The Public Meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council was called to Order at 7:47 President Tobey: We will begin with the Open Public Meeting Announcement as the Pledge of Allegiance and moment of reflection was earlier.



According to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting has been given to the Daily Record. Notice has been posted at the Municipal Building , 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Mount Olive Township , New Jersey and notices were sent to those requesting the same.




Present: Mrs. Labow, Mr. Walsh, Mr. Mania, Mr. Perkins, Mr. Roman, Mr. Tobey


Absent: Mr. Greenbaum, Mr. Sohl, David Scapicchio, Mayor


Also Present: Sherry Maniscalco, CFO; Dominick DiYanni, Township Attorney; Lisa Lashway, Township Clerk




President Tobey: The first item on tonight's Agenda is the Public Hearing on the 2010 Budget Amendments entitled:


•  Resolution to Adopt the 2010 Municipal Budget.


Mrs. Labow: So moved.


President Tobey: Does anyone from the public…


Mr. Perkins: Second.


President Tobey: It's been moved and seconded. Excuse me; does anyone from the public wish to be heard on Resolution number one? Seeing none, any Council comments, Mrs. Labow?


Mrs. Labow: This budget, this year, I'm not sure how the rest of the Council is going to decide to vote but I think we're already beginning to see a lot of … um, really bad effects of the decision to reduce the staff the way that we have. Yesterday we had our Administration office, was closed because Kathy Murphy who I guess who is now part time, it was her day off, Bill's on vacation, Christie went home sick and we no longer have our receptionist to fill in. Everything is moved to our Clerk's office that is also short staffed and there's a lot of time sensitive work that needs to get done so I'm thinking that I would like to really say that we should really rethink what has been done here because it's not working in the best interest of the community. The cuts that you guys have proposed…


Mr. Roman: What happened, like what were the ramifications?


Mrs. Labow: No, like people say, what do you mean the Administration office is closed? It's only going to get worse as time goes on. Things are not going to get done.


Mr. Roman: I understand, you said that they were closed. Did somebody not get something?


Mrs. Lashway: The mail did not go out because there was nobody to do the mail.


Mrs. Labow: It's that type of a thing, that it's going to start happening, where things are not going to get done.


Mr. Roman: I know it didn't go out that day but I'm assuming it went out the day after. I'm assuming…


Mrs. Labow: You're minimizing the whole situation.


Mrs. Lashway: Yes, Kathy was in today. Kathy was in Administration today.


Mr. Roman: I know, but you're making a point that the ramifications of it closed… I for one would at least like to know what those are.


Mrs. Labow: I would like to say another, another thing that I noticed that happened about two weeks ago… I was up here at town hall and I had to run some errands, stop in and pick up some mail and I see one of our buildings and grounds gentleman, who is making probably about sixty or seventy thousand dollars a year, going around, up and down the halls, in and out of the offices with a garbage can, picking up the garbage. We're paying premium dollar for a job that should be a minimum wage job. Instead our fields and our buildings and other things are not being maintained.


President Tobey: Mrs. Labow, that's a concern. Respectfully, you should take that up with the Administration then, what those people are doing.


Mrs. Labow: They don't have a choice! You guys eliminated the positions of … that were doing the jobs and now we're paying, as a taxpayer… I don't want to see my tax dollars going to have jobs that should be paid… you charge less for it instead of paying top dollar. I mean, would you do that in your business Phil? Would you, at your salary… would you go around picking up garbage?


President Tobey: Mrs. Labow, we all acknowledge at the time with the cuts, there was going to be a sacrifice in services, okay.


Mrs. Labow: It's a sacrifice in assets too.


Mr. Roman: If I can answer that question? Yes, I do go around taking out the garbage in my business because I did lay off people that normally took the garbage out so I…


Mrs. Labow: What loss did you experience on the other end? What's not getting done that brings you money? You're not out there looking for work.


Mr. Roman: Unfortunately government is not that but I choose not to eliminate the productive employees. It's the ones that don't bring money in, they got to eliminate them first and those are the ones that I pick up the duties after. The guy that used to clean up the garbage, he doesn't make me any money so that's why he went first. That's why I pick up the garbage.


Mrs. Labow: My point is, is that in our situation, the people who take care of our assets okay… our buildings our fields…


Mr. Roman: I'd like to make sure that those assets aren't diminished and in going forward, I'm pretty sure we'll keep an eye out. If those assets starts depreciating and being run down… at that future date we'll look at it but as of right now I don't think you've told me anything of the ramification other than somebody got inconvenienced or the mail didn't go out.


President Tobey: Mrs. Labow, your concerns are duly noted. Mr. Perkins?


Mr. Perkins: Thank you Mr. President. I too have concerns throughout this budgetary process, however it becomes a fact of life that cuts were made. Personnel positions, departments were reduced by staffing levels. We saw it in the food pantry where we have people trying to pick up the “slack” or the extra work that was typically done by an extra person. Many of us, not all of us, work in private business. We've all been through downsizing. We've all been given more work to do, same amount of hours or you could work more hours. I always got the usual… there's 24 hours in a day Ray, so what are you complaining about. Working for a utility, a major investor in a Water Utility for quite some years which is not a lot different than government; we were told that we would pick a level of service that will be provided to our customers. I believe that we have picked the level of service that will be provided to the residents. None of us, I believe has gone through the budgetary process with a closed mind to the fact that there will be things that unfortunately will not be able to get done. What does that mean? We have to reprioritize what's important and what was number one before, may not necessarily be number one… the Rosewood ditch won't get done two or three times a year. I've sat up here since 2002 and we had discussed that Rosewood ditch at nauseam and we used to clean it three times a year, then we cleaned it two times a year and now we're down to one time a year and now we're not even cleaning it. Things through attrition, to lose people, not replace them or to reduce staff, yes there will be issues. There will be things that won't get done. It is the Mayor's charge to make sure that the Township runs as efficiently as humanly possible with the money that the Township Council allocates to it. Although I have had some misgivings on this budget, I am prepared to vote in favor of it. I will look for the office of the Mayor, Business Administrator, his dedicated supervisory staff to make sure that what needs to get done is prioritized appropriately and that the residents of this Township will not necessarily miss, although I'm sure there will be a good percentage… will miss some of the services that we used to get. Thank you, Mr. President.


President Tobey: Thank you Mr. Perkins, anyone else from Council? Seeing none, Roll Call please.


ROLL CALL – Passed With the exception of Mrs. Labow who voted no.


President Tobey: Moving on to Resolution number two entitled:


•  Resolution to Adopt the 2010 Sanitation Budget.


Mr. Walsh: I make a motion to adopt the 2010 Sanitation budget.


Mr. Perkins: Second.


President Tobey: It's been moved and seconded. Does anyone from the public wish to be heard on Resolution number two? Seeing none, any Council comments? Roll Call please.


ROLL CALL – Passed with the exception of Mr. Perkins who abstained.


President Tobey: Moving on to Approval of Minutes of previous meetings… Mr. Mania, would you please make a motion on the minutes as presented?




Mr. Mania: Mr. President, I move the approval of the Minutes for:

May 25, 2010 PM (all present)

June 15, 2010 WS & CS (Mr. Tobey, Mrs. Labow, Mr. Perkins absent)

June 22, 2010 (Mr. Walsh absent)


President Tobey: Thank you, I'll second that. Any corrections, anything? Mrs. Labow?


Mrs. Labow: I would like to make a comment on one of the Minutes. Last week Mr. and Mrs. Uhrmann came to the meeting on June 22 nd and Mrs. Uhrmann had a lot of comments to make, a lot of accusations. I just want to put some clarifying statements, so they would be in this portion of the Minutes. Or would you prefer that I wait until the Old Business, which would be better?


President Tobey: Let's go with Old Business since we're dealing with the Minutes as they have been presented, please.


Mrs. Labow: Okay.


President Tobey: Roll Call please.


ROLL CALL – Passed with the exception of Mr. Perkins, Mrs. Labow and President Tobey who abstained on June 15, 2010 and Mr. Walsh who abstained on June 22, 2010.






  1. E-mail received June 15, 2010, from Rothman Institute regarding Rothman – FDU June Events to Help Grow Your Business.


  1. E-mail received June 17, 2010, from The Educational Leadership Foundation of New Jersey regarding Register now for the ELFNJ Leadership Conference – 7/10.


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  1. Notice received June 18, 2010, from the Borough of Stanhope Regarding Land use Board Public Hearing.


  1. Resolution received June 21, 2010, from MCANJ on behalf of the NJLM regarding the 2.5% Tax Cap.


  1. Resolution received June 25, 2010, from the Township of Roxbury regarding A Resolution Urging the State Legislature to Enact Legislation Containing Substantial Reforms to the Police and Fire Fighters Binding Arbitration Process.




  1. Letter received June 14, 2010, from the State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection regarding Notice of Incompleteness for a Water Allocation Permit – Modification – for Mount Olive Township, Morris County.


  1. Letter received June 18, 2010, from the State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection regarding Morris Habitat, BL 1300, Lot 44. (24 Lozier Road)


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President Tobey: There are 36 pieces of Correspondence. Does anyone wish to discuss any tonight? Seeing none, we are moving on to Ordinances for Public Hearing. I open the hearing to the public on Ordinance #17-2010 entitled:


Ord.#17-2010 An Ordinance of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Vacating all Public Rights in all Streets Located within Deerfield Estates.


President Tobey: Anyone from the Public? Seeing none, Mr. Perkins…


Mr. Perkins: Yes, Mr. President, I move for adoption and final passage of Ordinance #17-2010.


Mr. Mania: I'll second it.


President Tobey: It's been moved and seconded. Any Council discussion? Roll Call please.


ROLL CALL – Passed unanimously


President Tobey: Ordinance # 17-2010 is passed on second reading, and I hereby direct the Clerk to forward a copy of same to the Mayor and publish the notice of adoption as required by law. I open the hearing to the public on Ord. # 18-2010 entitled:


Ord .# 18-2010 Bond Ordinance Providing for the Resurfacing of Wolfe Road in and by the Township of Mount Olive, in the County of Morris, New Jersey, Appropriating $400,000 Therefor and Authorizing the Issuance of $150,000 Bonds or Notes of the Township to Finance Part of the Cost Thereof.


President Tobey: Anyone from the Public? Seeing none, Mr. Roman, would you please move that?


Mr. Roman: I move for adoption of Ord. #18-2010.


Mr. Mania: Second it.


President Tobey: Thank you, it's been moved and seconded. Any Council discussion? Seeing none, Roll Call please.


ROLL CALL – Passed with the exception of Mr. Roman who voted no.


President Tobey: Ordinance # 18-2010 is passed on second reading, and I hereby direct the Clerk to forward a copy of same to the Mayor and publish the notice of adoption as required by law. For Ord. #19-2010 entitled:


Ord.#19-2010 Refunding Bond Ordinance Providing for the Funding of an Emergency Temporary Appropriation Previously Adopted to Provide for the Payment of Amounts Owing to Taxpayers for Taxes Levied by the Township of Mount Olive, in the County of Morris, New Jersey, Appropriating $575,000 Therefor and Authorizing the Issuance of $575,000 Bonds or Notes of the Township for Financing the Cost Thereof.


President Tobey: I'll accept a motion to continue to the July 13, 2010 meeting.


Mrs. Labow: So moved.


Mr. Perkins: Second.


President Tobey: It's been moved and seconded.


ROLL CALL – Passed Unanimously


ORDINANCES FOR FIRST READING – (2 nd reading July 13, 2010)


President Tobey: Moving on to Ordinances for First reading, second reading is on July 13, 2010. The next item on the Agenda is Ord. #20-2010 entitled:


Ord. #20-2010 An Ordinance of the Council of the Township of Mount Olive Amending Ordinance #27-2009 which provided for salaries of the Mayor, Council, Department heads, Supervisory Personnel and Employees of the Township Clerk's Office for the Year 2009 and 2010.


President Tobey: Mr. Labow, please.


Mr. Labow: Thank you, I move that Ord. # 20-2010 be introduced by title and passed on first reading and that a meeting be held on July 13, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Budd Lake, NJ for a public hearing, consideration of second reading and passage of said Ordinance and that the Clerk be directed to publish, post and make available said Ordinance in accordance with the requirements of the law.


Mr. Perkins: Second.


President Tobey: Thank you, it's been moved and seconded. Any Council discussion? Seeing none, Roll Call please.


ROLL CALL – Passed unanimously


President Tobey: The next item on the Agenda for first reading is Ord. # 21-2010 entitled:


Ord. #21-2010 An Ordinance of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Amending Ordinance #34-2008 Entitled Salaries of Certain Non-Union Personnel.


President Tobey: Mr. Walsh would you please?


Mr. Walsh: Thank you, I move that Ord. # 21-2010 be introduced by title and passed on first reading and that a meeting be held on July 13, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Budd Lake, NJ for a public hearing, consideration of second reading and passage of said Ordinance and that the Clerk be directed to publish, post and make available said Ordinance in accordance with the requirements of the law.


Mr. Mania: Second.


President Tobey: Thank you, it's been moved and seconded. Any Council discussion? Seeing none, Roll Call, please.


ROLL CALL – Passed unanimously




Resolutions on the Consent Agenda List are considered to be routine and non-controversial by the Township Council and will be approved by one motion (one vote). There will be no separate discussion or debate on each of these resolutions except for the possibility of brief clarifying statements that may be offered. If one or more Council member requests, any individual resolution on the Consent Agenda may be removed from the Consent Agenda List and acted on separately.




•  Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Acceptance of the 2009 Audit.


•  Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Submittal and Acceptance of a Grant for the “Over the Limit Under Arrest 2010 Crackdown.”


•  Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Adoption of the Revised Mount Olive Township Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.


•  Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Awarding a Contract to Top Line Construction Corp. for Improvements to Wolfe Road Project.


•  Resolution RE: New Jersey Department of Transportation Division of Local Aid and Economic Development Recommendation of Aware State Aid Project.


•  Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Renewing the Plenary Retail Consumption License for Silver Spring Farm Inc. (License #1427-018-002) for the 2010-2011 Licensing Period.


•  Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing Change Order No. 1 and Payment Certificate No. 2 in Connection with the Turkey Brook Park Pedestrian Pathways. PDF Resolution (added)


President Tobey: Moving on to the Consent Resolutions Agenda, we have nine listed. Mr. Perkins… I'm sorry they're seven listed. Mr. Perkins, would you please move them?


Mr. Perkins: Yes Mr. President. I make a motion to accept Resolutions number three through nine.


Mr. Mania: Second.






President Tobey: Thank you, it's been moved and seconded. Does anyone from the public wish to be heard? Seeing none, any Council discussion? Roll Call please.


ROLL CALL – Passed Unanimously




•  Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Amending the 2010 Temporary Budget for all Funds. REMOVED


Mrs. Lashway: Okay, Resolution number 10 listed is not needed because the budget was passed. We have two additional Resolutions. One is the ARD Tax Appeal Resolution, everybody was provided that. The second one is for an application to the Local Finance Board which now would be Resolution number 10 and Resolution number 11.


10.Resolution Authorizing a Settlement in connection with the tax appeal entitled ARD v. Mount Olive



•  Resolution in the County of Morris, New Jersey making Application to the Local Finance Board Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:2-26(e) and 58:11B-9(a)


President Tobey: Mr. Roman, would you please move Resolutions number 10 and 11?


Mr. Roman: I move for adoption and approval of Resolution numbers 10 and 11.


Mr. Mania: Second.


President Tobey: It's been moved and seconded. Does anyone from the public wish to be heard?




Nelson Russell: I don't have that Resolution.


Mrs. Lashway: Both resolutions are on the table.


Mr. Russell: They're on the table?


Mrs. Lashway: Yes they are. They're just being added tonight but the copies are posted and on the table.


President Tobey: Any other questions? Roll Call please.


Roll Call – Passed Unanimously




President Tobey: Moving on to Consent Motions, we have the Bill List. Mr. Mania, would you please move that?


Mr. Mania: I move the Bill List to be approved.


  1. Bill List.


Mr. Perkins: Second.


President Tobey : It's been moved and seconded. Does anyone from the Public have any questions on the Bill List? Seeing none, Roll Call please.


ROLL CALL – Passed with the exception of Mr. Roman who abstained.




President Tobey: Administrative, Sherry is there anything that you wish to comment on this evening?


Mrs. Maniscalco: Actually I just would like to thank all of the supervisors and department heads that I work with who helped me in terms of getting the audit recommendations this year. They do a great job, following any number of you know… requirements that we have to pass along and I really appreciate their help so thank you.




President Tobey: Any Old Business, Mrs. Labow?


Mrs. Labow: Thank you Mr. Tobey. Old Business, last week Mrs. Uhrmann and Mrs. Uhrmann came before the Council and Mrs. Uhrmann and Mr. Uhrmann both had a lot to say about the situation that happened to them, when they tried to vote. Just to recap for people who aren't here, when they went to go to vote on June 8, 2010 for the Primary, the door was locked right here in the building for the court house. It was later found out that the reason why the door was locked, that all the people who had been voting the hour previously when we had the changing of the guard so to speak with the dispatcher, the process is one dispatcher will sign off , that shuts down the system. The next dispatcher signs on and it automatically locks the doors and the dispatcher has to manually unlock the door. That dispatcher, whether she was busy, whatever… did not manually unlock the door so when the Uhrmanns went to open the door, the door was locked. That prompted Mrs. Uhrmann to send out an e-mail. Now one of the things, there's a couple of things that I wanted to respond to and some of her comments. I thought perhaps she would be here this evening. One of the things that she stated was that after she left here and could not vote she was very disturbed, they had spent ten minutes banging on the door. What I don't understand is why they just didn't walk 20 feet into the lobby and ask the dispatcher why was the door locked? When she said, she went home, she sent out a letter to the people who she promised to vote for. For she had stated that she couldn't vote because those doors were locked. I'm quoting from the Minutes. She said, “I was annoyed but the letter, the email that I sent out was in no way, shape or form pointing fingers. It wasn't vicious, nothing.” I was able to get a copy of the e-mail and for the record, from the Minutes; I just want to make sure everybody knows what that e-mail had in it. She wrote…. I don't know who she… she sent out to a bunch of people and then it got sent to the chairman of the parties or whatever. She said, “Polls open at 6:00a.m. today with the exception of Mount Olive Town Hall, who as of 7:15 a.m. did not allow access to the voting booths. As we passed several people leaving in disgust the Mount Olive Municipal Building this morning, my husband, son and I made numerous attempts to get the attention of the poll workers by pounding on the glass doors entering into the designated building to vote. When our knocks went unnoticed we assumed we erred in the time the polls opened as many left this morning without voting. In my 30 years of having the privilege to vote, I will not be voting this year because of the incompetency of those who are running district ten in Mount Olive. This should concern those who are on the ballot.” I just wanted to point out for the record that my own personal opinion, this was a little bit vicious, calling our workers incompetent. It turns out it wasn't even their fault it was actually just a mistake. I do agree with the Uhrmanns, you definitely want to have an opportunity to vote. The other main thing in her comments that she made, and I'm actually very glad that Mrs. Ouimet is here because she was involved in this situation as well and she could correct me if I'm wrong because my memory may not be as good as I'd like it to be at times. Mrs. Uhrmann also stated that… she talked about the games of chance license and she accused Mrs. Lashway of not appropriately investigating the Parents Club in Mount Olive High School. Mrs. Uhrmann went on to state that she has four years worth of documentation basically against me, is what she's trying to say because I've been through… just for history for people who have not been here before; I received several e-mails, constant e-mails, OPRA request nonstop from Mrs. Uhrmann over the past couple of years on various issues. The one thing she said in here was she felt that the Parents Club had given out… I'm just looking for the exact part, where she said that…hold on one second. She said that, “I have brought to Clerk Lashway's attention the situation on the games of chance which was the Mount Olive High School Parent's Club applying for the different permits. The games of chance works this way, just because you have a driver's license doesn't mean somebody in your home can use it. It is non-transferrable but I had provided her enough information to basically look into the President of the, for four solid years, I have documentation that the President, that I had suspected that the President of the Mount Olive Parent's Club was allowing other residents to apply for the different games of chance or anything, the gambling at the High School and she said she'd look into that. That has never happened.” First of all I just want to state for the record, I wasn't the President for four years, I was the President for three years. The issue with Mrs. Uhrmann was that Mr. Stanberry had promised her the use of our license and we told her “no, we can't lend it out, that would be for the kids at the High School.” That prompted that situation. Then she went on to say that she requested the banking documents from the Parents Club. She said, “I got stonewalled. We're talking the law here. We're talking about who is breaking the law. Who knows that the law is being broke and who's covering for certain individuals.” I just want to say for the record that my term had ended. My son had graduated in the Spring of 2008 and I received a letter from Mrs. Uhrmann that was requesting the documents from the Parents Club. She claimed we were a 501C3. We are not a 501C3, we never have been. We would have loved to been but we weren't. I responded to her, we are not a 501C3. The next group of parents took over and she continued… Dr. Reynolds took over at that point and she was demanding to see the financials. I believe the new officers and Mrs. Ouimet is nodding her head yes that I'm recounting it correctly. They

Mrs. Labow (cont'd): requested the Board of Education Attorney… do we have to show our financials to anybody? The response to them was, “no,” they're not a member, you're not a 501C3 and… but the officer of the Parents Club has said, hey she can come and look and Mrs. Ouimet had volunteered to call and she called Mrs. Uhrmann and she said you're more than welcome to come. Just let us know what meeting you want to come to and we'll bring all the boxes, because it's a lot of boxes, we don't carry them at every meeting and she declined. Okay, so she wasn't stonewalled, she was given the opportunity. So I just want to state that for the record that… we have a lot of volunteers throughout the years. We raise a lot of funds for the students, we raise funds for scholarships, we raise funds for the project graduation. Our biggest goal is always to make sure that the Seniors have a safe haven to go to on graduation night. We worked endless hours at the football… there were football games on Friday nights every year. We raised something like, ten or fifteen thousand dollars a year… all total each year that I was involved. That's a huge feat for a very small group of people to raise the funds and we're very proud of the work that we do for the students of the school and for anyone to come before the governing body and accuse a group of parents of breaking the law is unconscionable. I just… I do believe that an apology is in order here from Mrs. Uhrmann and I would request Mr. Tobey that you get that apology from Mrs. Uhrmann that she has actually defamed the reputation and character of these hard working volunteers.


President Tobey: Mrs. Labow, if you want to send a written response to her request to that, I would recommend that you go ahead and do that. Okay, if that's what you're looking for.


Mrs. Labow: So you feel her comments were…


President Tobey: I'm not commenting on it. If you feel as though she was out of line, I would say you need to send a letter to her.


Mrs. Labow: Would you be willing to broker a meeting and have like an omnibudsman…


President Tobey: Absolutely, if you want me to set up a meeting, I have no problem with that.


Mrs. Labow: Actually, I would love that. I would love to have a meeting with a couple of people involved and just really hash out these issues so she doesn't repeatedly come up and make these accusations. I would like to settle it once and for all, which would be wonderful.


President Tobey: I will look to set up that meeting.


Mrs. Labow: That would be great and see if a couple of other members would like to attend and we could just get it done because… I mean, I understand Mrs. Uhrmann obviously; when she was here last week, she was terribly distressed and upset. I don't think its right for her to be constantly upset and she obviously has some issues she'd like resolved. A lot of us who are being accused all the time would like to have those issues resolved and I think that would be a positive move.


President Tobey: Your response is duly noted and once again I'll look to coordinate that if you would like.


Mrs. Labow: The last comment I would like to make about their comments from the Minutes, Mr. Uhrmann was terribly upset about an OPRA request that he had requested and when he found out that Mrs. Lashway asked our IT gentleman, Mr. Gaskill to do the search on the server. I just want to bring back, when we started that process it was a welcome change because when these OPRA request come through as such with Mrs. Uhrmann… I don't have the exact count on how many she requested of me. You go through your e-mails and if you don't really… like I don't know how to really do a search. I did learn, so I should maybe thank them for that, I learned how to do searches. It takes forever. It takes hours to do searches and try and get all the information together and we started the process where we have all our e-mails going through the Township now so if there is an OPRA request from anyone, and they have their criteria in OPRA request, Mrs. Lashway, as our records… our keeper of our records, can go to the IT guy and say, Mr. Gaskill, these are the parameters. Please do the search and then everything comes up. It's supposed to be a time saver for everyone. I don't understand why there's a dispute there but I think that it's certainly very proactive, time saving measure for all. The last thing that I wanted to say about that was that, the other thing Mrs. Uhrmann talked about when she said, that she said when she does her OPRAing… I wasn't really sure if maybe that's a full time job but from my stand point, all the OPRA request that I receive from her, it sure feels like it. For me, it's a full time job answering them but she claimed she was over charged for garbage. I just want to state for the record… that a lot of time she would ask… I remember one time in particular she had asked for an e-mail and I don't know… there was something wrong with the e-mail when it was printed. Even when I received it, it was printed out like page one of ten or something, or one of 11. They're all blank but if you print it out and you just give her the first one showing it's blank, she's going to think that I didn't give her the rest of the stuff so you give all the blank pages to show here's one of ten or one of eleven or one of three. I'm sorry that the other ones are blank but there's nothing Mrs. Labow (cont'd): there but I'm just going to give it to you so you know that we didn't leave something out. That was the other thing that I just want to have an opportunity to finally publically state that no one… she has accused me in the past of redacting information which I never did, she accused me of altering information which I never did and for the record I want to state that I have always tried to comply with the request to the best of my abilities and certainly, probably myself, more so than most people feel that government is supposed to be transparent. The public has a right to know. I encourage the public to ask questions, to seek information every step of the way and I certainly would not be someone who would withhold any information from any member of the public and any community. Anyone from anywhere can come and ask us for information. The very last thing I want to say about this is most of the complaints that she brought about for our Clerk, Mrs. Lashway are not anything... that this board, that is within the jurisdiction of this Council. As far as I'm concerned, Mrs. Lashway has done an exemplary job serving the Council and the Township and she should be commended for her job not bashed and berated by members of the public, thank you.


President Tobey: Thank you, any other New Business, any Legal Matters? Council Reports, does anyone on Council have any reports, Mr. Roman?







Recreation Liaison Report - none


Board of Health Report


Mr. Perkins: Just a brief update from the Board of Health. There are some vaccinations and other items that have been put into the newspaper as well as on the Township website that are being offered from the Board of Health. We did not have a meeting this past month. Ironically enough, I have been appointed to the NJ Department of Health and Human Services Advisory Board on hepatitis. I am sure most of the Council and people know that I had suffered from… I still do from hepatitis C. I had liver cancer and a transplant and they wanted the perspective of a veteran so lucky me. I am a combat veteran marine and I was nominated to that committee so I will be coordinating any of those particular updates that we get from the State relative to hepatitis, both A, B and C with our local health officials here and we will try to bring that more to the forefront, understanding the budgetary constraints that the Governor has also operating his staff down in Trenton. Thank you Mr. President.


Planning Board Report - none


Open Space Committee Report - none


Legislative Committee Report


Mr. Walsh: As far as the Legislative Committee goes, there is a bit of a battle brewing in Trenton right now that I thought I would make everybody… probably everybody knows about it but I just thought I'd at least put it on record where the Governor is pushing for a 2 ½ % CAP on property taxes to be put in the constitution and the legislature, because of that has come up with another bill that would make it 2.9% CAP, where currently it's a 4% CAP so the next couple weeks will be pretty interesting. When the legislature… they probably will pass that 2.9 % law, so it will affect us in the future. It will be interesting to see. I just thought I'd mention that for the record.

Pride Committee Report - none


Board of Education Liaison Report


Mr. Roman: Yes, Mrs. Ouimet touched on my report there but I will reiterate. The Board of Education approved the cuts as presented. To highlight, there will be subscription bussing, $200.00 per student, that are not eligible for mandatory bussing. There will be an increase in the activity one fee, from $125.00 to $150.00. They will eliminate, there won't be family discounts. The activity two people go from $25.00 to $50.00, parking will go from $100.00 to $125.00, custodian fees will now be charged on the weekends for recreation activities, positions that are being eliminated are two elementary gifted and talented teachers, one middle school gifted and talented teacher, the high school metal shop teacher, 5 ESL, one middle school aid, one driver, two custodians, two mechanics and the open V.P. positions will be turned from 12 months to 10 months.

Mr. Roman (cont'd): Superintendent Reynolds will furlough himself for 52 days, breakage is expected to come in at $327,627 and the repair of the high school roof will be delayed by one year.


Lake/Environment Issues Committee - none

Safety Committee Liaison- none

Economic Development Committee Report- none

Library Board Liaison- none

Senior Citizen Liaison- none

Community Development Revenue Sharing- none




President Tobey: Any other Council Reports? Seeing none, we're up to our second Public Portion. Does anyone from the public wish to be heard?


Nelson Russell, Budd Lake: Phil, I noticed in the first meeting you had a discussion matter on electric service providers that we kind of skipped over. Was that…


President Tobey: That was asked to be removed. Mrs. Labow, would you like to comment on that?


Mrs. Labow: Thank you. Thank you for asking about that Nelson. There's a gentleman that actually works out of my office, an engineer and he works for a company that saves energy for a lot of communities and a couple… two months ago I requested three months worth of our bills, our electric bills and he did a closer review with his company and actually just on one of the bills alone, he said he could save us about $72,000.00 a year. In the interim it turns out I guess, that we belong to a consortium that we signed onto last year that we paid $600.00 for and when you're in the consortium you do pay an administration fee and Frank Wilpert advised me that as of June 2 nd that we bought into a two year contract so I'm not really sure at this point if we are really saving any money or not. Frank was gracious enough today to send me all the information which I have forwarded over to the gentleman, Mr. Robertson. He will have his professionals review it to see, are we really getting the best value for our money. Whether we can remove ourselves from the consortium or not is unknown but at least I'd like to look at it and review it because it's a tremendous amount of money to save.


Mr. Russell: Is this for generation fees?


Mrs. Labow: It's for the energy itself. The way they changed the law a couple of years ago, JCP &L owns the equipment but you can buy your energy from anybody and the larger amount that you buy, the better… I was going to give Mrs. Ouimet a call and ask her how the Board of Education does it because when they first reviewed our bills they thought it was for the entire Township. I said that's not for the Board of Education, that's just for the municipality. They were like, oh my god, what does the Board of Education spend? So we really potentially, if we were bidding out, we would bid out to these companies, we could save quite a bit of money. At the time that I was reviewing our bills, we were paying 11.7 cents per kilowatt and they could have given us like 9.2 per kilowatt at our usage that we were using. You do have to be careful with some of the companies that you use. Some of them will have a spike fee, if you spike at certain times of the year, they'll put a surcharge on there but he said he would never let you guys hook on with a company that did that. You would want to have something that's stable and that type of thing but unfortunately the town went ahead, as we drew the Resolution last year. Council did provide for the Administration to sign on these agreements without coming back to us… not for permission but advice and consent type of a thing. I'd like to revisit that whole situation and see if we can do it better, going on our own because we are so large and especially if we joined in with the Board of Education, perhaps the Library, even the emergency squads and the fire departments. When you're talking about a huge block of energy, the more you buy into it, the more money you save and because we are so large, we might actually do better on our own instead of being in the consortium. However we need to review the documents first and since the service, our review has been offered to us for free, I would have to hope that my Council colleagues would agree that it doesn't hurt if they're going to review it and give us some advice for nothing… it's not costing us anything, we can review it and check it out.


Mr. Russell: That appears to be going in the right direction. I commend you.


Mrs. Labow: I hope so, thank you very much, always looking to save money.


Mr. Russell: Also, personal observation, I have a feral cat license. I have a feral cat.


Mrs. Labow: Snowball?


Mr. Russell: We're overrun with chipmunks.


Mrs. Labow: Snowball's not keeping up with the chipmunks?


Mr. Russell: They're not keeping up with the chipmunks so forget about cats taking the wildlife.


Mrs. Labow: Well I have to say that, on a personal note I have a neighbor… a neighbor of mine has a cat that is a domestic cat that kills more birds then any of the feral cats running in my neighborhood that I've ever seen kill, so I don't understand what the difference is between a feral cat killing birds and a domestic cat killing birds. Cats go after birds. Actually, I don't know what's going to be done next. The other day I went to let my dog out and I saw a large object. You got to watch out for this too, John.


Mr. Mania: Fox.


Mrs. Labow: No, well ya, the …


Mr. Mania: A rabid fox.


Mrs. Labow: Everybody's saying it's rabid.


Mr. Mania: Yes, it was rabies.


Mrs. Labow: He came right up to my son and licked his hand. We couldn't believe it. We thought it was a dog at first but it was a fox, but beyond that, two or three weeks ago I was putting my dog out and I saw this huge movement and I'm putting my dog on her chain and thinking, gosh that's a big dog. Then I looked and it was a big black bear who probably went to my neighbors porch across the street and chased the feral cat that was their down the street. I was like …. Ohhhhh. I was like, I don't know if the bear is going to go after the cat or what but we have a very interesting, lively neighborhood these days between the foxes and the bears and the cats and oh my. Then we get over to Fern Street and you see Mr. Perkins and we're all happy.


President Tobey: Okay, does anyone else from the public wish to be heard? Okay, seeing none, any closing Council Comments, Mr. Mania?




Mr. Mania: I just want to say I attended the High School graduation last week and I was so impressed how well organized it was. When I saw all these students graduating, I said, we're going to be here until midnight at least but it went so well, and a thank you to the Administration and the Board of Ed.


President Tobey: Thank you, Mr. Roman?


Mr. Roman: Actually I want to touch on something that Mrs. Labow touched on as far as financials for volunteer organizations. As some of you have been aware, I've been trying to work hard in the background as trying to get some of these volunteer organizations to make their financials public.


Mrs. Labow: Yes.


Mr. Roman: And it's disturbed me every time I hear a story of, someone that's even a member of those organizations, where they were for lack of a better word, stonewalled or diverted or delayed and there will be something coming out of the Recreation Committee to at least deal with the sports organizations but I think I would like to see at least this body, maybe going forward, if it is at all possible to any volunteer organization that is either under the auspices of the Township and also maybe with the Board of Ed that requires them to keep their financials in a certain format and then when asked upon, make that available because I don't want it to happen but I think one of these days it going to happen where, there's going to be some financial impropriety that will happen within these organizations. Maybe it came to, what happened with the Girl Scout leader but I think it's something that's overdue and something that can very easily be done.


President Tobey: These organizations… and Sherry maybe you can help me here. I mean they are their own entity so do they carry their own insurance or fidelity type insurance or bond?


Mrs. Maniscalco: Usually if they're a nonprofit, I believe that would be the case. In terms of the sports organizations, we do get financial information from them because that was a policy that we set up probably within a year of me first being here so about ten years ago. In order for us to give them money we have to get financial information.


Mr. Roman: Right, but what we get from them is basically a summarized P & L.


Mrs. Maniscalco: Exactly Alex.


Mr. Roman: Which to me is not… it says anything. All it says is, we took in this much and we spent this much. That's pretty much all we get, so to me they're not even financials.


Mrs. Maniscalco: I mean it's not our responsibility to go audit them.


Mr. Roman: You're absolutely right.


Mrs. Maniscalco: We're just looking for overall information to justify their contribution. That's what our role is.


Mr. Roman: What I'm thinking more along the lines is, not only protecting the individuals of those organizations but also just the residents, and maybe it will give them maybe … I don't know, a seal of approval feeling that, hey… at least I know that at any time they could be looked at.


Mrs. Maniscalco: I mean I've gotten these questions related to the senior organization and you know, the fact that we give them a $7,200.00 contribution… that we give them and people have said to me, well do you know where that's going? Of course my question is no because we don't audit their books. They're a separate organization; we're not responsible for that so you know there's sort of a whole host of issues there.


President Tobey: You know, I actually agree with Mr. Roman. That's something that I've thought about in the past. When we allocate “X” number of dollars, we should just not be cutting checks to them. There should be some type of audit process where those expenses need to still be justified and properly accounted for.


Mr. Roman: Right, and I would like to see at least a legal opinion whether there's some kind of draft Resolution or Ordinance of such a type, that we can require any volunteer organization, that either falls under the auspices of any… either the recreation or maybe even the Board of Ed or anything like that, which requires them to have their financials available to any member of the public because in my opinion, not only the membership but there's nothing proprietary in their purchasing that would warrant privacy in my opinion.


President Tobey: Thank you, Mrs. Labow?


Mrs. Labow: Would that also extend to people that are using our property, like… I'll just give the example, for like the All Veterans Memorial. Charlie's… she said it was a 501C3 and we expend a lot of money in man hours and material and everything else and we never saw any financials for that either and a lot of money has been gone out to that organization, so if there's anything else like that, that came up where a group came and wanted a sponsor, I would like to know, should we be required to ask for their financials as well if we're asking people to give money for something, I think we should see where it's going if we're supporting it.


President Tobey: Mr. Perkins?


Mr. Perkins: A different topic Mr. President. First off, I'm not sure that at the last meeting that we congratulated Michelle Masser for passing her Clerk test which she is now a Certified Municipal Clerk I guess?


Mrs. Lashway: Yes.


Mr. Perkins: So that was an outstanding achievement by that young lady and I know it took me 25 years to graduate college so I won't talk about how long it takes to get certain things done. Speaking about the energy piece, the electric which Councilwoman Labow had asked to be removed. Councilwoman had spoken to me previously about this particular engineer and all that they do. I find it intriguing to say the least. However, given that… I would like to sit down with Mrs. Murphy on one of these days. I know your schedule's kind of hectic but we really need to get together with Steven Winters. There are a couple purchase power agreement companies that are out there and they will actually come and put the solar panels and all on the roofs for us. Charge us about six or seven cents per kilowatt and in fifteen years they'll give it to us for a dollar. I just got done this last week giving an award down to one of my projects in Paterson. They are building a near, net zero energy home, Habitat for Humanity. The closer you get to zero, the better you are. They have to score a 50 before they use renewables and there's a company, I believe it was out of Caldwell that has two wind generators on their site and literally powers their entire manufacturing process, utilizing those two. I have a meeting tentatively set up for next week and then I would like to get back to Mrs. Murphy. We need to take a look at where some of these grants and other alternatives as well as where Mrs. Labow is going. We need to explore every option to cut back our use of electric and also our purchasing cost of it. I will keep the Council informed Mr. Perkins (cont'd): after I get together with Mrs. Murphy and we speak to the people that did our audit from Steven Winter Associates.


President Tobey: I know the Business Administrator is not here but Sherry, can you comment… where do we stand on the audit?


Mr. Perkins: The audit was done.


President Tobey: The energy audit, what has come of that?


Mr. Perkins: There are recommendations, and I believe during the budgetary process Mr. President that was the one question that I asked of Mr. Lynch as how a reduction in his staff would affect any of the work that can be done to this building without going overboard. Things that need to be done, weather stripping, caulking, installation repair, the air conditioning things. Things that his personnel may be able to undertake that would still give us a credit. If you remember correctly, we paid… our cost would be 75% reimbursable and dependent upon us completing the other 25% of whatever that audit cost is, so if the audit was $75,000.00 or $100,000.00 they would give us $75,000.00 back, once we completed $25,000.00 worth of upgrades that were recommended in the audit, we would get that money back so the audit in effect would be for free. There are some grants and some other issues that were put into play. I believe at this stage of the game, some of those programs Kathy, I think you know… through clean energy, some of those were brought forward then they were put on to hold. The Governor of course put the freeze through his executive order on near everything so in the Mayor's difference in bills; we haven't really had a lot of opportunity. The Board of Public Utilities just met last week and had passed their order now, which is now releasing some of the funding, so some of these other programs are going to start coming up with some of... that were included. Theoretically it will get done Mr. President. So we certainly need to take advantage of that in order to gain the benefit from the money that we spent. If not it was an expense that was a waste of money, right?


Mrs. Labow: Is there a time frame, does anybody know… Sherry or Ray do you know? Is there a certain time that we have to do, to get that 25% back?


Mr. Perkins: Typically they like to see something moving forward with in a year, as long as you're moving forward towards the goal.


President Tobey: Kathy, would you please…thank you.


Mr. Perkins: You got to start doing something or you give up the 25%.


Mrs. Murphy: The additional 25% has to be spent within one year of the approval of the audit. Now, we went through the audit process that has been approved. Since that time, Jim had to replace an air conditioning unit over in the Police Department. I know he got an energy efficient unit. He currently is looking to put in timers in the hallways and some additional buildings. We're going to be implementing that very shortly. We've already got our price quotes on that. He's replaced some of the fluorescent lighting in the municipal garage down to the T8's I think it is as opposed to the T12's, so those are all energy efficient types of models. Part of the issue is going to be, if we cut our budgets then we have to find what little room we have to invest with very limited resources and what we would be able to get through grant money or subsidies for at least a portion of those. The State had frozen a lot of that. Now that their budget is passed, hopefully we'll get some of that rolling again. So we are doing what we can. Large items such as wind generators, solars, whatever, that's a big project and we need to do a lot more homework on that. Now that we got the audit… the audit basically gave you a list of priorities and recovery time so we are trying to do the things that are most cost effective and time sensitive, the fastest return for the least amount of money. Then we will move from there.


Mr. Perkins: Just out of curiosity, I can't remember, or maybe you… what did we eventually pay, what was the cost of the audit?


Mrs. Murphy: The audit cost for all four buildings and part of that was the library was $19,000.00 and change.

Mr. Perkins: Alright, so then we're out $4,000.00 approximately right now.


Mrs. Murphy: Yes.


Mrs. Maniscalco: We haven't gotten any money back yet Ray so we're out the full amount right now.


Mrs. Murphy: Yes, we have to get the reimbursements on it.


Mr. Perkins: Did you submit it for the reimbursements already?


Mrs. Murphy: Well, we'll submit for that whole thing at once. Right now with Jim's proposal to get this other little bit of work done we'll get it all back.


Mr. Perkins: That's what I'm saying… the first 75%.


Mrs. Murphy: We'll get that back. We haven't got it back yet, we will get it now.


Mr. Perkins: Did we submit for that.


Mrs. Murphy: Yes.


Mr. Perkins: Okay, so that's just in the usual State hold up for three, four, five months that Treasury typically takes before they're going to send in any of this Clean Energy money back, right? The other four thousand dollars and Mrs. Murphy… to her point, things like solar and wind generation. If we invest in it … you know there are different ways to go about it. We could take the money, we could invest in it. You get about a five year pay off with it and then you get free electric. You know, “free electric for the life” which they run about 20 to 25 years on solar panels. The other way is to have a company come in and do it and let them bear the cost. They install it, they maintain it, they own it and they just sell you the electric at a much reduced rate.


Mrs. Murphy: Right.


Mr. Perkins: And purchase power agreements… there's not a lot of companies that do it well but there are some companies out there and I think Kathy, that's why we need to talk to Steven Winter because everything that was in their report talked about different things like grants and money that was available, where we could finance, it a look at getting some offset.


Mrs. Murphy: Just this week they have assigned a person from Steven Winter to help the towns that have completed their audits now to start to implement them. I only just got the e-mail this week. I called them to make sure that the items that we were looking to accomplish would be funded without any difficulty because the audit actually said to put daylight sensors in the hall ways, when that's not going to make sense. We want to put motion sensors in so we didn't want to get any push back on that. That was the reason we called. At any rate they now have a person that will help us, you know, walk through some of these things so we can start using that person.


President Tobey: Yes then… I know Sherry has a comment.


Mr. Perkins: Oh, Sherry do you have a comment, because I…


Mrs. Maniscalco: I will when you're done Ray.


Mr. Perkins: No, no that's alright you can comment.


Mrs. Maniscalco: What I was going to say was it's going to be really tough to find budget money. Just to give you an idea of where we are with the budget, okay… we're 65% spent on fleet maintenance through the end of May. Tim and I are working on that and we're probably going to need to do something with that contract in the next few months. Keep in mind, operating budgets, we dropped them 10%. They were already 10% less than they were ten years ago. Okay, so we're tight there. Salaries, I always project salaries out to the rest of the year. I'm looking that salaries, I'm thinking that salaries are going to be within $10,000.00 of the budget. Our salary account is over $9 million. Never in the ten years that I've been here have we been that close. Just so that you know, to find extra money, to do some of these things is going to be really, really tough.


Mrs. Murphy: We have to leave room for emergencies on some of these… so that's going to be part of it.


Mrs. Maniscalco: That's what I'm worried about.


Mr. Perkins: Again, I think that directly goes to the point that right now you're only about $4,000.00 in the hole, as soon as the State gives you the money back. Whatever small things, I mean there's weatherization things that need to be done under the standard course of maintenance of the assets of the Township which just coincidentally are also in the audit report. Those are not tremendous big dollar items. As we look at renewable energies and different ways to save, do we or can we hook up with the Board of Education, can we get a PPA in here so that somebody is doing all that investing. We don't need to invest in anything more, but rather to have somebody else to do that investment and let us benefit by the reduced cost. That's where I'm heading for. I'm Mr. Perkins (cont'd): offering my assistance to the Council President. He can of course talk to the Mayor and I would like to be able to get together with you, sit on this “Environmental Committee” that we have, and let's start looking at where we're going to move forward and reducing our burden because we pay… what Sherry, about $165,000.00 easy?


Mrs. Maniscalco: Just in the main operating budget it's $185,000.00. That's for electric, street lighting is about $170,000.00 Ray and then obviously there is electric that comes out of water and sewer and sanitation, or what not.


Mr. Perkins: At least we know the Water and Sewer are directly taken by the users of the system so we already know that, that's on their budgetary side. Street lights are street lights, and it's the same as fire hydrants. You don't have a lot of choice. You pay the utility company what they are. From the standpoint of our usage, I believe when you and I had looked last year, we were about $150,000.00 to $170,000.00 just on our own buildings. If we look at that and we could cut that by 30% or 40% and maybe even more, you could conceivably knock off $75,000.00 or $80,000.00 a year in electrical costs and that's… it's great to turn off lights and put in different T12's and motion sensors and the hand dryers to save on paper towels. The Township is… remember the Mayor and us last year, we were Sustainable Jersey Certified, one of 32 municipalities in the State. We've taken that first step and you've seen that a lot of municipalities take that step and then they stop. We need to be able to go forward but I'm offering my services to Mrs. Murphy, to be able to sit down and where we could help coordinate with the Board, with the people down at Steven Winters. Let's get these people out. Some of these PPA's, let's have them come in to the Council. First they can come in and meet with the Business Administrator and the Mayor, and then they can come and make a presentation. Let's see how we can move forward.


Mrs. Murphy: Well, we'll get Tim and the Mayor… they've already started looking into some of these things so…


Mr. Perkins: You know, they've been down to the Benjamin Moore and they talk to the guy there and they talked to some Israeli company that could put solar panels up on the Combe Fill North… well that's great but they have companies that specialize in PPA's dealing with municipalities that will come out and put up the solar …and it will cost you zero. That's where we need to be going; we need to get those guys. Not the guy who couldn't put the field up on Northfield, on Combe Fill North which I still, seem a little incredulous how you're going to brace that without puncturing the membrane but that's another story.

Mrs. Labow: That's one of the things too that I learned in the past couple weeks, is that a lot of these companies, the Township might only have to give them, what is it, LOA, a letter of authorization for them to investigate further and they go off and they get the information for us and then we can make a decision and we have no upfront cost and we reap the benefits later so I think it's great that we start looking at these things.


President Tobey: Mr. Perkins, I will speak with the Mayor with regards to coordinating that meeting. Kathy, thank you very much.


Mrs. Murphy: Okay, let's go home… turn off the lights.


Mr. Perkins: Thank you, turn off the lights, and let's go.


President Tobey: Council comments, seeing none at this time, I'll accept a Motion to Adjourn.




Motion was made and seconded, all in favor and none opposed, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.



Phil Tobey, Council President


I, Michelle Masser, Deputy Township Clerk of the Township of Mount Olive do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes is a true and correct copy of the Minutes approved at a legally convened meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council duly held on July 27, 2010.




Michelle Masser, Deputy Township Clerk




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