Mt. Olive Township Council Minutes
January 15, 2002

The Regular Meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council was called to order at 7:30 pm by Council President Rattner with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


According to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate Notice of this Meeting has been given to the Mt. Olive Chronicle and the Morristown Daily Record. Notice has been posted at in the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Mt. Olive, New Jersey, and notices were sent to those requesting the same.

ROLL CALL: Present: Mr. Guenther, Mr. Greenbaum, Mrs. Miller,
Mr. Rattner, Mr. Scapicchio, Mr. Spino.
Absent: Mr. Perkins


Kathy Murphy: Good evening. Community Development Grants are due on the January 25th of this year and we are eligible to apply in three categories. It is required by Community Development that we discuss the applications at a Public Meeting and authorize me to file the grants. One of the three categories that we can file in are the improvements category. We have chosen to look into painting the Village Green Water Tank. We can request $100,000 and it is generally a project that goes about $200,000 in total costs. That is something that the DPW has put into this years Budget. It would entail going in, stripping any lead paint, and refitting it inside and outside and bringing up to OSHA requirements. This will be a similar project to what was requested for the Oakwood Village Water Tank that was done a couple of years ago. This is the same application that we filed last year. We missed by one last year. They encouraged us to come back again this year. They thought it was a good project. They just had more applications that were more of an emergency nature that were before them. So we would like to refile virtually the same report. The second application is $100,000 for technology wiring for the Library. The technology wiring is a portion of the Library's requirements that the grant that was not funded in the grant and it is also a portion that the Township is not paying for. The Library is responsible for raising the money for that activity. The Library is eligible to file requests $100,000, they can go in as the applicant. We'll see if we can get wiring for all the computers, terminals and all the wiring into the building for that activity. The third activity is in the services category, we are eligible to request $50,000 for services. Mt. Olive Health Department is trying to buy a new senior bus. They have budgeted for a bus and a new van this year. They have also budgeted for a driver. One of the things I was surprised to learn when I looked at their statistics over the last five years is in 10 years our senior population has increased 2.9%. In five years the ridership has increased 140%. We have greatly increased our services for senior citizens going to and from the Nutrition Center to the Senior Center and for grocery shopping. We have not been able to keep up pace with services such as getting them to the bank, the post office and for other shopping duties and for other activities. That is mainly because the buses that we have right now do not have the capacity, they have higher mileage and they are just in the shop to frequently to be able to provide all of those services. So if we apply for this obviously there is no guarantees. In this one category, even though the buses are eligible they have tentative favor, they do favor homeless programs, shelters and everything, but we really thing that this has the data to back up that need. We would like to apply in all three categories and see what we can do. I have checked it out with Community Development. They say all of those projects are eligible, they thought they were very good, but I could not convince them to write a check right then and there, so we are going to have to apply.

President Scapicchio: Any questions for Kathy? So what do you need us to do Kathy, a Resolution?

Mrs. Murphy: All I need to do is basically if you just take a roll call that you authorize me to file the applications, that you approve of that and that the Public is aware of those applications, then I could go ahead and file them.

Mr. Dorsey

WHEREAS Mrs. Kathy Murphy has appeared before the Township Council this evening for the purpose of describing the three specific Community Development Grant Applications she wishes to file with the County, namely a grant for senior bus, a grant for painting the water tank at Village Green, and a grant for a $100,000 for Library Technology wiring; and

WHEREAS the matter has been discussed at a Public Meeting and the Township Council believes that these are appropriate applications for the categories for which they may be filed in.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Township Council, Township of Mt. Olive does hereby authorize and direct Mrs. Murphy as Grant Coordinator to proceed to file those applications and pursue the grants.

Mrs. Miller seconded the motion on the above read Resolution.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously


President Scapicchio: New for 2002 we have a Public Comment Period at the beginning. The Public still has an opportunity to comment throughout the course of the meeting, and again at the end. This is just an added opportunity so with that I will open it to the Public for any comments. Seeing none, we will close the Public Portion of this meeting.


Mayor Licitra: I have one Proclamation if I may. This is honoring Brian Joseph Morris.

WHEREAS, on Saturday January 19, 2002 the Eagle Scout Community will hold a ceremony elevate to Brian Joseph Morris to rank of Eagle Scout and…

WHEREAS, Brian Joseph Morris represents the rare two percent of scouts who obtain this coveted award and…

WHEREAS, Brian Joseph Morris Eagle Scout Project was an environmental ecosystem improvements project which consisted of building an 18 ft. long bridge over the reservoir spillway, and the removal and collection of debris trimming of overgrown brush, weeds and shrubs within the reservoir area located in the community of Mt. Olive and;

WHEREAS, through his achievement, he has shown leadership devotion to duty and is an example of the best of our youth and;

WHEREAS Mt. Olive Township wishes to properly recognize and commend Brian Joseph Morris on this outstanding achievement.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT PROCLAIMED, that I, Paul R. Licitra; Mayor of Mt. Olive Township do hereby proclaim Saturday January 19, 2002 as Brian Joseph Morris Day in Mt. Olive Township.

Mrs. Miller: That's very nice I've had the privilege of walking across that bridge. It is a very nice bridge. It is down by the Hackettstown Reservoir.

President Scapicchio: Where exactly?

Mrs. Miller: Do you know where Old Mine Road is? It goes down to Hackettstown. It has been closed off. If you park there, there is a little place that you could pull over and you follow the road down it takes you right over the little bridge and there is a nice waterfall down there too.

President Scapicchio: Thank you.

Mr. Greenbaum: I have one question for the Administration. I know that we have received an update from Mark DiGennaro. Some time ago we had discussed D2L Associates, I am wondering if we could get an update on what steps are being taken to have someone from the Administration get licensed as a Grade 2 Facility Operator? If you don't know that answer, if you can get the answer for the next meeting so that when the renewal of the D2L contract comes up I feel that I have been informed throughout the process.

Mr. Guenther: Also for the Administration. I would just like to know what the status of the Turkey Brook time table is? Are they meeting all the deadlines?

Mayor Licitra: I was hoping that we take that up when the recreation report comes, but since you brought it up. We are going to have a meeting on Tuesday. All the deadlines are met. We did get some information from Olympus as far as costing is concerned. I was very pleased with it. We are going to get the packet. I

Mayor Licitra (cont'd): am going to be out next week, but there will be a meeting on Tuesday with the Turkey Brook Committee. They will discuss it, and we'll come back to you with a report on it. Whatever members are from the Board will come back with a report on it. We are on time Bernie.

President Scapicchio: Just as long as we are stuck on Administrative matters, I would just like to note for Public purpose that the Mayor and Administration did indeed present us with their 2002 Budget on time this evening. Mayor, Lisa reminded me that we usually put a copy on file at the Library and I gave the Clerk's Office Ray Perkins copy, so if we could get one more copy for Ray Perkins for when he gets back from his business trip.



Jan 8, 2002 CS Present: Mr. Rattner, Mr. Greenbaum, Mr. Perkins, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Spino, Mr. Guenther, Mr. Scapicchio
Absent: None

Nov 27, 2001 Present: Mr. Heymann, Mr. Guenther, Mr. Sohl, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Spino, Mr. Scapicchio, Mr. Rattner
Absent: None

Dec 4, 2001 Present: Mr. Heymann, Mr. Guenther, Mr. Sohl, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Spino, Mr. Scapicchio
Absent: Mr. Rattner

Mr. Spino moved for approval of the Minutes and Mrs. Miller seconded that motion.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously with the following exceptions:
Mr. Rattner voted no on December 4, 2001
Mr. Greenbaum abstained on November 27 and December 4, 2001


Resolution, Ordinances, Correspondence from Other municipalities

1. Letter received December 17, 2001, from James and Tracey Stackhouse regarding entering 11 Old Budd lake Road.

League of Municipalities

2. E-mail received December 14, 2001, from the New Jersey State League of Municipalities regarding League Legislative E-Line Alert for December 14th.

3. E-mail received December 18, 2001, from the New Jersey State League of Municipalities regarding League Legislative E-Line for December 18.

4. Legislative Bulletin received December 20, 2001, from the New Jersey State League of Municipalities regarding Bills that were enacted as Public Laws of 2001.

5. E-mail received December 21, 2001, from the New Jersey State League of Municipalities regarding Legislature "Fast Tracks" Trash Tax Bill.

6. Letter received January 3, 2002, from the New Jersey State League of Municipalities regarding "School Board Recognition Month."

7. E-mail received January 4, 2002, from the New Jersey State League of Municipalities regarding League Legislative E-line for January 4th.

8. E- mail received January 8, 2002, from New Jersey State League of Municipalities regarding Access to Records Reform, Mandatory Paid Leave, Clean Communities, Pension Parity for Vets, Quarries and Mines and Solid Waste Funding.

9. Letter received January 11, 2002, from the New Jersey State League of Municipalities regarding 2002 Legislative Priorities.


10. Letter received January 3, 2002, from the Musconetcong Sewerage Authority regarding a list of allocations for the participating municipalities in the 3.623 MGD Water Pollution Control Plant.


11. Newsletter received January 2, 2002, from Council on Affordable Housing regarding setting up dates for Focus Groups, Certifications and Two Freehold Township RCA's.

DOT / DEP / Permit's / LOI's

12. Notice received December 14, 2001, from NJ Transit regarding Proposed Bus, Rail, Newark City Subway, Hudson Bergen Light Rail, Bus Contract Carriers fare policy and fare increase proposal.

13. Letter received December 18, 2001, from the State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection regarding a Permit for the Mount Olive Township Water Department.

14. Letter received December 20, 2001, from the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding Authorization for Freshwater Wetlands Statewide General Permit No. 11 and Water Quality Certification. Applicant: Rose Manor Estates, Inc. Block 7702, Lots 16,26,27,& 28 (Old Lakeview Estates, now subdivision) / Block 2700, Lot 5 Route 46 (bog).

15. Request for Letter of Interpretation received December 21, 2001, from Potenta Environmental Consultants, L.L.C. Block 5300 - Lot 14 (220 Route 206).

16. Letter received December 21, 2001, from the State of New Jersey, Department of Transportation regarding Speed Limit along Route I-80 in the Township of Mount olive, Morris County.

17. Letter received January 3, 2002, from the State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection regarding Letter of Interpretation - Line Verification / Applicant: Gen III Builders Block 7801, Lot 41 (Mount Olive Road)

18. Letter received January 3, 2002, from the State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection regarding Letter of Interpretation - Presence / Absence Determination Applicant: Commerce Bank Block 8301, Lot 14,15,&16 (388,392,396 Route 46)

19. Letter received January 7, 2002, from the State of New jersey, Department of Environmental Protection regarding Authorization for Freshwater Wetlands Statewide General Permit No. 2 Applicant: Twp. Of Mount Olive Block 7600 Lot 23 (Wyndham Pointe)

20. Letter received January 9, 2002, from Ecol Science regarding Application for Statewide General Permits No. 6 and No. 20 and Transition Area Averaging Plan Block 104, Lot 1 (100 International Drive).

21. Letter received January 9, 2002, from the State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection regarding Letter of Interpretation - Line Verification Applicant: Gen III Builders Block 7801, Lot 41 (Mt. Olive Road).

Correspondence from Legislative Representatives

22. E-mail received December 14, 2001, from Congressman Frelinghuysen regarding Tax Relief for Victims and Families of 9/11 Attack.

23. Letter received December 20, 2001, from Assemblyman Bagger regarding Assembly Bill 3366/Senate Bill 1099 which modifies the time of decision rule and period of protection for certain development applications.

24. Letter received December 27, 2001, from Acting Governor Donald T. DiFrancesco regarding Res. A1420.

25. Letter received January 2, 2002, from Assemblyman Bagger regarding Assembly Bill 1420 which limits the duration of construction permits under certain circumstances.

26. Letter received January 9, 2002, from Assemblyman Garrett regarding a Resolution in Regard to Assembly Bill 3919 (assisting Municipalities in budgeting for the high rising cost for health insurance premiums and preparation for responses to terrorist threats and incidents).

Correspondence from Organizations / Committees / Boards

27. Letter received December 17, 2001, from Morris County Park Commission regarding the 2000 Annual Report.

28. Letter received December 27, 2001, Morris County Green Table regarding the Next meeting on Regional Open Space Planning in Morris County.

29. Letter received December 27, 2001, from Erosion Control Technologies regarding the Erosion Control Seminar and CPESC Exam.

30. Information received December 27, 2001, from The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships regarding Water Asset Management.

31. Letter received January 2, 2002, from the United States Department of the Interior National Park Service regarding Introduction of the Musconetcong Wild & Scenic River Management Plan and Schedule for Public Workshops.

32. Letter received January 9, 2002, from the Mount Olive Township Historical Society regarding "Seward Mansion."


33. Letter received December 17, 2001, from the State of New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control regarding Rocklim, Inc. T/A Limericks.

34. Letter received December 17, 2001, from the State of New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control regarding Rocklim, Inc. T/A Limericks.

Utilities / Cable

35. Fax received December 27, 2001, from Comcast regarding Change in certain payment procedures.

36. Letter received January 2, 2002, from Cablevision regarding a new Tariff.

37. Fax received January 7, 2002, from Comcast regarding Supporting Drug Free Celebrations, Franchise Checks, Comcast and AT&T Broadband to Merge, and Smith to Chair New Jersey Cable Association.

President Scapicchio stated that we had 37 items of Correspondence and asked if Council had any comments on same.

Mr. Rattner: Item No. 10, which is the MSA/MUA section. The Town received their allocation bill for the year 2002. I have good news that at this point this is actually going to be about $100,000 less and I am still working on getting that down further. In the paper for the last couple of years you know that Lake Hopactong has been moving forward with starting their Sewer Project, but before they could get going they needed a certain amount of allocation available for them. Prior to starting any construction, we were able to re-rate the plan. We were allowed to go up to 5%, go through all the testing, all the hearings. It is still a two year process that was just accepted. That gallonage will be given to Hopactong for their use. In fact I believe the Town about a year ago was asked because every Town on a prorate basis has their right of first refusal. What that does is spread the cost. So even the money that we spent on the last expansion we put in Budd Lake, Hopactong is now going to accept and start paying for even that capitol cost that we spent years ago, and paying it back. Additionally, which we will have to schedule for a workshop after the

Mr. Rattner( cont'd): administration talks it over with our Public Works Department, is the fact that about five or six years ago we borrowed 20,000 Gallons of allocation from the Town of Stanhope. That was because when we were moving forward with the Sewer Project, we had where AIG/Baker has now paid the upfront money for us to guarantee a certain amount of usage. We were 20,0000 gallons short at that time. They wanted to guarantee that even if we did not go forward, with the project after they spent the money, that they would be able to build what they had planned at that time. So we had borrowed the allocation and had been paying for it from Stanhope. We have to make a decision whether we want to give it back, and reduce our costs again; that would be about $20,000 a year, or do we think we could ask Stanhope, because I am not sure if they need it, that we were willing to keep it if we think we have use for it, but we have to make that decision. So we could reduce the usage fee even further. The MSA fees are the largest costs in the user fee that the Budd Lake Sewer user has. So anything we can do to reduce the costs is definitely a benefit to the user.

President Scapicchio: I sort of remember discussing that 20,000 gallons back when we had an agreement with CBI holding. John, does that jog your memory at all? I thought we gave that back.

John Dorsey: I don't think we gave anything back. I remember the agreement with CBI when we got money for the stream modeling of the Musconectong River so that we could know that we could go forward, but I don't think it was ever given back.

Mr. Rattner: If you remember, when we did that, was so we did not have to upfront any of the money for the early planning. Basically we sold what allocation we had at the time, that only the Village Green was in, but we came up 20,000 short, but we got paid in advance.

President Scapicchio: Mayor, do you want to have our DPW director look into that and make a recommendation on what we should do with that 20,000 gallons, and get back to the Council.

Mayor Licitra: Yes. Why don't we do that.

Mr. Rattner: That's why I said that, you know we would have to give the Administration time to talk it over with the Public Works Director, look at what the future looks like, and then we could discuss it better at a workshop.

President Scapicchio: Sandy, do you know what he is talking about?

Mr. Kaplan: Yes. Should we have Lisa schedule that for a workshop now sometime in the future? 90 days from now. Do you think that is enough?

Mayor Licitra: Why don't you do it a month from now. I think Mark is on top of this.

President Scapicchio: Lisa, could you schedule this for a workshop say 30-45 days. Anyone else on correspondence?

Mr. Guenther: I just want to make note of item No. 32 from the Historical Society. I guess it was addressed to the Mayor. There was a report in the paper that the County is pushing for something to be designated for Historical Preservation in addition to the Open Space. They plan to put it on the ballot. What do you feel Paul? Had there been any plans at to do anything at all with the Seward Mansion on our part?

President Scapicchio: Yes. As you know, we did get an oral report from Olympus which I am trying to get right now into writing from them on their opinion. Olympus isn't a qualified historical restorer of old mansions. If we are going to do something, I told Kathy today, I said why don't you go out for some pricing and see how it comes back right now. We are both of the opinion, there is $700,000 available from the County, but they have a lot of projects already geared for that. That's fine. They have people that have been waiting for 10-15 years for some of that money. We'll get in line like everybody else. Our first blush is that it was about a million dollars that it is going to cost to fix that up, but that was done by a non-historical engineer. I think they were pretty well on the money. So I told Kathy go out, get some prices, and then lets see if it's money we could put in the Budget if it isn't going to break the bank this year. Lets find out how much it is going to cost to fix up Seward Mansion.

Mr. Guenther: In other words to get a professional consultant.

Mayor Licitra: Correct.

President Scapicchio: Anyone else on Correspondence? Okay. We have no Ordinances for Public Hearing this evening. We have two Ordinances for First Reading.


Ord. #1-2002 An Ordinance of the Township of Mount Olive Amending Chapter 400, Article III, §400-10 of the Code of the Township of Mount Olive to Waive Construction Permit Fees for Work Done to Promote Accessibility by Persons with Disabilities.

Mr. Ratter moved that Ord #1-2002 be introduced by Title and Passed on First Reading and that a meeting be held on February 12, 2002 at 7:30 pm and Mr. Guenther seconded that motion.

President Scapicchio: Council discussion?

Mr. Guenther: I sent you all an e-mail regarding this, I thought I would get some response, I didn't. I still think even though it is a remote possibility, I think there should be an economic qualifier in this Ordinance. In other words, that it be a family of somebody that is in need of this kind of thing. If it could be somebody that lives in a half a million dollar home who could afford to do it. I don't think it is really meant for that. for that. I think it is meant to help people that are in some financial straits. I want to put some kind of qualifier in there. I wanted Mr. Dorsey's opinion about that and how we could tackle that.

Mr. Dorsey: I faxed something back to you. I thought Lisa said we weren't going to change the Ordinance. If you are going to put a financial qualifier in, then you have to specify exactly what it is. You have to establish the means and the criteria for doing it. You could do it. But you have to set up exactly what the standards are so everybody knows whether they comply and you want the Director of Social Services to make a recommendation. She has got to have a criteria to apply.

Mr. Rattner: I had the same concern when we discussed this at Workshop and then it was further refined. I was satisfied that it was only the permit fee. It's not the inspections, it's not the Escrow accounts for other reviews, looking at what the permit fee is, it is really a de minimous amount in general. If we had to do any type of review, regardless of what standard we put in, it would probably cost more than the amount that we are basically giving the break on, the rebate, whatever we want to call it, What we are waving. Also, at the same time, it would put a burden on the applicant, and considering the dollar amount I don't think it is really fair to say yes, we'll save you the $50.00, or the $100.00 fee and make them spend three days getting all the documents together, tax forms, bank accounts and information like that for regular review. So since it's only the permit, and since that is the way it is described itself, it is not that big and I don't have any problem with it at this point.

Mr. Greenbaum: I have to agree with Steve. I think I am the one that raised the issue at the Workshop with regard to putting some financial showing into the Ordinance and I think John just convinced me that it would just be opening Pandora's Box in terms of what the necessary showing would be, in light of the fact that I think it is going to be a de minimous amount of people who are going to take advantage of this, and it is a de minimous amount of money that is being waived by the Township, that it is best left as is. If there is a problem with it, I assume we could re-examine it at some point in the future.

John Dorsey: You could always amend an Ordinance.

President Scapicchio: Bernie?

Mr. Guenther: I'll go with the majority.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously.
Ord. #2-2002 An Ordinance of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Amending and Supplementing Article III Entitled "Township Attorney," Section 4-10 Retainer; Term of Appointment.

Mr. Greenbaum moved that Ord.#2-2002 be introduced by Title and Passed on First Reading and that a meeting be held on February 12, 2002 at 7:30 pm and Mrs. Miller seconded that motion.

President Rattner: Council Discussion. Seeing none.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously.


Resolutions on the Consent Agenda List are considered to be routine and non-controversial by the Township Council and will be approved by one motion (one vote). There will be no separate discussion or debate on each of these resolutions except for the possibility of brief clarifying statements that may be offered. If one or more Council member requests, any individual resolution on the Consent Agenda may be removed from the Consent Agenda List and acted on separately.


1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Awarding a Contract to Andrews & Company for the Cleaning of the Mount Olive Municipal Building and Senior Center at a Price Not to Exceed $36,375.00

2. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Township Administrator to Execute DEP Form Mount Olive Authorizing the Township Administrator to Execute DEP from Mount Olive Authorizing the Township Administrator to Execute DEP Form WQM-003 in Connection with the Offices at Paragon Village.

3. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing a Contract with Golub Animal Hospital for Animal Control Purposes.

4. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Urging the New Jersey Legislature to Adopt an Amendment to N.J.S.A. 19:1-1 et seq. to Provide that School Board and School Budget Elections be Held at the General Election in November.

5. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Proclaiming January 2002 as School Board Recognition Month in the Township of Mount Olive.

6. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Execution of a Stipulation of Settlement in the Issuance of the 2001/2002 Plenary Retail Consumption License No. 1427-33-017-010 to Rocklim, Inc., Trading as Limericks.

7. Resolution Authorizing an Agreement with Mount Olive Township and the Morris County Adaptive Recreation Program for the Year 2002.

8. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Release of a Maintenance Bond Submitted by HRG, Inc., In Connection with the Development Referred to as Weis Markets, Inc.

9. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Return of Certain Performance Guarantees in Connection with Comfort Suites/Atrium Hospitality, Inc., Formerly Deepack Corporation.

10. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Release of Cash Performance Guarantees Posted by IHI Development Corporation.

11. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing a Reduction in the Performance Guarantees Submitted by Fieldview Associates, LLC in Connection with the Development of Lot 7, Block 4500.

Mrs. Miller moved for approval of Resolutions No. 1 through 11 and Mr. Guenther seconded that motion.

President Rattner: Any Public Comment on Resolutions No.1 through 11? Council comments on the Consent Resolution Agenda?

Mr. Rattner: I have been wrestling with No. 6. In fact, I am still wrestling with it tonight which is authorizing the liquor license for the establishment known as Limericks. Maybe it is because I have been
here along with Mr. Spino for the whole history of Limmericks from when it was the Drakestown Inn, when it was a respectable place. The real issue is that this has been a thorn in our side that they flagrantly violated. The different laws that were in effect at the time, we've made agreements with them because we have had the same discussion for the last couple years at renewal time and we have gotten each time an agreement to do certain things, not all of them were done. I was sold on let's go with very strict regulations. But then looking at what we got in the mail from the State about additional violations, that actually happened at the same time and after the discussions and the agreement came about with the Police Chief makes me have the concern that the establishment either does not want to obey all the regulations or they're really incapable. Either way I have a problem. It is not the type of Business. Everybody has the right. The Constitution is very plain and we have another one in Town. We have a similar establishment by the lake. I don't remember any of these issues coming up over the years. It is the same establishment probably some of the personnel are employed and it is just run completely differently. We have not had a problem renewing theirs and they have taken charge. At this point until I actually cast my vote I am not sure where I am going with it.

Mr. Dorsey: Let me just say this. We went through this a week ago. The Chief of Police recommends this. The limitations that are now placed on this License by the stipulation essentially came out of a study made by him and I think some considerable thought. Mr. Greenbaum wanted me to guarantee and I will guarantee that from the standpoint of the Township the Township is in a better legal position if it adopts the stipulation and effectuates these conditions on this license because we are in a no man's land at the moment where the Township denied the renewal last year. It was a very split vote. The ABC simply then stayed the denial of the renewal, so that the moment the Chief of Police who I think is anxious to enforce these stipulations, can't do so. You can vote no, but it's my considerate judgment that it is in the Township's best interests for this to go forward, and the Chief of Police is in favor of it as well.

Mr. Rattner: I understand that and I understand exactly what you are saying, I still have the bad feeling that we have done this for the last two or three years and it is exactly the same conversation.

Mr. Dorsey: They are not the same stipulations.

President Rattner: We thought we had good stipulations the last time.

Mr. Greenbaum: I am sure that we will be discussing Limericks well into the future, regardless of the stipulations that we enter into or don't enter into. The bottom line with regard to my vote is that it puts us in a better position. To vote no does not do anything for us. It keeps us in exactly the same spot that we are in. So to me, it is a no brainer.

President Scapicchio: Anyone else?

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously with the exception of Mr. Ratter who voted no on No. 6
and Mr. Spino who voted no on No. 4.


Mr. Dorsey: Let me just give a short explanation as to these two resolutions. As you know in connection with the development of the Trade Zone South, or the AIG Complex, part of the agreements with the State NJ called for a new traffic signal to be installed at 206. The agreement that is referred to here is an agreement to be signed by the State of NJ - The Developer AIG/Baker and the Township of Mount Olive. I believe the light has already been installed, but anyway the agreement specifically requires AIG/Baker to install the light at it's cost to the full satisfaction of NJDOT . It then calls upon the Township to pay for electrification of that light and that then brings us to the Resolution authorizing execution of the Reimbursement agreement with AIG/Baker. Although in the agreement with the State, the Township is obligated to pay for the electricity, the second agreement; reimbursement agreement, obligates AIG/Baker to reimburse this on a monthly basis, or whatever basis we get that electric bill. So the Township essentially assumes the responsibility, but as David likes to do, immediately pass any financial responsibility off so there is a wash. The two agreements fit like hand and glove and can be moved together.

President Scapicchio: Could I get a motion to move Resolutions No.'s 12 and 13.

12. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing a

Reimbursement Agreement with AIG Baker Mount Olive, LLC.

13. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing a Traffic Signal Agreement Between the Township of Mount Olive and N.J.D.O.T.

Mrs. Miller moved for approval of Resolution No. 12 & 13 and Mr. Guenther seconded that motion.

President Scapicchio: Before we do Public Comment, I know there is a representative of AIG/ Baker in the Audience, would you like to address the Council on these two Resolutions sir?

Bruce Benton, Senior Vice President, AIG/Baker: I am the guy that is in charge of construction and the one responsible for the mud and the dust, and the back ups on Route 46. Over a year ago we came and asked this Council for permission to build this shopping center here. We have finished the site work. The Lowes building is essentially finished. The Wallmart is finished and it is ready to open a week from tomorrow. We come tonight for a small Resolution, but I want to give a big thanks to this Town and to the people that you have in this Town that have enforced your code. Sonny Wolski, Gene Buczynski, they have made sure this project is built with a very high standard of quality, and I want to thank you again.

Mrs. Miller: When is the traffic congestion going to end on Route 46, are you finished with the paving yet?

Bruce Benton: Yes Charlene, we finished it today as a matter of fact. We are scheduled with DOT tomorrow to go through all of their inspections and open that intersection completely.

Mrs. Miller: You can't believe what a disaster that was for the school bus drivers that have to get into Village Green and get in there and pick up the people that are right underneath the u-turn there. It was very difficult. Thank you, I am glad it's over.

President Scapicchio: Any Public comment on these two Resolutions?

Bob Elms, Budd Lake, NJ: On the Resolution for the traffic light, I had asked at one of the other meetings why this traffic light was going to effect the traffic light on Goldmine Road. Somebody told me they had letters from the State requiring that the two traffic lights could not co-exist in those two locations. I would like to know who has that information, and how could I get it?

President Scapicchio: He did bring that subject up, and I thought we directed someone to get Gene Buczynski to share that correspondence with Mr. Elms. Mayor what do you think the best way to precede now to get that information to Bob?

Mayor Licitra: Ask Mr. Buczynski to share his information with Mr. Elms.

President Scapicchio: Lisa, maybe you could contact Gene Buczynski and have him contact Bob Elms, maybe that is the fastest way to accomplish that.

Mrs. Lashway: Okay.

Mr. Elms: I will be happy to contact Gene as long as the Township is in agreement to provide that information.

President Scapicchio: That is fine. Lisa, don't worry about it he is going to contact Mr. Buczynzki.

Mayor Licitra: If you are not going to do it, then run it to my office and I will have Gene do it. Would you please?

President Scapicchio: We will do nothing. It will run through the Mayor's office.

Mr. Spino: You might also want to contact Roxbury, since both the lights are in Roxbury. From what I remember of it; part of the decision was made by them, not to fight for the second light. That is what I remember.

Mr. Dorsey: Well let me just say this. In connection with the light we are dealing with tonight. Roxbury signed over the jurisdiction of this light to Mt. Olive in 1999.

Mr. Spino: That is for the light at Goldmine Road.

Mr. Dorsey: The light we are talking about the agreements on here tonight.

Mr. Spino: Right. They asked; in fact both of us wanted to have both lights, but the State said they were too close together. I know Roxbury had a meeting about it, then decided not to fight to keep the second light.

President Scapicchio: Mayor your office is going to get Gene Buczynski to contact Bob Elms.

Mayor Licitra: He'll get us the information and we will send it out.

President Scapicchio: Great. Thank you. Anyone from the Public?

Jerry Roskoff, Budd Lake, NJ: Just out of curiosity. If somebody else is paying for the light, they are also paying for the electricity. What happens if the light breaks. Who pays for fixing it? Who gets some official from the Police Department?

Mr. Dorsey: The State would be responsible for that. If the light breaks - I see this happen every once in a while, a tractor trailer will run into the light and knock it over. Well then obviously a tractor trailer becomes responsible and the State replaces it.

Mr. Roskoff: Yes, although sometimes these things malfunction without the aid of a truck.

Mr. Dorsey: The State will maintain a light. They have an electrical department.

Mr. Roskoff: So we have no responsibility at all for the light.

Mr. Dorsey: The only responsibility we have is if we determine to move the light. If we determine to move the light, the cost of removal and replacement will be ours.

President Scapicchio: Anyone else from the Public?

David Yourish, Budd Lake, NJ: Since you are talking about traffic lights, I just want to switch to the 46 side. I have one question. Maybe you have already answered this. On the 46 side with those two lights, the one by the International Trade Center and the one by the Village Green, are they going to be timed to allow traffic to run smoothly through both the lights or are they are to be timed to allow traffic to run smoothly through both the lights, or are they going to be timed where one light is red and one light is green. For instance, if you notice during the summertime, what happens is traffic backs all the way up to route 80, which is a very unsafe position. So I was just curious, if you knew that at this point in time.

President Scapicchio: Does AIG/Baker have any thoughts on that traffic timing?

Bruce Benton: I will be glad to take that to the Department of Transportation tomorrow so they could look at it carefully. I could follow up with a letter for fax.

Mayor Licitra: DOT is aware of it. They are aware of the timing factors. They are the ones that set the timing factors. They have already adjusted it twice already. I noticed, about six months ago, all of the sudden the traffic started flowing a little better because of the adjustment. So that's what they do. So right now they'll be in the process of adjusting that as time goes on.

President Rattner: That helped by extending the lights. They have been doing that in a lot of areas, but I think the question was, were they going to be synchronized and from what I understand at least from what we got back from the State, those are both mechanically driven lights that would take a complete new technology. A new set. I guess rewiring. Probably setting up a computer, because that is what happens to coordinate it, and I have not seen that. AIG/ Baker can let the State know, but unless they want to allocate the money at this point to do it.

Mr. Youish: I understand what you are saying, they're mechanical so they are just. They are not even counting the cars. They are just sitting there for ten seconds. The Village Green light, allows you if you are traveling eastbound on 46 to turn left. So that light is going to resynchronize by itself and so is the other

Mr. Yourish (cont'd): light down by the International Trade Center. What is going to happen is they are going to conflict after a period of so many months. So the light by the International Trade enter will be green but the light at the Village Green Center will be red. So the traffic will back up, and back up into that intersection if I understand it correctly. I hope that is not the case, but if you have computerize it. The light on Sandshore and Naughtright, that is a smart light. It has computer connectology. It knows how many cars are in the left hand turn lane, so it stays green until those cars go, then it turns the entire light green to let the other side of the traffic go.

Mr. Rattner: From what I understand the one at the Village Green is Mechanical. What they do, is the pressure is when it sets it. So if nobody is waiting at Village Green the light won't change. What they did, because I know the Police Chief I believe last year went down when we were having the big back ups. He had an officer two days in a row manually control the light. Basically increase the time that Rt. 46 would have the green by something like 10, and then 15 seconds. Just by changing that amount. If you got an extra seven or eight cars every cycle through, it alleviated the problem. If you remember, the traffic light that was the problem was the one at the Village Green because the ones that got up to Netcong Road. There is no problem, and that many cars did not turn off Netcong Road. But then that is all they did, was manipulate the cycle, but it didn't have anything to do with coordination. I don't think those lights are capable of it.

Mr. Yourish: So we are just going to have to wait and see what happens, and adjust it there. Thank you.

President Scapicchio: Anyone else from the Public. Seeing none, we will close the Public Portion on the these two Non Consent Resolutions. Any Council Comments on these two Resolutions? Seeing none.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously with the exception of Mr. Spino who voted no.



1. Bill List.

Mr. Guenther moved for approval of the Bill List and Mrs. Miller seconded that motion.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously

2. Approval of Raffle Application #1018, #1019 for the Mt. Arlington PTA and Raffle Application #1020 for the Mt. Olive Jr. Marauders Football Association.

Mr. Ratter moved for approval of Raffle Application #1018, #1019 for the Mt. Arlington PTA and Raffle Application #1020 for the Mt. Olive Jr. Marauders Football Association and Mr. Guenther seconded the motion.

President Scapicchio: Charlene, you wanted to add a motion to this.

Mrs. Miller: Yes, I wanted to make a motion to appoint Kathy Murphy to the Open Space Committee. We had discussed this at the political caucus. She was the Environmental Commission Liaison to the Open Space Committee and she is not on the Environmental Commission anymore. Judy Hirky who is the Chairperson of the Environmental Commission can be the Liaison for the Environmental Commission, we could appoint Kathy and that is a Council Appointment to the unexpired term that Judy held.

Mrs. Miller made a motion to Appoint Kathy Murphy to the Open Space Committee and Mr. Spino seconded that motion.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously


Library Board Liaison Report

Mrs. Miller: We met last Wednesday, and I have a letter here from Schoor DePalma dated December 27th. It seems to indicate that for the water and the Sanitary Sewage that we need to negotiate for that with the Mrs. Miller (cont'd): Mt. Olive Village. They really can't because we are in litigation with them. It indicates in this letter that the Governing Body will have to assist in this discussion with Mt. Olive Villages. It just seems that we are going around and around so I am asking Administration if we can start discussing how our Library is going to get Water and Sanitary Sewage?

Mr. Rattner: I just want to say one thing about Litigation. We have been in litigation with that Developer since at least 1994. When we got the allocation for this building, we were in litigation. When the Schoolboard got allocation for the school, they were in litigation. So, I do not think that really is a problem. If it's in the service area, and they have gallonage available, remember we went down and through the discovery from the lawsuit, we were able to tell they had the gallonage. They had to let us in. Now of course you have to negotiate a price. I believe on of the things that we may have to do; the simplest thing to do if it hasn't already been done, is the land that we purchased from the Church should be merged with the lot that we have here, because we want to make sure because of the way the lines are drawn, and they won't split up a lot for being in a service and water area, that we are in the franchise area. We know that this lot is definitely in it. If we merged the lots, then all the property would be in it. That would be the simplest way of doing it. That is what we should move on right away, and start whatever negotiations we need to get in the gallonage.

President Scapicchio: Mr. Dorsey?

Mr. Dorsey: Yes.

President Scapicchio: We are talking about the Water and Sewer hook-up for the new Library. I guess the Library is having a problem, or don't think that they should negotiate with the water purveyor. Steve had just suggested that we combine this building lot with that Library building lot, and then begin negotiations for Water & Sewer.

Mr. Dorsey: That's very shroud.

Mr. Scapicchio: Can you follow through with whatever appropriate legal action needs to be taken to accomplish that?

Mr. Dorsey: Yes. We'll follow that through. I don't see any reason. Let him make the connection. It is all one franchise area.

President Scapicchio: Well, it was just brought to our attention the Library and Schoor DePalma raised an issue. I guess it seems that at this point it is a stumbling block.

Mr. Dorsey: I would call Gene tomorrow.

Mrs. Miller: Thank you.

Mr. Scapicchio: Thank you. Anything else on the Library, Charlene?

Mrs. Miller: No, that's it for now.

Recreation Report

Mr. Guenther: No. Report. The Mayor has already given us the report on Turkey Brook. I have nothing further to report.

Board of Health Report

Mr. Scapicchio: Ray is on a business trip so we won't get Board of Health report.

Planning Board Report

Rob Greenbaum: We met. Reorganized, there were no changes with regard to the Reorganization. Sandy Geiger was elected Chairperson, and John Mania remained as Vice Chair. We had been dealing with Woodland Estates which is a 10 unit sub-division on Second Street in Budd Lake. There was a lot of concerned citizens at the meeting and that hearing continues. Chuck also brought to our attention a proposed Ordinance modification which he is going to bring to Council I assume at some point in the future,

Mr. Greenbaum (cont'd): Ordinance is likely to contain a requirement that any application including a clustered development contain relating to residential clusters. That particular Ordinance has not been finalized, but the substance of the shall be no greater than the number of units that the entire tract would yield in a conventional design sub- a conventional sub-division design and also that the number on units permitted in a clustered development shall be no greater than the number of units that the entire tract would yield in a conventional design sub- division. We meet Thursday night, there are two development matters on and offhand the only one that I remember is that Shoprite is coming in with regard to the Weiss Supermarket property and they have three proposed modifications that they seek and we will be taking it up on Thursday.

President Scapicchio: That is a Planning Board Issue Rob.

Mr. Greenbaum: It is a Planning Board Issue. They are looking to do site plan modification originally with regard to the existing structure to go out back to add additional storage, freezer space. The second application or part of the application relates to a free standing 11,000 square ft. structure, that they want to build on the site to be used for additional storage. I don't know whether they intend to relate to Shoprite or if it is just Shoprite's desire to bring additional traffic into that site by having additional stores located on the site. I believe the third proposed modification relates again to adding to the additional structure where Weiss currently operates out of now.

President Scapicchio: Thanks Rob. Good report.

Open Space Committee Report

Mrs. Miler: I have been notified that they also need a Planning Board Member so maybe Rob can suggest that at the next Planning Board Meeting.

Mrs. Lashway: I spoke to Chuck, and he was going to bring it up to the Board. It used to be Earl. Earl was a liaison, but not he is not and it is a Planning Board Appointment to choose who was a liaison to the Open Space Committee.

Legislative Committee Report

Mr. Guenther: There is none at this time.

President Scapicchio: Master Plan Report, I was there this past Wednesday. I left early because I had a meeting with the Flanders Homeowners Association. Can the Mayor or Rob give a small report on how that meeting finished up?

Mayor Licitra: We took the recommendations. The preamble. There you saw what exactly we are looking to do with the Master Plan, the direction. Sort of like more of a management report, at the beginning on what we are doing with the Master Plan. We went back and forth. Some real good information was gathered, plus I am very impressed with the Planner, and what he wants to do for Mt. Olive. My last question was, we should have something within three months, maybe for six months for adoption. You should be seeing something within three months maybe four. Then meetings, and between the Planning Board and yourselves go for adoption. So it should be six months before we finish. Like I said, I was very impressed with the way Chuck handled it. I was very impressed with the plan of the way he put it together. I think we are going to get a great document.

President Scapicchio: Thank you. Does anybody have anything else to add to that?

Pride Committee Report

Mr. Guenther: None at this time

President Rattner: Okay, that brings us to the Public Portion of this meeting. Anyone from the Public have any comments for the Board?

Colleen Labow, Budd Lake, NJ: I actually have a couple of questions. Bare with me please. I just want to ask Rob about the Clustering Home, that you brought up about Chuck. Does that pertain to Second Street?

Mr. Greenbaum: Not as far as I know. They have not chosen the Cluster option with regard to the Second Street Development, so it would not apply and it's not adopted so it does not apply.

Mrs. Labow: It wouldn't apply. Okay, I just wanted to make sure on that. The other question, I just want to say about the Ordinance that you passed with the School Board Election to be held the same time as the General Election, and I think that is a really a great idea. That's going to save quite a bit of money, wouldn't you say? Was that the purpose, or to get more voters out?

President Scapicchio: A combination.

Mrs. Labow: Last week I brought up about the handicapped persons in our Town that need rides to get to work and what not, and you talked about having checking out MAPS to see if that was available. Was anybody able to do that?

President Scapicchio: That was left in Earl's hand for the ADA Committee. I don't believe the ADA Committee has met since that workshop.

Mrs. Labow: On that Ordinance 01-02. I just have a question. It is hypothetical but it's a possibility. The farm that the Town is purchasing, on Stephen State Park Road, in Budd Lake. If somebody decided to purchase that property when it goes up for bid, for the auction. If they wanted to change the existing structure to make it into a horse farm for handicapped children, and they are going to use existing structure that is there.

Mr. Rattner: Did you stay up all night thinking of this?

Mrs. Labow: No. I just know that it is something that is a possibly, and I was just wondering if you have a scenario like that…

Mr. Dorsey: Your are thinking about Charter's Farm. Charter's Farm is I think about 65 acres.

Mrs. Labow: 73 acres.

Mr. Dorsey: 73 acres, and it does have a single family farmhouse on it with a barn. The concept has been that the Township in equal partners with the County will buy that property and it will then give a Farmland type preservation type easement to the State Farmland Preservation Committee. Before it does that, it is going to sell the house, and a certain amount of land. Knowbody knows exactly what the arrangement will be in terms of that sale. It really is dreadfully hypothetical because I am not even going to assure you that the house would be sold with anything more than say an acre or two.

Mrs. Labow: This is not regarding the house. The farm itself. If somebody was going to bid on that and possibly get that and they wanted to use it for…

Mr. Dorsey: Okay. Somebody is going to buy the land?

Mrs. Labow: Buy the land, and their possible plans; and they have checked it with the State and they have been given preliminary okay on it. They were going to retrofit that barn for an indoor arena and they want to have an outdoor arena for handicapped which they will be bringing in from all over the Tri-State area. How does this new Ordinance play into that?

Mr. Dorsey: The new Ordinance is… I am not sure what Ordinance you are referring…But anyway

Mrs. Labow: It is on for first reading, for the handicapped for the permits. All it would apply to is the permits right?

Mr. Greenbaum: It would not apply.

Mrs. Labow: Okay I just wanted to clarify that.

Mr. Greenbaum: If it was for that persons' own personal living unit, then it would apply, the waiver of the permit fees. But if it were for any other reason, other than for its own personal living structure, it would not apply.

Mrs. Labow: That is how I understood it, I just wanted clarification. Next question. Mr. Dorsey approached me before the meeting, and you explained to my question that I posed two weeks ago. I was wondering if you could repeat that on the record for me.

Mr. Dorsey: Mrs. Labow raised the question essentially that the Township Administrative Code which has been in existence for over thirty years was adopted in about 1970 provided for about a two year term for the Township Attorney. 1970, that was right after the Township went through a change in Government from Township Committee to Faulkner Form of Government. I was not here then, but the change was made. It
was typical in those times that the Attorney's term would either be for the term of the Mayor or every two years because that is the term of the Council. Sometime after that the Statute was changed so the Municipal Attorney's terms to be for one year. The Ordinance tonight brings everything into sync. It brings what has been in the Administrative Code into sync with the State Statute and the fact of the matter is that although the Administrative Code has provided for two years, we have since 1984, I know from the contracts in my office each year the Township Council has adopted a separate Resolution appointing and issuing administrative contracts. But because you raised the question, the Administrative Code of the Township will now be in sync with the Statute.

President Scapicchio: Thanks Colleen.

Mrs. Labow: Thank you.

President Scapicchio: Anybody Else?

Richard Bonte, Budd Lake, NJ: A couple things. First of all on this Ordinance 01-02, waiving of fees for construction permits. By the way I think this is great. It is a noble idea. Is it Allowable by DCA. They have very strict rules.

Mr. Dorsey: You can waive, Municipality can waive it's fees. What Municipality cannot do is waive State fees. For instance, I don't think in putting a ramp up, which would be the typical that would happen. I don't think there are any State fees involved in that. Clearly the Township has the right to waive its own fee.

Mr. Bonte There does seem to be a little bit of a disconnect between paragraph "A" and "B". In "A" I get the impression that no person; for example if I decided on my house, even though nobody disabled lives in my house that I wanted to put in a ramp for disabled people that might visit my house, that I would not be charged. Because it says no person shall be charged a construction permit. In paragraph "b" it talks about disabled people, so there might be some conflict there that maybe we might want to clean up. Also, next to he last line in paragraph "A", assuming that "A" is acceptable, between the word private and structure, maybe you might want to add the word residential to keep the context of "A" in line with "B", because "B" specifically talks about your own personal living unit, but "A" only says a private structure, which could be a private business, I would presume.

Mr. Dorsey: Where do you want to put residential in?

Mr. Bonte: Between private and structure. Again I don't know I whether "A" needs to be tightened up if your intent is only people who are disabled or have a disabled person living in that private residence. I don't disagree with it. Earl gave me this and it was a form of Ordinance that had been used in other Municipalities, so I wasn't to critical. I guess I looked for the loopholes John? I just want to avoid future conflicts. A comment Dave. It was wonderful. I don't know whether you did this at the last meeting regarding the moment of silence at the beginning of the meeting. I hope that you are planning on doing that for a number of meetings in the future. I think we all need to think about the people that are giving up their valuable time and maybe their lives, so that we can come here and do what we do every week. So I would like to see that continue.

President Scapicchio: Were you here at the Reorganization Meeting?

Mr. Bonte: Yes I was, but I was not here at the last meeting. I was not here at the Workshop.

President Scapicchio: In Caucus, we all discussed having what we will call a moment of reflection, and the majority thought that we did not want to have it both Workshop and Public Meetings, that some thought that that may minimize the importance of what we did. So we as a group decided that we would do that just at our Public Meetings.

Mr. Bonte: Yes, I agree with you. I guess what I am saying is I hope that you continue that.

President Scapicchio: It is something that is going to continue for 2002 and hopefully the next Council President will continue it if we are still at battle.

Mr. Bonte: With a reminder for all of us of why we are doing this. Now I have a couple of things I would like to ask Council to consider for this. Now I have a couple of things I would like to ask this Council to consider for this year. First, about a year and a half ago, you may recall that I submitted to the Council a proposal on how to handle hunting groups that hunt on lands that they don't own. A procedure from getting approval from the Town, to hunt on these lands. It has to do with the borders of those lands. A lot of groups that hunt in this Town, do not know where the borders of the lands are that they lease. After I had submitted that to this Council, it was agreed that this was a good idea and that it would be looked into. Eighteen months have gone by and nothing has happened. Again, I'll stress as I did eighteen months ago. I am not anti hunting. But it is important that the people who hunt on lands that are not their own property, know where the boundaries are. I would like to ask that we look into that, maybe have a discussion at a workshop and see if we can proceed towards implementing some type of procedure to assure that the hunters that on these lands know where the restrictions are, Okay?

President Scapicchio: Rich, lets just back up a second on that. Lisa said she did some research. But could not find anything to help us in that regard. Do you have anything that could help.

Mr. Bonte: I could pull my file and reprint it for you.

Mrs. Lashway: I still have your information.

Mr. Bonte: I know you may not be able to find anything on it. But I thought it was something that we as a Township might want to look into as far as implementing. Again, we are not regulating hunting, we are just trying to make sure that the people that…

President Scapicchio: Give me an idea Rich of what we would implement to try to control that. Help me along here.

Mr. Bonte: I know this goes on almost every year behind me. The hunting club leases the land. They post their signs, and they don't know where the borders are. They end up posting their signs about 300 ft. into my property, and to do that they have already crossed 500ft. of my neighbors property behind me. So they are grossly ignorant of where the lines are. I have spoken to them about it many times and they say well, our guys don't have any maps when they go out and do this, they just go out and do it where they have seen signs before. So the point is that they are telling me basically they put these signs up and they tell me I can't walk on my own property. They say no trespassing and they are on my property facing me, and they think they can hunt on my property. So I have to out every year and tear their signs down, and move my signs back to the back of my property. My thought was, in order for anybody that hunts on land that they don't own - these clubs. They would have to come in to Lisa and show that they have a map that defines the boundaries and a sign a certification that they have posted signs in accordance with this map and that every member of their club that hunts on this property, has a copy of this map. So that at least the members might have some idea of where they are supposed to be. I did not think that was any great imposition on them. It is basically saying look, you guys can hunt. Here are your boundaries. Know your boundaries.

President Scapicchio: So we would have to actually adopt an Ordinance.

Mr. Bonte: I would think. Now, I was led to believe that everybody thought this was a good idea. It was going to be brought up, and I lacked on following up myself, but I figured we have some new members tonight, it is the beginning of the New Year and I have two thing I would like you to take a look at this year. The other item. I think this ties in with I think with what Chuck is doing regarding looking at our regulations regarding clustering and how we require qualifying maps. I know that at the Planning Board we have beaten this to death. But I think it is something the Township should concider amending in our requirements. The residential site improvement specification for the State of NJ allow and encourage the use of local rainfall data if it is available for determining the size of retention and detention basins and the drainage culverts that come from them. Given that, if there is not a requirement for a developer to do that,
he gets to use the standards for the State, which are based upon rainfall data at the airport in Trenton Trenton averages about 15 inches a year annually less rainfall and their 100 year storm is about half the rainfall value of our hundred year storm. because of the mountainous terrain and the fact that you get much

Mr. Bonte (cont'd): more rainfall; especially thunderstorms, wintertime, northeast storms. This is all proven and documented. So what I would suggest is that we would consider putting into our Township Code, a requirement that any Stormwater Management Facilities designed within the Township of Mount Olive meet local rainfall data as opposed to the much more lenient standard that the State has due to the terrain. If you need any supporting background for this you just need to drive up to Sparta. We all know what happened there in 2000. There are still roads and bridges that are closed. So I think it would be a good idea for us to incorporate that in future developments.

Mayor Licitra: Yes rich, we did discuss this at the last Master Plan Committee Meeting and we are addressing it. I don't know which way it came out. I think we kind of put it on the table for the next meeting but we did discuss it.

Mr. Bonte: If you would like me to attend one of your meetings, where this is going to be discussed, I would be happy to.

Mayor Licitra: I would love you to Rich, but why don't you just give me the information as you did.

President Scapicchio: Rich, I was going to suggest this. Why don't you put your thoughts down on paper and send it to the Master Plan Committee members. That is probably the best thing you can do. If you need those names and addresses, either Lisa or the Mayor's office can get that list for you.

Mr. Bonte: Okay that is very easy to do because I have already done it for the Planning Board.

Mayor Licitra: Rich I say send it to me, but you are invited, Master Plan Committee meetings are open to the Public, so just find out when.

President Scapicchio: Well at some point in time all those meetings will be…

Mayor Licitra: Yes. But you rather have that incorporated in the final document.

Mr. Bonte: That is exactly why I am bringing it up now.

President Scapicchio: Anyone else from the Public? Seeing none, we will close the Public Portion of this meeting.


Mayor Licitra: I have none.

Mr. Rattner: Thank you Mr. President. You know when we make decision, every once in a while you wonder did we really do the right thing? Was it in the best interest. Some time ago we were talking about possibly allowing Chester to use some of our water from the Valley. Just a connection. Just use it as a transmission line, but now we are seeing, and we are seeing all over that there are water restrictions in the middle of the winter which has really been unheard of before, it's just that it has been that dry. One of the scary things is that it is on the whole eastern seaboard and we don't even have the real bad problem. I went up to Lake Placid this weekend. From Pequannock to Glen Falls, there is not even any snow on the ground. Lake Placid has less snow than we do. I also saw what looked like marshes. There were reservoirs that have already been depleted. This is in the mountains where it rains more. It is something that we are going to face for the future. They say this drought is actually three years in the running. But there really is a shortage of water. Now looking in back, we really did make the right decision. I know at the time it was
really hard because we looked at it as a way of upgrading some of our water systems by allowing somebody else to pay for it for some of the improvements. Now looking back we realize that we made the right decision. Sometimes it is not always clear cut. I think this one, especially what is happening now would, should that we did make the right decision. I am happy for that.

Mr. Greenbaum: No comments.

Mrs. Miller: No comments

Mr. Spino: I have none, thank you.

Mr. Guenther: None.

President Scapicchio: The only comment I will make is with respect to these two last minute Resolutions from AIG/Baker, I got a call from the Township Engineer on Friday to request whether or not that would be put on the Agenda at the last minute, and my job was easy, I said yes. But a lot of work went into this. A
lot of work went in behind the scenes from the Clerks' Office and the Township Attorney Dorsey, drafting these Resolutions and putting together these two agreements. I think that needs to go noticed. Seeing no further business, I'll move for Adjournment.

Motion made for adjournment. All in Favor, none opposed. The Meeting was Adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Council President

I, LISA M LASHWAY, Township Clerk of the Township of Mount Olive do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes is a true and correct copy of the Minutes approved at a legally convened meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council duly held on February 26, 2002

Mount Olive Township Clerk





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