Mt. Olive Township Council Minutes
May 23, 2006

The Regular Public Meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council was called to Order at 7:30 pm by Council President Greenbaum with the Pledge of Allegiance.
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE & MOMENT OF REFLECTION in recognition of the men and women fighting terrorism and those who have lost their lives defending the freedom we all enjoy


According to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting has been given to the Mount Olive Chronicle. Notice has been posted at the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Mount Olive Township, New Jersey and notices were sent to those requesting the same.

ROLL CALL: Present: Mr. Tepper, Mr. Buell, Mr. Biondi, Mr. Perkins, Mr. Rattner
Mr. Greenbaum, Mrs. Labow
Absent: None

Also Present: Rick Prill, Business Administrator; John Dorsey, Township Attorney;
Sherry Jenkins, CFO; Lisa Lashway, Township Clerk

Executive Session – Tax Appeals

President Greenbaum: The first item this evening is in Executive Session to discuss tax appeals, I expect it to be very brief, and we will take the executive session into the Council Conference room. Mr. Perkins, do you want to move us into executive session please.

Mr. Perkins: Yes, Mr. President. According to section 7 & 8 of the Open Public Meetings Act, I make a motion we move into Executive Session for the reasons of litigation.

President Greenbaum: Is there a second?

Mr. Buell: Second.

President Greenbaum: We will adjourn into Executive Session, we will be back shortly.

President Greenbaum: All in favor.


President Greenbaum: Mr. Perkins, do you want to move us out of Executive Session please.

Mr. Perkins: Yes, Mr. President. I make a motion that we move out of Executive Session.

President Greenbaum: Is there a second?

Mr. Rattner: Second.

President Greenbaum: All in favor.


PROCLAMATION OF THE MAYOR – Veteran’s of all Wars Memorial

President Greenbaum: We are out of Executive Session. The first item of business this evening is the Proclamation of the Mayor regarding the Veteran’s of all Wars Memorial. Mr. Prill, are you handling that this evening in the absence of the Mayor?

Mr. Prill: Yes I am.

President Greenbaum: Is the Mayor coming this evening?

Mr. Prill: He had indicated that he would not be here.

President Greenbaum: Okay.

Mr. Prill: This is a Proclamation of:


WHEREAS, Mount Olive Township acknowledges and honors the brave men and women both living and deceased, who have proudly served in our Country.

WHEREAS, countless heroic men and women have sacrificed their lives for the freedom that we enjoy.

WHEREAS, a concept has been presented to erect a living memorial to those who have served our great nation and to establish a place to properly retire the United Stated Flag.

WHEREAS, the American Flag represents a tribute to our democratic form of government that in its inception gave hope to all preserving liberty and justice for all.

WHEREAS, The American Flag commands respect and proper retirement in a manner that is consistent with something cherished and recognizing the extreme sacrifice to defend her honor.

WHEREAS, the Veterans of All Wars Memorial will provide a solemn place to go to reflect and/or celebrate the guardsmen of our freedom and to retire the American Flags that once flew proudly over American soil in a dignified manor in which it has earned.

NOW THEREFORE, be it proclaimed that I, Richard De La Roche, Mayor of Mount Olive Township do hereby proclaim unwavering support for the Veterans of All Wars Memorial to be constructed in Turkey Brook Park in the Township of Mount Olive.

Questions on Bill List?

President Greenbaum: Thank you very much. Are there any questions on the Bill List? I saw that Mr. Buell had a lengthy amount of questions. So Mr. Buell, why don’t you raise those questions.

Mr. Buell: Yes, the only ones....I have my answers to the vast majority of them. There are four of them, I did want to question at the end of the meeting or at some point, #06952, #051767-08, #061129 and #061107. That’s it.

President Greenbaum: Those have already been presented to the Administration?

Mr. Buell: Yes, they have.

President Greenbaum: You want to have a discussion at the end of the meeting related to those items?

Mr. Buell: Yes.

President Greenbaum: Does anyone else have any questions on the Bill List?

Mr. Rattner: Just one. The check to the Treasurer of the State of New Jersey, a stormwater discharge permit, is that a Soil Conservation permit....

Mr. Buell: I think that is #061129? That is one of the ones I have questioned.

Mr. Rattner: I am just wondering. I am just assuming. It just didn’t say anything about soil conservation, it said stormwater discharge permit. I just wanted to know if that is the permit charge.

Mr. Prill: I believe it is. It is one in the same.

Mr. Rattner: Thank you.

President Greenbaum: Any other questions?


May 9, 2006 CS
Present: Mr. Buell, Mrs. Labow, Mr. Tepper, Mr. Biondi, Mr. Greenbaum, Mr. Rattner
Absent: Mr. Perkins (for MOTPEA & Exempt Salaries) Present for Foote Litigation

President Greenbaum: Moving on with Approval of Minutes of previous meetings, the only Minutes are from the May 9, 2006 CS. I would ask Mr. Rattner to please move those.

Mr. Rattner: I move the Minutes from the Closed Session on May 9, 2006.

Mr. Perkins: Second.

President Greenbaum: Moved and seconded. Does anyone have any comments, corrections, or deletions? Seeing none, Roll Call.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously with the exception, Mr. Perkins abstained on MOTPEA and
Exempt Salaries



1. Email received May 12, 2006 from, Sheri DiBernard, regarding Pay as you grow in Mount Olive.


2. Letter received May 8, 2006, from State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act, Block: 8300, Lot: 13 (500 Route 46)

3. Letter received May 11, 2006, from Suburban Consulting Engineers Inc. regarding Application for Land Use Regulation, Route 206 – Sussex Branch Bike Path, Lot 1, Block 64, Lot 2, 3, Block 366.

4. Letter received May 15, 2006, from State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding, Skoka Site Plan Block 4500, Lot 3 (74 Goldmine Road)

5. Letter received May 15, 2006, from Department of Transportation regarding Public Hearing Notice on Senior Citizens and Disabled Resident Transportation Assistance Program Hearings.

6. Letter received May 17, 2006, from State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding treatment works approval (TWA) Application – Withdrawal, Sandshore Condo Association.

7. Letter received May 19, 2006, from Mount Olive Township School regarding application for a General Permit Authorization for Mount Olive High School (Block 7600, Lot 86 and a portion of Lot 74)


8. Letter received May 12, 2006, from Michael J. Mussomeli regarding Highlands Applicability Determination Application for property located at 87-89 Crease Road, Block 1201, Lot 22.


9. Letter received May 12, 2006, from Musconetcong Sewerage Authority regarding MSA Audit for the Year 2005.

10. Minutes received May 12, 2006, from Musconetcong Sewerage Authority regarding April 5, 2006 meeting.

11. Letter received May 15, 2006, from Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority, regarding Recycling.
12. Letter received May 15, 2006, from Musconetcong Sewerage Authority, regarding New Wastewater Management Plan.


13. Letter received May 8, 2006, from Morris County Green Table regarding meeting of May 23, 2006. to discuss “Successful Grant Application Tips.”

14. Letter received May 8, 2006, from Morris County Board of Taxation regarding implementation of a municipal-wide revaluation of real property.

15. Letter received May 8, 2006, from County of Morris Department of Planning, Development Technology, regarding Notice of Public Meeting – Board of Chosen Freeholders.


16. Email received May 5, 2006, from Congressman Freilinghuysen regarding price gouging, Approval of $2 Million Dollars for the Highlands Conservation Act and Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Efforts to enhance Picatinny’s Armament Technology Facility, Safe Ports Bill Takes Risk – Based Approach and Frelinghuysen to Welcome NASA Veteran Astronaut Commander Scott Kelly to 11th Congressional District on Monday.

17. Email received May 12, 2006, from Rodney Frelinghuysen regarding Tax Increase Inverted, Medical Drug Benefit for seniors, Picatinny Armament Technology Facility Expansion and $ 2 Million Dollars for Highlands Conservation Act and Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.

18. E-mail received May 18, 2006, from Government Security Reports regarding Flood Gates open on border security opportunities.


19. Letter Received May 8, 2006, from State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs regarding the National Model Code change process.

President Greenbaum: There are 19 pieces of correspondence on the amended Agenda this evening. Does anyone wish to discuss any piece of correspondence? Seeing none, we will move on.


ORDINANCES FOR FIRST READING (2nd reading June 27, 2006)

President Greenbaum: There are no Ordinances for public hearing. There is one Ordinance for first reading, second reading to be June 27, 2006 entitled:

Ord. # 18-2006 An Ordinance of the Township of Mount Olive Establishing Salaries of Department Heads, Supervisory and Certain Non-Union Personnel and for the Employees of the Township Clerk’s Office.

President Greenbaum: Mr. Perkins, do you want to move that?

Mr. Perkins: Yes, Mr. President. I move that Ordinance # 18-2006 be introduced by title and passed on first reading, and that a meeting be held on June 27, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Mount Olive, New Jersey, for public hearing, consideration of second reading and passage of said Ordinance, and that the Clerk be directed to publish, post and make available said Ordinance in accordance with the requirements of the law.

President Greenbaum: Is there a second?

Mr. Rattner: Second.


President Greenbaum: Moved and seconded, any discussion? Mr. Prill, I would ask you for a performance evaluation on one of the individuals. I assume that is in the works at this point in time?

Mr. Prill: I haven’t done anything with that yet.

President Greenbaum: It is something that you are going to undertake?

Mr. Prill: Yes.

President Greenbaum: Mr. Perkins.

Mr. Perkins: Thank you, Mr. President. Mr. President, I wasn’t at the Closed Session when this was originally discussed. I normally would not have recused myself from that portion, I would for the MOTPEA however. I do note that Mr. Prill, you have been asked for the appraisal for at least one of the Supervisory staff. It has been a couple of years now Councilmen Rattner and myself and other Council members have asked that performance evaluations and appraisals for the supervisory staff. The union personnel go through negotiations for their contractual raises as do the police, FOP, blindly and not that I have anything against any of the supervisory staff here, I know all of them. I think they do a fine job. Without some guidance, direction or a goal, how will they ever know when they get there? I would like to see performance appraisals and Mr. President, I would be having to put a no vote into this until I would see appraisals for all of the supervisory staff, not just one or two.

President Greenbaum: You mean a no vote, when it gets to public hearing?

Mr. Perkins: Yes sir.

President Greenbaum: Okay, any other discussion? Roll Call.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously with the exception, Mr. Perkins voted no.


Resolutions on the Consent Agenda List are considered to be routine and non-controversial by the Township Council and will be approved by one motion (one vote). There will be no separate discussion or debate on each of these resolutions except for the possibility of brief clarifying statements that may be offered. If one or more Council member requests, any individual resolution on the Consent Agenda may be removed from the Consent Agenda List and acted on separately.


1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Cancellation of General Capital Ordinance #11-03 for $180,448.89.

2. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount olive Awarding a Contract to the Liberty Store for the Supply of Department of Public Works and Dispatcher Uniforms.

3. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Forbidding Parking on Aldersgate Circle on May 29, 2006, from 7:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.

4. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Amending the Developer’s Agreement for the Best Western Hotel.

5. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing a New Veteran’s of All Wars Memorial at Turkey Brook Park.

6. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Township Attorney and Tax Assessor to Execute Certain Stipulations of Settlement in the Morris County
Tax Board.

President Greenbaum: I am going to ask that #6 be removed and put on the Non Consent. Is there any other resolution.....?

Mr. Rattner: Three and five.

Mrs. Labow: Four.

President Greenbaum: Okay that leaves #1 and #2 on the Consent Resolution.

Mr. Dorsey: No. One, two and four.

President Greenbaum: No, four has been pulled.

Mr. Tepper: Four has been pulled.

President Greenbaum: Four has been pulled, #1 and #2 are on the Consent Resolutions Agenda and I would ask Mrs. Labow, to please move that.

Mrs. Labow: The only ones that are left are #1 and #2?

President Greenbaum: Yes.

Mrs. Labow: I move for passage of Resolutions #1 and #2.

Mr. Perkins: Second.


President Greenbaum: Is there anyone from the audience that wishes to be heard on Resolutions #1 or #2? Seeing none, I close it to the public.


President Greenbaum: Is there any Council comment on #1 or #2, a brief clarifying statement? Seeing none, Roll Call.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously


3. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Forbidding Parking on Aldersgate Circle on May 29, 2006, from 7:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.

President Greenbaum: Mr. Biondi, do you want to move that please?

Mr. Biondi: I would like to move Resolution #3 for passage.

President Greenbaum: Is there a second?

Mr. Buell: Second.

President Greenbaum: It has been moved and seconded. Is there anyone from the audience who wishes to be heard on this resolution?

Mr. Sohl: Only if you need to know..........

President Greenbaum: It may come up afterwards, that was Mr. Sohl. As you know we can only pick up someone speaking up at the podium. I will give you an opportunity to comment later to the extent that somebody has a question or if you can give some clarifying comment. I don’t remember who pulled this off of the Non Consent. Mr. Rattner the floor is yours.


Mr. Rattner: I am just concerned. Do the residents have any idea that this is coming? I saw in the resolution, which I think, I only saw the final one for the first time, in the last couple of days. It says we are going to send them a letter, which they will probably get just before the weekend and if they had any plans they are not going to be able to have their company come. I guess I just want to know are we actually closing the road. Or are we going to be able to stage all of the equipment and all the parade goers and still leave it open I am concerned that on a holiday weekend that those residents now are going to find themselves at a disadvantage with no warning at all.

President Greenbaum: Chief, have provisions been made for those who live on Aldersgate?

Chief Katona: The plan is to keep Aldersgate Circle open until the parade approaches the street itself, close the street at that point, allow the parade to pass and then open the street again following the passing of the parade.

President Greenbaum: It is beyond that. It is a parking issue related to... Mr. Rattner has raised the parking issue.

Mr. Rattner: I am concerned it is Memorial Day weekend. I know, I have been invited to three or four different BBQ’s, all different places. If it is all family, it’s okay. If people have planned something and have people coming over and now they are not going to be able to park, is there any warning or are they going to get a letter on Friday saying that they are not going to be able to park in front of their house on Monday?

Chief Katona: This should all be done by about 10:00-10:30 in the morning. My experience is that there are no BBQ’s that begin at that time. If there are, I can assure you that we can work with...

Mr. Rattner: What the answer is, these people don’t know it is coming and we are going to tell them probably the day before the weekend that we are doing this to you on Monday. That is the only concern that I have.

President Greenbaum: I don’t really have much of a concern. I am sure that the police will use their discretion in terms of how to enforce this particular provision that it is not meant to stop the people on Aldersgate from utilizing their street. It is to stop those of us that don’t live there.....

Chief Katona: Those of us that don’t live there from going in and parking.

President Greenbaum: I am sure it is not going to be a problem. I agree with Mr. Rattner, that we need to provide, if it has not already been done, to provide them with the appropriate notification and a telephone number of somebody that can be contacted if the notice hasn’t already been sent out which I assume it has?

Chief Katona: We will insure that they are notified.

President Greenbaum: Okay, and whoever the notification goes to, in terms of a phone number of someone to call, that the people on the other end are appropriately prepared to deal with exceptions, if they arise in terms of....

Chief Katona: What’s your number?

President Greenbaum: Yeah, you can give them my phone number, that’s fine. It is all over the internet anyway along with my tax rate and what grade my kids are in.

Chief Katona: We will assure that they are advised and that they have someone to contact if there is a problem.

President Greenbaum: Thank you. Are there any other questions? Roll Call.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously

4. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Amending the Developer’s Agreement for the Best Western Hotel.

President Greenbaum: Colleen do you want to move that please?

Mrs. Labow: I move Resolution #4.

President Greenbaum: Is there a second?

Mr. Biondi: Second.

President Greenbaum: Moved and seconded, is there anyone from the public who wishes to be heard? Seeing none, I close it to the public. Colleen, the floor is yours.

Mrs. Labow: I am just trying to decide whether to bring this up or not with this resolution. I am hearing that there are some issues still with plans not conforming. The electrical contractor or maybe Mr. Prill, there has been some issues regarding the plans for.....

Mr. Tepper: I don’t think it is relevant.

President Greenbaum: It is not relevant to the resolution which is on the floor. This is simply to conform the developer’s agreement to the amended resolution that passed through the Planning Board. If there are issues related to, ultimately, the CO being issued you need to address those to Mr. Prill separately so that the construction official has the appropriate information at the time that the CO is to be issued. Are there any other questions?

Mr. Buell: Yes, we got a letter today an order for a municipal search. I suspect it is for this particular piece of property. Has this been sold to the Ratan in Mount Olive, LLC or something?

Mr. Tepper: No. I believe this is might be for the Boat House.

Mr. Labow: No.

Mr. Buell: No, it is 138 Route 46.

Mr. Rattner: No, I happen to know because it is out in the public that there was a.....that the hotel has been up for sale. There has been an offer, I don’t know what happened. There was some sort of issue with the contract that was about a month ago. It has been on the market.

Mr. Dorsey: It doesn’t have anything to do with this resolution.

President Greenbaum: Any other questions? Roll Call please.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously

5. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing a New Veteran’s of All Wars Memorial at Turkey Brook Park.

President Greenbaum: I don’t know who removed that? Mr. Rattner, do you want to move that please?

Mr. Rattner: I move Resolution #5.

Mr. Buell: Second.

President Greenbaum: Moved and seconded. Is there anyone from the public who wishes to speak? I will give you an opportunity to speak as the questions arise. I think it is probably more appropriate then getting up at this point in time. Is that acceptable?

Mr. Rattner: I just want to add one Whereas. I have been through this before when we had complaints about moving it and representations made. I would like to put a fourth Whereas. After it says All Wars Memorial at Turkey Brook Park and Whereas The local Veteran’s groups support this new memorial park.

Mr. Dorsey: Good amendment.

President Greenbaum: Okay. I assume no one has a problem with that? We have an amended resolution on the floor. Is there a second on the amended resolution?

Mr. Tepper: Second.

President Greenbaum: Any discussion to the amendment to the resolution? Seeing none, Roll Call please on the amendment. You know what? We will just do it by a vote....

Mr. Dorsey: It’s a resolution on the amended, on resolution #5 as amended.

President Greenbaum: It is not a vote on the resolution itself only on the amendment to add the Whereas. All in favor?


President Greenbaum: Okay, so now we are dealing with the amended resolution. Mr. Biondi, you have the floor.

Mr. Biondi: I have just one concern. Just let me preface this by saying I am totally in favor of this new war memorial. However, nowhere do I see any parameters as to who is going to be included in this war memorial. I think that is something that we should do. This is a Mount Olive Township War Memorial. I think some kind of parameters should be set.

Mr. Dorsey: What about the word all. It says all....

Mr. Biondi: It says all wars. It doesn’t say all towns, doesn’t say all cities, doesn’t say all towns, doesn’t say all countries. It says all wars. I would like some kind of parameter set for inclusion in this memorial. I am totally in favor of this but my feeling is that whoever gets included in this memorial should have some connection with Mount Olive Township whether it is a family member who lives here now and wants to have his father included. I have no problem with that. I just don’t to see someone from East Jabib, Louisiana, included in the war memorial for Mount Olive Township.

Bill Sohl, 29 Netcong Rd., Budd Lake: Yes. Let me address that. Mr. Biondi, I respectfully disagree. I firmly believe we don’t have to worry about somebody from “wherever” coming here just to put there name on a brick. The odds are that people are from here from the surrounding areas. I think to limit it to somebody.... and to, much less have you enforce it relative to somebody has to have either lived here or have a relative here, etc., goes far against the whole essence of why these men and women put the service in for this great country that we live in.

Mr. Biondi: I disagree. You go down to the Dover War Memorial, you see people that lived and worked and have families in Dover, okay?

Mr. Sohl: My understanding from those other memorials is that they have not been restricted. None of those memorials are restricted.

Mr. Biondi: I don’t agree with you. I don’t think that is correct. My feeling, that’s all.

President Greenbaum: Let me tell you what my position is. I understand that John, I disagree with you for a number of different reasons. First of all Turkey Brook Park was a park that was purchased with Green Acres funding which means the park for all of its intended purposes is for all of the residents of the State of New Jersey and to the extent that someone wants to have a name included, whether they are from Roxbury or from Mount Olive and they want to take advantage of the beautiful setting that this committee and this Township are going to provide for the individual to sit to think to remember, then the Green Acres funds, having been well spent for utilization for this purpose. I think is a benefit to this Township and I just have a difficult time accepting the fact that you are going to have a flood of individuals from all over the United States who are going to want to memorialize their war losses in Mount Olive.



Mr. Tepper: I don’t think that at this point in time adding the limitations to the project are really where we want to go. My only comment was that we continue to call it a Veteran’s of all Wars Memorial and I don’t know why, we just don’t call it a Veteran’s Memorial recognizing people whether they have served in an action that was constituted as or classified as a war or a police action etc. Under that logic, Korean War Veterans weren’t in a war. So I mean why it isn’t just called a Veteran’s Memorial. Don’t we recognize and support all the people in the service, even those who are in it today?

Mr. Uhrmann: Yes, they were going to be included.

Mr. Tepper: I would just say a Veteran’s Memorial. I don’t understand why we have to say Veteran’s War Memorial.

Mr. Biondi: I have a question. What is the official name of that memorial currently, what is it?

Mr. Sohl: You mean the one at the beach?

Mr. Biondi: The one that exists right now.

Mr. Sohl: The one at the beach right now. Let’s be very careful because the one at the beach is limited to Mount Olive... ties back to Mount Olive that is not going to change. Those names that are on that monument at the old town beach are people who died in the service of their country, made the ultimate sacrifice and they all tie back to Mount Olive in some fashion. That is not going to change.

Mr. Biondi: I never expected it to change.

Mr. Sohl: I just wanted to make sure what we are talking about here, and Charlie can add as well as my wife Linda, is the ability of the individuals such as myself and my wife to buy five or six paving stones that would then have the name of my great uncle from World War I...?

Mr. Biondi: You have to understand something, I don’t have a problem with you doing that, you have a connection to Mount Olive Township. I don’t have a problem with that, Bill, none and whatever the committee decides I will support.

Mr. Sohl: If someone from Chester wishes to honor their brother, father, great uncle, I have absolutely no problem with that. As Mr. Greenbaum already pointed out, we are talking about a park setting that is paid for only partially by Mount Olive dollars. The great bulk of Green Acres money came to support and make Turkey Brook a happening. All I can say is, I disagree John.

Mr. Biondi: That’s fine. We still haven’t answered what the memorial is currently called? Does anyone know what the actual name of the memorial is currently?

Mr. Tepper: John, on another document within town it is called the Veteran’s Memorial.

Mr. Biondi: That is what I am asking.

Mr. Tepper: I don’t believe there is knowledge of a factual name.

Mr. Biondi: If, in fact, it is called the Veteran’s Memorial, then why are we changing the name of it?

Mr. Sohl: We are not changing the name of it. We are just changing the name of the whole setting. That monument is unique to itself.

Mr. Biondi: So we are going to have two monuments?

Mr. Sohl: No.

President Greenbaum: Is there anyone up here who wants to adopt John’s position? If not, I think we should move on to the resolution itself. I don’t see any support for your position John.

Mr. Biondi: That’s okay. It’s not a big deal.

President Greenbaum: Charlie, did you have something you wanted to add?
Charlie Uhrmann, Jennies Lane: When the gentlemen fought these wars, I can assure that their brothers in arms were not necessarily from Mount Olive and it may have allowed them to live. I cannot live in this country and discriminate against one veteran and I want that to be on the record, not one. They are one and they fight as one and they fight for one country, for one cause and to discriminate ever against....whether they are from here or not, would be to me, totally unconstitutional.

President Greenbaum: Well, there isn’t any support for that proposition anyway. Are there any other comments? Roll Call please.

Mr. Tepper: I still believe it should be just called a plain Veteran’s Memorial. So I will abstain from voting on this.

Mr. Perkins: A point of clarification, Mr. President. Are we voting on the amended extra whereas?

President Greenbaum: Yes, that is the only one that is there.

Mr. Perkins: That is the only thing we are voting on?

President Greenbaum: Yes.

Mr. Perkins: Just on the extra whereas, yes.

President Greenbaum: We are voting on the resolution with the change.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously with the exception, Mr. Tepper abstained

6. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Township Attorney and Tax Assessor to Execute Certain Stipulations of Settlement in the Morris County Tax Board.

President Greenbaum: Mr. Buell, do you want to move that for me please?

Mr. Buell: I move resolution #6.

President Greenbaum: Is there a second?

Mr. Perkins: Second.

President Greenbaum: Anyone from the public who wishes to be heard? I close it to the public, any Council comment? Mr. Prill, there have been significant rumors that have been floating around both in written form and discussion form in terms of the tax appeals up at Wyndham Point. There were numerous tax appeals which were filed. Does the Administration have a position with regard to the settlement of those tax appeals?

Mr. Prill: The Mayor has indicated that he does have some concern with the volume of appeals coming out of this one development. However, in discussions with the Tax Assessor and myself he acknowledges that the Assessor’s position in terms of making recommendations for stipulations of settlement is based on basically, the numbers analysis and he is inclined to go along with the Assessor. However, a couple of items that he has indicated that he would like noted for the record. The first being, that when these units were initially constructed, the Tax Assessor had evaluated what the assessments should be for these units, in large part, using the sales that were taking place at the time whether or not the sales represented the true value and they may have been on the high side. The Assessor has indicated that he was aggressive at the time in establishing values for these units and potentially maybe valued them higher then what they could have been valued at the time. So that being said, he is willing to accept the Assessor’s recommendation for settlement of these appeals. He did also, like the Township Attorney, acknowledge and go on record as supporting the Assessor’s recommendation as well.

Mr. Dorsey: That is not an issue as far as I am concerned. I am always prepared to accept Mr. Marchione’s recommendations in terms of the stipulations.

President Greenbaum: Mr. Marchione, do you want to come up to the podium please. There have been some rumors out there that Council was somehow involved with respect to these tax appeals. Was there any involvement with your office from any elected official?

Mr. Marchione: None whatsoever, no.

President Greenbaum: Are the tax appeals in Wyndham Point in which you dealt with, were they all individual houses which actually filed tax appeals?

Mr. Marchione: Yes.

President Greenbaum: Were your recommendations, in terms of settlement, based upon independent review of all the information available to you in terms of the rates which they were being charged, what the market could ultimately support and also an independent evaluation in terms of you going to the houses and looking at them, seeing what improvements were made and ultimately, coming to the conclusion as to the appropriate value for settlement purposes?

Mr. Marchione: Yes.

President Greenbaum: You are, in fact, recommending these settlements to this Council based upon your independent assessment of all of the relevant factors available to you?

Mr. Marchione: Yes.

President Greenbaum: Does anyone else have any questions related to this issue?

Mr. Tepper: I just think it should be pointed out that it makes perfectly good sense based on what was presented to accept this recommendation, rather than to legally be exposed to 63 different settlement actions. So besides being rational it is very cost effective.

President Greenbaum: I never had any doubt. I just have to deal with the rumors which are being spread out there inappropriately.

Mrs. Labow: I just want to go on record as saying this is not the first time that we had a situation like this in this Township. About 10 years ago, over in one of the developments near the high school, Victoria, Theresa and that area, a friend of mine lived on, she since moved, lived on Victoria and some of the people put in appeals at that time. Just a couple came forward. They got appeals. A couple more people came forward, they got more appeals. By the time the third or fourth crew came through the market had started to increase and they didn’t get as much of a tax break, so it will happen. Sometimes you go in, you have a new development, you go with what’s available and you know, who knows these homes could have exploded in value and been worth $800,000 - $900,000 and then actually your assessment would have been low. It didn’t actually happen and I think that Jack does an excellent job and thank you very much for all your time you spend doing such a great job.

Mr. Marchione: Thank you.

Mr. Rattner: As I stated before in closed session, due to the different stories that have come out of some offices in this town, I will approve this because it does make sense subject to and only after the Administration puts out exactly what the process was and this is also good for our other residents,
why it was done and why it makes good sense. Obviously, the assessment of property is not a science. It is an art. A lot of it has to do with timing. There is no doubt about it at all and I don’t have any problem with the settlement. I want to make sure, because it is such a large number, because it is out there in the public, and it is the topic of conversation in a lot of different areas of town, that the explanation be given, exactly how it came about, what the process was without going into detail what the process was. When people came, you had to do the evaluation, you had to inspect at each house and so on and how you come up with the proper value. I think that is very, very important because we have to give some confidence back for the people when they pay the taxes they feel they are being treated fairly and there is no discrimination between anybody with a million dollar house, we have had one or two of those, or somebody with a couple hundred thousand dollar house.


Mr. Dorsey: Yes, those questions have been asked. Mr. Marchione, in this instance, was reacting to a series of appeals filed by residents in Wyndham Point. He had no choice except to react because they have filed within time. The cut off date for filing these appeals was April 1, 2006. Those who didn’t file, did not preserve their rights. Those who did file, their appeals had to be addressed. Mr. Marchione has advised that in addressing these appeals he inspected each and every house. He inspected, particularly, I think to see whether or not if there had been any improvements made since the time of the initial sale by Toll Brothers. He was particularly motivated by the fact that those sales by Toll Brothers which essentially established the initial assessment was done perhaps at the high level mark of prices being charged or being gotten by Toll Brothers. To a large extent the other compelling factor in this settlement process is the fact that the Township’s ratio has dropped to 59%. One of the reasons, about two months ago you were so forceful in saying that the Township had to proceed immediately or as quickly as possible to re-evaluation notwithstanding, Mr. Marchione wasn’t so happy with that additional work assigned to him. So each one of these appeals have been addressed because the property owner has placed it on the docket. It has been addressed in the most appropriate fashion, individual inspections, individual consideration of the individual properties as well as the overall effect of the declining ratio that the Township experiences throughout the Township.

Mr. Rattner: Mr. Dorsey, I don’t have any problem with the explanation. I am asking that it come from the Mayor’s office because the Administration had it coordinated, you advised them on.....

Mr. Dorsey: Wait a minute, excuse me. I disagree with some of what you are saying. I don’t think that this has to be initiated by the Administration. Jack Marchione is a certified Tax Assessor. As the Assessor he has the responsibility of addressing assessments and particularly addressing appeals when they are filed. He is the one that essentially generated this process, not the Administration and when he brought them to me, I advised that I thought under the circumstances that we were dealing with 83 properties. It was only fair that it should be reviewed by the Township Council and that is why I prepared the resolution.

Mr. Rattner: Mr. Dorsey, well then if that is the way it is going to be then I am definitely voting no because there has been some words that have come out of this Administration that it was because of some direct involvement by me and other people to do special favors for certain people. Unless that is clarified first, why would I vote affirmatively on a resolution when I have been accused of that for the last two weeks? It has been on the internet for the last two weeks. My property cards have been going around along with other personal information, just like yours has and some others. All I am saying is that I want a regular explanation, not just at a meeting so it is down on the record of exactly what happened, so I don’t have to pick up the newspaper or an email tomorrow saying it is my friends because we met secretly with them, engineered it and we put it together. That is exactly what has come out of the Administration and as long as, well I am not asking that there is any apology, just exactly what the process was. Jack is part of the Administration and Mr. Prill is part of the Administration. It’s all that....we have three branches of government, that branch of government is going to explain the process. It is also going to explain the process so then when I talk to the other 35 people there that missed the boat because they decided not to jump on board and file a tax appeal for whatever reason, just like the other 7,000 homes in Mount Olive.

Mr. Dorsey: I do want to note that Mr. Marchione has absolutely absolved you of any secret cabal to deal with these particular assessments because he very specifically has stated, and it certainly included you, that no elected official played any roll in the filing of these appeals, in the negotiating of the appeals or the settlement of the appeals. Isn’t that right Mr. Marchione? You better say that louder.

Mr. Marchione: Yes, that is right.

President Greenbaum: Steve, what do you really care what the Mayor says anyway? Any other comments? Roll Call.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously

President Greenbaum: Thank you Jack. I appreciate your efforts as always on behalf of the Township.

7. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Expenditure of Certain Funds from the Township’s Tree Fund for the Beautification of the Veteran’s Memorial Park to be Established at Turkey Brook Park.

President Greenbaum: Mr. Tepper, do you want to move that please?
Mr. Tepper: I move Resolution #7 for approval.

President Greenbaum: Is there a second?

Mr. Rattner: Second.

President Greenbaum: Is there anyone from the public who wishes to speak? Again, I will allow you to speak during the questions. Mr. Tepper.

Mr. Tepper: This was presented, there were two presentations made at the Planning Board on Thursday. One was by Eric Wood where he discussed this part of his Eagle Scout project, the plan to plant the fir trees. A second presentation was then made by Mr. and Mrs. Sohl and Mrs. Uhrmann discussing putting cherry trees in to establish an area around the pond that people can go and basically reflect upon different things. We merged it in to one request for trees so you are getting a request for fir trees and cherry trees utilizing the Township’s tree fund for beautification.

President Greenbaum: This was approved by the Planning Board?

Mr. Tepper: It was approved and recommended by the Planning Board. I believe there was written recommendation that was copied to Council supporting this. One of the issues is that it be done in a fairly timely fashion because if we don’t plant the trees now there is less likelihood that they would survive the hot temperatures in the summer if not established already.

Mr. Biondi: I have just two questions and I agree with this. It should be done obviously. The two questions I have is, we talked about 30 cherry trees a fine number and how many fir trees or evergreen trees are going to be there, that is number one. Number two and I know Turkey Brook has a problem with water supply and are they going to be able to survive?

Mr. Tepper: I will address the first one.

Mr. Biondi: Go ahead.

Mr. Tepper: I questioned the specific amount of trees, deferring it rather than recommending any specific amount, that they work with our planners and our grounds and maintenance people and the professionals within town to define the amount. Therefore, the funding provides for up to “X” number of trees. It doesn’t have to hold to a specific number but it took the maximum number to guarantee that funding would be available if the experts so decided.

Mr. Biondi: That’s fine.

Mr. Tepper: I cannot address the water question.

Mr. Sohl: I can.

President Greenbaum: Mr. Sohl, please state your name and address for the record.

Mr. Biondi: I don’t want to spend $8,000 and then they die.

Bill Sohl, 29 Netcong Road: Trust me, we don’t want to do that either and as a point to that answer for that question, Mr. Prill called a meeting this morning at 10:00. Present at the meeting in addition to myself, my wife, Charlie Uhrmann and Thea Dunkle from the committee was also Jim Lynch and Tim Quinn from the Administration. We went over, quite extensively, all of those kinds of issues. The bottom line is it is not a problem. We will work and, in fact, Mr. Prill, correct me if I say anything out of line here, Jim Lynch and Tim are the point people we will be directly working with so that this is not a case where a committee of people, citizens or otherwise just go off and do their own thing. So we absolutely do not want to see a single tree lost....

Mr. Biondi: That is my only concern.

Mr. Sohl: I hope that addresses the question.

Mr. Rattner: We have a number of these funds and we never spend any money. We just accumulate the money. So I am happy that we are finally spending it on something useful. Number two, the water issue and we have to keep ahead of it and we have done this before, is that when we need additional water we have used it in Flanders Park. We use the Fire Department. They fill up a tanker. They use lake water. Lake water is good enough, it is good enough for the trees around the lake and that is what we do. So if there is a problem with it we just ask them for assistance just like they assist us in every other issue and they bring up a couple of thousand gallons at a time and we can water the heck out of them.

Mrs. Labow: I have a concern about having the flowering trees around the retention basin in that area....

Mr. Sohl: Let me change some things. There have been some plan changes evolving relative to exactly where. We have learned since the original presentation that the north side of the pond for example has a gravel road which is ultimately going to be paved. We are looking at some clusters. We will be working with landscaping people.

Mrs. Labow: My other concern is, when the petals start to fall is that going to create any kind of issues with the drainage?

Mr. Sohl: No, they are only flowering trees. What did Jim call them?

Mr. Prill: Sterile.

President Greenbaum: Jim is going to be the one who is going to be actually working with the committee to resolve any and all concerns about the placement of trees.....

Mr. Sohl: He has, in fact, been working with us already.

President Greenbaum: I really don’t see that as an issue. It would be if Jim weren’t involved.

Mrs. Labow: Yes, that is what I am saying. I haven’t heard from him.

Mr. Sohl: No one is going to go up and just start digging holes.

Mr. Tepper: He fully supports this.

President Greenbaum: Thank you, any other questions? Roll Call please.

Mr. Tepper: You are going to do a Steve.

Mrs. Labow: Yes, I am going to do a Steve. Yes.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously

Mr. Sohl: Thank you.

President Greenbaum: Thank you very much, I appreciate the effort that all of you have put forward on this issue and other issues as well.


1. Approval of Raffle Application #2143 & #2144 for the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

President Greenbaum: The next items for discussion are Motions. Mr. Biondi if you would like to move those please.

Mr. Biondi: I would like to move for Approval Raffle Application #2143 & 2144 for the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Mr. Perkins: Second.

President Greenbaum: Any discussion? Roll Call.
ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously

2. Bill List.

President Greenbaum: Mr. Buell, do you want to move the Bill List please?

Mr. Buell: I move the Bill List.

President Greenbaum: Is there a second?

Mr. Biondi: Second.

President Greenbaum: Moved and seconded. There were some questions that were raised. Mr. Prill, before we get there. Mr. Russell, did you have any questions on the Bill List this evening? Go ahead Mr. Prill.

Mr. Prill: Jim, I missed the first couple that you had highlighted.

Mr. Buell: The first was invoice number #06952 brown leaf bags. Basically, we are buying them at 30 cents a piece and we are selling them for 30 cents a piece. We are actually retailing them. My question is, I understand it is a wonderful public service...

Mr. Biondi: Why aren’t we making money?

Mr. Buell: We’re not.

Mr. Biondi: We should be.

Mr. Buell: I would suggest that we sell them for 35 cents or something competitive, somewhat lower than Lowe’s or Home Depot. I know 30 cents a piece is very cheap, a very cheap price for these bags. Just a suggestion.

President Greenbaum: Mr. Prill, do you have any comment to that?

Mr. Prill: We can certainly look into that. I don’t know whether this was discussed previously in terms of setting a price that just matches the expense of purchasing them. Just what the rationale might have been for that, we can certainly take a look at that.

President Greenbaum: I don’t think I would be inclined to change the price. If that is what we are getting them for, then I think that is the price it should be passed along for. People are already paying enough money. Anyone disagree with that? Next item Mr. Buell.

Mr. Buell: #051769 the $12,571 paid to Southern Engineering or to our engineering firm for Phase II which has now been stopped.

President Greenbaum: Suburban Engineering.

Mr. Buell: Suburban Engineering. The indication was that you have stopped this $12,000. You’ve stopped payment. I would certainly agree with that since we now have a project out there that has piers and footings and presumably a building somewhere between some place and here on the way and we don’t know when we are going to continue. I would hope that we would continue to hold this money, I will not authorize this $12,000 and I don’t think we should.

Mr. Prill: The Soil Conservation will be...they have a meeting scheduled, one of the regular monthly meetings scheduled for tomorrow. Our consulting engineer has met with them last week and earlier this week. I have not heard back from either our engineer or Soil Conservation that they have identified any issues with the plans that were presented to them. So we are certainly very hopeful that tomorrow at the meeting, the project will be approved and we will be allowed to move forward with that after the meeting. We won’t know that until tomorrow until they make that decision.

Mr. Buell: Well, I would recommend that we withhold the payment of this $12,000 until we get a go on the whole project again.
President Greenbaum: I assume that there is going to be other payments to Suburban Engineering throughout the course of this project, correct?

Mr. Prill: Yes, there will be.

President Greenbaum: To the extent that there is an issue, Jim, I am not inclined to hold up the payment at this point in time because it will cause other issues. Kind of like a domino kind of thing and then you are in the middle of construction, it is very difficult to take a position such as yours and then to continue with the project with everyone moving in the same direction and I don’t think that it is a bad idea. I think that there is plenty of leverage left in terms of a going forward basis, payments to Suburban, that if this project does not get back on track, ultimately, there are other methods other than withholding a payment that we can access. How does the rest of Council feel? Is there anyone in agreement with Jim?

Mr. Tepper: I agree with Jim. I would withhold it until after it is approved.

President Greenbaum: Anyone else agree with that?

Mrs. Labow: I want to ask Mr. Prill a question regarding that. Was Suburban supposed to get these permits?

Mr. Prill: The application should have been filed previously.

Mrs. Labow: So Suburban is the party that was responsible for not filing them or were you supposed to file them?

Mr. Prill: Well, it would have come out of the consulting engineer’s office to process that paperwork for us.

Mrs. Labow: So this current delay is basically, they dropped the ball on this?

Mr. Prill: It could have been avoided.

Mrs. Labow: It could have been avoided.

President Greenbaum: Colleen, are you going to side with Mr. Buell?

Mrs. Labow: Yes, and Mr. Tepper, I agree.

President Greenbaum: Okay. So there is three, is there a fourth?

Mr. Biondi: What is the total value of this project?

Mr. Tepper: It depends upon who you listen to?

Mr. Biondi: Mr. Prill?

Mr. Prill: Sherry, are we at about a $3 million.....

Mr. Biondi: What are we paying them so far?

Mr. Prill: Oh, in terms of what we have paid Suburban?

Mr. Biondi: Yes.

President Greenbaum: The project is not $3 million dollars it is $1.4 million dollars.

Mr. Tepper: That is all that was approved.

President Greenbaum: Yes, $1.9 million was approved by the voters; $1.4 million is, I think is, what the estimate of what it is going cost is going to be....

Mr. Biondi: What have they been paid at this point?
Mr. Prill: I would have to go back and see what previous invoices, if any, have been submitted by them. Off the top of my head, I don’t recall.

Mr. Biondi: Do you have anything that we can retain as a buffer so we make sure they do this right?

Mr. Tepper: We don’t do retainage.

Mr. Biondi: What do you mean we don’t do retainage?

President Greenbaum: It is really not a retainage issue, it is engineering...

Mr. Biondi: Well, you know what...I am for not paying the bill, how’s that?

President Greenbaum: So there are four affirmative votes to remove it from the Bill List.

Mr. Biondi: If you can’t retain money, that is ridiculous.

President Greenbaum: Okay, it is removed from the Bill List.

Mr. Buell: My next question is #061129 and that is the stormwater permit for DPW. I just wanted to know why it was not filed on a timely fashion.

Mr. Prill: The explanation that we have received from Suburban Consulting was that someone that was on their staff previously, who is no longer with them, this goes back to the latter part of last year, supposedly had a verbal conversation with Soil Conversation and out of that conversation it was indicated that the permit would not be required. In discussions with Mr. Dunn who is Director of Soil Conservation, he indicated that they do not give verbal opinions and he talked to his staff and his staff indicated that they did not recall having a conversation with anybody from Suburban. So we are getting conflicting information. Simply this should have been done prior to this project moving forward.

President Greenbaum: They are not the same. Stormwater permit is not the same as the Morris County permit, is that correct? Stormwater management permit is a State permit. Morris County Soil permit is a County permit?

Mr. Rattner: Soil Conservation is a State Agency. It is housed in a County building.

President Greenbaum: Is that the permit we are talking about?

Mr. Buell: Yes.

Mr. Rattner: Like Mr. Prill said before...

Mr. Prill: I will double check the purchase order but I believe it is one in the same on the application.

President Greenbaum: What other permits were applied for, do you know?

Mr. Prill: I am not aware that we have any other permits that were required.

President Greenbaum: Do we know whether or not there are anymore permits that are required? Are there any DEP permits that are required related to this?

Mr. Prill: Beyond this one?

President Greenbaum: Yes.

Mr. Prill: Not that I am aware of. Once we get into the issue of the vapor recovery of the fuel dispensing system which is not a part of this current project but next year it will be something that we will be looking at, that will involve DEP.

Mr. Rattner: Are you putting in bathrooms? Then we have, what is it, a TWA because anytime you put a line in on a commercial building....

President Greenbaum: What I would like you to do, Mr. Prill, is get back in touch with Suburban Engineering and find out exactly which permits are going to be required on this project and the timing that those permits are applied for, to the extent that there are any additional permits which would be required.

Mrs. Labow: Since our Township Engineer, Gene Buczynski with Schoor DePalma, he is very, very familiar with projects that have gone on in town. Is there anyway we can also have him review this to make sure that everything is being considered?

President Greenbaum: Only if you are prepared to spend additional monies to have that firm reviewing something as simple as getting appropriate permits from Soil Conservation.

Mrs. Labow: That is the problem. It is a simple process and this company should have been able to do it.

Mr. Rattner: After Turkey Brook, you’re not going to take that type of oversight job again.

Mrs. Labow: Skip it.

Mr. Buell: I went back and looked at this today. We do have footings in the ground, we have piers up in the air, the project stopped. We don’t know when it is going to go forward and if it doesn’t go forward soon it will be probably next year at the earliest. I would love to have a complete report from Suburban Engineering or someone to tell us what is going on with this project since the Administration has not kept us informed about the progress on this thing.

President Greenbaum: Well, I can request that Suburban Engineering come in to our next workshop to give us a....

Mr. Buell: I would like to have them here next week. I would like to hear what the outcome of this meeting was.

President Greenbaum: Next workshop, it is on for next week.

Mrs. Labow: Do we have a meeting next week? We don’t have a meeting next week.

President Greenbaum: June 13th.

Mr. Buell: June 13th?

Mrs. Labow: Next week is the fifth Tuesday of the month.

President Greenbaum: Okay, any other questions on the Bill List? Mr. Buell, you have been busy.

Mr. Buell: #061107, the payment for Vijayant Pawar and Richard De la Roche v. John Dorsey.

President Greenbaum: The court ordered payment?

Mr. Buell: Court ordered or not...

President Greenbaum: It is court ordered.

Mr. Buell: I would like to do two things here.

Mr. Rattner: I am not going to jail over this one.

Mr. Buell: What?

Mr. Tepper: I don’t think we should be like the Mayor and not do the right thing.

President Greenbaum: Mr. Buell, what’s your.....


Mr. Buell: Just a minute. I think that this is a suit which was frivolous, ridiculous, cost the taxpayers of this Township $2,280 and that is just for Vijayant Pawar. That is probably the most ridiculous piece of it because basically it was Mr. Dorsey who had to sue Mayor De La Roche to get him to authorize to pay him for the bills for the work that he had already done. I think we should start legal proceedings against Mayor De La Roche to recover this money.

President Greenbaum: You can’t.

Mr. Rattner: Take away his lawnmower.

President Greenbaum: You can’t. Number one, it cannot be done under the court rules of New Jersey. Let’s just put this matter to rest. Let’s move on to the next issue unless I see someone seconding Mr. Buell’s motion. I don’t disagree with a word that you just said but it’s time to move on. Anything else Mr. Buell?

Mr. Buell: No.

President Greenbaum: Anyone else have anything on the Bill List? Roll Call.

Mr. Buell: Except for the payment of #051167.

Mr. Tepper: Rob took that off I believe?

President Greenbaum: It has been removed.

Mr. Buell: It has been removed, okay. Yes.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously

President Greenbaum: And that is on the Amended Bill List which removes the payment......

Mr. Biondi: $12,000 and whatever.


Library Board Report

Mr. Prill: No report, I don’t believe the Library has had another meeting.

Mr. Rattner: But the Library’s been busy.

President Greenbaum: Alright, do you have anything else under Administrative Matters?

Mr. Prill: I have nothing further.


Status of Library Grant Monies to be Turned Over to Twp.

Mr. Prill: According to Rita Hilbert, the Board is working to schedule a meeting with their attorney to resolve the grant issue.

Mr. Rattner: If they can shut down our construction project, they can give us back the money.

President Greenbaum: I would like the CFO to review from the date that the official request from the Administration was made, to determine the interest rate on that money which also should be included in the amount, which is going to be subtracted from the next payment and allowing them to keep the money as they see fit, the money that they have and used in lieu of the reduction of their contribution?

Mrs. Labow: Question. If we had that money in our account, would we be receiving interest on it? Yes and I just want to make sure...

President Greenbaum: I think that basically is the reason for the delay. While they have had that money there for some time and it was asked for it back a long, long time ago, I think the only fair position to take is that it runs from the date that they were given the last notification in writing. Status on Kings Village Issues, do we have any updates on that Mr. Buell?

Status of Kings Village Issues

Mr. Buell: Yes, I have heard from the Kings Village Tenant’s Association. The president was out of town for several weeks. She is now putting together the list. I hope by the next workshop we will have the list.

Status of Charters Farm

Mr. Prill: We are going out to rebid. We will receive those bids the 30th of this month.

Mr. Dorsey: Has there been any indication as to why no one bid the first time around?

Mr. Prill: We don’t know for sure but we think that it may have been the timeframe that had been included in the bid specs for completing the project, that maybe it was too short of a timeframe.

Status of Mine Hill Road Improvements

Mr. Prill: Mr. Quinn has been talking to his counter part in Washington Township and the latest on that is Washington Township is going to be doing some additional drainage work along that roadway which for the most part is going to benefit the residents of Mount Olive more than residents of Washington Township and in exchange for their willingness to do that, Mr. Quinn is looking at repaving the entire roadway.

President Greenbaum: Any other questions on Mine Hill?

Mr. Buell: Yes. Mr. Tepper, Mrs. Labow and myself are scheduled to talk to their Council on the 14th of June. We need to have some kind of a meeting with you and Tim Quinn before we do that or even if we don’t......if the thing is resolved, I would love to go over and say hello to them.

Status of Permits for Municipal Beach Project

President Greenbaum: Did we get permits for that project?

Mr. Prill: I have discussed with the Township Engineer whether or not he feels that there were any particular permits required. Mr. Buczynski indicated that given the fact that the nature of the work down there falls into a category of being more of just stabilization of the area, where the footprint of the building was located, that given the fact that we are not increasing or bringing in any additional fill, there is no increase in elevation, that there would be no permits or DEP permits required for that work.

Mrs. Labow: Did you get that in writing?

Mr. Prill: I did not request that in writing from him, no.

Mr. Rattner: I think what the problem happened here is, we brought in Mr. Buczynski late and now we are trying to make the best of a bad situation. I got a letter from Schoor DePalma dated November 25, 2002, after the first time it was checked in regard to the property where the Old Municipal Building is situated. The entire site is within the floodway of the south branch of the Raritan River as determined by the New Jersey DEP and so on. Going on further, it also has in 2003 again this is as discussed in the meeting with what Mr. Dennis Kahn of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. It was agreed that any improvement, upgrades that are done solely on the interior of the building would not require approval since the building cannot be restored due to damage, in quotes, “The Township cannot demolish any part of the building or do other work without first applying and receiving an approved State stream encroachment permit from the department.” Now when I did some research, it appears that we could probably get a waiver but we had to at least ask them and get the exemption but we are completely in the flood plain. When you start talking, I am not sure that I understand it all. This is all in our files about the 50 ft. the 150 ft. and the different buffers that we have to have. The other thing that I did notice in there is, that they specifically said that if we expand any of the paved area, the parking, then we definitely need to get an exemption.
Mr. Rattner (Cont’d): It does appear that if we are additionally paving anything less than a quarter of an acre, which I am sure that finishing off the parking lot, it probably wouldn’t require any permits. However, it does say again to go and get the waiver that we are okay. I guess it is similar to a resident having to get the LOI just to determine what you can do, what you can’t do. I am really just concerned that we be proactive instead of having Soil Conservation, which we should have had some indication that we had a problem because of the noise of another Board was making, that if there is anything, that we make sure that we can tell them up front because if they come on the back end, they are going to be mad at us and that is going to cost us money. I just want to make sure that we have everything tied together. Also, looking at the regs, because it is in a flood plain, one thing I did notice which I haven’t heard before is that the only way you are allowed to put a fence up in a flood plain but you can’t anchor it into concrete and I think I have that from Division of Land Use Regulation as of yesterday. It was real simple. Just go online, look under the DEP Land Use Regulation and it tells you what you can do. It is in a question. What can you do in a flood plain, what can’t you do and when do you need a permit. It is two pages on each one and they actually had, “Can I put a fence in?” Yes, if it is in the transition area, which I think that would be it is a flood plain, that you can put in a fence but you can’t anchor it. I don’t know what that all means but let’s make sure and put the fence up because we are going to do that soon that we do it exactly what we are allowed to do so that it is not being put in the same spot that it was.

President Greenbaum: I am going to leave this on under Old Business. We will discuss it again. I am not terribly comfortable with the Administration’s position and I think that we would request an update from you.....Yes Colleen?

Mrs. Labow: I wanted to ask Mr. Prill to get an update from Frank Wilpert because he had some concerns and issues with that project as well and address his concerns.

President Greenbaum: We will put it back on under Old Business and I would hate for an agency to come in and shut that project down because the appropriate permits were not obtained. Any other Old Business?

Mr. Buell: I received a response from Colleen’s and my survey from Joseph DeMaria. I would just like to read his comment to me. “On a couple of past occasions my advice was solicited free of charge. I was happy to offer it. RE: Budd Lake Beach Pavilion” and I remember the presentation that he made here I think in 2003. “Public Works Garage, in both cases my opinions were met with resistance. These incidences have led me to believe our government is not listening even to professional free advice”. I don’t know if we ever thanked Mr. DeMaria for the advice he gave us both on the garage and on the beach pavilion. I know he did a heck of a job on that beach pavilion. It is just probably too expensive for us to do it in that fashion. I think that Council should send him a note of appreciation for his past service and....

Mrs. Labow: I think they did, that time the Mayor was very nasty to him.

President Greenbaum: I will send such a letter and I can tell you that I personally thanked him after that display at that meeting and I don’t think we need to go into it any further. I will send him a letter from Council. If you have his address, leave it with Lisa and I will send him a letter on behalf of the entire Council.

Mrs. Labow: It was not the Council that treated him poorly.

Mr. Buell: No and I don’t think he is indicating that and also, you know, I know we are looking at redeveloping that beach area. I think that this would be a very good person to put on some sort of a committee to advise us as this process goes on.

President Greenbaum: I think it is a little premature because I don’t want to get him involved in another project that he is going to summarily be not listened to. So when the tenure of our government changes I think it would be appropriate to bring Mr. De Maria back here. Okay, any other Old Business?

Mrs. Labow: Mr. Prill, regarding the Health Department. I asked you last week about the PAF that Mrs. Jenkins had certified the funds there for our inspector. You signed off to replace this inspector and we are still waiting for Mayor De La Roche to respond to that. Mr. Wilpert took a considerable amount of time to come up with the additional information that Mayor De La Roche wanted. The figures came out to be the same even with the breakdown of the inspectors. Has he signed off on the PAF yet?

Mr. Prill: Not that I am aware of, no.

Mrs. Labow: Has he seen the latest paper work?

Mr. Prill: I believe that just came in today so I don’t know whether he has seen it.

Mrs. Labow: Could we have a copy of the PAF that Mrs. Jenkins certified that the funds were there and you signed off on?

Mr. Prill: I can make you a copy of that, sure.

Mrs. Labow: Thank you.

Mr. Rattner: Mr. Prill, the Mayor has said on a couple of different occasions that the State Department has notified us, physically notified us about what the proper staffing should be in there. Do you have any knowledge of this and just be careful because there is some follow up questions. The Mayor has said specifically that the “State Department has notified us, when I say us, I mean myself and Mr. Prill about what the proper staffing should be.” Has that happened?

Mr. Prill: I have not had any discussions with it the Department of Health that you are referring to?

Mr. Rattner: He also said that you have reviewed the data that has been provided. I guess what we just got in the last day but what has been requested in over the last couple of weeks and you agree that there is no need and that the staff is capable of doing the work that needs to be done. He has said that and he actually repeated twice publicly that Mr. Prill agrees with me on this because he is the one that has reviewed the data. So it sounds like it is coming from you and....

Mr. Prill: Is that a question?

Mr. Rattner: I am just asking you if that really happened?

Mr. Prill: I am not following your question.

Mr. Rattner: You are saying the thing about the evaluation of what’s needed in the Health Department being held up. Also, documentation that both you and him had received from State Department. I don’t know why the State Department, unless he named the State Department and the fact that you have reviewed the data and it was your recommendation, where you went over with him, that they don’t need people in there. Have you done that? That they don’t need any additional inspectors over what they have now?

Mrs. Labow: You have that on tape right?

Mr. Dorsey: Yes.

Mr. Rattner: I am telling you, that is what the Mayor is out there saying.

Mr. Prill: Have I...well, I think if you are referring to comments made by the Mayor I think you need to address those questions directly to the Mayor.

Mr. Rattner: He is saying you are the one that is making the decisions and calling the shots and I am just asking did that happen?

Mr. Prill: I have reviewed the information, other than what was provided today, and did not have a chance to review that today but I have reviewed the information supplied by Mr. Wilpert. I have also signed off on the PAF form.

Mr. Rattner: Okay. Well, the Mayor, just so you know and there is the tape, was on the radio saying that you and him together agreed not to sign off on the PAF.

Mr. Prill: Well, I think you need to address that directly to the Mayor.

Mr. Rattner: I am just trying to figure out what is going on. I know I am putting you in a hard spot but we got another constitutional issue again being an autonomous Board which the Judge has already said and the Mayor is threatening that the person is not going to be paid. I don’t want to see another and what it appears is he is setting us up for another lawsuit. So I guess we can pay some more legal fees. That’s all. I just wanted to get that out.

President Greenbaum: I wasn’t sure that we got an answer. Are you taking a pass on that question Mr. Prill?

Mr. Rattner: He has to.

President Greenbaum: Passing.

Mr. Dorsey: He said he signed the personnel form.

President Greenbaum: Yes he did.

Mr. Rattner: Yes he did.

Mr. Tepper: Which contradicts the Mayor. The Mayor is not here so let’s not hold Mr. Prill accountable for the Mayor.

Mrs. Labow: I just wanted....and it is brief it is highlighted in yellow too, see I have four of them. In the paperwork that Mr. Wilpert provided for him and I do want to say again, it took his staff four full days to get this information for the Mayor. It took them away from the duties that they had to do and I think it was very unfair for the Mayor to ask them to do this. I just want to point out that the inspector, who has left her position after having her baby, did 568 apartment inspections last year. The other inspector, who does them as well, did 472. So together that is over 1,000 inspections that now your department, the Mayor feels that one person can handle over 1,000 when it took two people to do that many. I think that is totally unfair and I think that is just a part of the issue and that the Mayor is jeopardizing the health, safety and the welfare of this community by playing this political game and I am calling it a political game because there is no justification for him not to sign off on this inspector. If our previous inspector had not decided to leave us after having her baby this would not be an issue. I do thank you for your support Mr. Prill, on signing off on that PAF, and I thank you in advance for getting that copy to me. One other question I have to ask you. Mr. Wilpert had asked the Construction Department what kinds of permits have come forward because he also has to plan for that. He has to do inspections also. So far to date there are 625 permits that have been issued from the Building Department. Who is doing those inspections, as far as the Construction Code Department goes?

Mr. Prill: You have a Building Inspector, who is also a Construction Official. You have an electrical inspector, you have plumbing inspector and you have a fire inspector. They are the ones doing the inspections.

Mrs. Labow: And who is watching the shop?

Mr. Prill: You have a Construction Official who is managing the department.

Mrs. Labow: So we have one Construction Official who is doing all of these inspections and he is supervising the department at the same time?

Mr. Prill: No, I didn’t say that the Construction Official was doing all of those inspections. It depends on the nature of the inspections. He does not do electrical, he does not do plumbing and he does not do fire.

Mrs. Labow: Let me rephrase it. Is he doing all of his construction? Every single project that needs electrical, or just about every project needs electrical/pluming needs some degree of construction as well so he is being able to handle all of that? He is not sending anybody else in his place to do these?

Mr. Prill: He is doing the building inspections himself.

Mrs. Labow: I had a resident tell the other day that it was not Mr. Lindsay who came, that it was somebody else from the department who was not qualified to do the inspection. That’s it.

President Greenbaum: It seems to be a common theme here, Mr. Prill, and unfortunately you are the person to whom this is being all directed to because you have to follow certain marching orders and it is unfortunate that you sit up here. I think that all of us up here know that you are a reasonable individual and I think I speak on behalf of the entire Council with respect to the both the building inspector’s position and with respect to the health inspector’s position that those are two positions which need to be filled for the appropriate health and safety of our Township residents and that the Mayor has made certain decisions with respect to a health inspector that had nothing to do with numbers. It has to do with personalities and ultimately it is just another bad decision that we have to deal with. Any other Old Business? Any New Business?


President Greenbaum: I can’t tell if you’re hand is up Mr. Buell or if it is just stuck in that position?

Mr. Buell: I am sorry but I have to ask Mr. Prill another question. I would like to know what the status is of the potential shared health services. The arrangement with Mount Arlington is?

Mr. Prill: I have to defer to the Board of Health. I believe the Board of Health was setting up a meeting with representatives of Mount Arlington and I haven’t gotten any feedback on that.

Mrs. Labow: And we can’t move forward until we have the staff to supply the services and our lovely Mayor is stopping that.

President Greenbaum: Is there any other New Business?

Mr. Buell: So in other words we are stuck in the water until...

Mrs. Labow: We are stuck until the Mayor does the right thing and signs off on the PAF and provides us with the staffing that we can do, to enter into shared services and help our budget situation and everything else and the Mayor continues to play his political games. It has to end and he needs to do the right thing for the public.

Mr. Tepper: Well, won’t that jeopardize the whole issue and you’re not going by default and you will automatically resolve the situation and you will not have shared services agreement because you can’t provide the service.

Mrs. Labow: We could possibly lose the shared services agreements we have now if we can’t provide the service and that is the way it is looking right now. We can’t uphold our contractual obligations. I would like to find out why the Mayor wants to do this to this Township?

Mr. Tepper: Legal liability.

Mrs. Labow: And our legal liabilities for it.

Mr. Rattner: Mr. Prill, it was like three weeks ago, I almost feel guilty now. I got a number of complaints from people in this building about our electrical contractor, not our inspector. We have had problems with this person before he was brought back on and we accepted the bid last year after his contract wasn’t renewed two years ago. He changed the name. They played some different games. They parked the truck, I think, in Bedminster and said they made the 12 mile limit of being here. They have to respond within a certain amount. It is different things. They have to respond in certain time. I have gotten some complaints that behind the fleet maintenance building there is a triplex wire on the ground. It has been there at least four months. They can’t get the contractor to come up. They said the issue was is when they strung the wire, the contractor... the code is supposed to be 13 ft. off the ground. It was only 11 ft. and it was pulled down by one of our trucks and it still hasn’t gone up and they can’t get the contractor to come back. If we have a contractual agreement and it says that they have to be here in a certain amount of time, they should be. The other one is in the current public works garage. There has been no power to the public works area for a week. The pole broke. Verizon or JCPL came up and put up a new pole but they are only responsible for power to the pole, from the pole to where the meter is, from the pole to the garage. So they have no power. They haven’t had any power for a week. Now, that I consider to be an emergency. I think that is on the report that I gave you from the Lake Committee which we thank you, we just did the observations. When I said about the cabling that was on the parking lot that must be the one that is over there. I have been told it has been a week and they can’t get the contractor to come.
Mr. Rattner (Cont’d): If they can’t go, he’s breached the contract, fire him and let’s get back on there. I mean we had this issue before you came where we knew the guy just changed his name and said he made the 12 mile limit.

Mr. Biondi: Who is the contractor?

Mr. Rattner: I think it is Integra now, is that the name of it? It was Accord.

Mr. Tepper: Why don’t we just enter into a specific contract with a vendor to fix the problem since he hasn’t responded?

Mr. Rattner: Well, we heard that this is a pattern, that this is something that this guy really....I was told when I questioned it, I am not sure how we approved but the vote was to approve the contract. Accord went out of business and one of the people who worked for the guy who couldn’t provide the service came up with a new firm....

Mr. Dorsey: Well, the first thing you should do is cancel the contract. You gave an opportunity...

Mr. Rattner: Well, this is true.

President Greenbaum: I am going to put it on under Old Business. Mr. Prill, could you please check into the situation and give us a report back?

Mr. Prill: Yes, I can advise you that Mr. Quinn and Mr. Lynch have revised the bid specifications for the service. We are going to be bidding that in the very near future. We are anticipating that the current contractor will submit a bid as he has done in the past. I think our position this time is, that we have sufficient grounds to reject that bid if that bidder should come in low.

Mr. Rattner: If these stories are true. We should be able to cancel the contract. We know there is enough people around to get this work done immediately and we are talking about a...I don’t know what a triplex cable is but it is on the ground. It shouldn’t be there.

Mr. Prill: I am aware of the first item. Mr. Quinn made me aware of the first item and it has to do with the fact that this contractor is not able to install the necessary pole that was supposed to have been installed to get the wire up to the appropriate height. The second one, I haven’t heard on that one so I will have to check with Mr. Quinn on it.

Mr. Rattner: I would just get somebody else. I mean if you’re not performing, I mean that is what the issue really is.

President Greenbaum: If they are not performing, you should cancel the contract. It makes it a lot easier to reject the bid next time if it is accurate that they did not perform under the previous contract.

Mrs. Labow: I have a question that was brought to my attention and I wanted to ask Mr. Dorsey, legally and perhaps Mr. Prill. Without naming names or a specific site, it is my understanding that the work that is supposed to be done on one specific site is not being done in accordance with what our inspector feels it should be in accordance with the plans. As a result, this developer has decided to have an engineer sign off on this project and the electrical work does not meet with what our inspector feels comfortable with. Can that be done Mr. Dorsey?

Mr. Dorsey: I don’t know. It is too indefinite.

President Greenbaum: Can you provide information to Mr. Dorsey outside of the Council meeting with respect to your concerns?

Mrs. Labow: Okay. Thank you.

President Greenbaum: Thank you. Mr. Prill, you look dazed and confused.

Mr. Prill: I am just waiting for the next set of questions.

Mrs. Labow: Can we have some funding in the budget for like a suit of amour for Mr. Prill or actually a bullet proof vest? Just kidding.

President Greenbaum: Are there any other New Business items?


Mr. Dorsey: One thing that I do want to say particularly for Mr. Prill so that you advise the Construction Department. The other day the Appellate Division denied the request that was filed for a total stay in connection with Toll Brothers and Morris Chase. Toll Brothers redesigned what they would do so they are now prohibited from building homes but they are specifically permitted under the current court order to get any and all permits that they are otherwise entitled to, to develop their wastewater treatment facility in connection with Morris Chase and those permits should be issued. Not to do so is going to involve the Township in unnecessary litigation and perhaps sanctions against members of the Construction Department.

Mr. Prill: In speaking with Mr. Buczynski, he indicated that all necessary permits have previously been issued to Toll Brothers.

Mr. Dorsey: When did he say that?

Mr. Prill: I spoke to him yesterday.

Mr. Dorsey: Well, as of 4:00 this afternoon, Toll Brothers’ long time attorney Joel Kolbert called me and told me that his people have been denied permits by... I don’t know the woman’s name she is a clerk in the Construction Department. I think what Mr. Buczynski is telling you, that all of the permits for which they seek construction permits in Mount Olive have been authorized by the DEP but apparently there is one final permit that has to be issued so that can begin to clear the area and build these facilities.

Mr. Prill: We do have a meeting set up for tomorrow morning with representatives of Toll Brothers so I am not sure that issue will come up.

Mr. Dorsey: Well, keep in mind that you have now been told that the court has denied the stay that was sought by the Township.


Recreation Liaison Report

Mr. Biondi: There was no meeting.

President Greenbaum: I understand that there is a meeting Thursday night related to the Master Plan...

Mr. Biondi: Thursday evening that is correct.

President Greenbaum: That is here at what time?

Mr. Biondi: 7:00.

Mrs. Labow: And what about the one at the beach first, 5:00 at the beach?

Mr. Biondi: 5:00 at the beach if you want to show up.

President Greenbaum: What’s that?

Mr. Biondi: There is a walk through at the beach at 5:00 on Thursday evening. It is just for everybody to get their ideas out.

President Greenbaum: Okay.


Board of Health Report

Mrs. Labow: I pretty much said all I had to say before and that the Board of Health is very concerned at the Mayor’s position of not signing off on the PAF. They are very concerned about the whole entire process and we did pass a resolution to hire the inspector who we wanted to hire and he will be starting shortly. Thank you.

Planning Board Report

Mr. Tepper: Well, outside of the two items regarding the trees and the memorial, there were a few other items of significance for the Council to understand. One is that AIG Baker came in and asked for a major subdivision and was granted the rights and there are now five lots in the Trade Zone of which they are selling three or more on June 1st so that they will now be separate distinct lots. The second was that the Town had presented a capital project improvement for the Budd Lake Beach and in light of Mr. Rattner’s discussion, one of the things that they are doing is 18 additional parking spaces, a new fence from the old building area and in light of his discussion on regulations, I think our planning people need to look at that and make sure we qualify pursuant to the DEP requirements.

Board of Adjustment Liaison Report

Mr. Perkins: Thank you, Mr. President. Most of the things at the Board were approved. One notable is that Paragon Village Day Care was approved. It came back, it was remanded back to the Board.

Mrs. Labow: Is that the adult or the....

Mr. Tepper: Child care.

Mr. Perkins: It was the court order for the childcare center and the Rose House which you know we were involved with making a recommendation that, that go ahead will have to be brought back to the Board, he is making some minor changes there. There is still a dissent among the residents up there but other than that, that is it Mr. President.

Open Space Committee Report

Mrs. Labow: I already gave that report last meeting.

Legislative Committee Report

Mr. Biondi: No report.

Pride Committee Liaison Report

Mr. Perkins: Thank you, Mr. President. Right as we were coming in the Pride Committee was finalizing their choices for the Memorial Day Essay contest for the High School and the Middle School students. They will be awarded the savings bonds during the Memorial Day Parade. The new billboard, as in the past, has been picked and approved. It appears Viacom has been bought out by CBS. That had a slight delay, that is why the Turkey Brook one is up down there and we will probably get a banner across the new one, congratulating the Budd Lake Fire Department on their 75th year. Other than that, just getting ready for the Memorial Day Parade, regular plantings and cleanings. That is it Mr. President.

Board of Education Liaison Report

Mr. Buell: Thank you. First of all the high school construction looks like it is on time and they will be occupying hopefully both the class rooms and the science wings either at that the early....or mid- September, on the 20th of September when they re-open on the science lab shortly thereafter.
They talked about graduation which is going to be on June the 23rd. They are hoping it is going to be outside. There is going to be no parking on the campus of the high school at that point in time. They are talking to the police department about cooperation in terms of limiting parking in various other areas and assistance with that process. The Mount Olive Robotics team won the Palmetto Regional contest and came in 19th in their region down in Georgia. They had a presentation. We should invite them to a future Council Meeting. They are a fun group to work with and this is an exciting program as we have all seen in the past.
Mr. Buell (Cont’d): Most of the meeting was focused on the budget cuts that the Council and the School Board negotiated. They voted seven to two to accept the recommendations of the Council. They cut the budget by $778,000. Additionally, they announced that they will be studying the issue of out sourcing building services, transportation, food services and sharing services with the Township mutually and regionalizing services with other towns. It was a lengthy discussion. The seven to two positive votes on the budget cuts was a reluctant discussion. It was a long discussion that our cuts were greater in proportion than most other towns who had their budgets reduced. There was also a large amount of discussion about the fact that we requested that they cut three building maintenance people out of the new high school and concerns about how they are going to maintain the building with those cuts. Otherwise, it was a quiet contemplating Board of Education meeting.

Lake/Environment Issues Committee

Mr. Rattner: Everybody got a memo today from the Association Dedicated to the Preservation Protection of Beautiful Budd Lake who had their semi-annual cleanup, which is usually before the Memorial Day Parade, which won’t be going past the lake anymore. I wanted to bring that up again because the Association is thanking the Administration and Tim Quinn for providing the assistance, the dumpster was where it was supposed to be. The gloves and the bags and everything else were gotten in enough time, so thank you very much. You don’t have to answer a compliment.

Mr. Prill: No, I appreciate that but your report did identify specific items of concerns so...

Mr. Rattner: It was just observations. It is just this time we said we were going to put it down on paper.

Mr. Prill: I have passed that on to Mr. Lynch and Mr. Quinn and the Zoning Officer for review.

Safety Committee Liaison

Mr. Perkins: Meets next week.

Finance Committee Report

Mr. Rattner: Nothing to report.

Economic Committee Report

Mr. Rattner: No new report.

President Greenbaum: Nothing to report from the Economic Development Committee?

Mr. Rattner: They meet this week, the last Thursday of the month.

Solid Waste Advisory Committee Report

Mr. Tepper: Nothing to report.


President Greenbaum: At this point in time, I will open it up to the public to anyone that wishes to speak, Mr. Russell first.

Nelson Russell, Budd Lake: Several weeks ago, the Council decided to open the boat ramp next to the old Boat House Restaurant. As of quarter to six this evening, there was still saw horses in front of that and a no trespassing sign. What is the status of the boat ramp?

President Greenbaum: It is opened as far as we are concerned. Mr. Prill?

Mr. Prill: We currently have barricades across it but those barricades can be moved by anybody that wants to lower their boat into the water, as has been done in previous years.

President Greenbaum: It is opened, although confusing, it is opened.

Mr. Russell: Including the no trespassing sign?

President Greenbaum: That no trespassing sign should be changed to reflect that it is opened for residents to launch their boats at your own risk.

Mrs. Labow: I thought we were going to do that already?

Mr. Rattner: We have this in the Resolution.

President Greenbaum: Yes, that no trespassing sign is inaccurate. Next item, Mr. Russell.

Mr. Russell: Okay, another item. I was just wondering what the final results of the investigation in the Construction Department was?

President Greenbaum: Still ongoing.

Mr. Russell: Still ongoing?

President Greenbaum: Yes it is.

Mr. Russell: We can expect a report....

President Greenbaum: You should expect there will be a recommendation coming out of the Council. Yes sir, Chief Katona. Excuse me for a second, I don’t mean to be disrespectful.

Chief Katona: He always does this to me.

Mrs. Labow: Yeah, I have to go to.

Chief Katona: I would like to thank the Council for considering the salary ordinance and that is what I would like to speak about. Specifically Ray, I understand that you support the employees and you support certainly the managers and your issue is one of the evaluations. I would ask the Council to consider bifurcating this issue and not put the evaluations in connection with the cost of living increases that we pay our employees. We know that the unions raises are negotiated they are not based upon merit. We know that for the last 26-27 years that I have been here, the exempt employees and management employees have received the same increases as have been negotiated by the unions. The issue of us not being able to put an evaluation system in place should not be held against the employees. It is not the employee’s fault that this evaluation system that this Township is looking for has not been made in place. An evaluation system is a complicated issue and frankly, our inability to implement it is in some way based on the instability of the person who sits as the Business Administrator. We haven’t had one or we have had several. So Mr. Prill is here and Mr. Prill is going to evaluate me based upon eight months of observation and determine whether I should deserve a raise or not? Now that’s not fair to Mr. Prill and certainly not to me or any other manager here in the Township. Additionally, if you are interested in putting together a merit system, one must be prepared to use it to pay someone more as much as hold someone back. It has to go both ways and maybe that has been a reason we haven’t moved it forward in the last 25 years or so. Every year we seem to be at dire straights in trying to keep taxes down, so we have been always trying one point recognize the employees but hold down the spending that we can. These employees that we are talking about in this ordinance, why should they be punished because they do not belong to a union I don’t think we want these employees unionized. I would like to see that their raises be held separately from that. Despite the political discord that has been happening over the last several years, the Township is running, and for the most part it is running pretty well and it’s running largely by the efforts of these employees that we are talking about in this ordinance. So I would like to thank you for moving the ordinance forward and Ray, I agree with you that we do need to have some type of a evaluation system but I think the two should proceed on different tracks. Thank you.

Mr. Perkins: Chief, and thank you. I do agree. A merit system has never been, a good merit system, a good goals and objectives plan, a management review plan has never been put into place to punish anyone. To ask Mr. Prill to evaluate you at the end of the year is an inherent flaw in any appraisal system because a good appraisal system would take into account what you have done in the last four quarters and every quarter you would get an appraisal.

Mr. Perkins(Cont’d): So that way when you sat conjunctively with your business administrator, you sat down at the beginning of the year and you have set your goals and standards as to where you would be at the end of quarter one, quarter two, you would have a goal then to measure your performance on and you would be graded highly on all those goals you had achieved and you would not be graded as highly on those goals that you didn’t but you would be coached on how to get to those goals to achieve better. So Mr. Prill could do it had we moved forward years ago. My problem inherently with it, and I have been in management for I guess too many years, is that when I worked with the Water Utility, we did the same thing although we had goals and objectives. Whatever the union got, we got. We got the same shoes, we got the same holidays and we got the same benefits. We got everything. We didn’t have to do anything. We didn’t have to pay union dues. We didn’t have to work overtime and it didn’t matter. We worked as we were management. If I look at the Council that sits here and we look at a budget where we have five percent that we can say we can give you five percent across the board, albeit that may mean that the Chief Financial Officer gets six or seven percent because his or her performance was exemplary that year and they had obtained all of those goals. Conversely to that the other supervisor may only end up with two or three percent because they didn’t meet their goals. However, to give it across the board whether you met the goals or you didn’t meet the goals, you didn’t have any goals so how do you know if you met them to begin with but you are going to get the same the union got because historically that is what we have done. That’s not spending the taxpayers dollars wisely. Alright, that is my only point and Ed as I know I think everybody personally, I know you guys do an excellent job in my opinion but I have never had to sit down and come up with goals and standards with you and every quarter sit down and say whoops we didn’t do this or we have done that. That is my only point on that....

Chief Katona: No, your point is well taken and I have been evaluated my entire life except for the last seven years of my career. Since I have been Chief, nobody has evaluated me.

President Greenbaum: Well, let me start then.

Chief Katona: Your points are well taken and a properly run evaluation system does that.

Mr. Perkins: I think it would be a benefit to everyone of the supervisory staff to actually have an appraisal system so that they can.....they know that their own career, how they are progressing because at the end of the year, I just say well okay well here it is because that is just what everybody got....

President Greenbaum: I agree with you, Ed, wholeheartedly on everything you said in terms of, you know what it should be cost of living to everyone plus a merit raise for a job well done. Above what everyone gets across the board because if people aren’t doing the job they shouldn’t remain here. If you are doing the job, you get the merit raise. If you are doing the job in an exceptional fashion, you should be getting more than the merit raise. Let me just say from my position, sitting here for five years it is the department heads who have kept this government afloat because the department heads have been able and in the lack of any leadership which has been contiguous, which has been consistent, the department heads have continued to do an exceptional job with running their departments and providing the day-to-day services of this Township below the radar screen, below the political in fighting that has occurred, the department heads have continued to provide and excellent level, I know I speak on behalf of the entire Council, that the department heads and I am not just limiting it to the department heads because I don’t know enough to speak to the supervisory level staff that is below the department heads because I just don’t have that kind of contact. From my prospective, I think that the merit system is good, separate from the ordinance which we are talking about and I would love to see it be used for a bonus kind of situation for those that go beyond what is required and provide that extra level of service. I know that probably is the position of this entire Council except for maybe Mr. Rattner who is very tight with money or at least he speaks tight with money but then he votes to give away anyway.

Mr. Rattner: Let me just say, we have had all those different plans at different times when I have been up here. Back in 1989, I can remember it was 2:30 in the morning and we put little numbers on pieces of paper and every Council member, we voted on every employee. Everybody put the percentage and what the average came out. We looked at it, I think when Schiess was Mayor and he actually came up and basically, what he tried doing as being a supporter, here is the pool, this is how much money you can spend. We expect the people on the top, you know the ones that are really doing the work get more, the people who haven’t done or whatever just laying back because you always have a certain amount.
You have people that always go far beyond so we have done that and then I think with Mayor Licitra, he came to us and we supported and we got it through as a four- three vote where we took a certain amount of money and put it in a pool so he could put it in his bonus program.
Mr. Rattner (Cont’d): Not saying that it all worked good because I know I worked for AT&T for 16 years and for 16 years, we had a new program almost every single year. Either one didn’t work or then the next one, if the bonus was too big, then they thought of something else the next year. The real big thing that we have to have is we have to put together a personnel manual with the appraisal process because the first thing, as I think you have heard, is nothing should be a surprise. At the beginning of the year you set, this is what we are expecting, and you have the different updates at the end of the year. It has to be constructed and it has to have some consistency. That is something, you are right, without having consistency in the Administrator’s office it is tough because somebody comes in and they are trying to play catch up from the last guy and usually it’s a spot. In fact, you were in the middle so how come you didn’t put it together when you were Acting Business Administrator?

Chief Katona: I knew when to get out. I understand, I just think it is an issue that only, my frustration again, it only comes up when we are talking about raises. We need to work on it when it is not associated with raises and thank you for all the laudatory comments.

President Greenbaum: Thank you, I am sure we appreciate it. Is there anyone else from the audience who wishes to be heard this evening?

Walter Lata, Budd Lake Heights Road: I have a few items I would like to bring to your attention. One is just a reminder how I was wrongfully terminated. I have seen a couple of incidents in the past six months where people have done worse than I did and they work for a Township and they were just suspended without pay. Again, I was unfairly terminated. Also the last time I was in front of the Council and the comments that I had, I am just wondering why they weren’t put in the Minutes.

President Greenbaum: That I don’t know. I assume anything that which is said on tape ends up on the tape and ends up in the Minutes, only at a public meeting, not at a Workshop. Workshops are not transcribed.

Mr. Lata: I understand that but it was a public meeting and I viewed the website a week later and everything else was in there except for my comments.

President Greenbaum: That I can’t answer. Do you know why Lisa?

Mrs. Lashway: What meeting are you talking about? Do you know the date?

Mr. Lata: I will have to go back and look at my dates.

Mrs. Lashway: Will you call me tomorrow and I will find out what you are referring to?

Mr. Lata: Okay and I was just curious why the Council got involved with the Building Inspector’s termination and not mine.

President Greenbaum: We didn’t get involved in the Building Inspector’s termination. We did an investigation related to the matter in which the Construction Code Official’s office was operating and certain issues specifically related to various projects that fell under their position....jurisdiction. We didn’t take any action with respect to any employment issues.

Mr. Lata: So Mr. Greenbaum, you didn’t state that you would like the Building Inspector reinstated....

President Greenbaum: I am not saying I didn’t state that but we didn’t take any official action. I felt that his termination was done for reasons other than that which were stated.

Mr. Lata: Okay. Obviously, I have seen that the town hasn’t done anything about restricting employees driving vehicles to and from home and to work that are not small vehicles. They are large vehicles. Now with the price of gas as high as it is, I haven’t seen anything done about that. Also at one point if somebody came and stole thousands of gallons of calcium and to steal thousands of gallons of calcium you need a pretty large truck to transport that. If somebody can come in and steals calcium what’s not to say that somebody can just go in and start filling their fuel tank up? The gate is not locked. You can go out there right now. The gate is opened.


President Greenbaum: It is an issue that we looked at and discussed and it is going to be addressed at the new DPW site. It was discussed at length in terms of the different options that were available and the decision was made by Council that the Administration would have oversight over that until such time as the new DPW site went in place. I don’t know anything about calcium disappearing. Mr. Prill, do you know anything about a large amount of calcium disappearing?

Mr. Lata: This was quite a few years ago before the new administrator came. The other part of my question is about town employees using their town vehicle to go to and from home. Personally, I don’t think a foreman should have to use a town vehicle to drive 21 miles one way and 21 miles back. I could see it if the foreman lived in town, okay maybe, during the winter months. Supervisor and DPW Directors, if they feel they need a vehicle to go to and from home, give them a small vehicle to do that and then when they are here for their eight hours let them drive the big vehicle if they feel that they need it. That would save on gas. About three weeks ago....well, let me say this first. Since January, I was fortunate that I found employment after two years of being unemployed. It is with another Township and about three weeks ago I was at work and Mount Olive Township goes to this town to purchase asphalt. I was coming up the road from where the asphalt plant is and I see the Mount Olive truck with Mr. Miele driving, going right past the asphalt plant heading towards Dover which I felt that it was pretty odd that he was going past the asphalt plant. A co worker had noticed a town vehicle riding around in circles three or four times. On another occasion, I turned onto the same road that I had noticed Mr. Miele passing the one day and I did not like the gesture that he gave me. It doesn’t set a good example for town employees to give residents and other town employees gestures the way he did.

President Greenbaum: Did you make the Administration aware of these issues....

Mr. Lata: I get tired of giving the a matter of fact I have a letter from the Administrator that I am going to read to you that I received about another situation and maybe you will see why I don’t contact the Administration anymore.

President Greenbaum: Okay.

Mr. Lata: I also don’t like the vulgar language that I hear from town employees in public places like deli’s, coffee shops. The most upsetting remark that I have heard was from a Road Department employee and this could be any one of your daughters, I don’t know if you have any, but it could be. The comment was and pardon my language, “There are the future cum cans.” Not a good example for a town employee. Comments made to one another in a deli referring to female parts and male parts, not a good conversation in a deli. If you want to do it in a town garage, do it in the town garage, not in a public place. I had come to the Council with a complaint about retention and detention basins that have overgrown with vegetation. You told me to submit a letter to Mr. Casey. I submitted a letter to Mr. Casey. Mr. Casey basically told me I have no right to question how the town is run and that when they get time to do it, they will do it. Well, it has been a year and a half and still the detention basins are still overgrown with vegetation. Not to long ago, I finally went through the box that was given to me of my personal items when I had been terminated. When I received the box, I was told by Mr. Quinn that all my personal belongings were in there. When I opened up the box there were some items that were missing. I was also informed by a friend of the Road Department that there was an item that I had given to an individual that he was going to try and sell for me. He had returned that item back to the Road Department garage when I was out on disability. I was not aware of that because unfortunately that individual was not speaking to me when I returned back to work in November. I had called and spoke to the President of the Association. She was going to contact Mr. Quinn. Mr. Quinn replied, “None of the items are around. If I wanted to take it up any further to take it up with Administration.” I called the Administrator. He said to put the items down on a piece of paper and send it to him. I put the items down on a piece of paper and I get a letter back from the Administrator saying, “In the middle to the later part of May 2005, in the presence of Mr. Quinn and Mrs. Lepre who collected your personal belongings from the Township facility, at this time you did not identify any of the items as personal belongings which needed to be collected and when asked if the items you did collect were all items belonging to you, you affirmed this. You indicated that the red bar light was given to another member of the Road Department staff to try and sell. This individual eventually returned it to the Road Department garage. Personal property that was given by you to another member of the staff to try to sell does not involve the Township and if this staff member returned it to the Road Department garage rather than giving it directly to you, the Township has no responsibility for the item or personal property and it did not belong on Township property. You need to address the return of this bar light with the staff member you had originally given it to.” Again, unfortunately, that individual is not talking to me. He was one of the individuals that I had gotten into a verbal altercation with on that day.

President Greenbaum: To me it sounds like Mr. Prill has already set the precedence in paying for the lawnmower, your sign should be paid for as well. Mr. Prill, how do you distinguish between the two?

Mrs. Labow: Get a fair market value.

Mr. Prill: The lawnmower was reimbursed by the Joint Insurance Fund.

President Greenbaum: There you go.

Mrs. Labow: You have set the precedence, Mr. Prill.

Mr. Lata: “Mr. Quinn has located a red lens bar light but does not know if this might be an old police vehicle bar light belonging to the Township or if it might be the one you are claiming belongs to you. Unless you can demonstrate by way of receipt with a serial number and or model number that the bar light located is yours, it cannot be released since it represents public property. Regarding the notebook and computer disc, these items have not been located in the Road Department garage and if they were there at the time you collected your belongings, subsequent to that, they may have been discarded. To raise the issue months after your termination and after you were provided the opportunity to collect your belongings is unreasonable.” I don’t feel it is unreasonable because if you or anyone of you gives something to somebody, you are trusting that person with your belongings. I gave Mr. Quinn a notebook that was mine that I had notes and information when I took a class at County College of Morris. He asked to look at the book to see if it was similar to the supervisory class that he took. He never returned it in the box that was given to me that he said all my belongings were in. The CD had a brochure that I put together that was supposed to go to the person that is in charge of the website to have it posted on the Town’s website. Like I said, if any one of you give something to look at you expect them to treat it with respect and keep track of it. If after my termination, Mr. Quinn came across these items knowing that they were mine, he should have either contacted the Administrator or Joann Lepre and said Mr. Lata didn’t get these items they were not in the box. Can you see if he wants them or if we can discard them? That is like one of you giving me anything because I want to look at it or read it and four months later you ask for it back and me saying you have no right asking for it back now. It is still your belongings, it belongs to you. You paid for it and you created it, whatever, it belongs to you. It doesn’t matter if it is a year or a year and half or two years and if you come back to claim it and it’s been given to somebody they should respect it and take care of it. Now since Mr. Quinn is in management I would think he could handle taking care of somebody’s personal property.

President Greenbaum: What is it that you want Council to do Mr. Lata?

Mr. Lata: I would like my personal belongings back.

President Greenbaum: Mr. Prill, do you know if his personal belongings are somewhere within the municipal government? Does someone have his personal belongings?

Mr. Prill: The letter that he is reading from is my letter to him, indicating that those items could not be found.

President Greenbaum: Is there a problem for me to speak to Mr. Quinn directly to determine whether or not Mr. Quinn knows where these items might be located?

Mr. Prill: That would be a waste of your time and Mr. Quinn’s time because I have spoken to him and have confirmed that to Mr. Lata.

President Greenbaum: It would be brief. I am happy to do that, on Mr. Lata’s behalf, to speak to Mr. Quinn to determine whether or not he knows where these items are.

Mr. Lata: Not to mention, there are employees in the Road Department that know that the bar light is mine.

President Greenbaum: What are you talking about when you are talking about a bar light, are you talking about something that is used in a bar?

Mr. Lata: It is on the police cars. They are bar lights.

President Greenbaum: Oh, you are talking about the bar light.

Mr. Buell: I think he should go through the same procedure that the Mayor went through with his lawnmower.

President Greenbaum: Absolutely, submit the claim to the Township through Mr. Prill, so Mr. Prill can handle it in the same fashion as the lawnmower was handled.

Mr. Buell: Make sure you get an estimate of fair market value of the light.

Mr. Lata: I don’t want the money. I want the item back. If it is sitting down there, why can’t I have it back?

President Greenbaum: Unless somebody is telling me that that is your light, there isn’t too much I can do.

Mr. Lata: So, if I can get two town employees and say to you, that yes that is Mr. Lata’s bar light, I can get it back?

President Greenbaum: That would be helpful, then I could take it to Mr. Prill and say there are two Township employees who say that, in fact, that is Mr. Lata’s bar light. So if you can get them to contact me that would be the first step in resolving this issue. Either that or make a claim to Mr. Prill for the loss of your property.

Mr. Lata: What about the other two items?

President Greenbaum: Again, if you tell me that you know that they are around someplace, tell me where I can go to ascertain that information. I am happy to follow that through for you. Walter, just tell me who I need to speak to.

Mr. Lata: Okay.

Mr. Prill: The bar light issue is not an insurance claim issue, so it would be a waste of everybody’s time to have to represent to Mr. Lata that he should file a claim for loss of it.

Mrs. Labow: Why not?

President Greenbaum: Yes, why not?

Mr. Prill: He is indicating that he brought a personal item onto Township property, gave it another member of staff to try to sell and that other staff member apparently misplaced it or got rid of it, did not return it to Mr. Lata.

Mr. Lata: It is not misplaced. It is down in the Road Department garage. In one sentence, you say that I have to take it up with that individual.....

President Greenbaum: You know what Walter? I hate to cut you short. Get those two people to speak to me.

Mr. Lata: Okay.

President Greenbaum: I will follow it up.

Mr. Lata: Alright. One last thing or two things and I will be done.

President Greenbaum: Okay.

Mr. Lata: Seeing that some of the Councilmen and Councilwomen think that they have a lot of power being Councilmen or Councilwomen, it bothers me a great deal because every one of you are no different than anybody else in the Township. You sit up there, it doesn’t mean you have extra powers, even though you try and get things to work in your favor. You still don’t have extra powers.

Mr. Lata (Cont’d): The other thing I would like to bring up is Turkey Brook. All of the things that are in Turkey Brook pertain to basketball and baseball. I know you have mentioned that a couple of times, Mr. Greenbaum, that there is not enough fields for kids to play on in the town. Well, I went and counted all the fields that kids have to play on and there are plenty of fields for kids to play on. They may not be able to all play on that field at Turkey Brook but there are fields that they can play on.

President Greenbaum: I would agree with you because my daughter is currently in her soccer practices. They are on this little piece of grass at Tinc Road School because there are about 16 teams practicing on the Tinc Road field. I would just have to disagree with you, Mr. Lata, that there are not sufficient fields for our youth and I think that anybody who has studied the issue, Mr. Buell you can chime in, you have looked at it extensively and the fact remains that there are not enough fields.

Mr. Buell: No.

Mr. Lata: My point is, that the Township caters to people that play soccer, basketball and baseball. Other residents in this town that enjoy other types of sports, there is no allocation put in the expansion or anything of Turkey Brook like, for instance, some type of ice skating rink up there for the winter activities.

Mr. Buell: They do ice skate in the detention pond during the winter. We specifically cleared that parking lot in there.

Mr. Lata: Is there water in there?

Mr. Buell: Yes.

Mr. Lata: Do you know how much water it takes for somebody to drown? Not much.

Mr. Buell: The pond is only three feet deep.

Mr. Lata: If you have an ice skating can drown in two inches of water.

President Greenbaum: What else do you have Mr. Lata?

Mr. Lata: I think you find this so amusing. If it was one of your sons or daughters that went through that detention pond and drowned, it is somebody like me that is qualified in ice diving that would have to go and pull them out. It is not a pleasurable sight.

Mr. Tepper: Mr. Lata, I am also qualified to do recovery and have done it and have assisted several police departments. We are talking about something that was in the Master Recreation Plan as a use for the park and when told that, you then seemed to turn around and object to it. Now, are you in favor of it or are you against it?

Mr. Lata: I didn’t object to anything.

Mr. Tepper: We made comment that the pond was used for ice skating and you all of the sudden, you start saying that doesn’t make sense, its bad, they can drown. Which is it?

Mr. Lata: Which is it? The pond is not a sensible place for people to ice skate in the winter months when you have all that property up there where you can make a space, where it is solid ice and.....

Mr. Tepper: Thursday night you have the opportunity to express that to the Recreation Committee when they address the issues of the Master Plan for Recreation. You should do so.

Mr. Lata: Okay, I will. Not only ice skating, what about hiking?

Mrs. Labow: We are working on it.

Mr. Lata: You’re working on it? You have been working on it since I started coming to Council meetings about two years ago.

Mrs. Labow: Yes, well it takes time, Mr. Lata.

Mr. Lata: It doesn’t take time to blaze a trail through the woods.

Mrs. Labow: It takes time, so volunteer, help us out.

Mr. Lata: There are no educational things up there to educate kids. There is nothing for handicapped people. I just feel that the park is being catered to people that just do baseball, basketball, soccer and things like that.

President Greenbaum: Tennis.

Mr. Tepper: Lacrosse, football, walking.

Mrs. Labow: Picnic pavilion.

President Greenbaum: Volleyball.

Mr. Lata: Well, I can go over my list too, things that you don’t do.

Mr. Tepper: Again, bring that to the Recreation Committee. That is their responsibility to make the recommendation to us.

President Greenbaum: Okay. Mr. Lata, thank you very much. Anyone else from the public? Seeing none, I close it to the public.


President Greenbaum: We are up to final comments, Mr. Prill, anything this evening?

Mr. Prill: Nothing further. Thank you.

President Greenbaum: That is probably wise.

Mr. Tepper: I have no further comments.

Mr. Buell: None.

Mr. Biondi: Nothing.

Mrs. Labow: I have a comment. I would like to wish Mr. Buell, a happy birthday. His birthday is on the 27th.

Mr. Perkins: None.

Mr. Rattner: I just want to recognize, I see a young gentlemen in the audience, a boy scout who has achieved a star. I guess he is working on his merit badges, have to do one tonight, paying your penance. I guess in a short time you are going to be one of the proud youths that we are proud of and you are going for your Eagle badge, that is why you need the merit badges and you had to sit here. When you have an open government, in a democratic government, it isn’t always pretty. You want people and when I say sometimes, we don’t usually let somebody go that long. We make them get to the point because there are usually a lot of people that want to speak to us. A good government, we don’t necessarily agree with each other but we have to press all the business and public as much as we can and when the public wants to speak us, this is the only opportunity you really have. You can go in and talk to an individual person. You can write a letter but here is where they can come face to face. That is why regardless of where the complaint is, they come to a Council Meeting. So I hope it wasn’t too bad. I saw you starting to nod off a little bit. You have to get up at about what, quarter after six to get ready for school? You have to be there tomorrow, so good luck and we are very proud of you and I am sure we are going to be proud when one of us are going to be at your Eagle ceremony.

President Greenbaum: Okay. My final comment this evening is that I wish everybody, especially Mr. Prill, a very nice holiday weekend, safe, don’t light off any fireworks. I hope to see everybody at the parade on Monday and with that, I will take a motion to adjourn.

Motion was made and seconded. All in favor and none opposed, the meeting was adjourned at 9:58 pm.


Robert J. Greenbaum
Council President

I, LISA M. LASHWAY, Township Clerk of the Township of Mount Olive do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes is a true and correct copy of the Minutes approved at a legally convened meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council duly held on June 27, 2006.

Lisa M. Lashway
Township Clerk




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