much times in various municipalities, that when you do have a tournament or some kind of function going on in town, all the local businesses, everybody benefits from it.  It’s really a great opportunity.  Mr. Roman.

Mr. Roman:  The only thing I may add to that, there was one business owner that wanted us to alert him a little bit sooner when things of this nature come about.  I had to write to him to become a member of the Chamber and to “Like” our Township Recreation page and our Township page.  If there is anything else that maybe we can do proactively; see if we can give them a little heads up next time.  I know I tried promoting it as much as possible. 

President Labow:  Yes.  Mayor.

Mayor Greenbaum:  We tried to work with baseball to put up banners on Route 46 and 206, if you may recall because we wanted to promote and let everyone know that the tournament was coming.  I have to tell you that I knew the tournament came in on Wednesday and I went looking for it.  I couldn’t find it.  Ultimately, I went up to Turkey Brook on either Thursday or Friday, I think it was on Friday and I saw it.  For attending the event, it was almost extremely difficult see any change in the Township, from my perspective in terms of traffic flow, in terms of increase activity at our businesses.  Although I believe that it happened, I certainly wasn’t visiting the hotels and I don’t think I went out for dinner that night, but it really didn’t impact the town in a negative way at all. 

President Labow:  A positive.  A positive.

Mr. Roman:  Not at all, one of the things that ended up happening because of the way it was run, you pretty much; teams knew when they had to play so they only showed up.  I too was expecting the park to be no parking, but while teams were not playing, they were partaking of other area shopping.  A couple of people reported going shopping and definitely…I had gone to Longhorn that Friday evening and saw some of the other teams there, so it was great.  Yes, I do agree with you Mr. Mayor that this could have been more properly advertised and seeing that this is Baseball’s first major regional tournament, I know this is something they’re going to learn from and be able to capitalize on in the future.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Did any of our teams make it out of the region?

Mr. Roman:  We did not advance.  The one that went the furthest is the 12U team.  Unfortunately, my team went 0/3.  It’s tough, when you get these girls getting older, they get distracted with other sports and some of our best players are no longer in softball.  It was a pleasure to see, a lot of these games were won in the seventh inning by one or two runs.  There was some crying, it was great to see some great softball. 

Mayor Greenbaum:  What I thought was interesting was actually Friday night, there was a power failure in the lower part of Clover Hill, which affected Dan Jordan Field and although they had finished their games, I guess it’s not a lit field anyway.

Mr. Roman:  No.

Mayor Greenbaum:  They finished their games, but the power outage affected their ability to maintain their concession materials, whatever they were selling that needed to stay frozen.  I took a run down there as soon as I was notified and I guess they…I contacted the Buildings and Grounds Department, but I think they already

had a solution in terms of using one of the light stanchions that they did have to run us a generator until the power was restored.  I contacted Mr. Canning to let him know and Mr. Canning arranged with JCP&L, which changed the transformer in that area to double the amount of power usage that could go through that transformer. 

President Labow:  Good.  Excellent.  Mr. Mania.

Mr. Mania:  Yes, we would be remiss if we didn’t thank Matt Callahan for all his work in getting the field ready, Dan Jordan Field, the two bathrooms…

Mr. Roman:  Yes.  He did a great job.

Mr. Mania:  He had contractors come in to get them done.  He worked hard, so we need to thank him. 

Mayor Greenbaum:  As you know John, I have for many years attempted to thank Matt and the rest of that organization who don’t want to be publically thanked for the work that they do, but without any question, the improvements that they have made to this town are second to none.

Mr. Mania:  Absolutely.

Mayor Greenbaum:  In a lot of areas.  We would be remiss if we didn’t thank them for everything that they do for Mount Olive Township.

Mr. Mania:  Absolutely.

President Labow:  Thank you.  Mr. Staszak, your MOTV report.

MOTV Committee Liaison - none
Mr. Staszak:  We haven’t had a meeting since our last meeting and we are planning one for September.  I’ll report back after we have it.

President Labow:  Okay, great.  Thank you.

TNR Program
President Labow:  For the TNR, the only thing I have to report with TNR is they’re going through a …there’s a hoarding situation in Flanders.  So far, our ACO has pulled out 22 or 24 cats and there’s approximately 30.  They have been working very closely and diligently with Frank and I have to say we are so fortunate to have Frank as our ACO.  He is just absolutely wonderful.  He went in two weeks ago and pulled out the cats that seemed to be the most distressed.  He is pulling them out as TNR is finding foster homes or placement for the cats and hopefully this issue will be resolved very shortly.  Mr. Canning.

Mr. Canning:  The TNR, I met with them today, they are extremely, extremely overstretched right now.  There is a dire need for volunteers and foster homes.  I know Michelle Lerner and Lisa and I met today, trying to get the word out through Face Book and other social media that TNR does need help, especially in the short term, day to day.  Like I said, they are stretched beyond their limits, they really are.  We have made arrangements, if we have to hold some of the…we have a lot of sick and diseased and neglected cats that are coming out of this one location.  We believe there’s about eight more left.  I have given the authority to Mr. Nelson, normally we hold them for only seven days at Dr. Gobbs, I have him the authority to hold them up to 21 days if we have to just to try to alleviate the pipeline that is going into TNR right now.  TNR, as we know their mission is to trap, neuter and release feral colonies.  They have kind of morphed into almost a…

President Labow:  Rescue group.

Mr. Canning: …rescue group, which Mount Olive is in dire need of.  There is a vacuum out there when it comes to an available shelter type of rescue group, such as Eleventh Hour Rescue with the dogs and something with the cats and TNR has filled that gap.  They are saving the Township a lot of resources, but for the time being, we are going to try and get them some more volunteers and were going to try to slow the influx of cats just from this one location, which has completely put them on end.  That’s our short term plan.

President Labow:  We also had a resident report that there was a cat that had kittens and they took that one also and thankfully somebody fostered.  The kittens were so little, you couldn’t separate them, so that was another…all of a sudden it was coming out of all different directions.


Mr. Canning:  It’s becoming a problem.  It just shows how one neglected resident can not only strain the resources of a group who helps the Township out a lot, but also our own budgetary resources.  We only allocate so much for sheltering and treatment of animals within our animal control budget.  We’ve had a good year, but we are going to have to expend some of our resources over the next couple of weeks to try to alleviate the situation.  Hopefully this is the only one we encounter this year.  One or more houses like this, it would…

President Labow:  Forget it.

Mr. Canning:  …throw the entire program on its ear.



President Labow:  Alrighty, we have our Public Portion.  Any comments from the public?  Seeing none.  Council Comments, Mr. Ferrante.

Mr. Ferrante:  I have none.

President Labow:  Mr. Nicastro.

Mr. Nicastro:  Nothing.

President Labow:  Mr. Roman.

Mr. Roman:  Nothing. 

President Labow:  Mr. Staszak.

Mr. Staszak:  I congratulate the Health Department on the Senior Picnic.  I had a great time cooking.

President Labow:  You looked like you were having fun.

Mr. Staszak:  Yes.  Sean and I were.

President Labow:  Mr. Mania.

Mr. Mania:  Yes, I want to thank Mr. Canning because the guardrail on Route 206 and Main Street, it was down for many months and I kept bringing it to the attention of Mr. Canning.  He kept calling the State and they finally replaced the guardrail.  I’m a stickler too, I ride around town and I see properties that need maintenance, especially abandoned properties and Mr. Canning takes care of them.

President Labow:  Sound good.  Mr. Mayor.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Sorry.  I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Board and Batten for the work that they did in front of the Municipal Building.  The stone work.  We are looking at the possibility of getting lettering on the corner piece that says Mount Olive Township, which I think would look really nice also.

President Labow:  Very good.  I was actually going to say that in my Council Comments, that just coming up here looks absolutely gorgeous.  I also want to thank all of our employees, volunteers and staff for the fantastic carnival.  It really was a very nice event and I have to say, I was there Friday night and it was cancelled.   I was there all day on Saturday, except for maybe an hour and all day Sunday.  I really didn’t want to go Sunday because it was so hot, but I figured you know what, everybody else is up there; I’m going up there.  It’s a lot of work, it’s really hard work, but everybody is smiling and laughing and were having a good time and it’s really nice to see all the residents there enjoying themselves, so I thank all of you very, very much.

Mr. Mania:  Just a point of information, I saw in the CDN the other day, the Construction Data News, Randolph Township was advertising for an LED sign.  I guess they saw ours and they got a little jealous.

President Labow:  Alrighty, may I have a motion to adjourn please?

Mr. Ferrante:  So moved.


Mr. Staszak:  Second.

ADJOURNMENT - Motion made and seconded. All in favor, none opposed, the meeting was adjourned at 7:53pm.

Colleen Labow, Council President

I, Lisa Lashway, Township Clerk of Mount Olive do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes are a true and correct copy of the Minutes approved at a legally convened meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council duly held on August 6, 2013.

Lisa Lashway, Township Clerk






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