The Public Meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Council President Labow. 

Mrs. Lashway:  According to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting has been given to the Daily Record. Notice has been posted in the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders Drakestown Road, Mount Olive Township, New Jersey and notices were sent to those requesting the same.


Present:          Mr. Ferrante, Mr. Nicastro, Mr. Perkins, Mr. Roman, Mr. Staszak, Mr. Mania and Mrs. Labow

Absent:           none

Also Present:  Lisa Lashway, Township Clerk; Jeff Pasek, Township Attorney; Sherry Maniscalco, CFO; Sean Canning, Business Administrator; Mayor Robert Greenbaum

President Labow:  We already had our Pledge of Allegiance at the Workshop portion and now we’re onto our Proclamation from Mayor Rob Greenbaum on Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

PROCLAMATION – Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Mayor Greenbaum:  Thank you, Madam President. 
From the Office of the Mayor
Honoring November as “Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month”
WHEREAS, in 2013, an estimated 45,220 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the United States and 38,460 will die from the disease; and
WHEREAS, pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers and is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the United States and is the only major cancer with a five-year relative survival rate in the single digits at just six percent; and
WHEREAS, when symptoms of pancreatic cancer present themselves, it is late stage, and 73 percent of pancreatic cancer patients die within the first year of their diagnosis while 94 percent of patients die within the first five years; and
WHEREAS, approximately 1,180 deaths will occur in New Jersey in 2013; and
WHEREAS, the incidence of death rate for pancreatic cancer are increasing and pancreatic cancer is anticipated to move from the fourth to the second leading cause of cancer death in the US by 2020; and
WHEREAS, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is the national organization serving the pancreatic cancer community in Mount Olive Township and nationwide through a comprehensive approach that includes public policy, research funding, patient services, and public awareness and education related to developing effective treatments and a cure for pancreatic cancer; and
WHEREAS the good health and well-being of the residents of Mount Olive Township are enhanced as a direct result of increased awareness about pancreatic cancer and research into early detection, causes and effective treatment.
NOW THEREFORE, be it proclaimed that I, Robert Greenbaum, Mayor of Mount Olive Township do hereby proclaim, November as Pancreatic Awareness Month in Mount Olive Township.

President Labow:  Thank you.  I think there was an article…a story on the news last week, a teenage boy actually found a process for detecting pancreatic cancer and it’s now going through all of the testing stages.  He’s one of those geniuses and figures these things out, so early detection as we all know is the key.

Mayor Greenbaum:  I can tell you that having read the Proclamation and knowing what I know about pancreatic cancer, it is very sobering that basically, the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is…

Mr. Perkins:  A death notice.

Mayor Greenbaum:  …it’s a death notice.  Whatever can be done to find either early detection, treatment, or just simply easing the suffering that someone with pancreatic cancer has, its well worth our time to recognize the effort in Mount Olive Township during the month of November.

President Labow:  Absolutely.  Thank you very much.  Approval of our Minutes of Previous Meetings, Mr. Ferrante.



September 17, 2013 WS, PM & CS (Mr. Mania absent)

Mr. Ferrante:  Sure.  I’d like to approve the October 18, 2013 Workshop, Public Meeting and Closed Session.

President Labow:  8th.

Mr. Mania:  Second.

Mr. Perkins:  That would be 8th.

President Labow:  8th.

Mr. Ferrante:  October 8th, 2013.  Sorry.

President Labow:  That’s okay.  Thank you.  We have our second.  Roll Call please.

ROLL CALL:            Passed with the exception Mr. Nicastro abstained. 


President Labow:  We have 18 pieces of Correspondence this evening.  Would anybody like to discuss any of those?  Seeing none.  Moving right along.


  1. Letter received October 7, 2013, from ARC Morris regarding ARC Morris Newsletter, Issue 20, Fall 2013.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received October 7, 2013, from Raritan River Initiative regarding NEWS from the Raritan River Initiative – October 2013.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Letter received October 8, 2013, from State of New Jersey, Office of the Governor regarding Assembly Bill No. 1857.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received October 10, 2013, from National League of Cities regarding Congress of Cities and Exposition, Washington State Convention Center November 13-16, 2013.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received October 10, 2013, from EnergySolve regarding 5 Municipalities and 2 Counties Adopt NJ Energy Tracking System in the Last Month.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received October 10, 2013, from Center for Community Progress regarding Headlines: The latest on vacant, abandoned and problem properties.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received October 10, 2013 from Extel Communications regarding Broadcast Messaging System for BOE and Government – NJ State Contract.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received October 10, 2013, from National League of Cities regarding REMINDER: Join NLC for City Fiscal Conditions 2013.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received October 11, 2013, from Trans Options regarding Walk This Way Going Strong, Walk to School Day and More!  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received October 15, 2013, from State of New Jersey Department of the Treasury Division of Taxation regarding Certification of the Table of Equalized Valuations.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received October 17, 2013, from National League of Cities regarding Special Washington Update.  PDF Correspondence



  1. Email received October 4, 2013, from County of Morris regarding News from County of Morris October 4, 2013.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received October 11, 2013, from Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders regarding Letter to Mayor from Director Mastrangelo.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received October 11, 2013, from County of Morris regarding News from County of Morris October 11, 2013.  PDF Correspondence



  1. Email received October 11, 2013, from Musconetcong Watershed Association regarding Please Post River Talk Announcement.  PDF Correspondence



  1. Letter received October 14, 2013, from Pivotal Utility Holdings, Inc. D/B/A Elizabethtown Gas regarding Notice of Public Hearings (September 13 Petition).  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received October 15, 2013, from Pivotal Utility Holdings, Inc. D/B/A Elizabethtown Gas regarding Notice of Public Hearings, petition filed on August 23, 2013.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Letter received October 15, 2013, from Pivotal Utility Holdings, Inc. D/B/A Elizabethtown Gas regarding Notice of Public Hearings.  PDF Correspondence



President Labow:  Ordinance for second reading.  I open the hearing to the public on Ordinance #24-2013.

Ord.#24-2013 An Ordinance of the Township of Mount Olive, County of Morris, State of New Jersey to Modify Chapter 400, “Land Use” to Add a New Section to be Known as Article X, “Highlands Preservation Area Exemption Standards.” PDF Ord.

President Labow:  Mr. Nicastro, would you please move that for us?

Mr. Nicastro:  Sure.  Thank you.  I move for adoption and final passage of Ordinance #24-2013.

Mr. Ferrante:  Second.

Mr. Mania:  Second.

President Labow:  We have a first and second.

Mr. Perkins:  Second squared.

President Labow:  There you

Mayor Greenbaum:  John was just a little bit late.

President Labow:  Second squared. Anybody from the public like to address the Council on this Ordinance?  Seeing none.  Anybody from the Council, any discussion?  Seeing none.  Roll Call please.

ROLL CALL:                        Passed Unanimously 

President Labow:  Ordinance #24-2013is passed on second reading and I hereby direct the Clerk to forward a copy of the same to the Mayor and publish the notice of adoption as required by law.  I open the hearing to the public on Ordinance #25-2013.

Ord.#25-2013 An Ordinance to Amend and Supplement the RR-AA and RR-A Rural Residential Zone Districts in Chapter 400, “Land Use” to Establish a New Conditional Use to Consist of Accessory Apartments Exclusively for the Implementation of the Mount Olive Accessory
Apartment Program in Accordance with the Township’s Third Round Housing Element & Fair Share Plan & Spending Plan. – PDF Ord.

President Labow:  Mr. Perkins.

Mr. Perkins:  Yes, Madam President.  I move for adoption and final passage of Ordinance #25-2013.

Mr. Staszak:  Second.

President Labow:  Thank you.  Any Council discussion?  Seeing none.  Anyone from the public?  Seeing none.  Roll Call please.

ROLL CALL:                        Passed with the exception of Mr. Roman. 

President Labow:  Ordinance #25-2013 is passed on second reading and I hereby direct the Clerk to forward a copy of the same to the Mayor and publish the notice of adoption as required by law.  I open the hearing to the public on Ordinance #27-2013.

Ord.#27-2013 Ordinance Appropriating $212,016 to be Received From the 2013 Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund for Improvements to the Former Baptist Church in and by the Township of Mount Olive, in the County of Morris, New Jersey. PDF Ord.

President Labow:  Mr. Roman.

Mr. Roman:  I move for adoption and final passage of Ordinance #27-2013.

Mr.Nicastro:  Second.

President Labow:  Anyone from the public?  Seeing none.  Anybody from the Council?  I would like to say the church absolutely looks gorgeous and it is so nice to see the cupola on top of the church instead of next to the senior’s bocce courts, like it had been for about five years.  It was a long process, but well worth the wait because it is absolutely gorgeous over there.  Alrighty.   Roll call please.

ROLL CALL:                        Passed Unanimously 

President Labow:  Ordinance #27-2013 is passed on second reading and I hereby direct the Clerk to forward a copy of the same to the Mayor and publish the notice of adoption as required by law.  I open the hearing to the public on Ordinance #28-2013.

Ord.#28-2013 Bond Ordinance Amending Section 3(h) of Bond Ordinance #13-2013 (as Amended by Bond Ordinance #25-2012, #33-2012 and #6-2013) of the Township of Mount Olive, in the County of Morris, New Jersey in Order to Provide for Turkey Brook Tot Lot Improvements. PDF Ord.

President Labow:  Mr. Staszak.

Mr. Staszak:  Yes.  I move for adoption and final passage of Ordinance #28-2013.

Mr. Mania:  I’ll second it.

President Labow:  Thank you.  Anybody from the public?  Seeing none.  Anybody from Council?  It’s a great project.  I’m so excited.  Yea!  Roll call please.

ROLL CALL:                        Passed Unanimously 

President Labow:  Ordinance #28-2013 is passed on second reading and I hereby direct the Clerk to forward a copy of the same to the Mayor and publish the notice of adoption as required by law. 

Resolutions on the Consent Agenda List are considered to be routine and non-controversial by the Township Council and will be approved by one motion (one vote). There will be no separate discussion or debate on each of these resolutions except for the possibility of brief clarifying statements that may be offered. If one or more Council member requests, any individual resolution on the Consent Agenda may be removed from the Consent Agenda List and acted on separately.




  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing an Interlocal Health Services Agreement with the Borough of Netcong for the Provision of Health Services Pursuant to the Interlocal Services Act (NJSA 26:38A2-1 et seq.)  PDF Resolution


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Approving Right-of-Way use to Cross River Fiber.  PDF Resolution
  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Awarding a Contract to Vasso Waste Systems, Inc. for the Distribution of Auto Refuse Containers.  PDF Resolution


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Cancellation of Various Ordinance Balances.  PDF Resolution
  1. Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of a 1995 Ford 555D Backhoe from the Mount Olive Board of Education.  PDF Resolution


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Approving an Emergency Purchase not to Exceed $40,000 for Clarifier Tank Failure at the Cloverhill Treatment Plant.  PDF Resolution
  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Approving an Emergency Purchase Not to Exceed $18,050 for Emergency Excavating at Turkey Brook Park.  PDF Resolution


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Approving a Vendor Service Contract on a Non-Fair and Open Basis Pursuant to the Pay-to-Play Law (Datalux Corporation).  PDF Resolution
  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Cancellation of a Water Capital Ordinance Balance.  PDF Resolution


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Approving an Emergency Purchase not to Exceed $12,700 for Grinder Pump Failure.  PDF Resolution
  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Use of One Purchasing Contract (E.B. Fence, LLC).  PDF Resolution


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive, in the County of Morris and State of New Jersey, Authorizing the Execution of a Developer’s Agreement Between the Township of Mount Olive and Exeter 650 International Land, LLC.  PDF Resolution

President Labow:  Next on our Agenda are our Consent Resolutions.  Would anyone like to move any of the Consent Resolutions to Non-Consent?  We have 12.  Seeing none, Mr. Mania, would you please move our Consent Resolutions this evening.

Mr. Mania:  Madam President, I move Consent Resolutions one through twelve.

President Labow:  Second?

Mr. Staszak:  Second.

President Labow:  Any Council discussion?  Seeing none, anybody from the public like to make any discussion?  Seeing none.  Roll call please.

ROLL CALL:            Passed Unanimously 


  1. Bill List. PDF Bill List

President Labow:  Mr. Ferrante, would you please move the Bill List for us?


Mr. Ferrante:  I move the Bill List.

Mr. Nicastro:  Second.

President Labow:  Any Council discussion on the Bill List?  Seeing none.  Anybody from the public?  Seeing none.  Roll Call please.

ROLL CALL:            Passed Unanimously 


President Labow:  Administrative Reports, Mr. Mayor and Mr. Canning.

Mayor Greenbaum:  I’ll start.  I’m sure Sean has his own list.  He doesn’t like to share with me anymore.  I am very proud, this Thursday, to be attending the St. Barnabas Burn Foundation Dinner Valor Award.  Awards will be given to Captain Kevin Elms, Lieutenant Patrick Piserchio, Firefighter Greg Widzemok and Lieutenant Nicholas Petonak for their efforts with respect to the fire in Old Flanders where they successfully saved residents of that house.  It makes me very proud and it should make us all very proud of what we provide to our brave citizens who run into burning buildings to save others.  Friday, October 25th, very busy day in Mount Olive.  First and foremost, Mount Olive High School Homecoming.  I personally would like to wish all the recipients well.  Then there’s just a personal note on here, I don’t know how it got on here, but Jackie Pignitaro is coming home to pass on her crown.  Don’t know how that ended up on my sheet, but… 

President Labow:  Can’t imagine how that got there.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Friday, October 25th, we are honoring Officer Rick Lindner, on his retirement at the Budd Lake Fire House.  I plan on attending that, as well as the homecoming.  Then, finally on Friday, at the Corner Pub, which is not a town event, but rather just something I’m participating in at The Corner Pub at the Mall at 206.  Starting at 9 p.m., a band coming on at 10 p.m. is the Masquerade Ball.  Come in costume.  Band starts at 10 p.m., it’s a local band called Change of Plan.  I know that they’re very good.  I know there is going to be a huge crowd, it’s a Dos Equis event.  There will be the advertiser, Dos Equis girls will be there with giveaways. 

Mr. Roman:  I’ll be there. 

Mayor Greenbaum:  Alex, you have to be over 21 to get in. 

Mr. Roman:  Oh, good.  As long as there’s no height requirement.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Thursday, November 7th, at the Senior Center, is Design for Mount Playmore followed by a celebration that evening in the Senior Center from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  If you don’t know what the plan is, they’re going to be taking design recommendations from whoever attends, but also the GT students at the school.  They will take all of those, go in a back room and come out with a concept design.  It should be very exciting.  I will not be able to attend.  I will be out of state in Michigan with my son looking at the University of Michigan.  If you guys can cover for me at that event, it would be greatly appreciated.

President Labow:  What time was that?

Mr. Roman:  What’s that date again?

Mayor Greenbaum:  November 7th, Thursday, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. is the design unveiling.  If you want more information in terms of the events during the day, I suggest you contact Lisa Pignitaro.  She’ll give you the time frames that everyone is getting together to meet.

Mr. Roman:  That’s the same night as the Chamber of Commerce Crisis Management.

Mayor Greenbaum:  No.

Mr. Roman:  No?

Mayor Greenbaum:  No.  Friday, November 8th is the Crisis Command Preparedness Simulation presented by Givaudan Community Advisory Panel, Mount Olive Township, in the Mount Olive Chamber.  It’s from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Mount Olive Middle School.  I will not be able to attend that.  I will still be out of town on

college visits with my son, so again, if you guys could cover for me for that event, I would appreciate it.  Lastly, collections for food have been organized through the Mount Olive Township and Mount Olive Chamber of Commerce for upcoming holidays.  We’d like to thank everyone who participated, both for support and the people who actually did the leg work for this holiday season.  I know that effort will continue.   If anyone has any good ideas in terms of how we can move that project forward for the more needy people in Mount Olive Township, contact Lisa Pignitaro and she’ll make sure whatever suggestions you have get put into the works.

Mr. Canning:  Can I do it?

Mayor Greenbaum:  You drive, you can do it.

Mr. Canning:  Two things.  First is the FEMA Grant.  Last March, if Council recalls, we put in a bunch of HMGP, the Hazard Mitigation Grants and we thought we struck out and went zero for fifteen.  We actually went one for fifteen, but it was a big one.  It looks like we are going to receive $90,000.00 in an offset for a generator for Town Hall. 

President Labow:  Wow!  Great!

Mr. Canning:  There’s a possibility of additional New Jersey Clean Energy Grants on top of that.  Both Fred Detoro and I will be attending a seminar on October 31st in Newark, hosted by FEMA.  At the very least, we are going to get $90,000.00 towards an offset.  Town Hall is a little bit bigger of a requirement for a generator, but as we saw last year during Sandy, we were running…we flew blind as everybody else did. It was very difficult to stay on a mission.  We are so reliant on computers now and electricity.  That’s good news.  The second is, Chief Spitzer, Tim Quinn and myself having been speaking about a uniform response back to Council.  It seems we are getting more and more speeding complaints around the Township.  We’d like to be able to provide Council with a data driven analysis.  What we’re leaning towards and we’re hoping to implement into the 2014 budget year is to allow the traffic experts in this matter, the Police Department, to get Speed Survey Equipment in the upcoming budget.  I’d like for them to be proactive, but there is always going to be reactive instances.  If somebody comes to Council saying, in their opinion there is a speeding problem, let the traffic division go do a 30-day study on it and let’s find out if we need education and enforcement or an engineering solution.  We’re hoping to provide Council with the tools that you have actual data in front of you and can make the determination of whether we have a problem or we don’t have a problem.  That’s our intent going forward and we’re hoping to accomplish that in 2014.

President Labow:  Sean, I just want to add to that I was on Aldersgate Circle, right down the street on Sunday…yes Sunday I drove by there and there was a resident that had a sign in the front yard that said “Please Slow Down, drive as if your children live here.”  That just loops around, it goes nowhere and I was like, it’s a really great sign and I think it sends a message, but it’s kind of sad when people have to start putting them up.  It’s like come on everybody, slow down.

Mr. Canning:  That’s a double edge sword.  Sometimes there’s a subjective perception that people are speeding when they are not and other times, there really is speeding.  Our goal is to provide Council with objective data.  Over a 30-day period, it’ll show you the times there are speeding, if there are any.  How ramped the cause is, maybe the average speed is 26 mph, maybe its 40mph.  We don’t know, but at least we’ll be able to give you better tools to make a decision.

President Labow:  I think it’s great.  I’m very happy about that.  Mr. Mayor.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Yes.  Just one other thing that I didn’t raise in my report, which I did discuss with people on the Council as they came in.  It’s the unfortunate situation with former Councilman, John Biondi.  He has taken a turn for the worse health wise.  I expect, absent of some miracle, he is not going to be with us much longer and that the services will probably, although he is hospitalized in southern Florida, that the family will bring him back to the Mount Olive area for services.  We will provide the information as it becomes available.  I appreciate, Lisa Lashway passing along the updates as they come along.

Mrs. Lashway:  Thank you.

President Labow:  Any questions from Council for the Administrative Report?  Seeing none.  We are moving onto our Legal Matters.  Hold on.  Old Business.  Any Old Business?  Any New Business?  Legal Matters.




Mr. Pasek:  Thank you, Madam President.  Just one item tonight.  As Council is aware, our office was assigned by the Joint Insurance Fund to handle a case involving the Mount Olive Township Dog Park entitled “Trainer vs Mount Olive Township.”  The case involved a plaintiff that was knocked down by two dogs off leashes in the dog park, suffered injuries and brought suit against the dog owners and the Township.  As we had previously reported to Council, our office had filed a motion for Summary Judgement, which was granted and the Township was dismissed from the case a few months ago.  However, the case went to trial yesterday and today against the remaining dog owner defendants.  I attended the trial today as we learned that the Township’s former Animal Control Officer was subpoenaed to testify today.  Even though the Township won on Summary Judgement, that is technically not a “Final Judgment”, so in order to protect the Township’s interest, we decided to monitor the trial.  I’m happy to report that after plaintiff put on her case today, defendants made a motion for Directed Verdict to dismiss the case and the court granted the motion.  Now, the dismissal today constitutes a “Final Judgment” against all defendants, including the Township. 

President Labow:  Very good. 

Mr. Roman:  Excellent.

President Labow:  Thank you.

Mr. Mania:  Great job.

President Labow:  Excellent, great job.

Mayor Greenbaum:  It can still be appealed though.

President Labow:  Yes, it can.

Mr. Pasek:  It can still be appealed.  45 days.

President Labow:  Yes.  Sure can.  We have our Council Reports.  We will begin with Mr. Ferrante. 


Environmental Committee - none
Library Board Liaison – none
Lake Issues
Mr. Ferrante:  Yes.  I only have one.  The Budd Lake Fall Cleanup was a couple of weeks ago.  I know they brought to the attention, a couple of items, to the Administration.  Other than that, it was a pretty good success.

President Labow:  Great.

Mr. Ferrante:  That’s it.

Senior Citizen Liaison - none
Planning Board Report
President Labow:  Mr. Mania, Planning Board and Senior Citizen reports.

Mr. Mania:  Yes.  I’m happy to report that the Planning Board, at its last meeting approved a 150’ X 300’ soccer field with an inflatable dome.  That will be used just in the winter months. 

President Labow:  Is that at the…

Mr. Mania:  I think it’s going to be good.  I think it will attract business.  

President Labow:  That’s over at Center Court?

Mr. Mania:  Pardon?

President Labow:  At the Center Court location?

Mr. Mania:  Right.

President Labow:  Excellent.  Any other Reports?

Mr. Mania:  No.

President Labow:  Next, we have Mr. Perkins, Board of Health and Legislative.

Mr. Mania:  How about Mr. Nicastro?  You skipped him.

Mr. Nicastro:  You can skip me…

President Labow:  I just went right passed you.

Mr. Nicastro:  That’s alright.

President Labow:  Notice I have a large font on my, but I need larger font.

Mr. Mania:  He felt pretty left out.

Safety Committee Liaison – none
Open Space Committee Report
Mr. Nicastro:  That’s alright.  We just had an Open Space Committee Meeting and it was basically just budget items that we were going over.  There was nothing else going on at that meeting and we’ll continue at the next one, finalize it by the end of the month.  The budget has to be in.  There were no other meetings.

President Labow:  When is the next Safety Committee Meeting?

Mr. Nicastro:  I don’t know.  There was one that was canceled, so I was waiting on another e-mail.

Mr. Perkins:  I’m taking that Committee next year if I get back up here.

President Labow:  Very good.  I’m going to skip Mr. Perkins…no, Mr. Perkins, your reports please.

Economic Development Committee Report - none
Legislative Committee Report - none
Board of Health Report
Mr. Perkins:  Thank you, Madam President.  Board of Health, you saw the Resolution for the Interlocal Service Agreement that the Board was happy to approve.  Mr. Derek Webb, our new Health Inspector showed up, introduced himself to the Board, gave us a little background on himself so that the Board members actually got a chance to meet him face to face.  We also passed a Resolution, as we have done in previous years, to provide any leftover flu vaccine to any of the local doctors at cost.  It will be a direct sell, so if we don’t utilize it during the clinics, then obviously to keep the residents vaccinated, we would then sell those off to people like Dr. Miccio and other groups, in which we’ve done previously, so we just every year pass the same Resolution.  Nothing Legislative.  Nothing Economic.

President Labow:  Mr. Roman.

Board of Education Liaison Report - none
Recreation Liaison Report
Mr. Roman:  On Recreation, I just want to touch upon what the Mayor said about the Mount Playmore.  It has moved one step closer to fruitition.  There’s a fundraising website up and the goal is for $60,000.00.  I am hoping that interest and donations start coming in later on because unfortunately as of right now, there has only been three donations.

President Labow:  Where’s the information for that?  Could you send it…

Mr. Roman:  You can get it through the Town website or through the Face Book Recreation.  I put it on my timeline so you can…

President Labow:  Yes, I want to put it on mine, too.

Mr. Roman:  If you go on mine, you can find the link there.  It’s a very long…

President Labow:  Mayor, do you have it on yours?

Mayor Greenbaum:  I’m sorry.

President Labow:  Had you had it on yours yet?

Mayor Greenbaum:  I think it was on mine at one point in time. 

Mr. Roman:  Yes.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Lisa Pignitaro would have put it up.

President Labow:  Yes.

Mayor Greenbaum:  It’ll get put back up after the…

Mr. Roman:  Yes.

President Labow:  Yes. 

Mayor Greenbaum:  …after the design is approved.

President Labow: If anybody else is so inclined on the Council and you have a Face Book page, we could all put it up there and maybe even send it out in an e-mail to friends or businesses you know that may make contributions.  Mr. Roman.

Mr. Roman:  Mr. Canning, one other avenue as far as fundraising, I think we can reach out to is the area businesses and maybe set up a donation bin once we have the design up.  Say like Sam’s Club, Walmart, maybe some…

Mr. Canning:  I think Jill Daggon is working on something along those lines.  It’s a really good idea of challenging the schools.  The PTA is actually having if you have any spare change, who can raise the most spare change.   I’m sure we can take a hybrid of that and do business against business so to speak and get spare change.  It adds up.

Mr. Roman:  Thank you.

President Labow:  Excellent.  Mr. Staszak.

MOTV Committee Liaison - none
Mr. Staszak:  Nothing at this time Madam President. 

TNR Program
President Labow:  For TNR, we are having our yard sale.  We were supposed to have it two weeks ago, but we had bad weather, according to the weather man.  The only job in the world that you can be wrong so many times, but still get paid.  We had cancelled it anticipating it was going to be really rainy.  It ended up being absolutely gorgeous.  That’s okay because we are going to have it this weekend.  Friday and Saturday, if anybody has any donations, please bring it over to The After.  I want to thank The After for allowing the use of the lower end of their parking lot.  It’s wonderful.  It also helps them, people go in, they have lunch, they come out and they shop.  It’s all good.  That’s all I have to report.  I open the public portion.  Anybody from the public?  We have visitors tonight, but they are not moving.  Are you just here to observe for school or for Scouts? 

Mr. Roman:  They had free tickets, that’s why.

President Labow:  You got free tickets?  Your welcome.  We’re glad you’re here this evening.  If you have any questions after the meeting…anytime you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Administration, the Council, our Township Clerk or just see anyone of us at any time, we’re happy to help you out.  Council Comments.  Mr. Mayor.




Mayor Greenbaum:  I forgot to mention one thing, which I’m sure you are all very interested in.  We are very fortunate to have business entities in town that really care about our community.  This Friday, Givaudan is presenting to the Police Department, an ice sled, which can be used by appropriately trained individuals in any future events that we might have on the lake where that apparatus would come in to assist us.

President Labow:  Excellent.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Kudos to Givaudan once again for stepping up to the plate on behalf of the residents of Mount Olive. 

President Labow:  Where is that going to be stored?

Mayor Greenbaum:  Right now, the Police Department is taking control over that piece of apparatus.  I don’t have the answer as to where it’s going to be stored.  My understanding is that there will be a brief ceremony at 9 a.m. at the bench area near the lake where the Police Department and the Township is going to recognize Givaudans efforts in that regard.

President Labow:  Wonderful.  We are onto Council Comments.  We have Mr. Ferrante.


Mr. Ferrante:  Nothing today.

President Labow:  Mr. Nicastro.

Mr. Nicastro:  Yes.  I just wanted to reach out…I just got an e-mail, I guess its tonight.  The Mount Olive High School Boys Varsity Soccer, they are Conference Champions for the first time in our history.

Mr. Perkins:  Alright.

Mr. Nicastro:  That’s something good.

President Labow:  Wow!  Excellent!  Congratulations!  Mayor, are you going to have them in and do a little…

Mayor Greenbaum:  I’m not sure that’s 100 percent accurate.

Mr. Nicastro:  I just got an e-mail from the writer…

Mayor Greenbaum:  They maybe the top seed in the State Conference, but I don’t think the State Tournament has started…

Mr. Nicastro:  Oh, maybe.

Mayor Greenbaum:  …and they lost to Morristown.

President Labow:  Oh.

Mr. Roman:  Let’s get them in anyway, what the hell.

Mayor Greenbaum:  They haven’t started the State Tournament yet.

Mr. Nicastro:  Right, it’s got to be then that they made it to the Conference.

President Labow:  Mr. Roman has made history, two meetings in a row.

Mr. Roman:  Conference Division.

Mr. Nicastro:  In the Division, not Conference, that’s what she wrote.  That’s right.

President Labow:  Mr. Roman used a curse word at the last meeting and he used a curse word tonight. 

Mr. Roman:  It happens.


President Labow:  He’s going for three for three.  We’ll have to see what’s going to happen next meeting.

Mr. Roman:  The FCC is going to be sending me a letter soon.

Mr. Staszak:  MOTV will bleep it out.

President Labow:  There you go.  Thank you, Mr. Nicastro for bringing that because even still, that’s really great news.

Mr. Nicastro:  Either way is good.

President Labow:  It’s fantastic news.  Excellent.  Anything else, Mr. Nicastro?

Mr. Nicastro:  No.  Nothing else, I’m sorry.

President Labow:  That’s alright.  Mr. Perkins.

Mr. Perkins:  Thank you, Madam President.  Just want to remind everybody, November 5th is Election.  A lot of people on the slate including our Governor, our Legislative District, Freeholders, Council here in the local.  November 5th, regardless of what party affiliation you are, exercise your right, get out and vote, make a difference.  Thank you, Madam President.

President Labow:  Thank you.  Mr. Roman.

Mr. Roman:  I shouldn’t say anything more.  I’m good.

President Labow:  It’s always nice to hear from you, Mr. Roman.  Mr. Staszak.

Mr. Staszak:  Nothing after Mr. Roman.

President Labow:  Mr. Mania.

Mr. Mania:  I would just like to thank the Administration for a job well done cleaning up some of these lots where the houses have been abandoned.  Sean, great job. 

President Labow:  Great job.

Mr. Canning:  We’re not there yet, though.

President Labow:  We’re getting there.

Mr. Canning:  We’re getting there.

Mr. Mania:  I know we’ve got a few….we’re on top of it.

Mr. Canning:  Hopefully, we get a little more success next year.  It’s been frustrating.

President Labow:  It’s been a long process and it’s not just our town, its everywhere.  It’s very difficult, but I think we are doing the best job.  I wanted to say…I want to thank the Administration, I brought up an issue about Center Street, that it was sinking.  I had received an e-mail saying that the ETM’s beginning of the work was going to be October 15th and sure enough, I drove by and they were already working on it.  I was very, very pleased.  It was a situation where the road was settling right along the sewer line and the bus goes down there, the sanitation vehicles go down there.  It’s a very narrow road and sometimes you can’t avoid it and it just kept getting bigger and bigger and I just want to say thank you very much.  I brought it to their attention and they acted on it immediately. 

Mr. Canning:  I want to point out, Mr. Quinn and Mr. Lynch are doing an outstanding job catching up on the….not only that, there has been…it’s been very difficult.  They are a little short handed.  The larger projects are getting accomplished including the CDBG, which we have to get done by December.  They are also making a lot of headway into the potholes and the berms and they’re doing a good job.

President Labow:   Thank you.  It’s really nice too, like with the issue on Center Street.  The first thing we had make sure was with the collapsing of the road, that the sewer line wasn’t compromised and first they went out

with a camera.  Once they were assured to the fact that the sewer line was indeed intact, they moved to schedule the opening up the road and doing the renovations there.  I have no doubt, if it did show the sewer line was compromised, it would have been an immediate job.  I was very pleased to know, precaution was taken and I thank you very much.  That’s what we like to see.  You see something and go out there proactively and we get it done and we’re all good to go.  As soon as we win the Mega Million Bucks, we can repave every single road in town.  Then we’ll have a lot of speeding problems.

Mr. Roman:  Not here.

President Labow:  Mr. Mayor.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Sorry.  I just wanted to add onto what you were commenting on Colleen.  I think that Sean Canning, from my perspective, has done an incredible job in terms of staying on top of every issue, whether it’s personnel, whether it’s minor complaints, or major projects and has made my job much easier.  I will never repeat that again and if it’s stricken from the record, that’s okay too. 

President Labow:  We’re going to have to frame that.

Mr. Perkins:  Take that piece off the tape.

Mr. Staszak:  We’ll bleep that out like we did Mr. Roman’s.

Mr. Canning:  Now I know I’m getting fired.

Mr. Mania:  Quick question. 

President Labow:  Sure.

Mr. Mania:  Mr. Canning, what’s R & R doing on Mount Olive Road?  Are they putting catch basins in?

Mr. Canning:  Yes.  I think that’s catch basin/storm drain project.  I’m not familiar with the details of that grant though.

President Labow:  That’s a County road, right?  That’s a County section there?

Mr. Canning:  Yes, it might be a County job.  Tim Quinn and I haven’t spoken about that.  I’ve gone through there every day.  I see that they have the appropriate man power up there, the flag man and the DOT traffic signals.  It hasn’t been a local job.

President Labow:  Yes.  That is County road right there.  Okay.  Can I have a motion to adjourn?

Mr. Mania:  So moved.

Mr. Staszak:  Second.

ADJOURNMENT - Motion made and seconded. All in favor, none opposed, the meeting was adjourned at 7:42 p.m.

Colleen Labow, Council President

I, Lisa Lashway, Township Clerk of Mount Olive do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes are a true and correct copy of the Minutes approved at a legally convened meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council duly held on November 12, 2013.                                                                                               

Lisa Lashway, Township Clerk




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