The Public Meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by Council President Mania. 

Mrs. Lashway:  According to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting has been given to the Daily Record. Notice has been posted in the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Mount Olive Township, New Jersey and notices were sent to those requesting the same.


Present:          Mr. Amianda, Mr. Ferrante, Mrs. Labow, Mr. Perkins, Mr. Roman, Mr. Nicastro and Mr. Mania

Absent:           none

Also Present:  Lisa Lashway, Township Clerk; Fred Semrau, Township Attorney; Sherry Davis, CFO and Sean Canning, Business Administrator


September 2, 2014, WS & PM (Mr. Ferrante and Mrs. Labow absent)

President Mania:  Next, is the approval of Minutes of previous meetings.  Mr. Amianda, would you please do that?

Mr. Amianda:  Yes, I make a motion for approval of Minutes of previous meetings.

Mr. Perkins:  Second.

President Mania:  Any discussion?  Roll Call.

ROLL CALL:            Passed with the exception Mr. Ferrante and Mrs. Labow abstained

  1. Email received August 31, 2014, from Downtown New Jersey regarding You’re Invited to Downtown New Jersey – 2014 Annual Conference (September 12, 2014).  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received September 2, 2014, from Bloustein School News regarding NEWS from the Raritan River Initiative – September 2014.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received September 3, 2014, from Advancing Opportunities regarding Newsletter of Advancing Opportunities July 2014.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received September 3, 2014, from NOFA-NJ regarding Upcoming NOFA-NJ Events.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received September 8, 2014, from New York – New Jersey Trail Conference regarding the New York – New Jersey Trail Conference NJDEP Green Acres Planning Incentive Grant Application Green Corridors II Project Area.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Letter received September 8, 2014, from Township of Bryam regarding Public Hearing on the 2014 Master Plan Highlands Element of the Township of Bryam, Sussex County.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received September 8, 2014, from NOFA-NJ regarding Become a True Believer.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received September 8, 2014, from Downtown New Jersey regarding You’re invited to Downtown New Jersey – 2014 Annual Conference. PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received September 9, 2014, from National League of cities announcing a new Austin keynote: David Gregory.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received September 11, 2014, from National League of Cities regarding Let Austin Surprise You.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received September 11, 2014, from Mount Arlington Borough regarding National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Letter received September 12, 2014, from The Codey Fund for Mental Health regarding The Codey Fund for Mental Health.  PDF Correspondence



  1. Letter received September 8, 2014, from Township of Bryam regarding Public Hearing on the 2014 Master Plan Highlands Element of the Township of Bryam, Sussex County.  PDF Correspondence
  2. Letter received September 10, 2014, from Township of Jefferson regarding Ordinance #19-14 Amending the Zoning Ordinance of the Township of Jefferson and to Create Article XI entitled “Highlands Regional Requirements” for the purpose to update Public Notice and Submission Requirements and Incorporate Highlands Council Call-Up Provisions for Applications for Development in the Highlands Preservation Area.  PDF Correspondence
  3. Letter received September 10, 2014, from Township of Jefferson regarding Ordinance #20-14 Amending the Zoning Ordinance of the Township of Jefferson and to Create Section 490-58 Entitled “Township of Jefferson Highlands Preservation Area Exemption Ordinance.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received September 3, 2014, from New Jersey League of Municipalities regarding League Delegates Luncheon, November 20, 2014.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received September 3, 2014, from NJ Transit regarding NJ Transit Public Hearing Notice.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received September 3, 2014, from Rutgers regarding 16th Annual NJDOT Research Showcase – Registration Now Open.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received September 3, 2014, from State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding NJDEP Press Release – 17th Annual Beach Plum Festival.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received September 8, 2014, from State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding DEP Release: New Visitor Center for Monmouth Battlefield State Park Receives Prestigious International Architectural Award.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received September 8, 2014, from State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding NJDEP Release:  Veteran’s Job Fair to be Held on September 17, 2014.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received September 10, 2014, from State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding Public Notice for FFY15 Proposed Clean Water Priority System, Intended Use Plan and Project Priority List.  PDF Correspondence



  1. Email received September 10, 2014, from County of Morris regarding News from County of Morris.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received August 29, 2014, from Musconetcong Sewerage Authority regarding Musconetcong Sewerage Authority Commissioners’ Meeting July 24, 2014.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received September 10, 2014, from Musconetcong Watershed Association regarding River Talk – River Restoration.  PDF Correspondence



  1. Email received September 3, 2014, from First Energy regarding JCP&L Open House and RDO Tour.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received September 4, 2014, from Comcast regarding Channel Changes.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received September 9, 2014, from First Energy regarding 2014 Fall Routine Aerial Patrols on JCP&L transmission lines to begin Thursday, September 11th.  PDF Correspondence


President Mania:  Next, we have letters of Correspondence.  Any discussion?  Hearing none.  On the Agenda next is the Ordinance for Public Hearing, which we have none.  We have an Ordinance for first reading.    

Mrs. Lashway:  No, we’re going to hold that until September 30th. 

President Mania:  Okay.



Ord.#20-2014 An Ordinance of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive, in the County of Morris, State of New Jersey, Amending Chapter 106, “Dogs and Other Animals.” PDF Ord.

Mrs. Labow:  Mr. President.

Mrs. Lashway:  Colleen.  Colleen has a question.

President Mania:  Colleen.

Mrs. Labow:  I just have a question.  Do we have to make any kind of formal announcement that we’re moving this to a different meeting since this wasn’t advertised yet?  Thank you.  I just wanted to…

President Mania:  Fred, do we…

Mr. Semrau:  No.  We’re okay.

Mrs. Labow:  Okay.  Good.  Thank you.

Resolutions on the Consent Agenda List are considered to be routine and non-controversial by the Township Council and will be approved by one motion (one vote). There will be no separate discussion or debate on each of these resolutions except for the possibility of brief clarifying statements that may be
offered. If one or more Council member requests, any individual resolution on the Consent Agenda may be removed from the Consent Agenda List and acted on separately.


  1. Resolution Determining the Form and Other Details of $7,188,000 General Obligation Bonds, Consisting of $6,325,000 General Improvement Bonds and $863,000 Water Utility Bonds of the Township of Mount Olive, in the County of Morris, New Jersey and Providing for Their Sale. PDF


  1. Resolution Providing for the Combination of Certain Issues of Water Utility Bonds of the Township of Mount Olive, in the County of Morris, New Jersey into a Single Issue of Bonds Aggregating $863,000 in Principal Amount. PDF
  1. Resolution Providing for the Combination of Certain Issues of General Improvement Bonds of the Township of Mount Olive, in the County of Morris, New Jersey into a Single Issue of Bonds Aggregating $6,325,000 in Principal Amount. PDF


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Supporting an Application to the New Jersey Department of Transportation for Milling and Relocation of Two “No Parking Signs to


Mitigate the Ongoing Parking Issue on US Route 206 at Mile Marker 90.75 (294 Rt. 206, Flanders, NJ). PDF

  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Submission of a Grant Application and Execution of a Grant Agreement with the New Jersey Department Transportation for the Resurfacing of International Drive – Phase 2 Project. PDF


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Approving a Vendor Service Contract on a ‘Non-Fair and Open’ Basis Pursuant to the ‘Pay-to-Play’ Law (WW Grainger). PDF
  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Requesting Approval from the Director of the Division of Local Government Services for Insertion of a Specific Item of Revenue into the 2014 Municipal Budget ($500 for Donation – American Legion). PDF


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Award of the Contract for the Lease of Space on Township Owned Water Tank for Wireless Communications Located at Oakwood Village, Mountain View Way, Flanders, NJ to New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC (“AT&T”). PDF Res
  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Approving a Vendor Service Contract on a ‘Non-Fair’ and Open Basis Pursuant to the ‘Pay-to-play’ (Triad Security System). PDF Res


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Use of a Purchasing Contract (Schifano Construction).  PDF Res
  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Cancellation of a Grant Balance (Click It or Ticket). PDF Res


President Mania:  Next, on the Agenda is Consent Resolutions.  We have 11.  Any discussion?  Do we wish any to go on Non-Consent? 

Mr. Canning:  Mr. President.  I just want to thank Fred’s office on Resolution eight involving the wireless communication Resolution.  Jeff Pasek and Tracy from his office worked extremely hard on this.  They are not easy issues and they are very complicated these bids and they did a great job as always.  I appreciate their guidance.

President Mania:  Mr. Roman.

Mr. Roman:  Sean, I have a question regarding that Resolution.  There was something indicating a relocation cost for that antenna.  Where is it being relocated from?

Mr. Canning:  No.  That was just in the event if there was any need for relocation down the road, they were going to offer up as part of the bid to cover some of those costs up to a maximum amount.  There are no plans to relocate, but should they fail to fulfill the contract and they have to go out of business and things have to be relocated on that tower, part of that bid provision is that we’ll have a certain amount that’s afforded to us.  If we have to move any…any other cost or any of our public safety radios from any tower.

President Mania:  Mrs. Labow, would you move the Consent?

Mrs. Labow:  Yes, thank you Mr. President.  I move Consent Resolutions one through eleven.

Mr. Amianda:  Second.

President Mania:  Any discussion?  Roll Call.

ROLL CALL:            Passed unanimously


  1. Bill List. PDF Bill List


President Mania:  Next, on the agenda is Consent Motions.  Mr. Perkins, would you do that please?

Mr. Perkins:  Yes, Mr. President.  I move Consent Motion one, the Bill List. 

President Mania:  Is there a second?

Mr. Ferrante:  Second.

President Mania:  Any discussion?  Roll Call.

ROLL CALL:            Passed with the exception Mr. Nicastro abstained on check# 68778


President Mania:  Administrative Reports.  Mr. Canning. 

Mr. Canning:  Thank you, Mr. President.  Just a couple of things here on behalf of the Mayor.  Obviously, we saw the Boy’s Team in today.  The Girl’s Softball Team will be honored at an upcoming Council meeting as well.  It’s been a very good summer for Mount Olive Baseball and Softball.  I’m only going to touch briefly upon the 911 Memorial and defer most of that to Councilman Perkins.  Most of us are aware of the work that went into it, I was there personally, I was very impressed and on behalf of the Mayor it was just a great thing to see and it’s a terrific memorial and it really adds to the park and I’ll defer the rest to Councilman Perkins appropriately.  The Farmer’s Market continues to be a success.  It’s every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Town Hall parking lot.  We’re very proud of that.  This Saturday, Tinc Road School is having their Fall Festival.  It’s this Saturday, 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.  There’s a certain Mayor that’s supposed to be getting dunked at 12:45 pm…if anybody happens to swing by and notice.  The Tour de Mount Olive is set for Sunday, September 28th.  Registration is still open on that.  Lastly, from my own end, two things, one the auction, the initial part of the auction has concluded.  We still have one vehicle out there and some computer equipment that’s up online, but the very early results are very promising, over $11,700.00 in auction proceeds from most of these vehicles that are just well past their time.    The Facebook postings, the Gov Deals, the advertisements, they certainly helped and we’re very proud of those efforts.  Lastly, I want to shine the light on a project Sherry has been working on for some time, it’s the Kronos system.  It’s been a lot of work, it’s our in house time tracking system and that’s moving along.  That’s being implemented.  As with everything it’s never easy, but I want to thank her for that and it’s certainly making our Human Relations or Human Resource efforts on the interior easy and better able to track who’s taking what.  That’s all.

President Mania:  Thank you, Mr. Canning.  Any Old Business?  Mrs. Labow.


Mrs. Labow:  I have an Old Business and it’s like a question actually for Lisa.  I had a…a couple of weeks ago we had approved the Peddler’s Permit for Siemens and they actually came to my door…

Mrs. Lashway:  Slomins?

Mrs. Labow:  Slomins, yes.  Sorry.  Slomins.  Thank you.

Mrs. Lashway:  There’s probably 15 who have applications in.

Mrs. Labow:  Yes, Slomins.  They came to my door and I asked him where his badge was and the kid said our boss keeps them.  I said, I think you’re supposed to have it when you come to the door.  I wanted to just clarify that it was my understanding when I got mine if you went door to door you had to have your identification badge.  I said to him, I think you should tell your boss that you could possibly be in violation and you better make sure that you all have you badges because there was another kid across the street…does he have his…no.

Mrs. Lashway:  I’ll call the manager and make sure they’re aware of it.

Mrs. Labow:  Thank you.  I just wanted to double check because it was a conversation that we had and if they’re going to go through all of that, the reason is that they show it when they come to your door and we know…that was my question.

Mrs. Lashway:  I’ll take care of it.

President Mania:  Thank you.  Any other Old Business?  Mr. Amianda.


Mr. Amianda:  I have a question about the Old Business, when will the cans with the blue lid for single stream recycling be available to the public?

Mr. Canning:  They currently are.  What we’re doing is we’re preparing 30 per month and they’re being done through Tim Quinn at the DPW office.  What they’re doing is taking the 30 orders and they’ve been selling them pretty good.  They’re available now.  The information is on the DPW Facebook site, on the website, they can call right to DPW and place the order and buy the can if they want and they’ll have it prepared.  I believe they’ve been delivering them if need be.  They’re available now, if anybody wants, contact the DPW desk or like I said, they can find the information…

Mrs. Labow:  Recreation, Sean.

Mr. Canning:  Yes, Recreation is helping as well.

Mrs. Labow:  No.  May I Mr. President?

Mr. Canning:  I think Kris is taking the orders as well at the DPW desk. 

Mrs. Labow:  Is she? 

Mr. Canning:  She is helping out.

Mrs. Labow:  Okay.  They told me that you had to get it through Recreation.

Mr. Canning:  They’re in the same office, if the phone rings…

Mrs. Labow:  Yes, I know they are in the same office…

Mr. Canning:  If the phone rings they’re all pitching in.

Mrs. Labow:  I got mine too, but I just wanted to say because when I asked they said, oh no, only through Recreation.

Mr. Canning:  Well, I know Kris is helping out as well.  They’re all working together. 

Mrs. Labow:  That’s good. They always do.  Great team.

Mr. Amianda:  Thank you.

Mr. Canning:  You’re welcome.

President Mania:  Mr. Canning, I have a question.  Gold Mine Road, has that been opened yet?

Mr. Canning:  No.  They’re finishing the work on that.  The County finished up their end.  Gene is doing a cursory review because there’s placement of signs that are going to have to go in there.  They are going to have to pass the DOT muster.  The timeline, we talked about it at our Agenda Meeting last week, right now the timeline, the final discussion I have slated I believe for October 28th and were looking…I was talking to I think Jeff or Fred last week at our Agenda Meeting, we’re hoping to introduce the Ordinance the first meeting in November with second reading and adoption and it’ll probably take effect around early December after the 20 days after publication.  We still want to reach out to the Homeowners Association at Country Oaks and make sure they’re still on board with it, but DPW right straight along has been preparing it so we’re moving along, but expect a final discussion and Council approval if at all at the October meeting.  If you give us the indication to go ahead then we’ll be looking to introduce at the first November meeting. 

President Mania:  Thank you. 

Mr. Canning:  You’re welcome.

President Mania:  Any other Old Business?  Any New Business?  Any Legal Matters?




Mr. Semrau:  Thank you, Council President.  Just one matter, about two months ago the governing body discussed Paragon Village and there was a perspective purchaser.  The State, as you recall, had essentially taken over the property because the prior owners defaulted.  The State has since, based on the representations of this governing body that you would work with a pilot program, which would actually yield additional revenue based on comparisons to the prior project, the State has found a buyer and they’re ready to move forward, so I would anticipate at the next meeting, the framework of which we discussed for pilot, we’ll be able to bring forward.  Over the life of this agreement it would in comparison bring in almost $1 million more than what the old agreement would have done. 

President Mania:  Wow.

Mr. Semrau:  This would be a good agreement if we could lock it down.  We’ve taken another step closer because when you gave the essential consent that you would work with the State on this, they were able to lock down a buyer and now they’re in a position where’s it’s actually a real good purchase for the State and you’re going to have a formidable management team come in that’s experienced to run this project and that’ll yield that revenue, we’ll get that back on the tax rolls on the pilot point of view going forward with the first payment hopefully before the year is out.  Hopefully for the next meeting we’ll be set to go on that.  That’s my report.

President Mania:  Thank you.

Mr. Semrau:  Thank you.

Mrs. Labow:  Mr. Mania.  I have a question…

President Mania:  Mrs. Labow.

Mrs. Labow:  …for Legal Matters.  Fred, for Marveland Farms Project…

Mr. Semrau:  Yes.

Mrs. Labow:  …a resident called me the other day and asked me a question, which I really couldn’t answer because it was too many layers.  He wanted to know how come the School Board is going to get less money out of taxes for that development and the town…how are they getting ripped off, how is that going to happen?  I said that’s not exactly how it’s happening, I said…

Mr. Semrau:  No.

Mrs. Labow:  He said how come there was not a lot about this, it just seems like a back room deal.  I said no, no, what it was, there was a lot of legalities with a lot of layers and levels to it and a lot of different agencies involved for them to comply with this program that they were trying to get the most benefit from.

Mr. Semrau:  Correct.

Mrs. Labow:  I think I explained it to them correctly. 

Mr. Semrau:  Yes.

Mrs. Labow:  I said it doesn’t even make sense, you’re calling and you want to know if the school’s not going to get less money…it’s regulated how much money they’re going to get, you can’t just all of a sudden get less. 

Mr. Semrau:  Right.  Remember, this is an affordable housing project too, so there are a number of different components, but from where this developer started and proposed to where we wound up is almost, it’s almost 33 percent higher than what they proposed for us to enter into this agreement.  You’re right, there’s a number of different components and you know, pilots have certain regulations in itself, but we felt that…the governing body felt that this generated the most revenue for the most residents.

Mrs. Labow:  That’s basically what I was saying too. 

Mr. Semrau:  That’s really what it did.

Mrs. Labow:  Good.  Thank you.

President Mania:  Council Reports.  Board of Education, Mr. Amianda.


Board of Education Liaison Report
Mr. Amianda:  Yes, Mr. President.  The Board met September 15, 2014 at 6:30 pm at the Board Office and unveiled its transition to Board Documents Program, which I am going to refer to as Board Docs Program.  The Board is transitioning to a paperless meeting solution called Board Docs.  The Board Docs Program is an easy to use internet application, that will radically improve the governance process and provide more open communication with the public while saving time, taxpayer dollars and the environment.  Also with that the Board has provided its nine board members each with a laptop, an Apple laptop, which they have to carry to the meetings.  Also at that meeting, when the communication system  fails there is help desk or a computer tech there to help the Board solve the technical problem.  Now, meeting agendas, minutes and other vital board information can be accessed electronically at the Board Docs website.  Beginning in January 2015, paper agendas will no longer be available at the Board Meetings.  Paper Agendas can be printed from the Board Docs Website.  Additionally, the public is encouraged to bring their personal computing devices to the meetings to access the agenda via our wireless guest network.  The Board is ahead of us and I think that this Council is heading there, so in theory and practice.  Everybody’s excited and it looks well organized.  Besides that the Superintendant reported that the schools are doing well.  The enrollment for this year went up by about 100 more students and there was another point which we found out we had a little bump in people moving to Mount Olive Township.  Mount Olive Township seems to be a center of attraction and for that reason we have a good number of students, foreign students attending our public schools.  That is the end of my report.

President Mania:  Thank you, Mr. Amianda.  Mr. Roman.

Mr. Roman:  I have a question regarding the going paperless with the Board of Ed, do you know if the wireless network is going to be increased there because a couple of times I’ve had issues with the download rate.

Mr. Amianda:  I don’t have an answer for that.  I can check into it.

Mr. Roman:  Okay.

President Mania:  Mr. Ferrante.

Environmental Committee - none
Library Board Liaison
Lake Issues
Mr. Ferrante:  The Library has the Fall Festival on Saturday, October 11th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and there’s a rain date for Sunday, October 12th.  In regards to Budd Lake, the lake was treated for 30 acres of milfoil on September 5th.   We also have an Eagle Scout that is preparing four New Life Safety Kiosk Stations, which will be solar lighted poles with rope and a ring buoy.  Four different ones right now all around the lake. 

Mrs. Labow:  Nice.

Mr. Ferrante:  Nice.  That’s all.

Mr. Roman:  Do you know which Eagle Scout is doing that?

Mr. Ferrante:  Yes, I have his name…

Mr. Roman:  Didn’t mean to put you on the spot. 

Mr. Ferrante:  I have it right here, hold on, Alex…

Mr. Roman:  No, not me.

Mr. Ferrante:  Alex Bradstrum.

Mr. Roman:  I’m a little bit over 18.

President Mania:  Mrs. Labow.


Senior Citizen Liaison - none
Economic Development Committee Report
TNR Program
Mrs. Labow:  Thank you, Mr. President.  I don’t have anything to report for the seniors at this time.  For the Economic Development Committee, we’re having a meeting Friday morning at 9:00 am.  Are you going to be at that one?

Mr. Nicastro:  No, I’m away for a conference.

Mrs. Labow:  Yes.  I don’t know, I’m going to try to make it, but otherwise I’ll get a report on it.  For the Mount Olive TNR, we’re having our yard sale over at the After on October 17th and 18th, so if anybody wants to make donations, they’re always greatly appreciated.   That’s it.

President Mania:  Thank you.  Mr. Perkins.

MOTV Committee Liaison
Mr. Perkins:  Thank you, Mr. President.  MOTV is still in legal review for the policy.  Miss Brett and myself have obviously been rather busy the past month and a half with the 911 Memorial, so we don’t have any extra answers on exactly how we get our disks down to Cablevision and who that person is so that we can start airing our own stuff.  Hopefully, we should have something back by the middle of October. 

President Mania:  Thank you, Mr. Perkins.  Mr. Roman.

Recreation Liaison Report
Open Space Committee Report - none
Mr. Roman:  Open Space, I have nothing.  On Recreation, a couple of items here, right now any sports organization that is looking to have any capital requests will be going through the sports ombudsman, Paul Licitra.  That way, if any organization is looking to make a big huge capital expense that they can’t obviously perform themselves, the town is going to be helping them in that regard.  Also, the goal posts in Flanders Park are going to be removed.  One of them will be going to Turkey Brook, the other one possibly, depending on the need, will be going to CMS.  The lights at the soccer field are almost completely done and they’re also going to be aimed in such a way that they can also light field number three and the center loop.  Trail work on the White Trail is moving forward and Memorial Day Parade Committee Members are needed now that the Sohl’s have retired from that function.  Then, also some of the things that are being kicked around as additions to Turkey Brook now that Mount Playmore is a huge success is going to be the possibility of a splash pad.  Coming in the summer months, it’ll be a water feature and the thought is possibly that those features are removed and then a pad gets added on top and it could be flooded and used for ice skating.  The Committee did start talking about the possibility of a skate park. The feeling from that Committee is that skate parks are no longer popular.  There are many towns that are actually taking their skate parks up, so they are looking for other possibilities in lieu of a skate park.  That is all I have.

President Mania:  Mr. Nicastro.

Board of Health Report
Legislative Committee Report - none
Mr. Nicastro:  Yes.  Board of Health meets tomorrow evening.

Mr. Roman:  I believe Sean…

Mr. Nicastro:  Sean.

Mr. Canning:  I’m sorry.  Thank you, Mr. Council President.  If I could I just wanted to touch base a little bit about what Alex said about the sports groups with the capital planning.  If I could just interject, I want to thank them.  Just so Council is aware, this came out of this past summer.  We constantly evaluate our operations and one of the things that we identified was a lot of times there’s a request come mid-season when we are getting ready for the Carnival, getting ready for tournaments and you know sports groups are great, they work hand in hand with our PB&G guys, but what we really wanted to identify was the request for larger drainage projects, larger things that are going to really occupy our personnel and the sports groups seemed to have brought on…Paul has done a great job interfacing with them, so now we’re treating it like we do the budget process.  We want to identify the major capital improvements, even if it’s a drainage project which will take five days.  We are going to identify in the fall of every year and schedule through the next year prior to the tournaments, so Alex, thanks for interfacing with them as well as the sports groups.


Mr. Roman:  Is anything going to be done about the drainage for baseball field two?  I think that’s the one that just does not drain.

Mr. Canning:  That might be one of the ones we asked them to make it a capital project for next year. 

Mr. Roman:  Okay.

Mr. Canning:  If that was the one right before the tournament where we had less than a week to go and it just wouldn’t…

Mr. Roman:  It just wouldn’t drain.

Mr. Canning:  It just wasn’t going to happen.  As much as we’d have liked to, there was the Carnival coming off of it and then you got the other Recreation events, that might be the field and that’s what might have spurred  us saying listen we need a more formal planning process for the year.  We’ll get it done, we’ve just got to allocate some precious time.  When you speak to him, thank him, I try to thank him as much as well.  Sports groups are a tremendous asset and they help our guys out all the time.

President Mania:  Mr. Nicastro.

Mr. Nicastro:  Yes.  The Board of Health meets tomorrow evening at 7:00 pm here and nothing on Legislative yet.

Planning Board Report
President Mania:  Planning Board, I did not attend the last meeting because I was not eligible to vote.  Now we’re up to our Public Portion.  Is there anyone from the public wishing to be heard?  Mr. Weiss.  Chairman Weiss.


Howie Weiss:  Thank you, Mr. Mania.  Good evening ladies and gentleman of the Council.  I’m Howie Weiss and I am here in my role as Chairman of the Planning Board.  I want to bring an issue to your attention that you’re probably not aware of and I think maybe you should be.  If you recall about a year ago, the Council took control, if you will, of the Tree Ordinance dollars that used to be in control of the Planning Board and I’m not here to object, that’s not the issue.  There was a time where the Planning Board would understand the amount of dollars that are in that account and we would look to allocate it as possible.  Right now we don’t have that information and you do.  The reason I’m here in front of you is because in the next couple of weeks we are going to be reviewing a plan set forth by the Board of Education and if you’re unaware, they’re going to put a turf field at the high school.  I’m privy to the plans as they are submitted to the Planning Office and I’ve been reviewing them and I happen to notice on their planting plan that there’s a tremendous need coming up by the Board of Education for trees and shrubs and it’s excessive.  Of course the plan and I’m only assuming has been dictated to them by the DEP to build a buffer between the wetlands and the field and that’s the only reason I can think of why there would be so many trees and so many shrubs and just a quick count, this plan is going to call for about 100 trees and about 250 shrubs.  I don’t believe that the Board of Education is aware of the possibility of the Tree Ordinance and the funds that we have in that fund and I’m not sure if the Council would even be aware that there’s a need.  I kind of come up here in front of you today to kind of be the liaison between what will happen soon and what I know is in front of us.  Now, my request to the Council is perhaps have somebody, it could be Mr. Amianda to work with the Board of Education to see if we can allocate some of the funds in the Tree Bank and allocate those funds to the Board of Education so that they can plant the trees.  At the end of the day the taxpayers are the ones that are going to foot this bill and if we have the money in the fund, we may as well use it for a public project such as this.  I thought that if I didn’t say something about it, it might be an issue that goes unknown and I think that by the time they come in front of the Planning Board, it might be committed to already.  I don’t know, I haven’t had any conversation with the Board of Ed, nor do I represent them here tonight.  Again, I have the plan if you want to see it, but essentially if you are sitting on the home bleaches and you’re looking at both end zones on the visitors side, to the right as you are sitting in the bleachers away from the scoreboard will be about 100 trees and to the left on the visitors side closer to the scoreboard will be about 250 shrubs.  It’s excessive.  I would like to hope that we have the money in the bank and can make an offer to the Board of Education to help absorb some of the cost.  That’s really what I wanted to discuss.  If anybody has any questions and wants to see the plans…

President Mania:  Mrs. Labow.


Mrs. Labow:  Thank you, Mr. President.  Mr. Weiss, I’m a little be surprised that you’re not privy to the balance that’s in the account.  I don’t know why I was thinking even though we do the approvals on it, I thought that you would still be aware of it and so if a situation like this did come up where you could make that suggestion to somebody coming in for whatever purpose or if there was a situation where somebody was building something and there was municipal property right there, you might want to put up…offer some trees for a barrier or something so…

Mr. Weiss:  It’s an interesting point, Colleen, in that most of the time the Tree Bank, at least I believe, Fred, maybe you can give me better direction, is used for the public good.

Mrs. Labow:  Right.

Mr. Weiss:  Most of the applications we get from the Planning Board are not necessarily public applications, they’re private and I don’t think it’s appropriate for the most part for us to offer money from the tree bank to a private application.  This one is kind of unique because this is a public, really for the public good and of course as you know the Board of Education will be in front of us as a courtesy and I would like to extend that courtesy back to the Board of Ed.  Why I don’t know that, it’s just one of those bits of information I probably don’t need know.

Mrs. Labow:  Yes.

Mr. Weiss:  With everything else going on, I figured I have no control over it, why bother worrying about it. 

Mrs. Labow:  Yes, that’s true, too.  It might just be something that you kind of get on the report or something.

Mr. Weiss:  I was thinking Colleen that most public projects would come through the Administration Office and they would…

Mrs. Labow:  Yes and then they would be able to tell.

Mr. Weiss:  I’m sure Sean’s office knows what’s there and would come petition the Council for that request.  This one is a little bit odd because it’s a public entity requesting, well actually they’re not requesting it, I’m kind of saying let me be the middle man here and let’s put the two parties together.

Mrs. Labow:  Sean.

President Mania:  Mr. Canning.

Mr. Canning:  Mr. President, I want to thank Chairman Weiss for the comments, I think the Mayor would be in favor of coming up with some sort of analysis or offer.  I know this Council has authorized this year $14,000.00 to be spent from the Tree Bank.  I don’t know the exact balance of that right now, but we can certainly take a look at the plans, the size, come up with an overall cost analysis and find out what, if any, we can certainly help out.  We’d bring that back to Council and I guess I’d look forward to that memo from my office probably within the next two meetings. 

President Mania:  Mrs. Labow.

Mrs. Labow:  I just have one quick thought, I know this has nothing to do with the Planning Board, it would be more the Board of Ed.  We have that tree in the lobby that somebody had started many, many years ago before my time where residents would buy a tree and their name would go on a leaf on the tree in the lobby, you know which one I’m talking about?

Mr. Weiss:  Yes, in the front.

Mrs. Labow:  With the excessive amount of trees, that could actually be some kind of…here I am suggesting a “fundraiser”, but I’m not going to raise my hand and volunteer for it, but I’m just kicking that out there too that maybe we could finally finish up that tree.

Mr. Perkins:  Looks raised to me.

Mr. Roman:  Yes, her hands look up.

Mr. Perkins:  Looks raised to me.

Mrs. Labow:  I’ll sit on my hands right now.  I always wanted to finish that tree.

Mr. Weiss:  It’s an interesting concept that I bring because I’m sure that there are a few members from the Board of Ed, I’m sure the trees are part of…it’s already budgeted, but again if it’s the taxpayer who is going to foot the bill maybe they could not spend as much money and use that money for other functions, especially since we might have it.  Again, I don’t make any commentary that we have it, we must spend it, I’m simply saying like Sean pointed out, let’s look into it, let’s see what we can come up with…

President Mania:  Yes.

Mr. Weiss:  …for the Board of Education to help with this budget.

President Mania:  Mr. Perkins.

Mr. Perkins:  Thank you.  Mr. Weiss, thank you for bringing that to the Council’s attention.  You and I have been around here long enough, we’ve sat on the Zoning Board together…

Mr. Weiss:  Yes, sure.

Mr. Perkins:  It’s always been an issue and I know you and I have talked about it, how hard it is to get coordination between the school board the local government.  For as hard as our Mayor tries and others, things like this have a potential of falling through the cracks and for you to be able to bring this now before the governing body and for our Administration to be able to look to help to partner up with our schools and it’s so important that we are able as you say to save the taxpayer dollar somewhere, we already have the money, we may have enough in the Tree Bank.  Excellent, thank you very much, I want to thank you personally for bringing that to our attention.

Mr. Weiss:  My pleasure, thank you Ray.

Mrs. Labow:  Excellent, thank you.

Mr. Semrau:  If I may, Mr. Weiss.  I have to compliment you because that from a legal perspective really is within the spirit of that Ordinance and that fund.

Mrs. Labow:  Absolutely.

Mr. Semrau:  That’s like the absolute perfect use.

Mr. Weiss:  Again, not to beleaguer a point, I think if the two entities are unaware of each others progress or intentions, then it might never go…

Mrs. Labow:  You’re absolutely right.

Mr. Weiss:  …heard and I just happen to be looking at the plans and in advance…do you know when the hearing is, have you heard?  I think it’s going to be in the month of October.

President Mania:  What I would like to do…

Mr. Weiss:  What?  I think I just scheduled that with Catherine and I don’t recall.  I was just in her office and I think we scheduled that in October.

President Mania:  Mr. Weiss, what I would like to do is have a motion from the Council to consider the proposal. 

Mrs. Labow:  So moved.

President Mania:  Can we do that Fred?

Mr. Semrau:  Yes, sure.  You’re letting Mr. Weiss know as the Administrator said that it’s something that you would consider favorably once you have the information from the Administrator, you’d consider to support that.

Mrs. Labow:  So moved.


Mr. Nicastro:  Second.

President Mania:  Second.  Any discussion?  Roll Call.

ROLL CALL:            Passed unaminously

Mr. Weiss:  Thank you very much.

Mrs. Labow:  Thank you.

President Mania:  Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Weiss:  My pleasure.

President Mania:  Anyone else from the public wish to be heard?  Mr. Fleischner.  Vice Chairman.

Mr. Fleischner:  Joe Fleischner and I’m Vice Chairman of the Planning Board.  Just for the record, Mr. Mania knows prior to this Administration, the Planning Board always knew how much money was in the Tree Bank because we discussed it at Planning Board Meetings.  Thank you.

Mr. Canning:  Mr. President.

President Mania:  Mr. Canning.

Mr. Canning:  I would invite the Planning Board at any time to contact my office or finance, I’ve never gotten that call, but I’ll certainly answer it should I get it.

Miss Davis:  John, just so you know, the Tree Bank is in my monthly report, every month you see what the balance is.  I have a recap of the cash, so it’s always been there.

President Mania:  Thank you.

Miss Davis:  Sure.

President Mania:  Anyone else from the public wish to be heard?  If not, I’ll close it to the public.  I’ll entertain a motion for adjournment. 

Mr. Perkins:  Council Comments.

Mr. Nicastro:  No Council Comments.

Mrs. Labow:  Council Comments.

President Mania:  Pardon.

Mr. Semrau:  Council Comments.

Mr. Perkins:  Council Comments.

President Mania:  Comments, Council Comments.  I thought we beat that to death already. 

Mr. Nicastro:  Just about.

President Mania:  No Council Comments.

Mr. Roman:  I thought you were going down…

President Mania:  Mr. Amianda.





Mr. Amianda:  I’d just like to say that last Thursday I attended the 911 Memorial Ceremony.  I would like thank everybody involved in the organizing of the event.  The ceremony was moving and solemn, a job well done.  Thank you.

President Mania:  Thank you.  Mr. Ferrante.

Mr. Ferrante:  Nothing tonight. 

President Mania:  Mrs. Labow.

Mrs. Labow:  I also wanted to comment on the September 11th Memorial Service and the whole project.  I want to thank Mr. Perkins for bringing this forward and Miss Brett for working also very diligently and our staff, all of our departments, it’s actually beautiful.  I will say I did get a lot of compliments from people on pictures that were posted on Facebook, said they just couldn’t get over how gorgeous it was.  The second very important thing I would like to say is Happy Birthday to Lisa Lashway.  Her birthday is on Saturday.

Mrs. Lashway:  Thank you.

Mrs. Labow:  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs. Lashway:  Thank you.

President Mania:  Mr. Perkins.

Mr. Perkins:  Twenty-one?

Mrs. Lashway:  Twenty-nine.

Mr. Perkins:  Twenty-nine.  Thank you, Mr. President.  All the comments I’ll make will be on the 911 Memorial.  It was a definite work in progress over the years.  I have to thank the Council, obviously for getting this moving, the Mayor saw fit to put some money into our budget.  We started out with a design we grabbed off the internet, off of Google and kind of worked from there and Joe Nicastro’s son and Mr. Michael Lalama came up with the original artist depiction.  He’s a fantastic artist in his own right.  We then moved a little forward, had some negotiations and talks with the Fire and Police Departments and EMS about the logos that were there.  Subsequently changed to what it is now after we received the quote when Lisa Brett had gotten the quotes back the company Picture This in Granite had come up with that photo, that picture and we kind of fell in love with that, as soon as we saw it, we knew that needed to be…

Mrs. Labow:  Gorgeous.

Mr. Perkins:  …here in Mount Olive.  It would be remiss, I know on Facebook we’ve all been through and hopefully you folks that are watching this, we would like to thank obviously myself and my family for making donations, Councilman Mania, Thea Dunkle, The Canning Family, my family, the Kishpaugh Family, the Johnson Family, the DeFillippio Family, Musconetcong American Legion Post 278, my post.  The businesses that donated either products or made donations were the Lamar Group, Pure Wireless of Flanders, Applebees, Carl Meier of Meier Stone, Longhorn of ITC, Garden State Lawns, Sparta Redi-Mix, a division of Diamond Sand and Gravel, the Law Firm of Dorsey and Semrau, Freeholder Thomas Mastrangelo, Toll Brothers, RH Farms, and our Buildings and Grounds Department, especially the hard work that Mark Dembrowski, John Geiger and Jim Lynch, as well as Bobby(Radar) and the rest of them put into this.  I’m proud to tell you that cursory, the $25,000.00 that the Council had approved, that with the donations of all the materials plus the cast donation, we are at just slightly below the $25,000.00.  The Mayor saw fit to put $25,000.00 in, we said we would stick to that and by gosh we did.  Thank you everybody for that.  That monument belongs to Mount Olive.  It is in my opinion, a very great place, one of the first things you see when you enter the park.  Everyone who walks past it, you get a little chance to stop, we recognize our local resident Ms. Hilda Marcin who went down in Flight 93.  Sad that she was retiring to go move with her daughter out in San Francisco after leaving now Betty Kemmerer’s home and you remember Betty and Ray Kemmerer, they passed away, Betty just recently.

Mrs. Labow:  Yes.


Mr. Perkins:  She didn’t get to see the memorial.  It’s a tribute, anybody who hasn’t seen it, you should stop by.  We recognize her as well as all of those who lost their lives.  Our Police, Fire and EMS are also honored as well as having prayers for the Police, Fire and EMS underneath their individual plaques.  Again, I have to thank the Council, I have to thank all of the people that supported, all the local businesses that stepped up and offered us a ton of material that would have cost an awful lot of money and it’s just beautiful.  That’s it, Mr. President.

President Mania:  Thank you, Mr. Perkins.  Mr. Roman.

Mr. Roman:  Thank you again Ray for all the work did on the memorial.  I was present and it was very moving.  I’d like to at this time also applaud our Legislators Oroho, McHose and Space for calling for an elimination of the estate tax.  If we can continue to discourage people from leaving New Jersey I am all for it.  At the risk of making duplicative accolades, I missed out when we were all congratulating Mr. Weiss on bringing up his excellent suggestion.  That’s all I have.

President Mania:  Mr. Nicastro.

Mr. Nicastro:  Yes.  Legislative dinner, if anyone is interested is Tuesday night through the Chamber of Commerce at the Holiday Inn.  You still can get tickets, it’s at 6:00 pm, for that.  Mr. Perkins, I did want to congratulate you, as you were persistent on that 911 Memorial, it turned out beautiful and it was your efforts that really got it finished or I’m sure it would have never came to be.  Thank you for that.

Mr. Roman:  If I may jump in, that same night that the Legislative dinner is, Congressman Lance is having a fundraiser at the Corner Pub.

President Mania:  There’s also a fundraiser Thursday night for Deputy Director…

Mr. Roman:  Yes.

President Mania:  …Scapicchio and the Freeholders.  I would also like to thank Mr. Perkins for a job well done on the 911 Memorial. 

Mr. Nicastro:  Now, a motion to adjourn.

President Mania:  A motion to adjourn.

ADJOURNMENT - Motion made and seconded. All in favor, none opposed, the meeting was adjourned at 7:56 p.m.

John Mania, Council President


I, Lisa Lashway, Township Clerk of Mount Olive do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes are a true and correct copy of the Minutes approved at a legally convened meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council duly held on September 30, 2014.                                                                                               

Lisa Lashway, Township Clerk



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