The Public Meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council was called to order at 7:22 p.m. by Council President Mania. 

Mrs. Lashway:  According to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting has been given to the Daily Record. Notice has been posted in the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Mount Olive Township, New Jersey and notices were sent to those requesting the same.


Present:          Mr. Amianda, Mr. Ferrante, Mrs. Labow, Mr. Perkins, Mr. Roman, Mr. Nicastro and Mr. Mania

Absent:           none

Also Present:  Lisa Lashway, Township Clerk; Fred Semrau, Township Attorney; Sherry Davis, CFO; Sean Canning, Business Administrator and Robert Greenbaum, Mayor


September 16, 2014, WS & PM (all present)

President Mania:  Mr. Amianda, would you move the approval of Minutes of previous meetings?

Mr. Amianda:  Yes, I move approval of Minutes of previous meetings.

Mrs. Labow:  Second.

President Mania:  Is there a second?

Mrs. Labow:  Second.

President Mania:  Colleen seconded.  Roll Call.

ROLL CALL:            Passed unanimously

  1. Email received September 12, 2014, from TransOptions regarding Go Smart! With TransOptions – September 2014.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Letter received September 17, 2014, from National League of Cities regarding Congress of Cities and Exposition, Austin Convention Center November 19-22, 2014.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received September 18, 2014, from National League of Cities regarding Book now for Austin: We promise a fun time.  PDF Correspondence 
  1. Email received September 18, 2014, from Rutgers regarding Registration Open for Remediation Workshop.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received September 24, 2014, from March of Dimes regarding March of Dimes Fourth Annual World Prematurity Day.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Letter received September 24, 2014, from New Jersey General Assembly regarding the current display of artwork at Assemblyman Anthony Bucco’s office includes a piece done by a Mount Olive Resident.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received September 25, 2014, from National League of Cities regarding Last Chance to save for Austin.  PDF Correspondence




  1. Letter received September 15, 2014, from New Jersey Transit regarding Fiscal Year 2014 Request for Federal Financial Assistance.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received September 15, 2014, from New Jersey Transit regarding NJ Transit Public Hearing Notice – Senior Citizen and Disabled Resident Transportation Assistance Program Hearings.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Email received September 15, 2014, from New Jersey Highlands Council regarding Public Notice:  RMP Monitoring Program Comments.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received September 17, 2014, from State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding One 550 gallon #2 Heating Oil Underground Storage Tank System.  136Z Stedwick Drive (Block 7801, Lot 3).  PDF Correspondence
  1. Letter received September 18, 2014, from State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding One 550 gallon #2 Heating Oil Underground Storage Tank System.  9 Karen Place (Block 1001, Lot 4).  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received September 24, 2014, from State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding Illegal Dumping Press Event.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Letter received September 26, 2014, from State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding One 550-gallon #2 Heating Oil Underground Storage Tank System, 18 Highfield Road (Block 7600, Lot 50).  PDF Correspondence



  1. Email received September 19, 2014, from County of Morris regarding News from County of Morris.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Email received September 22, 2014, from Morris County Department of Planning and Public Works.  PDF Correspondence
  1. Letter received September 23, 2014 from Morris County Board of Taxation regarding Abstract of Ratables Morris County 2014.  PDF Correspondence



  1. Letter received September 22, 2014 from Comcast regarding Invitation to Tape “Comcast Newsmakers” Interview.  PDF Correspondence


  1. Letter received September 25, 2014 from Comcast regarding Channel Changes.  PDF Correspondence

President Mania:  We have some letters of Correspondence from Residents and Organizations and Other Towns.  Any discussion?  Hearing none.  Next, is Ordinances for Public Hearing, we have none. 


ORDINANCES FOR FIRST READING – (second reading 10/14/14)

President Mania:  Ordinance for first reading.  We have…next item on the Agenda for first reading is Ordinance #20-2014, 

Ord.#20-2014 An Ordinance of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive, in the County of Morris, State of New Jersey, Amending Chapter 106, “Dogs and Other Animals.” PDF Ord.

President Mania:  Mr. Ferrante, would you move that? 

Mr. Ferrante:  Sure.  I move that Ordinance #20-2014 be introduced by title and passed on first reading and that a meeting be held on October 14, 2014 at 7:00 pm at the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Budd Lake, New Jersey for a public hearing, consideration of second reading and passage of said

Ordinance and that the Clerk be directed to publish, post and make available said Ordinance in accordance with the requirements of the law.

Mrs. Labow:  Second.

President Mania:  Is there a second?

Mr. Nicastro:  Colleen.

Mrs. Labow:  Second.

President Mania:  Mrs. Labow seconded.  Any discussion?  Roll Call.

Mrs. Lashway:  This did go before the Board of Health and they sent us a Resolution that’s in your packet approving it.

ROLL CALL:            Passed unanimously

Resolutions on the Consent Agenda List are considered to be routine and non-controversial by the Township Council and will be approved by one motion (one vote). There will be no separate discussion or debate on each of these resolutions except for the possibility of brief clarifying statements that may be
offered. If one or more Council member requests, any individual resolution on the Consent Agenda may be removed from the Consent Agenda List and acted on separately.


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Canceling a Change Order to the Contract for the Municipal Building HVAC Re-commissioning Previously Awarded to EMCOR Services New York/New Jersey. PDF Res


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing a Maintenance Agreement Including a Temporary Easement Between the Township and the Owners of Property at 8 Greenbriar Court Adjacent to a Township Right of Way. PDF Res
  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive to Cancel Sewer Assessment Balances on Block 1500 Lot 17, Block 3306 Lot 2 and Block 3608 Lot 14. PDF Res


  1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Award of the Contract for Phase II Exterior Restoration of the Mount Olive Baptist Church to Paragon Restoration Corp. PDF Res

President Mania:  Consent Resolutions.  Mrs. Labow. 

Mrs. Labow:  Do we want to ask if anyone wants to have any removed?

President Mania:  Is there any that wish to be moved to Non-Consent?    

Mayor Greenbaum:  We’ve moved past that.  We’re all on Consent now.

Mrs. Labow:  Yes.  We’re all on board.  There we go.  I move Consent Resolutions one through four. 

Mr. Perkins:  Second.

President Mania:  Any discussion?  Roll Call.

ROLL CALL:            Passed unanimously


  1. Bill List. PDF Bill List


President Mania:  We have Consent Motions, Mr. Perkins.

Mr. Perkins:  Yes.  Thank you, Mr. President.  I move for approval of the Bill List, pages one through twenty.   

Mrs. Labow:  Second.

President Mania:  Any discussion?  Roll Call.

ROLL CALL:            Passed unanimously

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTS – Appointment of Frank Wilpert, Jr. to the Planning Board Class II member

President Mania:  Administrative Reports.

Mayor Greenbaum:  I’ll start if you don’t mind.

President Mania:  Pardon?

Mayor Greenbaum:  I’ll start if you don’t mind.  Thank you, John.  Just briefly, it is with great pleasure that I am appointing Frank Wilpert, Jr. to the Planning Board as Class II member.  We were served well by Scott Van Ness, who has decided to take up other opportunities for the next few months, which will be a personal benefit to him.  Fortunately, we have other excellent employees in the Township such as Jr. who will fill the spot.  I think he will bring a new perspective to the Board.  He’s always thought outside the box and I look forward to his participation as Class II member on the Planning Board.  That is my recommendation, actually it’s my appointment to the Planning Board and I hope that John and the rest of the Planning Board will welcome Frank Wilpert, Jr.  I think it’s an excellent opportunity for him as he prepares for ultimately taking over a DPW Director spot somewhere in the State of New Jersey.  We hope that we will be able to keep him, but we recognize that he is a talent, somebody who is a great prospect for some other town that needs a DPW Director and we work to develop him with respect to all of the skills that would benefit him in the event that he ultimately stays with Mount Olive or moves someplace else within the State of New Jersey.  With that I make the appointment of Frank Wilpert Jr. as Class II member of the Planning Board.

President Mania:  Mr. Canning.

Mr. Canning:  Thank you, Mr. President.  Just two items, one, the auction just recently concluded.  We’re going to have another Resolution with more surplus property coming, I would imagine at the October 14th, if not the 28th meeting.  Very successful, approaching $20,000.00 in auctioned items.  If we continue the track record of success, you know we put them out on Facebook and GovDeals and we get a good return on our excess property.  Very complimentary, I was contacted by the State of New Jersey Comptroller’s Office.  Normally, if you’re not familiar with the Comptroller’s Office, a phone call from them is equivalent to getting a call from the Internal Affairs Unit at the Prosecutor’s Office, it’s just not a pleasant call.  They made it very clear they we’re doing a best cases story around the State and they’re going to use our one-armed bandit and our transition as one of their best cases.  I was very flattered after they said calm down, calm down, I said come on in I’ve got nothing to hide, I’ll sit here for a week.  They are very intrigued by our process.  They were kind of interested in how we had gone through the process.  They’re very interested in the follow up numbers.  Now, off the top of my head and I will give Council a brief memo at the end of the year because it is our first full year having gone through this, our savings had we stayed the old course of five western packers with those big step downs, one to two members on the back plus a driver, our labor costs and the highest workers comp in the County, had we gone that route our projections were $100,000.00 to $250,000.00 higher than what we’re currently…the trajectory we are on for the next one to three years.  We saved money, reduced trucks on the road.  We used to have to have five western star packers to do what three do now.  Out of those five western stars, even if you staffed them minimally with one driver and one guy on the back, you are talking ten compared to three drivers.  It’s a far cry from where we were.  It was kind of nice that the State of New Jersey actually took note of it.  They’re using us and I believe about six to ten others as kind of a best case scenario.  It was kind of nice to hear something good from Trenton.  At the end of the year we will give another update on our Fleet that was our other 2012 initiative.  We are now in late 2014 and it’s certainly borne through.  Kudos to Sherry, Tim Quinn, the Mayor and anybody else involved in this that the plans…it’s nice to see the analysis kind of go the way it is supposed to, the metrics.  That’s all I have.

President Mania:  Mr. Mayor.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Thank you.  It’s with great pleasure that I have reached agreement with Mr. Canning to stay on for the fourth year of my Administration.  When we had originally contracted with Sean, it was basically for a three year term.  We had set forth the salary arrangements and Sean has done a phenomenal job, he certainly has lessened the load on all of us in terms of the Administrative duties that we have to perform.  I

spoke to Sean this week and he’s agreed to stay on for a fourth year, hopefully he’ll stay on for longer, I’m sure he will and I just at this point would be remiss if I didn’t congratulate him on the job that he has done so far.  I don’t think that Mount Olive has in the term that I’ve been involved in Mount Olive politics has had a Business Administrator that has cared for or taken such good care of Mount Olive as Sean Canning.  This is my opportunity to thank him for the job that he’s done and I hope that you will all support him in the future as we move forward.  Kudos to Mr. Canning.

President Mania:  Anything else?

Mr. Perkins:  Too bad he’s a Jets fan. 

President Mania:  Is that it, Mayor?

Mrs. Labow:  Hey.  Hey.  We’re Jets fans, too.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Except for the fact that he’s a Jets fan, which has given me great opportunities on other fronts.

Mr. Canning:  Everybody has words.

Mayor Greenbaum:  We won’t go into that because…I left him a present in his office two weeks ago.

Mr. Roman:  That was that smell.

Mr. Canning:  Yes, he did.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Yes, he did. 

President Mania:  Any Old Business?  Any New Business?  Mrs. Labow.



Mrs. Labow:  Actually…Mayor, were you going to talk about the Tour de Mount Olive?

Mayor Greenbaum:  I wasn’t planning on it because I’m still recovering.

Mrs. Labow:  It was excellent, excellent.  It was a really good time.  The Mayor did a great job, he actually made it back.

Mayor Greenbaum:  That’s the end of the story.  I’m here today. 

Mrs. Labow:  He’s here today.  It was really wonderful.  The 40-mile bikers, we had more participate in that part of the event and we didn’t have as many family members, but there’s just so many things going on, it’s hard to really do everything.  Overall, I mean it was just a phenomenal time and again it was wonderful volunteering at the registration table and to have family after family after family coming and saying how much they love living in Mount Olive and how great…it’s a great time to be here.  Then we had people, I mean you were talking to some of the gentlemen from the Washington Police Department, they came down and they rode the race and then they were going to ride back home.

Mayor Greenbaum:  It was actually Edison and…one was from Edison and one was from I don’t remember where the other Police Department was from, but there was a broad range of people participating. 

Mrs. Labow:  It was…

Mayor Greenbaum:  Having said that, if you don’t mind Colleen…

Mrs. Labow:  No.  Go ahead.

Mayor Greenbaum:  We run a number of different events and part of my platform was to bring Mount Olive together as a community, so whether we make money or don’t make money on an event…at the beginning it didn’t really matter much because we were doing it together as a community, but now we’re a couple of years

in and it’s going to come down to us looking at the events that we run, whether it’s the beach that we run at Budd Lake or my favorite event, which is the Tour de Mount Olive.  Ultimately, Recreation, because of the way that we fund them, has to look at their events and has to determine what works and what doesn’t work.  Next year, we may be coming to Mount Olive with a series of different events and some of which we have run in the past for numerous occasions and not looking to run again in the future and some new things that we may be coming with in order to make Recreation a viable entity for all of the events that they run.  I’m going to need your support as we move forward and I’ll give you a couple of examples.  To me, dear to my heart is the Tour de Mount Olive, but if you look at the numbers, ultimately we had about 90 riders on the 40-mile ride.  The cost per rider was significantly greater than what we run on other events and when you look at what it takes to run the event in terms of participation through sponsorship and the like, it was a great drain in terms of what Recreation runs.  As a sacrifice ultimately, when we look at the numbers, the Tour de Mount Olive may be an event that we no longer run because ultimately in the greater picture, it doesn’t work for the Mount Olive Recreation Department who’s always looking to put on as many events as they can with the budget that they have.  Having said that and that was really a prelude to where I’m going…I’ve taken a look at the Budd Lake Beach and I’ve taken a look at other events that we run.  The Budd Lake Beach, while it is a phenomenal thing that we offer, ultimately it is a losing proposition and I have recommended to the Recreation Department that may be an event that we ultimately may not…an event or service that we may not be able to run in the future.  While politically it’s not a particularly favorable move, ultimately when we sit up here and look at the greater picture in terms of what Recreation runs that may be something which we may not be able to offer next year.  I raise this now because I don’t want it to be a political issue in terms of you know what, we’re going to run the beach another year because Mayor Greenbaum was up for election next year.  Ultimately, I don’t make decisions because I’m running for re-election, I make decisions because it’s in the best interest of Mount Olive.  What I have directed the Recreation Department to do is to look at other towns in terms of what they offer and how they can offer it to Mount Olive.  For instance, I’ve directed Recreation to contact Roxbury to find out what they will offer to Mount Olive residents to use Horseshoe Lake.  This year, the Budd Lake Beach just wasn’t terribly used and for us to spend money to continue that process hurts all of the other programs that we run and I’m not willing to move forward with that just because I’m running for re-election.  You may see next year in the budget process that I have not funded the Budd Lake Beach for that very reason.  I may not fund or  approve of the Tour de Mount Olive for the very same reasons, which is very dear to my heart because it doesn’t work into the overall program of what we’re offering.  By the same token and I tell you this now because it is going to be an issue, we’ve taken a hard look at the Memorial Day Parade, which was never terribly successful in terms of what we’ve run simply because of the way that the town is situated and it’s just, we don’t have a downtown area that makes a parade viable and what I have suggested to both the Recreation and the Buildings and Grounds Department is to have a Memorial Day service which is true to the holiday, which is perhaps spend the money to bring in bagpipers, to have the 21-gun salute, to bring in a speaker on Memorial Day, to celebrate the essence of the holiday at our Turkey Brook and instead, take what was the parade and perhaps move it to the weekend before where we have the Fairy and Pirate Festival and celebrate the essence of Mount Olive and have a Mount Olive Day where we can bring in the Cub Scouts, the baseball club, have fireworks that night, do the Fairy and Pirate Festival the week before and really celebrate Mount Olive so that we incorporate everything that was in the parade and still hold the essence of the significance of Memorial Day through a very tasteful celebration of what Memorial Day really is supposed to be, which is really celebrating the veteran’s and the loss of life representing the armed forces and what they do for us.  I think next year, so it’s not a surprise to you, I raise it now that that’s really what my plan is.  We’ve had a change in terms of the Memorial Day Parade where the Sohl’s who really ran the parade are now gone, they’ve turned it over and I really do see the need to continue with the Memorial Day Ceremony in a way that is respectful, but I think that we can celebrate the week before or the week after in terms of living in Mount Olive separately and accomplish both goals.  That’s probably where we’re going to go next year in terms of what I’m going to present to you in terms of a budget.

President Mania:  Colleen.

Mrs. Labow:  I just want to also add on to it.  What Mayor Greenbaum is saying and I want to thank Mayor Greenbaum and Sherry and Sean and our staff…what was really impressive on Sunday morning, we had to be there between 7:00 am and 7:30 am for registration and set up and our Recreation Department had been there at 5:30 in the morning because in running the event and keeping the costs down, if they had Building and Grounds come in and start getting things set up they’d be paying overtime, so our Recreation staff got up early, went and got everything set up to save the money for the event so that the bottom line comes out better.  I just thought wow, what dedication that is that they care so much about these events that they’re watching every single penny and making sure that every event is not a burden, basically.  It is a Recreation Utility so they get paid by everything that is brought in, it’s not like it’s coming from the taxpayers, I just want to make that perfectly clear to anybody who’s watching on the TV.  I want to thank them very much and thank the Mayor and the staff for setting such a fantastic example that all of our staff follows through with the direction that you’re moving in. 


President Mania:  Mr. Perkins.

Mr. Perkins:  Thank you, Mr. President.  Mayor, I concur.  I know you and I briefly spoke about the Memorial Day parade maybe about two months ago.  The Recreation Department, as it stands we’ve looked at that since it started, since we agreed it would become a self liquidating utility.  I have to tell you that I agree with Mrs. Labow, as well as the Mayor, a harder group of working people is tough to find in any other municipality.  Everybody in this building, in this community in the past three years has pulled together for the benefit of the community without any selfishness, without any hand out looking for anything extra.  They’ve given above and beyond.  For that I commend the Administration and Sean, you have done a heck of a job with your leadership, getting people to think that way, not that they didn’t have it in them before, but you’ve brought out the best in a lot of people.  As far as Memorial Day I agree with the Mayor, it is a somber time, especially for us veteran’s.  I’m kind of lucky because Veteran’s Day comes around and that’s where we honor all veterans.  Memorial Day is a very somber day for me, I’m up early, I lower the flag on my front lawn.  I used to do the ones at the Township until our Parks folks did it.  I’ve always been honored every year to stand at the base of standard and be able to raise it back to full staff after taps.  There hasn’t been a year that doesn’t go by that any of us that have lost friends in war, that fought in war, for anybody that’s a veteran you know what it’s like for any of us that are combat veteran’s, you really know what it’s like and for anybody that has witnessed death, you don’t ever want to see that again.  I think whatever the Mayor and the Administration puts together, the Council should fully support.  I know I will fully support it.  I think that as I made a speech, I believe it was two years ago, that as a veteran, they fought and died for us to enjoy life and while we should take a moment to reflect upon their sacrifice, we should cherish and celebrate what they wanted for us, which was freedom.  That freedom is family, friends, colleagues, co-workers.  Once noon time comes around and if you remember the moment of silence at 3:00 pm, I don’t know why 3:00 pm, I guess because it’s California, just like the Super Bowl, everything goes around California, at 3:00 pm you can take that moment, but for 10 minutes or at least during the dignity of the ceremony at Turkey Brook Park and a phenomenal, phenomenal memorial, I believe that this Township should support 100 percent whatever the Mayor comes up with.  If there’s a committee, Mayor that you would like to put together for any assistance, I offer it as a fellow veteran and I fully support moving forward with this.  The parade, unfortunately the days when I moved here 28 years ago and started marching in the parade was a lot different than it’s been for the past couple of years, not that it’s still not fun, but it comes down to the point where we’ve had less and less people that come out every year.  It does cost money for the Township to run that parade, it’s not free, Police, Fire, other people that are out there, so this year let’s look at 2015 as being a resurrection for the Memorial for the remembrance.  Thank you, Mr. President.

President Mania:  Thank you, Mr.Perkins.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Thank you, Ray.

President Mania:  Any other Old Business?  Legal Matters.


Mr. Semrau:  Thank you, Council President.  I thought for this meeting I would have the Paragon Village agreement, but you know what, the State just today gave me the draft agreement, but it’s much in line with what this governing body said they would agree to.  I think we’re right in step for the next meeting to hopefully have it for your consideration and approval.  Again, I think it’s a real favorable agreement as I mentioned last meeting.  Also, Cobblestone, the saga continues, but we have more information and for the next meeting I’ll have an update in your packet as far as the feasibility to develop that property.  We have more information.  I think we’re at a point where we’ll be able to make a recommendation how to proceed.  Yes, Mayor.

President Mania:  Mr. Mayor.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Where do we stand in terms of a pilot program with Marveland Farms COAH units?

Mr. Semrau:  That was approved at the last meeting.

Mayor Greenbaum:  I wasn’t here.

Mr. Semrau:  Yes. 

Mayor Greenbaum:  We are all done with that at this point?



Mr. Semrau:  Yes.  We are good.  Everything is in order.  There were some issues with respect to the terms of the agreement, but they’re not substantial that we’re still…it was approved, but we’re still ironing out, but all the material terms have been agreed upon and ratified by the governing body. 

Mayor Greenbaum:  I expect that we’re going to be breaking ground there relatively shortly.

Mr. Semrau:  Okay.  We’re ready…from an Administration standpoint, everything’s in order.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Good.  Great, thank you.

Mr. Semrau:  That’s my report.  Thank you.

President Mania:  Council Reports.  Mr. Amianda.


Board of Education - none
Mr. Amianda:  None.

President Mania:  Mr. Ferrante.

Environmental Committee - none
Library Board Liaison
Lake Issues
Mr. Ferrante:  Yes.  We have the Fall Lake cleanup on October 11th, so if there are any organizations that want to volunteer and help out, you can let me know and I’ll get in touch with the group.  Also, on October 11th is the Fall Festival at the Public Library from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.  That’s all.

President Mania:  That’s it?  Mrs. Labow, Senior Citizen.

Senior Citizen Liaison - none
Economic Development Committee Report - none
TNR Program
Mrs. Labow:  Nothing to report on the Seniors or the Economic Development Committee.  For the TNR, they’re going to be having their yard sale at The After on October 17th and 18th, so if anybody has anything they would like to donate, please do so.  You can either contact me or contact TNR.  That’s it.

President Mania:  Mr. Mayor.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Yes.  Please tell the senior’s that this point in this year, I challenge them to Bocce Ball on behalf of the Administration and the Town Council.

President Mania:  You took the words out of my mouth, I was going to ask her that.

Mayor Greenbaum:  I wasn’t available to make it last year, but I think that I can actually anchor the team and they should really worry about what’s going to happen this year.

Mrs. Labow:  Last year they didn’t play us, they played the police.  Every other year.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Yes.  Well you should tell them that they should be worried.

Mr. Roman:  They’re going down.

Mrs. Labow:  I’ll let them know.  Are we going to get matching shirts?  They had shirts.

Mayor Greenbaum:  I’ll see what’s left in the budget.

Mrs. Lashway:  You all have your Council shirts you could wear.

Mr. Nicastro:  Yes, we all have the Council shirts.

Mrs. Labow:  Yes, we have our Council shirts.


President Mania:  Yes, we have our blue Council shirts.

Mrs. Labow:  Yes.

Mayor Greenbaum:  I think we need something special.  It’s got to be more akin to like a bowling shirt.

President Mania:  Is that it Mrs. Labow?

Mrs. Labow:  That’s it.  Thank you

President Mania:  Mr. Perkins. 

MOTV Committee Liaison - none
Mr. Perkins:  Nothing to report, Mr. President.

President Mania:  Mr. Roman.

Recreation Liaison Report - none
Open Space Committee Report - none
Mr. Roman:  I too, have nothing to report. 

President Mania:  Mr. Nicastro.

Board of Health Report
Legislative Committee Report - none
Mr. Nicastro:  I have nothing on the Health Department because I was away for that meeting.  I do have some information from the Legislators that they’re telling me they’ve been fighting everyday for the largest municipality, they’re pushing more to make our job easier with Tool Kit Bills, Fair School Funding and Civil Service Reform.  Assembly Leader, Jon Bramnick, put together a proposal which Assembly people McHose and Space co-sponsored which establishes four Joint Legislative Strategic Planning Committees to recommend proposals to offer long term solutions for major issues facing the State.  The Committees include Legislative Strategic Planning, Public Employee Benefits, Joint Legislative Strategic Planning Committee and Effects of State Policy Planning Committee on Future Public Education Funding and Reform, Joint Legislative Strategic Planning Committee, Jobs and Economic Development and the committees review and formulate and they will make recommendations to the House of Legislators. 

Planning Board Report - none
President Mania:  Thank you, Mr. Nicastro.  I have nothing on the Planning Board.  Public, anyone from the public wish to be heard?


Mayor Greenbaum:  Mike, this is your chance.

President Mania:  Come on, this is your big time.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Mike, if you get up and say something interesting, David will interview you afterwards.

President Mania:  If not, I’ll close it to the public.  Council Comments.  Mr. Amianda.


Mr. Amianda:  Yes, Mr. President.  For future discussion, I would like to introduce an Ordinance lowering the speed limit from 25 to 20 miles an hour in all of Mount Olive Township’s streets and parks.  Enforcement of the Ordinance may change the drivers and bicyclists driving behavior.  This Council is committed to doing what we can to bring greater public awareness of the perils of unsafe driving by motorists and cyclists that endangers pedestrians in the town.  I do not have the exact numbers, but too many people have been killed or seriously injured in our streets.  The town should step up its enforcement of speeding cars and bikes, as well.  If we do not increase enforcement, lowering the speed limit will be pointless.  This is my comment for future Council discussion of lowering the speed limit in town.  Thank you.

President Mania:  Mr. Semrau, did you want to comment?


Mr. Semrau:  Yes.  I’ll speak to Mr. Canning and I’m sure we can put together what the parameters are, but everyone should know that’s a difficult task the way the law is and what you need as far as certifications from your engineer.  There’s actual certain percentiles that people actually have to be speeding, but we’ll outline that for you so you can understand what the process is and if it does fit.  My first reaction is well, certainly it is a suggestion that most people would take seriously.  It’s very difficult the way the law is written to change the speed limits, but Mr. Canning, we can put together a memorandum and walk through that process and I’m sure as a former Chief…

Mr. Canning:  My first inclination would be problem identification.  I don’t know if we have a problem town wide, I guarantee you and I agree with Mr. Amianda that there certainly are streets in town which I’m sure the Chief of Police, Chief Spitzer would be able identify as top traffic accident locations and where we have enforcement frustration.  I think as part of, like I said, problem identification, matrix, identify accurately the problem and maybe we…I think it’s a very good thought and if we identify those targeted areas asking the Chief for his input, the Engineer and we can go from there.

Mr. Semrau:  Right.

Mr. Amianda:  Thank you.

President Mania:  Mr. Perkins.

Mr. Perkins:  Thank you, Mr. President.  I remind the Council, Mr. Amianda, you weren’t here last year, when we started looking at lowering speed limits.  I had made a broad brush statement that if we were going to look at symptomatically lowering the speed limit in areas of concern, where we had concerned residents that were asking for speed bumps or reductions of speed or around the high school because a school bus driver was slightly blinded by the sun, then we should blatantly look and go across the township and lower everything to 25 miles per hour.  While, I commend Mr. Amianda for bringing that back up again, I do believe that the Chief and all had already started to look at some of the roads last year Sean when we had brought that up, so I think Fred, that report and any of those findings should be relatively easy to get to Councilman Amianda so that he can take a look and review that and then we could open that up the next time around.

Mr. Semrau:  It’s a good suggestion.

Mr. Perkins:  Thank you, Mr. President.

President Mania:  Mr. Ferrante.

Mr. Ferrante:  I just want to congratulate Sean on extending his stay with us and I think we all agree that he’s a huge asset to the town and hopefully we’ll see you around longer than just one more year.

Mr. Canning:  Coming from a fellow Jets fan.

Mr. Ferrante:  Yes.

Mr. Nicastro:  Two of them, that’s pretty bad.

Mayor Greenbaum:  May he have a longer stay than Rex Ryan.

Mr. Canning:  Thank you, Councilman Ferrante.

President Mania:  Mrs. Labow.

Mrs. Labow:  Thank you, Mr. President.  I also want to thank Mr. Canning for staying on and also to just let him know that if you tried to leave, I don’t think we would’ve let him.  We would have flattened his tires or whatever.

Mr. Roman:  Don’t do that, I’ll fix it. 

Mrs. Labow:  Jets fan…yeah!  Go Jets.  I have to bring my grandson and my granddaughter up in Jets...

 Mr. Canning:  Don’t do that to them.

Mr. Roman:  Don’t do it.

Mrs. Labow:  …in Jets outfits and put them in the Mayor’s chair.

Mr. Canning:  It’s a life of pain.

Mayor Greenbaum:  Be like a San Francisco 49er fan or something.

Mrs. Labow:  That’s all.  Thank you.

President Mania:  Mr. Perkins.

Mr. Perkins:  Thank you, Mr. President.  Really quick, ladies and gentleman, I received in the mail today from Picture This On Granite, the folks that we had purchased the 911 Memorial from and it’s dated September 15th, Dear Ray and Members, We want to thank you all for the opportunity of working with you on your 911 Memorial, to see your dream come to reality and a memorial that everyone certainly can take pride in.  Thanks for putting your trust with us.  Sincerely, Bonnie and the PG team.  Bonnie Goodsell is the President of Picture This On Granite.  It was good working with her, she got things done when we thought they wouldn’t be, so sometimes you have to go the top.  If the Council and Mayor have no objection, I will be writing a letter of recommendation on Township stationary Fred, as a Council member thanking them for the opportunity to work with them and recommending that any other municipality that was looking forward to utilizing their service, that they would be a good vendor to look for. 

President Mania:  Mr. Roman.

Mayor Greenbaum:  May I camp on to Mr. Perkins comments, if you don’t mind, Council President.  I have to tell you that leaving all else aside as I drive up to Turkey Brook these days, seeing the 911 Memorial at the entrance to the park is a phenomenal site and even in my best day prior to the installation of the monument, I never thought of the significance, the importance, or the beauty of what we have accomplished.  As I sit here I can tell you that probably almost 100 percent of the comments that I get from residents in terms of what we spent and what we produced is overwhelmingly positive.  It is an incredible accomplishment that Councilman Perkins spearheaded the effort and made it happen and all of the kudos in terms of the Monument and the improvement to Mount Olive belong to Councilman Perkins on the 911 Memorial.  I would be remiss to take credit for Councilman Perkins achievement in terms of the improvement to Mount Olive and I bask in the glory of what we have accomplished and I salute Councilman Perkins in making it happen. 

President Mania:  Just a quick comment, I can remember when Turkey Brook was slated for 128 residential homes.  As a member of the Planning Board, we were quite frustrated by what we could do and certainly we have to thank Mayor Licitra for his vision and thought in purchasing the land for Turkey Brook. 

Mr. Perkins:  Mr. Mania.  Mayor, Council members and everyone here, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  There’s a coach that for those people to think that this was a great vision who said I’m only great because I have great people that work with me.  That’s exactly what I can say about everybody from Lisa Brett, through Sean, the Mayor always supported this, John you were very helpful, all the people that donated within the Township, it was phenomenal.  The local businesses really stepped up and our Parks and Buildings guys did a phenomenal job and it was quite hot and they were pressured into getting this thing done and when that thing didn’t arrive until two days before and the amount of work the gentleman and ladies accomplished up there, if it wasn’t for them my vision never would have come to reality.  Again, thank you everybody for all the kind words and I hope that thing stands there for many years and great services.  Thank you, John.

President Mania:  Mr. Roman.

Mr. Roman:  I have nothing.

President Mania:  Mr. Nicastro, are you finished?

Mr. Nicastro:  I’m done.  I just wanted to say congratulations to Sean and actually it burst my bubble because I thought every Business Administrator was this good because this is my first term.  I never knew any better, so I’m glad he’s here and I’m glad he’s staying because he’s certainly made our lives a lot easier, at least from what I understand.  I appreciate everything you do. 

Mr. Canning:  Thank you.



President Mania:  I too am quite glad Mr. Canning is staying and I’m also proud, as the Mayor indicated before in presenting those certificates, of our girls and boys team.  Their accomplishments are unbelievable, it’s just…it’s put Mount Olive on the map.  God Bless them.  A motion to adjourn.

ADJOURNMENT - Motion made and seconded. All in favor, none opposed, the meeting was adjourned at 7:59 p.m.

John Mania, Council President


I, Michelle Masser, Deputy Township Clerk of Mount Olive do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes are a true and correct copy of the Minutes approved at a legally convened meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council duly held on October 14, 2014.                                                                                              

Michelle Masser, Deputy Township Clerk


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